Make food salty, Japan launched "Power Pool Chopsticks"

Original title: Make food salty, Japan launched "Power Pool" [Global Times reporter Fang Qing] What should I do if I do n’t want to consume too much salt nor light food?Kirin Holdings, a well -known Japanese beverage company in Japan, recently developed a "power generation chopsticks" that can make light foods more salty.According to Japan’s "Education Family News" reported on the 18th, this kind of chopsticks use the weak current of the human body to pass the sodium ions in the food through the chopsticks to the mouth, which makes people feel that the original light food has become salty.It is reported that the average daily intake of 10 grams of salt per day in Japan is twice that of the World Health Organization’s recommended intake.

Excessive intake of salt can easily lead to hypertension and chronic kidney disease.

For the advent of this "power generation chopstick", some Japanese netizens commented: "Maybe in the near future, we can use tableware to adjust the taste without having to eat harmful healthy condiments.

"(Responsible: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).

Can’t break!“Human magic!”

“Human magic!Magic……”Some people scream,Turn it backwards,The sound is abundant。
Three gods rushing,The body shape is no different from the people。
Unlike,Their body flows,As if it is not a flesh and blood,Knife mandrel,I actually issued Dangdang,窜 窜 火。
This is the power of the people.,Body is hard to。
Changming is a complete successful,I don’t want to have a rush.。
However, what did he didn’t think of it?,I rushed out of the cloud in the cloud,And three of the Mozi with a completely late,Wrap him。
Sudden change,The balance of the battlefield was broken again,All people trivies have changed color。
I also worshiped hope。
The people here are only less than two thousand people left.,And the Mozu has been,Plus four people……Every conscriptor feels heavy pressure。
Looking at another monkey,Being the body of the magic,The battlefield everyone is cold。
It seems that I have seen my next few years later.。
“Finish,This is completely completed.。”
Some people are desperate,Try to exit the battlefield。
But there is no use,Just rushing too far,I was torn by several magic people.。
NS3903chapter Strong Gogjian
NS3903chapter Strong Gogjian
Human constructs come from a goddess of God, a helper。
But no one wants,The Moist appeared four people.。
One of the people’s devils and three completely late Moz are entangled.。
The other two people are full of killing the gods of Jinchuan.。
The last person magic has become the killing machine of the battlefield.。
Although he has human body and appearance,This is a humanoid beast at this moment.,Cold and cruel。
A fellow eye shot a scarlet,The breath is like the beast is terrible。
Tragic screaming。
This man’s magic double claw waves,Blood light,Spreading a man’s body,The internal organs have flowed a place。
The scene is cruel to the extreme。
Turn again,The right leg is like a sharp sword.,A man’s body,Break of life。
The battle is gradually tilting toward the Moz.,There are not many people in the people.,Today’s more hard。
But now,Cannot be returned,Only death。
Zhengbaihuihui,Color scales are quite wolf。

Hubei strengthens the judicial protection of women and children’s rights and interests to fight trafficking and anti -domestic violence

Qin Wenping, deputy secretary of the party group and executive deputy dean of the Provincial Court of Court, introduced that in 2021, the provincial courts in the first instance of the provincial court to conclude rape, forced obscenity, trafficking women, children, and organizations forced prostitution to severely infringe on women and children’s personal rights. 814 criminals who sentenced to more than five years in prison, life imprisonment and death sentence were sentenced to 39%of the criminals without life imprisonment.

At the same time, comprehensively implement the "Civil Code" and related judicial interpretations, and properly trial disputes such as divorce, inheritance, support, and maintenance, and apply the division of husband and wife common property, divorce damage compensation, housework compensation and other systems, and the most conducive to minors. In principle, the role of the civil code to protect the rights and interests of women and children. In 2021, the province’s courts accepted a total of 74,997 households and 70,592 cases, of which 24,467 were mediation, and the mediation rate was%.

