“Difficult!Sanlu’s foundation is too deep,Don’t know,Startled。Unless the big guy in the court is really angry,Personally,Just make a noise underneath,Can’t shake them at all。”Zhu Xiaoguang scratched his head and said in distress。

“Want to go up to heaven,too difficult!Local grassroots help,The media dare not expose,Every time you buckle down with the big hat of attacking national enterprises,Even the platforms on the Internet have been publicized by them。”Wang Shaoxiao’s deputy,A female manager in the marketing department was indignant。
“After all,Ming’s power is too big,Move the whole body,No one dares to really move them!Even if the boss above knows about it,It is estimated that at most it is only for them to rectify,I won’t completely turn my face with Ming。As long as Ming’s doesn’t fall,How dare those people below jump out to die?”
“Yes!Even if I fell Sanlu,There are four Lu,Wulu,Come out again with another shell!”
Everyone was talking,Although angry,But no one can think of a practical and effective way。
Because of Ming’s existence,Like a big mountain pressing on top of your head,No matter what method is used to fight against Sanlu,Can’t escape the opponent’s Wuzhishan。
Gradually,The discussion is much weaker,Everyone couldn’t help but cast their eyes on Lu Menglin。
Because of Lu Menglin’s existence,It represents a miracle in itself!Every time he seeks the possibility among the impossible,Lead everyone to victory。
Then now,If we must fight against the Ming Group,Lu Menglin’s opinion is undoubtedly the most important。
“this matter,Stop here!Because the normal operation is no longer possible。”Lu Menglin said unhurriedly。
This remark,Everyone was stunned on the spot。
I thought Lu Menglin had a wonderful plan,I will find a way to deal with Mingshi,Ways to Eliminate Sanlu,I don’t know, but it’s such a neat answer。
“I will do the rest。Don’t worry about it!”Lu Menglin smiled。
“but,Now that we know,Selective amnesia?”Zhu Xiaoguang shouted angrily。
Wang Shaoxiao leaned forward,Just separated by one person,Reached out and patted Zhu Xiaoguang on the shoulder,Hehe smiled:“do not worry,Leave it to Menglin!He must have a way。”
“Hairy way?If there is a way, we won’t all shrink to Hong Kong Island。”Zhu Xiaoguang yelled angrily。
to be frank,The entire Menglin Group moved to Hong Kong Island,Even the game server moved over,Other related businesses are suspended,This feeling,It’s like defeated,Can only be a corner,It feels really hot,Very upset。

Lu Menglin nodded,Shen Sheng:“Come all here!Everything goes as planned!”

Everyone promised,Although in danger,But still morale,Because they believe Lord Wuhao,I believe he can lead the human race to the ultimate victory。
30,000 horses,Go together,Although they have the most advanced weapons and equipment,But can only use the most primitive way of marching,Rely on walking to cross this red zone,Straight to the deepest part of the red zone。
Continue to advance for about ten kilometers,The sound of killing finally came from the front,That is the human army fighting the dark race。
Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming said nothing,Lead a team of elites immediately,Fly over,The rescue is second,The key is to find a living mouth,Only then can we know what happened in the red mist,Where did the army of millions go!
The sound of fighting in front suddenly became more intense,Youlong Zhanye and Tu Shanming joined the battle group,Soon the dark race was destroyed,Rescued several clan soldiers。
These human soldiers were brought to Lu Menglin,Under careful identification,Found that they are not ordinary soldiers,But the general of the six nations,It can be seen from the style of the high-level battle armor they wear,All of them wore general-level armor,Although bloody,Still can’t hide the quality。
If it weren’t for their battle armors, they’ve loaded the battle assistant software designed by Lu Menglin,I’m afraid they won’t last so long,Can’t wait for reinforcements to arrive。
“Report your number and official position!”Gao Dajin tilted his head and looked at the scars in front of him,Tired guy,Asked。
One of the tallest officers looked at Gao Dajin,Looked at Lu Menglin again,Obviously recognized the identity of the latter,Hug fists,Tao:“I’m Wei Yue, General of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Met Marshal Wu Hao!”
“I am General Qi Hong of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Met Marshal Wu Hao。”
“Liu Zihun of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Met the marshal。”Several people clasped fists and saluteed,There is obviously panic on the face。
Lu Menglin looked at these people’s expressions wrong,Asked:“Where is the Six Nations Army??”
Wei Yue quickly replied:“Report to the Marshal,The Six Nations Army should be at a position two hundred kilometers north,At war with aliens。”
“200 kilometers north?Then why do you people from the Northern Wei Dynasty appear here?You are deserters?”Lu Menglin called out the identity of a few people。
These Northern Wei generals heard the words,Face changes drastically,Two people shook their calves。
“to be frank!”Lu Menglin stopped drinking,Full of power。
The generals of the Northern Wei Dynasty were frightened,All knelt on the ground。

