Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun confirmed the film and television, the domestic version of the male and female owners renamed

“Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun” confirmed the film and television, the domestic version of the male and female owners renamed
According to the public announcement of the TV drama shooting and production in December, the Japanese comic “Monthly Girl Nozaki Jun” confirmed that it will be remade into a domestic drama, and it was renamed “Summer Fireworks”. The names of the male and female hosts have also been changed to Shi Dake and Romanman.It is reported that the play will be produced by Canxing Culture, and it is expected to shoot 40 episodes. At this time, production will begin in March this year.”Monthly Girl Nozaki Jun”.The picture comes from the public filing publicity under the Internet. “Summer Pyrotechnic” published the history of the University ‘s Mathematics Department. The school has a unknown identity-a professional girl cartoonist, but encountered difficulties in creating romantic girl cartoons.Romanman, who has a crush on Shi Dake but has failed to confess, enters Shi Dake’s comics team, and the two explode in their new creative enthusiasm . “Monthly Girl Nozaki Jun” is a Japanese writer Chunquan ZiThe four-frame comic serialized in 2011 has not been completed yet.The manga actor is called Nozaki Umetaro, a popular girl cartoonist who is a high school student, serializing his work in “Monthly Girl Romance” under the pseudonym “Mengye Sakiko”.Although Mei Taro is famous for the delicate description of the girl’s feelings, I am very slow and not delicate enough.The heroine Sakura Chiyo is a female high school student who loves Nozaki.Confession to Nozaki was misunderstood, and somehow became Nozaki’s comic assistant.The TV animation of the same name, adapted from the comic, was also aired in 2014 with a total of 12 episodes.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo

NBA won the Chinese football fans to change the game time fans can watch the game at night

NBA won the Chinese football fans to change the game time fans can watch the game at night
If David Stern is a pioneer in the NBA market, then Adam Xiaohua is more willing to be a reformer. According to the Miami Sun Sentinel News, in order to take care of Chinese fans to watch NBA games in the gold rankings, league president Adam-Xiao Hua is planning to change part of the game time so that Chinese fans can watch live NBA games around 10 o’clock in the evening.  Because the time difference between China and the United States is 12 hours apart, the games that are played at night in local time in the United States are generally played in the morning of China time. Except for holidays, this time just happens to catch up with work time. Therefore, many office workers also missed the live broadcast. ChinaAs an important part of the expansion of the NBA league, it has a special status and significance. Especially after Yao Ming entered the league, the promotion of the NBA in China has reached an unprecedented height. Now Yao Ming has retired for three years, and many Chinese fans are enthusiastic about the NBA.Gradually decreasing, it is time for the league to introduce some new policies to keep this big cake.  In an interview with Bloomberg, league president Adam Xiaohua also noted the feasibility of modifying the game time specifically for Chinese fans. Some NBA games in the future may try to be played in the local time in the morning, so as to watch the Chinese market.  If when the number of spectators in China is enough, when it reaches about 100 million people, we have the confidence to say that the game will be arranged at 10 am on Saturday, and Xiao Hua will be short in an interview.  Of course, if you completely take care of Chinese fans, you may lose the U.S. mainland and other global markets, and the NBA will also lose its way. Therefore, Xiao Hua also said that changing time for Chinese fans is only a small amount of time, and the frequency will not be too much.High, it will appear once every two months.We haven’t really introduced a plan to make a decision yet, but you know, I will definitely pay close attention to market trends.Xiao Hua said.  If the NBA is really able to do some wonderful game scheduling until the evening of Chinese time, it will definitely return to a certain popularity. Then, watching the NBA live broadcast at night is indeed an interesting and exciting thing.(Cat Bear)