By implementing the anti -domestic violence law, the Hubei Court has increased the protection of anti -domestic violence judicial protection, vigorously promoted the personal safety protection order, and established a "isolation wall" for domestic violence victims. , Both achieve better social effects. Under the premise of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of women and children in accordance with the law, the reform of family trials is deepened, and the repair of marriage and family relations and emotional cure are focused on.

Actively introduce social forces, promote the construction of household mediation, family investigation, psychological guidance, and return visits assistance, and strive to improve the professional level of family trials. Explore the establishment of a minor trial system, and 106 courts in the province are listed on the "Junior Court (or Junior Court Work Office)".

In order to consolidate the protection of women’s and children’s rights and interests, the Hubei Court actively implemented the "Opinions on Further improve the working mechanism for the protection of women and children’s rights and interests" issued with the Provincial Women’s Federation. Strengthen cooperation with the Communist Party Committee to prevent illegal crimes of young people, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of children and children. The provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Women’s Federation, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department and other departments established a linkage mechanism for the protection of the rights and interests of women and children and children to form a joint force. The courts of various places adhere to the needs of the masses, and actively publicize and interpret the important laws of the protection of women and children’s rights and children’s rights and interests of women and children. The universities and universities jointly established the "rule of law education base", "judge concurrently served as the vice president of the rule of law" and "court open day" and other activities. As of the end of 2021, a total of 250 police officers in the province also served as the vice president of the rule of law or the rule of law counselor of the rule of law in 271 primary and secondary schools.

But it is just use,This point of Han Jiang will not agree。

Sakura:“I don’t doubtMEIDoctoral,But I can’t believe the fire moth。”
“As the largest organism against collapse,leaderMEIDr. is undoubtedly a person who is willing to dedicate his life.,A large organization is also very bloated。”
“Kay,You know some people in the organization have always been,What kind of eyes are looking at us??”
“I don’t care about myself.,But now Ling fused into their hands,I will never sit down.!”
“Even I am betraying all mankind。”
“me too。”Han Jiang immediately followed a sentence。
Kai has to see this to Hanjiang here,“Some things you have not experienced,I don’t know the experience at all.。”
Kai’s meaning is obvious,Your kid lacks the poison of society。
“Either destroyed,Either force。”
Han Jiang also expressed clearly,In the end, I am a society or social poison.,Wait until it is not late。
Even,Han Rong must also work hard。
“I know that you care about there.,Everything cares about this,But I also have people who care.,Don’t say that I am stupid,In case I changed the results you expected.?”
Although Han Jiang and Kai’s dialogue makes Sakua Mengmeng,But if you don’t have to do it with Kay,Sakura is trying to avoid avoidance。
Your own strength is strong,But with Kaijia,too low。
“We will say later。”Time is not much,Kai does not want to continue to entangle with Hanjiang,She looks to the cherry,Say:“cherry,Exfire moth needs you,We also need you,So I won’t hurt you.,But you must never pass here.。”
“follow me,Go to meMEIPhD,She will give you a confidence。”
“I am willing to seeMEIPhD”
Kay’s face has just improved,Sakura is turning,“But that is what the things will be rescued from those people.。”
“Kay,We have been fighting side by side for a long time.。”Sakura is too knife,The temperature in the air drops rapidly,“But you should have never seen it once.,I really power.?”
Han Jiang brows one pick,Is it necessary to do it??
The first rated power of the red dragonfly is ready,As long as Sakura hand,Hanjiang Rapida will follow the next attack。
Thinking that the enemy faced is the ancestor of the Kaslan family,Hanjiang’s heart is excited。
“It seems that you are going to be obsessed with。”A sigh,The giant sword began to burst sparks,The momentum of the cherry is hostile to each other.。
Han Jiang is ready to attack,Take a closer to feel the energy of the Tanfen Tani in the hand。
This is a prosperous holy cut.,The real flavor is still in the hand of the Si Guan.,Treaty to be aligned with the red hand,How much is it??
Kaike screamed。
As a teammate,Sakurao knows the character。
When the other party moves towards him step by step,Sakura is the fastest speed to pull the Hiinger in the corner,Sound against Hanjiang,“run!”