The two waves are fighting more vigorously,at this time,sAnd Xiao Fan have arrived at the dock。Watching the fierce battle below。

Overall,You can tell at a glance that Yiming is in an advantageous position,The opponent has already retreated steadily。
Xiao Fan lookedsWalk in your own direction,WaitsStand still,Xiao Fan said:“Brother,You can save your brothers,You say a truce,I immediately let them stop。”
Gu Jin smiled and said:“I have to respect my men,Even if you lose,Have to be upright。”Xiao Fan smiled and nodded。
The outcome on the field is already very obvious,Enemies elsewhere have already taken,Su Ran landed the plane near the pier。
I saw Xiao Fan coming,Somewhat surprised,But still not distracted, continue to plunge into the battle,Shen Lin also saw Xiao Fan coming,He was not surprised,He was surprised that Su Ran also came。
The two have no time to care about the arrival of Xiao Fan and Su Ran,EvensCame,They can only be regarded as not seeing,This competition is coming to an end。
s’S face hasn’t changed much,As if already knowing the result,Xiao Fan just calmly looked at Shen Lin and Yiming’s skill。
Shen Lin has made a lot of progress recently,Yiming is still improving steadily,Temporarily hand over the base company to them,Xiao Fan feels relieved。
sPeople fell to the ground one by one,Both Yiming and Shen Lin remember Xiao Fan’s instructions,Try my best to save them forever,sPeople are hurt,But there is no life worry。
Finally, Shen Lin and Yiming brought down the last two at the same time,Ask the landing,Patted the dust on the body,Coming to Xiao Fan’s side。
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four Singled out
Gu Jin said leisurely:“Thank you for staying with them,Is this Xiao Fan’s form of your apologyI remember you never be kind to the enemy。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Brother,Anyhow we go out of the same school,If it wasn’t for brother, you moved someone who shouldn’t be moved,I won’t do it with you brother。”
Gu Jin smiled mockingly,No more words,Watching Shen Lin and Yiming walk over。Xiao Fan had already seen the wound on Yiming’s arm。
Shen Linhe screamed“boss。”Xiao Fan nodded,Turn to the back and say to Su Ran:“Find someone to bandage Yiming。”
Su Ran said yes,Immediately greet people to bring the medicine box and bandage Yiming,Yiming said with a smile:“This little injury,I can do it myself。”

Light ball、On-stage shift introduction,Promote their respective industries。In the guest group,Xie Lisu pulled Ye Xingkong’s sleeve,Whispered:“How to do,Didn’t Aunt Mu tell me that there is a promotion session??”