Quick 9 Tang boss and younger brother Zhao Xina battle

“Quick 9” Tang boss and younger brother “Zhao Xina” battle
Tang Boss against his younger brother “Zhao Xina”.The third dead Han is resurrected.The magnetic fighter will suck up the racing car rushing to the sky.A racing car with a rocket engine.  Recently, the action blockbuster “Speed and Passion 9”, directed by Lin Yibin, starring Van Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson, released the first official 3 minutes and 50 secondsThe trailer and confirmed that it will be released in North America on May 22 this year.This is the fifth time that Lin Yibin has directed the series after the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the “Quick Attack” series.In the trailer, “fantasy” lenses such as magnetic energy fighters and car air relays, and rocket engines in racing cars are everywhere, and Lin Yibin also said that “this is the most ambitious part of the series so far.”  It is worth mentioning that in the trailer, the title has been changed from the familiar Fast & Furious to F9: The Fast Saga (F9: Speed Legend).  桑拿、夜网 李妍  故事  不是所有血脉都滴滴相连  在预告片开始,唐老大已经过上了悠闲自在的退休生活,专注于丈夫和父亲的身份,与莱蒂和小儿子布莱恩生活在一起.But the seemingly peaceful life is the tranquility before the storm.With the phrase “No matter how fast you can run, you can’t get rid of the past”, Tang boss and sister Mia and the former partner mouth gunner god Roman, the talented engineer Taj and others started new tasks, this time he will kiss himBrother Jacob started a contest.  Jacob is not only a first-class driver, but also a brave and hard-working assassin, one of the strongest opponents of Tang boss.He collaborated with Sephor played by Charlize Theron, and was challenged by Sephor and Donald Donald gave birth to a new confrontation.  As stated in the trailer: “Not all blood lines are connected together”, and family love is the classic theme of the series. Whether the two can resolve conflicts needs to be announced in the movie.  角色  韩回归,强森斯坦森缺席  在该系列第三部《速度与激情:东京漂移》中,核心成员韩被杰森·斯坦森饰演的肖制造的车祸撞死,在之后的几部《速In the movie “Xi”, Xiao was gradually “washed out” as a decent, killing Han has always been his biggest “stain”, and Han has also become one of the most popular characters that viewers hope to resurrect.In the ending egg of the trailer of “Speed Attack 9,” Han actually survived unscathed, and the new Toyota Supra driven by Han also appeared in the film, becoming one of the film’s biggest attractions.  In an interview, director Lin Yibin revealed: “I brought in the role of Han in episode 3, and when I left this series, I also took away Han.So if I want to come back, I have to return with this character, and explore this journey with Han character again, revealing what happened at the time. “He also assured the audience that Han ‘s resurrection plot will never be sloppy or dog-blooded. “Everything happens has its reasons. Han ‘s return will never be taken lightly, so I have done a lot of work.”As early as 2002, Cheng Kang, who played Han, has collaborated with Lin Yibin on the movie” Hot Mochi “. Since then, he has been the official actor of Lin Yibin. I believe that Han’s plot will also have many” mysteries. “  Since the first part in 2001, the Speed Attack series has launched a total of 9 works and 1 outside story film. The Speed Attack series has presented countless classic pictures to fans and fans.With the unexpected death of the protagonist Paul Walker in 2013, it also adds to the regrets that can never be compensated.And the other protagonist of the series, Johnson, made it clear that he would not star in “Speed Attack 9”: “Our focus is on expanding the speed and passion universe, we will not appear in” Speed Attack 9 “, but maybe we will return”Speed 10”, in the story of speed and passion, there is still a problem between Hobbes and Don Boss. “  ”Zhao Xina” (John Senna), who is particularly popular with Chinese audiences, plays the boss of Tang’s brother, Jacob, in “Quick 9”. This actor who has won many WWE titles will become the biggest villain in the film, with Van DisserSeoul has more opponents, and it also fills the vacancy for the lack of “big guys” after Johnson and Stanson exit.It is reported that Paul Walker’s younger brother also went to the shooting crew of the “Quick 9”, and perhaps the new film will also have unexpected emotional plots.  In addition, “Hot Mom” Helen Mirren and “Female Demon Head” Charlize Theron also returned to the film, and the famous American rapper Cady B played a new role closely related to Don Boss’s past.  场面  “荡秋千”飙车戏升级过悬崖  作为风靡全球近二十年,加上外传共收获超过58亿美元总票房的电影系列的第九部作品,《速激9》再度席卷全球,拍摄地点从From London to Tokyo, from Central America to Edinburgh, from the secret fortress of Azerbaijan, to the streets of Tbilisi, the importance of racing scenes and families is constantly being upgraded.  ”Speed and Passion 9″ continues to upgrade thrilling drag racing scenes, explosions caused by heavy drag racing crashes between jungles and city streets, super-high difficulty rolling trucks, motorcycles and racing cars, jumping from the building window on the busThe roof, racing and action are closely combined.At the same time, the magnetic energy fighter sticks the Don ‘s car in the air and crosses the mountains. The design of the Pontiac sports car equipped with a rocket engine has greatly exceeded the imagination of the audience in the past.  The most thrilling scene in the trailer is that Mr. Tang and Leti drove towards the cliff. After finding the bridge broken, Mr. Tang resolutely moved forward at full speed, only using a rope to lift the car, and used the swinging drag racing method to borrow “Fly to the other end of the cliff.  导演  林诣彬回归执导《速激9》和《速激10》  早在2018年,制片人范·迪塞尔就已证实林诣彬将回归执导《速激9》和《速激10》He called Lin Yibin the “ancestor” and “architect” of the series and “the person in charge of the resurrection of this beautiful legend.”  Chinese director Lin Yibin became one of Hollywood’s most popular action film directors because of his directing “Quick Shot” series.Because the background of “Speed and Passion 3” is set in Asia, Lin Yibin has become the first choice of the production company. He spent a lot of time to understand the drifting technology of racing cars, get along with racing drivers day and night, and continue to try more with the technical guidance of flying cars.Many drag racing scenes have also built this series into a huge production for global framing and scene upgrades.  Lin Yibin once said in an interview: “As part of” Speed “, we are very proud of this journey. In front of the camera, you can see that these characters have experienced a lot. Outside of the camera, we also grew up together and started to form a family.Even our little children grew up together. Dominique, Leti, and Brian represent each family in and outside the play. I think the connection is very important.”