Strictly prevent invisible mutation of "Four Winds" problem

The sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection emphasized that it is necessary to pay close attention to the "four winds" signs, tendencies, and concealment issues, and continue to strengthen the eight regulations of the Central Committee.

To implement the spirit of the six plenary sessions, we must put the problem of "four winds" invisible variation problems in a more prominent position, firm and powerful, normal and long -term, and fight well.

Invisible mutation is the prominent characteristic of the current "four winds", and must be cured in depth of quasi -phase characteristics. After continuous rectification, the problems on the "Four Winds" face have been effectively curbed, but under the high pressure situation, some stubborn styles are "self -adjusting" and "adaptive", changing their heads, changing from light to darkness, becoming the result of consolidating and expanding style, promoting high -style construction high construction, The quality development of the "block tiger" and "stumbling block". Some do articles on the objects, and the order of buying orders has shifted from public funds to private business owners, from this level to lower -level and interesting connected parties. Some are playing tricks on the means, express delivery, virtual expenditures to collect public funds, "digital formalism" and other issues. Some transfer positions, hiding in hidden places such as private clubs, internal canteens, and farmhouses to eat, drink and play. These stealth mutation phenomenon not only reflects the increasing room for incorrect wind, but also shows that the style of style is stubborn and complicated, and will not disappear easily.

You must work hard, stare at the grasp, continue to grasp, and take strong measures to resolutely curb.

The phenomenon of precision prevention of hidden mutation focuses on improving the ability to find problems. Dispensing difficulties and discovering difficulties is the difficulty of rectifying the work. We must adhere to positive innovation, grasp early and small, prevent the wind and the trend, and produce a "window break effect".

In recent years, various regions and departments have explored many good experiences and good practices in the prevention and treatment of hidden mutation. Some focus on outstanding issues to carry out special rectification. The reporting platform must further summarize and deepen the effective practices, and improve the effectiveness of rectification in the cycle of practice, understanding, re -practice, and re -understanding.

At the same time, from the perspective of the corruption cases investigated and dealt with, there are many invisible variations of the "four winds" problems. Many problems last for a long time, exposing the supervision work and shortcomings, and there are lagging.

It is necessary to innovate methods, increase efforts, promote various supervisors to penetrate coordinated, strengthen collaboration with relevant functional departments, and make information resources running through, more smooth clues, and more powerful measures. Adhere to the "see the wind with the case", not only digging into the problem of reviewing the investigation objects, but also pay attention to the clues involved in others, and use the "room and land" working mechanism to link and correct it. Make full use of the data resources of relevant functional departments, and use information technology to draw the "tail" of invisible mutation in big data collisions. The key to dealing with invisible mutation is that "strict" is "quasi".

"Four Winds" invisible mutation is hidden in behavior and change. The essence is the original mission of departing from the party, harming party and mass relations, and infringing public power. Correcting the work must be unwavering, strict to the end, scientific and accurate, and practical results. To persist in showing up, do not tolerate, discover, investigate and deal with them together, and strictly dispose of laws and disciplines according to law, making comprehensive strictness.

It is necessary to deeply understand the essential requirements of the eight regulations of the central government, and prevent the discovery of difficulty and qualitative difficulties as an excuse for invisible mutation problems. , Label.

Adhere to systematic treatment, both symptoms, and resolutely eradicate the soil produced by invisible mutation.

The occurrence of invisible variation is caused by multiple factors such as the deviation of ideas, insufficient institutional constraints, and lack of supervision and management. We must adhere to the "three no" integration and system management.

