Light ball、On-stage shift introduction,Promote their respective industries。In the guest group,Xie Lisu pulled Ye Xingkong’s sleeve,Whispered:“How to do,Didn’t Aunt Mu tell me that there is a promotion session??”

Xie Lisu took out her mobile phone in a hurry and prepared to call Chen Limu’s mobile phone for help。
I saw Ye Xingkong hold down the phone she dialed to Chen Limu,Calmly shook his head to her,Seems to be telling her:It doesn’t matter,I have a way。
Xie Lisu looked up at Ye Xingkong,He looks calm and relaxed,I seem to be confident。
She’s not nervous to see Ye Xingkong,Why are you nervous。Watch each business on the stage introduce their respective industries in one to five minutes,Or talent。But Ye Xingkong has never seen a big scene,And can’t speak,What should I do?Xie Lisu is still anxious。
It’s the turn of Sheng Blu-ray TV representative to appear,Xie Lisu’s heartbeat speeds up:“Shall we leave here?!But leaving means fleeing,Will give Sheng Blu-ray a lot of face。
The host called the Ding Group representative to come on stage,Ye Xingkong on stage,He took the next one“Golden hoop”Silver stick。
Dance a few lightly in your hands,Lift“Golden hoop”Take off,Make a few poses lightly on the stage,Then at the moment of landing,“Golden hoop”Drop a layer of streamers,There are a few lines on the streamer:Ding’s boy here,Sheng Blu-ray joins in the fun。
A few golden words appeared in the vision of the participants,In an instant the words become delicate flowers and slowly disappear。The people present were amazed。Someone is whispering:“Ding’s son can do tricks,Ding Zhen will really have a son。”
After the thrilling talent show,,Xie Lisu asked:“how did you do it?”
Ye Xingkong smiled but didn’t answer,Retreat freely to the corner of the crowd。
Sharp-eyed participants picked up their phones and secretly took photos of Ye Xingkong and Xie Lisu。
One of them said:“I remember that,This is the second son of the Ding family,The one next to him is his girlfriend,I’ve seen the same frame picture report of them before。”
Another said:“It is said that the second son had an accident,Life or death uncertain,how,When did you find it,This media did not report,It seems that Ding is low-key,But look at the beauty next to you,Is it obviously the second son of the Ding family and his girlfriend?,No accident at all。”
The two talked in shock。