The Shanghai index fell by more than 1.8%, northbound funds have net repetition of nearly 64 billion for 6 consecutive days

The Shanghai index fell by more than 1.8%, northbound funds have net repetition of nearly 64 billion for 6 consecutive days
In the afternoon of March 18, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Index turned green, and the decline continued to expand in late trading.83%.The financial sector was lower in the afternoon, the banking sector led the decline, and the brokerage and insurance sectors turned green; the genetic diagnosis concept changed late.3037 stocks in the two cities fell.As land flows, the 5G sector declines ahead.Eventually, the Shanghai index fell by 1.83% reported 2728.76 points; Shenzhen index fell 1.70% reported to 10029.57 points; GEM index fell 1.60% reported to 1887.04 o’clock.Northbound funds are at least 63.At 9.7 billion yuan, the Shanghai Stock Connect decreased by 36.9.2 billion yuan, Shenzhen Stock Connect decreased by 27.05 billion.The end of the photoresist concept was significantly lower, strong new materials fell 4%, Jingrui shares, Rongda photosensitive successively exploded, Rongda photosensitive rose more than 7%.The financial sector continued to weaken, Huaxin shares fell, Great Wall Securities, Anxin Trust, Nanjing Securities, Hualin Securities led the decline.In the late trading of the genetic diagnosis concept, Da’an gene rose 10% in a straight line, the unnamed medicine’s daily limit, Guanhao Biological, Yiling Pharmaceuticals obviously followed up.The Asia-Pacific stock market closed down sharply, and the Korea Composite Index plunged late.86%, reported to 1591.20 points, for the first time since the end of May 2010, fell below the 1600 mark; the Nikkei 225 index closed down by 1.68%, reported 16726.55 points; Australian ASX200 index closed down by 6.43%, reported 4953.2 points; New Zealand’s NZX50 index rose to 0.10%, reported to 9454.89 points.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Siyuan Editor Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling

New Hualian Group reduced its holdings and cashed in 1.4 billion

New Hualian Group reduced its holdings and cashed in 1.4 billion
The reporter learned from the Bank of Beijing today that recently, Shounong Food Group bought Bank of Beijing2.600 million A shares, the proportion of shares held reached 1.23%, became one of the important shareholders of Bank of Beijing.In the short term in Afghanistan, under the influence of the Capital Crisis Bureau, Xinhualian Holdings Limited reduced its holdings of high-quality assets to the Bank of Beijing stock to 4.53%, cash out nearly 1.4 billion yuan.It is reported that Shounong Food Group has assets of over 100 billion yuan in revenue, nearly 60,000 employees, more than 500 affiliated companies, and has many well-known brands such as “Three Yuan”, “Old Ship”, “Liubiju” and “Wang Zhihe”And China’s long-established brand, ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises.On December 5, 2019, under the leadership of the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Bank of Beijing and Shounong Group started cooperation.Among them, Bank of Beijing undertook the issuance of US $ 600 million ultra-short-term financing bills and the first special poverty alleviation bill issued by municipal state-owned enterprises for the first agricultural underwriter.Before Shounong Group bought shares in Bank of Beijing, the bank’s major shareholder, Xinhualian Holdings Co., Ltd., defaulted on its bonds.Under the capital crisis, Xinhualian reduced its holding of high-quality assets Bank of Beijing.At the beginning of February, Xinhualian Holdings Limited reduced part of its shares in Bank of Beijing by way of exchangeable bonds.On February 12, the Bank of Beijing announced that the holders of “19 Xinhua EB” issued by Xinhua United Exchange will exchange all the bonds held by it with 559,842,519 shares of Bank of Beijing on February 3, accounting for the total share capital of Bank of Beijing.65% of the initial shares of Bank of Beijing held by Xinhualian and its related accounts start from 8.56% recognized 5.91%.On the evening of March 9, Bank of Beijing announced that Xinhua Union had reduced its holdings of Bank of Beijing 2 through bulk transactions on March 6.6.1 billion shares, a reduction ratio of 1.23%, cash out 13.8.8 billion yuan, from which it is no longer a shareholder holding more than 5% of Bank of Beijing.53%.Sauna, Ye Wang Hou Runfang Editor Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling

Has been valid for the Olympic seats, the Chinese shooting team 25 places are properly

Has been valid for the Olympic seats, the Chinese shooting team 25 places are properly
After the Tokyo Olympic Games confirmed the postponement, the International Shooting Sports Federation issued a statement recently that the Olympic seats that the athletes had obtained were still valid.This means that the 25 Olympic places won by the Chinese shooting team in the rifle and UFO projects will not be hit.The International Olympic Committee has officially announced the opening of the Tokyo Olympics to July 23 to August 8, 2021 antiques, some sports individual organizations immediately adjusted to participate in the event, the International Shooting Federation also made an explanation on the issue of Olympic qualification allocation.From the 2018 World Championships in South Korea to the Rio de Janeiro World Cup station in August 2019, the Tokyo Olympic Qualifiers have largely ended.According to the latest plan of the International Shooting Federation, the Tokyo Olympics quota allocated by the Air Force is still valid.Zhao Zhonghao picked the copper last year when he shot the World Cup in Beijing.Sauna, filmed by Xu Xiaofan at night. At present, the Chinese shooting team rifle project has obtained 20 full Olympic seats, and the UFO project has received women ‘s multidirectional, two women ‘s seats and one men ‘s multidirectional seat.25 Tokyo Olympic seats.Regarding the allocation of the remaining Olympic qualifications, the International Shooting Federation said that it will allocate 12 seats based on the world rankings on May 31, 2020, and the remaining 16 seats will belong to the European region.In addition, the International Shooting Federation has submitted a plan for exchange and redistribution of seats to the International Olympic Committee, and is still awaiting approval.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Xiaofan Editor Wang Chunqiu Proofreading Li Lijun