It is necessary to deepen the case to promote reform, promote the treatment, and keep an eye on the problem of invisible mutation of the "four winds", especially the typical cases of wind rot integrated, strengthen research and analysis, promote shortcomings, and block loopholes. It is necessary to strengthen the education of party spirit, party style, party discipline, and vigorously cultivate a clean culture in the new era, guide party members and cadres to maintain a complete self -revolutionary spirit, consciously practice the spirit of the great party building, and vigorously promote the new style. The "May Day" holiday is approaching, the closer to the node, the more strict supervision. Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels should be based on their duties, pay close attention to the phenomenon of "holiday diseases", especially invisible mutation, strengthen supervision and inspection, seriously investigate and deal with violations of regulations and disciplinary, and take the actual action of long -term success. power.

(Responsible editor: Wang Zifeng, Wang Keyuan).

First0274chapter Losing money to take a wife

Ouch!Come on!BMW car hits people without losing money,Is that human being?“Don’t look at the length of this guy,But the sound is loud。
At this time it is the peak off work period,There was a large circle of people immediately,Blocked the road,Some people are not happy,They don’t care who is right or wrong anyway。
“Hey!Those who can drive BMW are big models,You lose money if you hit someone!Why are you blocking the road?,Is there justice“This is the voice of a taxi driver。
He shouted,The people behind shouted,This guy was helped at first sight,More exciting,He simply sat on the ground,Shouted to Zhang Sangui:“No way,My head hurts too,Back pain,Maybe you broke my kidney,One thousand is not enough,You have to pay me two thousand“
Xia Jian’s hand was already in the wallet,He thinks one thousand yuan is one thousand yuan,It’s not interesting to have trouble with this kind of people,But this guy rose instantly,From one thousand yuan to two thousand,Is this money from pigs??Xia Jian is not a fool,The anger couldn’t help but rise。
“Do you want to blackmail?!Don’t give him a penny,let’s go“Xia Jian finally couldn’t bear it,He yelled so loudly。
Zhang Sangui nodded,Pull the car door and jump up,See this guy,Got up hurriedly,Leap slightly,Just climbed on the front windshield of a BMW car。
Hey!This strength is just right,It seems to be practiced,Xia Jian finally saw the doorway,For such a person,He never gives in。
Xia Jian pulled the car door and sat in,Zhang Sangui asked a little embarrassed:“What should I do with Mr. Xia??This guy is climbing on it,Really ugly“
“Nothing,You drive forward,Get out of here first,Scare this guy first,But you have to be careful“What Xia Jian said,Zhang Sangui also has a bottom in his heart,He immediately started the car。
This road was originally a one-way street,Blocked by them,Long lines lined up behind,But there is no car in front,So even if Zhang Sangui didn’t see it clearly,But he drove the car and walked forward slowly。
Which guy crawling in front,Clasp your hands on the glass,I can see that he is also very worried。If this really falls,It’s a bit difficult even if you brake suddenly。
People on both sides of the road,Look at this car like a circus,Many people don’t understand,What is the purpose of climbing a person in front of this car?
Xia Jian gets more and more angry,If everyone in this world is like this person,Climb a few cars a day,What are you doing??So easy。

Li Zhanshu held a talk

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 20th. Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, held talks with Malawi Speaker Hara in a video in the Great Hall of the People on the 20th.

Li Zhanshu said that Malawi is an important partner of China in Africa. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping and President Chakvila, China -Malaysia relations have developed steadily and healthy, and pragmatic cooperation in various fields has continued to advance, and the friendship between the two peoples has continued to deepen. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. China is willing to work with Malaysia to implement the important consensus reached by the heads of state of the two countries, and promote the results of the 8th Ministerial Meeting of the China -Africa Cooperation Forum as soon as possible on Malavi to land to promote the development of the two countries and the people. Welfare. Li Zhanshu pointed out that the Chinese side supports Malaysia to explore the development path that is in line with its national conditions. It is willing to continue supporting each other with Malaysia on the issues involving each other’s core interests and major concerns. Greek strengthen the pragmatic cooperation between the two parties, actively promote the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative with Malawi’s "2063 Vision" development strategy, and expand mutually beneficial cooperation in infrastructure construction, agriculture, medical care, education and culture. Together with the anti -new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, carry out normalized and mechanized counterpart hospital cooperation.

