There is another situation where I don’t understand it.,Why would Yunyun suddenly be like this。

If you want to change someone,I don’t worry about what happens,Because even if they fell in midair,That also has some ability to survive。
But Jiang Yunyun is different,This matter is also very troublesome。
Qin Feng shook his head and said:“This place doesn’t have those things。”
“Ugh,Forget it。”Gu Gu can only bite the bullet and continue shooting,As for the situation,That can be seen too。
Qin Feng is watching from here too,Because if something happens,He should be able to watch how that person died too。
As for how to give people to the next,Qin Feng really didn’t think about it。
Because so many people are here,He flew in any way at once。
Of course,If something really happened,Qin Feng will also try his best,After all, this can be regarded as worthy of my conscience.?
As for other things,That’s nothing to say。
quickly,Jiang Yunyun is already in the sky,She also wants to make some awesome poses,But unfortunately she went up for the first time,There is really no way to grasp。
“I go,There are such situations?I thought those guys can be very free?”
Chapter 976 Unlucky
Ha ha,You don’t want to think about it,If it’s really that awesome,Then there is no need to worry about it。”
“This is not funny, right??Anyway, we just watch the fun,As for other things,There is no need to bother。”
Many people said with a serious face,They already know,What’s the situation here?。