[Do you eat eggs with high triglycerides]_Recommended diet

Insects, slicks, sorrows, sorrels, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, and towns, villages, villages, villages, and towns, villages, villages, villages, and towns, villages, villages, towns, and villages.鑴傚紓甯哥殑涓€绉嶆儏鍐碉紝璇存槑鑴傝偑浠h阿鍑虹幇浜嗗紓甯革紝琛€娑插綋涓殑鑴傝偑鍚噺瑕侀珮浜庢甯哥殑姘村钩锛岃繖瀵逛簬浜虹殑鍋ュ悍閫犳垚寰堝ぇ鐨勫嵄瀹筹紝瀹规槗璇卞彂澶氱蹇冭剳琛€绠$柧鐥咃紝寰堝浜轰細闂敇娌逛笁閰珮鑳戒笉鑳藉悆楦¤泲鍛紵楦¤泲褰撲腑鐨勮泲榛勮儐鍥洪唶鍚噺鐩稿姣旇緝楂橈紝濡傛灉鐢樻补涓夐叝楂橈紝閭d箞鍦ㄥ悆楦¤泲鐨勬椂鍊欏簲璇ユ湁鎵€鎱庨噸锛屽綋鐒堕棶棰樹篃瑕佷竴鍒嗕负浜岀殑鐪嬶紝浣滀负鐢樻补涓夐叝楂樼殑浜虹兢鏉ヨ锛屽鏋滈ギ椋熻繃浜庢竻娣★紝鍙嶈€屼笉鍒╀簬鍋ュ悍锛岃儐鍥洪唶杩囬珮鍥虹劧瀵硅韩浣撳仴搴蜂笉濂斤紝浣嗘槸鑳嗗浐閱囨槸鎴戜滑浜轰綋涓嶅彲缂哄皯鐨勪竴绉嶈惀鍏荤墿璐紝钀ュ吇鎽勫叆鍧囪 闈炲父鐨勯噸瑕併€傚啀鏉ョ湅涓€涓嬮浮铔嬬殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝涓€涓浮铔嬪ぇ绾﹀惈鏈?92.5 傣 悢 還 卄 卧 卲 卧 卲 傲 鍲 唧 咎 揎 揜 揜 掜 控 唧 锲 唠 ュ  ュ Are you in the floating?堕粍绱狅紝鍙﹀楦¤泲褰撲腑鐨勫嵉纾疯剛闈炲父鐨勪赴瀵岋紝杩欐槸涓€绉嶈秴寮虹殑涔冲寲鍓傦紝鑳藉闄嶄綆澶栧懆琛€绠¢噷闈㈢殑鑳嗗浐閱囩殑鍚噺锛屽悓鏃舵湁寰堝ソ鐨勯檷琛€鍘嬬殑鏁堟灉銆備竴鏂归潰楦¤泲鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊煎緢楂橈紝鍚屾椂鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忎篃寰堥珮锛岃繖浼氳浜鸿糠鎯戯紝鐢樻补涓夐叝楂樼殑浜哄埌搴曡兘涓嶈兘鍚冮浮铔嬶紵鍏跺疄鍙閫傞噺鐨勫悆楦¤泲锛屽氨涓嶄細閫犳垚鐢樻补涓夐叝缁х画鍗囬珮鐨勫彲鑳斤紝瀵逛簬鐢樻补涓夐叝姣旇緝楂樼殑浜猴紝姣忓ぉ鍙互鍚?涓浮铔嬶紝杩欐牱灏辫兘閬垮厤浜嗛浮铔嬪綋涓繃楂樿儐鍥洪唶鍚噺瀵逛汉鍋ュ悍鐨勫▉鑳併€備互涓婄畝鍗曠殑浜嗚В浜嗙敇娌逛笁閰珮鑳戒笉鑳藉悆楦¤泲鐨勯棶棰橈紒濡傛灉鏈夌敇娌逛笁閰珮鐨勯棶棰橈紝鍦ㄥ钩鏃堕ギ椋熸柟闈竴瀹氳鍔犲己璋冨吇锛屾瘡澶╁彲浠ュ悆涓€涓浮铔嬫垨鑰呴殧澶╁悆涓€涓浮铔嬶紝杩欐牱鏃㈣兘璧峰埌璋冨吇韬綋鐨勪綔鐢紝鍙堣兘閬垮厤鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忚秴鏍囷紝鐢樻补涓夐叝楂樼殑浜鸿娉ㄩ噸楗鎽勫叆鐨勫潎琛★紝杩欏浜庤皟鍏昏韩浣撻潪甯哥殑閲嶈銆?