Close collaboration in multilateral fields to jointly advocate true multilateralism. China will have a developing country and small and medium -sized countries to maintain international fairness and justice. Li Zhanshu emphasized that legislative communication is an important part of the relationship between the two countries. Chinese people are willing to continue to deepen their cooperation with the Malawi parliament and make positive contributions to the development of bilateral relations.

Maintain high -level exchanges between legislative agencies, promote more exchanges between the two parties, representatives of the People’s Congress, and members of the National People’s Congress, and encourage young and female representatives to actively participate. In the fields of poverty alleviation, public health, and women’s and children’s protection, further development of experience exchanges, providing enterprises with a fair, fair, transparent and equal legal environment for enterprises to invest in their own countries. Strengthen the cooperation in multilateral occasions to safeguard the common interests of developing countries.

The National People’s Congress of China has set up seminar for members of Asian and African countries. Welcome Malaysia to actively participate.

Haravy said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malawi and China, relations between the two countries have made great progress, and Greek has continuously deepened the cooperation between the two sides in various fields. Ma Jian is determined to pursue a Chinese policy. Thanks to China for supporting Malaysian side in economic and social development and fighting against the new crown pneumonia.

The Malaysian Council is willing to strengthen friendly exchanges with the National People’s Congress of China and contribute to the promotion of friendship between Malaysia.

Liao Wenjie did not lie,He does have this idea,The soldiers are brave and powerful,Holding group is the last word。

More resources,Wide channel,Not only can you speed up his understanding of this world,I can call someone else.,Who is not?
His invitation bell before,Ready to open a ghost company is also the same purpose。
Look at the experience he summed up,Whether it is a deed or practice,Both a step-by-step process,Very slow and very urgent,It’s better to reward convenience and fast。
Want to get system rewards,simple,Do things……wrong,Looking for something。
but,Looking too bad to find things,I can’t afford to sit at home.,Things take the initiative to find the door,Open a ghost company,This problem can be solved.。
Money earns and system rewards,Grasping the boss of the company,He is unable to。
As for peer competition,How to open the market,Liao Wenjie did not put it in your heart。Whether it is him or Lyon、Clock,Both have a true person,Word of mouth is the best propaganda,Don’t go out。
Talk to dry,Liao Wenjie decided tomorrow……Not in tomorrow,I have a dragon nine eating movie,The day after tomorrow is not good,Alice、sandyAll about it,Do not speak without saying。
“Too full,If you want to do something, you can’t do it.,I am too difficult.……”
Think of this,He can’t help but feel emotion,No wonder everyone said,Every success man has a woman behind a man。
Be too reasonable.,Women have more words,Where is the time to succeed?!
“Jiege,What schema is too full??”
“Oh,I invite two weeks.,Three days left,This three days must date with different girls every day,Tired。”Liao Wenjie sighed,Familiar feelings come back。
Remember,He is also a big boy.,Until those girls walk into his life。
Maximize the global happiness index,In order to make everyone happy,In order to eliminate the sad tears,He is cautious and cautious,Dare to have a pool,Gradually develop a small personality。
Zhou Xingxing facexian……despise,Immediately said:“Do people can’t be too shameless,You should learn as I learned,I chose one, love her for a lifetime.。”
“I really think so.!”
Liao Wenjie:“I am currently single,No, who determines the relationship between men and women,Why,Just because I haven’t sure which one should I love?。Think about it,Is it this truth??”
Zhou Xingxing is morexian……Despise:“Then you have to pay attention,Only exhausted cattle,No cultivated land。”
“Replacement into a tractor……”
“Three acres of thin,Don’t say tractors,The excavator has been done!”
Children shout all,Adults know that they can’t stand,Zhou Xingxing is deeply。
“Yes,I think it is okay.,Maybe this is the talent.,After all, people are different.。”
Liao Wenjie picks eyebrows:“Unlike some people,Recent faces getting worse,This is only two days.,He will face yellow muscle thin hri-day,With long-term malnutrition。”
“Will it see me?,Do you take me someone?!”
“Yes or no,I said it is not counted.,You know your next waist.。”
“Show,No reason,Why do I want to go down??”
Zhou Xingxing widened,Tough to make up a sentence:“When I cracked the thief in the first two days,I have played twenty a breath.,Inadvertently flashing to the waist,Otherwise I will come on the spot.。”
“No, you can’t do it.,speak out,I will help you.!”
“help me!?”
Zhou Xingxing took a breath,Big anger:“Jiege,I take you as a brother.,You want to sleep my horse.!Really there is this reason,Waiting for you,I will tell you.!”
“Bad guy,Can you think about health??”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Tap a prescription from your arms:“Don’t say that I don’t take care of you.,Try it back,Tell me in two days?。”
“what is this?”
“Psycho,Specifically,Your heart,I will not know.。”
“Do you have this reason?,Who can’t stand?,I am a big man in the sky.,Is it a person who needs this kind of thing??”