Xie Lisu took out her mobile phone in a hurry and prepared to call Chen Limu’s mobile phone for help。
I saw Ye Xingkong hold down the phone she dialed to Chen Limu,Calmly shook his head to her,Seems to be telling her:It doesn’t matter,I have a way。
Xie Lisu looked up at Ye Xingkong,He looks calm and relaxed,I seem to be confident。
She’s not nervous to see Ye Xingkong,Why are you nervous。Watch each business on the stage introduce their respective industries in one to five minutes,Or talent。But Ye Xingkong has never seen a big scene,And can’t speak,What should I do?Xie Lisu is still anxious。
It’s the turn of Sheng Blu-ray TV representative to appear,Xie Lisu’s heartbeat speeds up:“Shall we leave here?!But leaving means fleeing,Will give Sheng Blu-ray a lot of face。
The host called the Ding Group representative to come on stage,Ye Xingkong on stage,He took the next one“Golden hoop”Silver stick。
Dance a few lightly in your hands,Lift“Golden hoop”Take off,Make a few poses lightly on the stage,Then at the moment of landing,“Golden hoop”Drop a layer of streamers,There are a few lines on the streamer:Ding’s boy here,Sheng Blu-ray joins in the fun。
A few golden words appeared in the vision of the participants,In an instant the words become delicate flowers and slowly disappear。The people present were amazed。Someone is whispering:“Ding’s son can do tricks,Ding Zhen will really have a son。”
After the thrilling talent show,,Xie Lisu asked:“how did you do it?”
Ye Xingkong smiled but didn’t answer,Retreat freely to the corner of the crowd。
Sharp-eyed participants picked up their phones and secretly took photos of Ye Xingkong and Xie Lisu。
One of them said:“I remember that,This is the second son of the Ding family,The one next to him is his girlfriend,I’ve seen the same frame picture report of them before。”
Another said:“It is said that the second son had an accident,Life or death uncertain,how,When did you find it,This media did not report,It seems that Ding is low-key,But look at the beauty next to you,Is it obviously the second son of the Ding family and his girlfriend?,No accident at all。”
The two talked in shock。

Of course in these“Mobile quota”Of the parents,Mirren meant very clearly:I can give you benefits,OK,no problem,But i gave you benefits,You must let the person who has benefited know who gave them the benefit,Instead of placing favor on your own head,They will return in the future,Also give me back。

of course,Do not misunderstand,Not asking for these“Mobile quota”What parents do illegal and disciplined or even betray the country,But sometimes,In business,“Special affairs”with“Follow the procedures”,Time saved、energy、Money and opportunity cost can scare people to death!
Since Chen Geng can understand what Mirren said,,Deputy Director Wang can naturally understand,He not only understands,I can think deeper,I was very upset for a while:How can I think of things so simple?,Why don’t you think about it,Which one of these damn foreign devils looks good??These damn foreign devils,Definitely give you a dime,You have to pay a dollar……Do not,In return for ten dollars。
But Deputy Director Wang understands better,It’s too late for this reason,If there is no reminder from that damn secretary Chen Geng,This matter may be just like it was just now,But after this damn woman said this,It’s a hell if Chen Geng doesn’t hold this tightly。
“Indeed it is,Ok,I didn’t think about it well,”Chen Geng patted his head,A little embarrassed to ask Deputy Director Wang:“Director Wang,Is that okay??”
“of course……no problem。”Deputy Director Wang gritted his teeth and squeezed out a smile:The benefits were originally from the Ministry of Education,Rely on this20Mobile slots,The benefits that the Ministry of Education can exchange for are unknown,but now,Chen Geng cut off a large piece of life,Thought of this,Deputy Director Wang is heartbroken,But what makes his heartache more,He still can’t say no——This is so painful。
Finish talking with Chen Geng,Deputy Director Wang hurried away……Not so much rushing away,It’s better to run away,He thought that Chen Geng might be the same as those foreigners who travel to China,Stupid、More money、So foolish,I also took over this errand with the idea of getting a good impression from the leader,But look now,Damn Chen Geng is a fool、More money、So foolish,Glued hair is basically a monkey!
Compared with Deputy Director Wang who fled,Chen Geng’s mood is much happier,He gave Mirren a thumbs up happily:“well done。”
“of course,I want to get the salary you gave me。”
The treatment of the alma mater is different!
After Liu Da made it clear that he accepted the student Chen Geng,,Chen Geng not only took the opportunity to spend a day in Huaqing in the name of a student,A handful of blood:Donated three to HuaqingDECMinicomputer and three applesapple IIMinicomputer,And made a clear request,The automotive engineering department that has a cooperative relationship with Fernandez must be assigned to oneDECMinicomputer and tenapple II,At least one computer departmentDECMinicomputer and tenapple II,As for the remaining oneDECMinicomputer and tenapple II,That’s what Huaqing can assign。
But even so,Huaqing’s leaders are also happy、No complaints:No matter which department it is assigned to,Isn’t it all in our Huaqing??Even if the meat is rotten, it is rotten in our Huaqing pot,Not get in the way。
So that for some time in the future,The students of Huaqing had nostrils in front of the students of Peking University next door:You haveDECwithapple IIIs it?I know I want to buy these threeDECMinicomputers and thirtyapple IIHow much does the microcomputer cost??

