Better guarding under the feet (Xinzhi · Focus Biological Diversity Protection 3)

[Phenomenon] Soil is one of the highest habitats on earth. The soil has an extremely complex ecosystem that provides an extremely diverse living environment for soil organisms. The living organisms living in the soil are very diverse, including ancient bacteria, bacteria, fungi, native organisms, 蚯蚓, etc., and large arthropods and cavel mammals, but also the root of plants.

Affiliation is limited to soil biological community, soil biological size and technology development process, the current understanding of soil biological community is still relatively small.

[Review] Soil organism diversity is an important part of nature biodiversity.

Studies have shown that soil organisms play an important role in nutrient circulation, regulating soil organic matter, changing soil physical structure, and improving plant health. In addition, soil organisms are also closely related to human life and well-being. Whether solving major problems such as environmental pollution, climate change, or improved food production, ensuring food security, and is inseparable from the important foundation of soil biodiversity.

As the world’s threat of soil biodiversity is increasing, people are increasingly recognizing the importance and urgency of protecting soil biodiversity.

In 2013, the World FAO General Assembly will be the world soil day on December 5th. The theme of the World Soil Day in 2020 is "maintaining soil vitality, protecting soil biodiversity".

my country attaches great importance to soil biodiversity protection, take a series of measures to improve soil quality and vitality. It has more than 90% of the safety utilization rate of pollutant cultivated land security utilization and pollution block, and the accumulation of Hui Poing is more than 100 million acres. This year promotes 70 million mu of protective farming; from organizing cultivated land quality protection and promotion action, The quality of cultivated land is 5 years to improve a level, and actively participate in the global soil environmental governance, strictly perform the "Convention on Biological Diversity" and the relevant protocol obligations … one number, one item, labeled my country to protect the soil biodiversity A solid step.

Good environmental quality is the basis for the protection of biodiversity and the meaning of the question. Since the launch of the Pure land, my country’s soil ecological environment has been continuously improved, effectively alleviating the pressure loss of soil biodiversity. With the development of environmental protection law, soil pollution prevention and control law, solid waste pollution environmental prevention and control law, etc.

The "National Black Land Protection Project Implementation Plan (2021-12025)" was clearly proposed, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" period will complete the task of 1.1 billion-mu black land protection. The quality of black soil cultivated land is significantly improved. The content of soil has an average 10% or more.

The scientific top floor design combines with an efficient action plan to protect soil biodiversity injection.

Practice of soil biodiversity protection, inseparable from science and technology.

Take soil monitoring as an example, the satellite remote sensing can save large amounts of manpower, material force and time, and easily obtain more accurate monitoring results.

Some places also associate the soil’s information from the big data management platform real-time, all-weather, full-time, and whole process supervision. From gene sequencing to artificial expansion, from drone inspections to germplasm construction, science and technology have become increasingly highlighted by the role of protecting biodiversity. It is foreseeable, 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, will further empower biodiversity protection, providing help to build a harmonious beauty home for all things.

Biodiversity is the foundation of human beings, and is closely related to each person.

Protecting soil biodiversity and requires us to take action.

It is used to actively participate in garbage sorting, actively participate in garbage sorting, and conscientiously do the waste lithium battery recycling … Everyone can add a part of the harmony of various creatures under the soil, and protect us together This piece of water is at your feet.

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