Russia’s fifth -generation nuclear submarine will be equipped with hypersonic missiles

On the 19th local time, the Russian North Germany Shipyard made a news that the factory was undergoing large -scale technical upgrades under the existing production conditions. When the conditions were mature, they would start construction of the fifth -generation Russian nuclear submarine.According to reports, North Germany’s shipyard is introducing a new modular nuclear submarine construction plan that will shorten the construction cycle of nuclear submarines by 18 months.According to the previous reports of Russian media, Russia is undergoing the development of the fifth -generation nuclear submarine. The first fifth -generation nuclear submarine is named "Heuski". The boat will be equipped with a "vermiculite" hypersonic missile and is expected to launch in 2027.(Correspondent Xu Hongbo).

“First put the Liujia in the business。I want to see their true purpose。”

Toned,Time to think about the other party,Summer road,“If the Cook family dares to come out,tell them,I am coming,Let them roll more far,Don’t find death。”
“Yes,Yes Yes Yes,I understand,I understand。”Orlando。
Looking at him in summer,“Let’s talk about it for a while,Just say that I was killed by you.,remember,Don’t be too deliberate……”
Afterwards,He stares Olando,“remember,Don’t play smart,I don’t want to be because of things tonight.,Let the Westi police found me。”
After the end,Raise arms,Waving a waving towards Luo Qianjin in the car。
Luo Qianjin hurriedly ran over。
“let’s go。”
Luo Qianjin noddler,Slowly reach out,Summer arms,Follow up with a step。
Detached until their back is completely disappeared,Orlando is really tone,I can’t hold it again.,One ass is sitting on the ground。
But he immediately stood up again.,Alex, still coma, Alex,The look is extremely complex,Focus on the cold。
finally,He called out a breath,Immediately touched the phone,Contact your own hand,Start processing of this event。
the other side,Summer and Luo Qianjin did not return to the hotel now,Just walk on the streets of late night。
It’s lasting for a long time,Summer smile,Lead and break the silence。
“Lao Luo,I will give you a trick.,Do you want to see??”
Tonight is the face of Luo Qianjin,Kill so many people。
No need to think about it at all,Summer also knows,At this moment, her inner heart is not like the surface.。
Don’t say her a woman,That is to change the usual man,I am afraid that I will leave a psychological shadow.。
Luo Qianjin fiercely returned to God,It’s scratching。
But the next moment。
Her pair of phoenix is full,The mouth is not from Zhang Da,I like two eggs,A face is incredible。
I saw the face of the summer,Children。
And the five senses on his face,Changes in the speed of meat。
Almost blink,This face has changed a person.。
Summer laughing,“take it easy,This is not a seventy-two change,In terms of folk words,This is called unloading bone,Also called universal,It is an acrobatics that change the local bones of the face.。”