There is another situation where I don’t understand it.,Why would Yunyun suddenly be like this。

If you want to change someone,I don’t worry about what happens,Because even if they fell in midair,That also has some ability to survive。
But Jiang Yunyun is different,This matter is also very troublesome。
Qin Feng shook his head and said:“This place doesn’t have those things。”
“Ugh,Forget it。”Gu Gu can only bite the bullet and continue shooting,As for the situation,That can be seen too。
Qin Feng is watching from here too,Because if something happens,He should be able to watch how that person died too。
As for how to give people to the next,Qin Feng really didn’t think about it。
Because so many people are here,He flew in any way at once。
Of course,If something really happened,Qin Feng will also try his best,After all, this can be regarded as worthy of my conscience.?
As for other things,That’s nothing to say。
quickly,Jiang Yunyun is already in the sky,She also wants to make some awesome poses,But unfortunately she went up for the first time,There is really no way to grasp。
“I go,There are such situations?I thought those guys can be very free?”
Chapter 976 Unlucky
Ha ha,You don’t want to think about it,If it’s really that awesome,Then there is no need to worry about it。”
“This is not funny, right??Anyway, we just watch the fun,As for other things,There is no need to bother。”
Many people said with a serious face,They already know,What’s the situation here?。

After being transferred to a private kitchen,Ling Yun just thought about his income,But forgot,College students eating here,Most of them are old acquaintances。

On the third day of duty,Ling Yun saw a person who had followed him,I can’t remember the specific name Ling Yun,But after that person gave the menu to Lingyun,I only ordered one sentence above before I just ordered,Then he walked away for a moment。Watching that person leave,Ling Yun knew,Today I must have nothing to do with good luck!
as expected,After that person left,Not long,Ling Yun was arranged to go to the box service。
Walk into the box,There is no time for a deep breath,All kinds of ridicule and ridicule sounded in Ling Yun’s ears。
Frowned slightly,Fortunately, Ling Yun was mentally prepared before,So it’s not too surprising for this scene happening right now。
“I’ve already helped you down your menu,They are the dishes with the highest order rate by private chefs,Meat and vegetable,Suitable for hot and cold,Eighteen dishes are enough for everyone,And will not waste。”
Took a deep breath,When Ling Yun speaks, try to make her tone more peaceful,But I was still singled out。
“How do you know that we will eat and not waste?You have calculated the food intake of those of us?”
Fang Xincheng squinted at Ling Yun,And Ling Yun also looked at Fang Xincheng calmly。
“If not enough,You can order more。”
Ling Yun looked at Fang Xincheng,Face like Pinghu。Lingyun is very familiar with this routine,After all, I have taunted others like this,And at that time I was willing to be a gun for myself,Fang Xincheng。
So Ling Yun no longer struggles with Fang Xincheng,Instead, he cast all his eyes on Zheng Ziling who was sitting on the main seat。
“Do you think?”
Ling Yun spoke courteously,But there are still people who don’t want to let him go。
“This is not your way of getting more commissions?Our table of food,How much commission can you get?Enough for you to invite a little girl to watch a movie?”
By Fang Xincheng’s side,There is a boy with glasses,No need for Fang Xincheng this time,Someone will do it for you。
“Didn’t you tell me to help you order??”

