Their relationship must end,I don’t even have the basis to keep going。

Then what is left to do,Is to make memories better,More profound。
Butterfly holding Chen Wenjin,Rely on him,Speak softly:“Not going anywhere today,Right here,Hugging you。Better not to speak,That time will pass more slowly。”
“it is good。”Chen Wenjin originally decided to respect her wishes these days,After all, there is no doubt,In this relationship,Butterfly must have invested more than him,She is still a girl,And he,But not a real boy。He can take this relationship seriously,You can also calmly face the end of the relationship。
Butterfly feels Chen Wenjin’s breath,Feeling his body temperature,Just want to be so quiet,Quietly,Let time go slower,Slower……
But time still goes fast。
Three o’clock soon。
They are still sitting。
Half past four,The securities department should have been vacated。
Someone knocks on the door,Chen Wenjin said that today I have something to stay for a while。
No one will urge you。
But the alarm clock rang quickly,Timed bell at five o’clock。
Butterfly took Chen Wenjin’s phone and glanced,Rely on him again,ask him:“Chen Wenjin,Do you like me?”