[Can kids eat raisins]_ raisins _ baby _ nutritional value

[Can kids eat raisins]_ raisins _ baby _ nutritional value

Raisins are the favorite of many people, and children especially like to eat them. In fact, children over one year old can eat some raisins properly because it can improve the body’s immunity and improve gastrointestinal function, but the sugar content is relatively highPay attention to the principle of the right amount.

1. A baby over one year old can try to eat some raisins. The raisins contain a lot of polyphenols and anthocyanins and other beneficial nutrients to the human body, which can improve human immunity and improve metabolic functions.

In addition, the precipitated fibers in raisins can also absorb toxins embedded in the wall and promote detoxification.

Therefore, it is very good for the baby to eat some raisins as a snack every day. 2. After the baby has eaten the raisins, the raisins are rich in sugar and will stick to the child’s teeth. The child’s teeth are in the period of growth and development.It is easy to cause bacterial growth and affect the child’s mouth.

Parents must tell their children to rinse their mouth with warm water after they have eaten raisins.

It is best to boil warm water, because some children swallow mouthwash.

When children eat, do not eat on a stool, it is easy to swallow the esophagus because of too much sugar, which can easily lead to accidental danger.

3, can not eat too much raisins at a time Some parents feel that raisins are high in nutritional value, and the child eats it is good. As a result, eating one and a half catties a meal will lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and affect the child’s healthy growth.

Raisins are best eaten as snacks, in the middle of two meals, with a small cup or so each time, which is about dozens of tablets.

And do not drink a lot of water when eating, drinking water while eating raisins can cause gastrointestinal upset.

4. Do n’t eat expired raisins. Parents may buy raisins and put them at home. The children have a lot of food to eat, but then parents find that raisins are still at home. Although the retention period written above has expired, butParents saw that they were still very fresh, and there were no major changes, so they took it to their children. As a result, the children developed symptoms of diarrhea.

Do not give your child any food that has expired or deteriorated since it will easily cause harm to your child’s gastrointestinal health.

Your child must eat something fresh and keep it appropriate.

[Home-made plum dried vegetables with meat]_Homely practices_Delicious practices

[Home-made plum dried vegetables with meat]_Homely practices_Delicious practices

Many people often eat prawn meat at home. The preparation method of prawn meat is also very simple. You need to prepare pork belly, as well as prunes, and prunes need to be burned repeatedly. Otherwise, it will be difficult to suckPork belly also needs to be cooked again and again, because the meat must be cooked until it is melted at the entrance, and it is not fat, and most of the meat is added with meat skin.

Ingredients for dried meat of Meimei: pork belly, dried Mei, auxiliary materials: spring onion, ginger, garlic, star anise

Pork belly is scalded with boiling water. After removing the floating ends, add green onions, ginger, and cooking wine for 20 minutes.


After removing, apply soy sauce evenly on several sides.


Add oil to the pan, add to medium heat and fry.


Fry until colored.


Dried plums are soaked in warm water for 10 minutes. After being thoroughly washed, they are fried in garlic, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, and salt.


Cut into slices of suitable thickness.


Peel down in the bowl.


Spread the stir-fried plum dried vegetables evenly, place the star anise, and steam for 40 minutes.

Tip: If you can pour the soup into the wok after steaming, it is best to pour the soup back onto the meat.