Legend of the blood,Can quickly swept the country,It has a lot to do with the point card sales channel it uses。

2000The concept of downloading the client from the Internet,Computer games rely on selling game CDs,There is no online financial payment system,Rely on physical channels,Such as bookseller,Bookstore。
and so,Lu Menglin’s game promotion power,Is unique in this age,And super powerful。
first of all《Game time》The market channel laid before the weekly,Coordinated and arranged by Uncle Jihu,All sold《Game time》Newsstand,bookstall,bookstore,Even high-end restaurants、Tea houses and cafes,All covered《heat
Blood Legend》advertisment,With CD selling point card。
Then the dark blue game,All Internet cafes under the Jiehuang brand,All have been developed into the offline sales of legendary games,And pre-installed games in Internet cafes,Internet cafe owners and administrators can get commissions for selling point cards。
Do it like this,Not just Lu Menglin’s own Internet cafe resources,But most Internet cafes have accepted this gameplay,This trend intensifies,Who doesn’t want to earn money?
Plus the promotion of this game is overwhelming,Comprehensive coverage。quickly,The point card sales model of the legendary game is like a virus spread in Internet cafes across the country,Spread with lightning speed。
Lu Menglin stayed in Liufang these days,The threshold of the family is almost broken。
Seven aunts and eight aunts are all here,Anyone who has a relationship with the Lu family,Neighbourhood,All come and drop in,So Lu’s mother hasn’t done it these days,Dedicated to reception。
These relatives and friends come home,Trustworthy,Borrowed money,Want to find a job,Joined the legendary new company,But the most,Still come to match。
The aunts and aunts of Liufang are calculating in their hearts,Lu Jia can have today’s situation,Mainly because Lu Menglin can toss,You know that is 40 million!Smashed into Liufang,There was an uproar。
Lu Menglin is only sophomore this year,What about making money again?Not a hairy boy yet,He has to be tied up by a good lady。
For a while,Almost all girls of school age on Liufang Street turned their eyes to Lu Menglin,The woman who came to be a matchmaker almost flattened the Lu family。
Mother Lu likes it again,Sad again,I knew my son was so popular,Should let him pick more。
Lu Menglin has been so busy these days,While arranging the promotion of the game market,While also dealing with those seven aunts and eight aunts who come here,Simply troublesome。
“Zhu Xiaoguang,Correct!You can also kill the market in the Three Kingdoms,Can be jointly promoted,no problem。Agree to add the game characters to the Three Kingdoms Killing characters,Coupled with the game background introduction,There are also skills to be equipped,Same attributes as in the game。Ok,This will be more interesting,Not too hard。”
“it is good,it is good!Then first,Don’t worry,Keep up the rhythm。I’ll be back in a few days。”

Wang Ling’s face became more solemn,He knew that this priest must have something powerful,But I didn’t expect the other party to be so evil,Now,He feels a little bit out of his mind。

Once the warrior has no confidence in winning,The momentum of the body will inevitably decline,Everyone saw Wang Ling hesitate,Knowing that he has lost the most important belief in victory,Play again,Sure to lose。
“Oh,I forgot to tell you one more thing。Within the confines of the temple,This priest will be blessed by God,Full attribute promotion,And it’s tantamount to immortality,you,Will you continue to challenge the majesty of the priest??”
The voice has not fallen,The female priests around the priest Haoxuan cheered.,It’s as if the priest they worship has won the battle。
“Go away!Humble untouchable,My goal was never you!It’s him!”While the priest Haoxuan yelled,,Reach out,Pointing to Wu Hao who is still in a daze。
“Wuhao,When are you going to be a turtle?Are you afraid of me?Hand over the Anger Slasher,Then kneel down and confess,Kneeling for three days and three nights,This priest might consider letting you go!”The majestic priest of Haoxuan,Talking to Wu Hao,Word by word。
Everyone here already understands,This person specially came to trouble Wu Hao,The Haoxuan priest,It’s from the Ning Palace at all,He is by the priesthood,And the special geographical environment of this temple,I want to use the power of God to punish Wu Hao,Vent for Ning Palace。
For a time,Everyone’s eyes focused on Wu Hao,Has been forced to this point,Even if Wu Hao doesn’t want to fight anymore,I should also say something。
And Wu Hao in everyone’s eyes,That only won the championship,The fearless youth who dare to take the initiative to challenge the evil god Liuyun,Where did he go?
now,Lu Menglin is still immersed in the world of science,Can’t extricate themselves。
The magic technique just learned,Keep deducing in his mind,keep changing,Presents unlimited possibilities,At a critical juncture,He doesn’t even care about the outside world。
The knowledge system Lu Menglin learned in the earth world,There is also work experience in scientific analysis with Xiaozhi, a shipboard intelligent system,Make Lu Menglin’s vision and thinking,Completely different from the gods,He used a scientific system to redefine the magic technology,And flow through your own spiritual power,I’m transforming the Anger Slasher。
Although only a small change,But for Lu Menglin,But it’s a big step across the milestone。
“Don’t you plan to hand over the Anger Slasher??My patience is limited!Bring me!”While the priest Haoxuan yelled,Extend your right hand and five fingers,Aimed at Wu Hao,Take advantage。
Suddenly,A giant semi-virtual palm stretched out from mid-air,Full of the size of a carriage,Bling,Act like a god,Volley,Slapped Wu Hao standing on the ground。
This giant palm condensed by light energy,It’s as powerful as a strike from a forty-third level strong,And the momentum is amazing,This is the power of the priest with the help of the temple,Attack techniques evolved from the void。
I believe if it is outside the temple,This Haoxuan priest can’t do this,But at this moment in this temple,He can mobilize the energy of the light pattern in the temple,Make this incredible attack。
This blow,Even if you can’t directly blast Wuhao,Also give him a good start,File his majesty,See how long he can sit still!The priest Haoxuan thought to himself。


Just when I’m leaving the old,Body becomes stiff,There was a chill from the wounded back。
Killing intent!
The killing intent is too strong to resist,As if shrouded in a deep abyss,No room for resistance。
If the fight with the green pheasant just now was just fear,The feeling at that moment is that you can’t live but you can’t die。
Half way from the old mad and go to one side,This is the instinctive reaction of people under extreme conditions,Break through the limits of your mind in the face of danger。
Then the young man caught the eye,That strange but unquestionable face,He felt the danger of death in this young man。
“You want my sword?”
Xia Chenglong and the others were inside,But the situation outside also knows,Just because there is no time,That’s why I ignored it。
Xia Chenglong finished speaking and lifted the Xuantian Sword,Motion to the other party to get it。
joke,He has to have the courage。
Li Lao’s heart has already scolded myself how many times,Why are you so curious,Come to this place。
From the face,The 28-year-old upper class asked the gods,Even in the scabbard,A peerless sword that can make people tremble,A half-step concentrating guard that is too powerful to describe,Who is this guy?
When did the sword city have such a background?。
That is……
Li Lao noticed the pull finger on the middle finger holding the sword,That’s the mark owned by the lord of the sword city。
“you,You are the lord of the sword city?”Li Lao asked in horror,Then he shook his head vigorously,“Do not,impossible,The lord of the sword city is the old man Zhu Ji,who are you?”
I want to die and understand,So I can’t wait to ask the doubts in my heart。