The main ingredients of dried meat of Meimei: pork belly is about one pound, sixty-two, dried vegetables. 1 package. Other ingredients: spring onion, ginger, star anise, salt, rock sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, water starch.; 2. Wash the pork belly, then with the spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, cold water into the pot, after the water is boiled to remove the floating foam, cook on low heat for another 30-40 minutes.

3. Remove the cooked meat, wipe it with hot water and apply soy sauce, and spread it thoroughly. 4. Open the soy-simmered meat and fry it in the oil pan. Please be sure to add a lid.
The “click” sounds so dazzling!

If you are timid, please consider carefully before deciding whether to cook this dish.

5. Dry the fried meat directly?
I put it in the refrigerator; 6. Cut the dried vegetables into pieces and squeeze out the water; 7. Pour out all the oil in the oil pan, and put the dried vegetables directly into the fry and serve.

8. Put oil in the pot, add the shallots, ginger, and anise to the pan and add the sauté, then add the dried vegetables, then pour the cooking seasoning, two spoons of soy sauce, add a little salt, and add half a bowl of water.Do ten fire.

9. Cut the dried meat evenly into slices with a thickness of about 5 mm, place the skin side down in a large bowl, then pour the dried vegetables and juice into the large bowl, bury 7-8 rock sugar and compact it.Steam for 2 hours.

10. After steaming, pour the soup into the pot, buckle the bowl upside down to the plate, boil the juice in the pot, add water starch slightly, and boil it again and pour on the meat.

2 tablespoons of dried pork meat oil, 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 star anise, 1 1/2 pounds of pork belly, 1 cup of dried plum (chopped), spring onion, ginger seasoning, sugar, wine 1 tablespoon each method, whole pork belly with waterCook with spring onion, ginger, and star anise for 40 minutes. Remove and dry the skin and soak in the soy sauce for 10 minutes.

2. After heating the oil, lower the pork belly (skin facing down) and fry the yellow skin. Then remove it and soak it in cold water for about 10 minutes until the skin is foamed and softened. Take out and cut into half-centimeter thick slices.In the bowl.

3. Rinse the dried plums with water, remove and squeeze out the water.

4. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil, put down dried plums and stir-fry. Add the remaining soy sauce, sugar, wine and boiled broth. Pour all over pork belly. Steam over one and a half hours until the meat is rotten.

5, the urea out of the soup, withdraw the meat to the plate, the soup can be thickened to the meat.

[Can you drink yogurt after eating crab?

]_ Hairy Crab _ Can you drink it?

[Can you drink yogurt after eating crab?
]_ Hairy Crab _ Can you drink it?

Many people have committed taboos about eating crabs. First of all, remind women that they must not eat crabs during pregnancy. Eating crabs in early pregnancy may cause miscarriage. Secondly, elderly people should be careful when eating crabs.People are best not to eat crabs. If you are in good health, you can eat less. In addition, people who are allergic are also better not to eat crabs. Pay attention to the contraindications of crabs. Can you drink yogurt after eating crabs?

Can I drink yogurt after eating crab?
Crab is one of the more popular foods. It tastes delicious.

Many people think that you can’t drink yogurt after eating crab.

So, can I drink yogurt after eating crab?

What to pay attention to when eating crabs?

What are its contraindications?

Let ‘s take a look together.

Can I drink yogurt after eating crab?
The crabs are cold and the yogurt is flat. They have no conflicting sexual taste.

The main ingredients of crab are protein, trace, water, etc. Yogurt is mainly water, starch, lactose and other ingredients. They are not related and can be eaten together.

Crab and yogurt are non-toxic foods, so there is no mutual reaction when consumed together, so eating crab and yogurt together will not cause poisoning. The circulating news should not be true or complete.

Need to pay attention to eating crabs. After eating crabs, you can’t eat celery. Celery can be greasy, and it can take away some aunts.

Some people think that eating crabs is too greasy, and they want to eat some celery to get greasy. In fact, eating together will affect protein absorption.

After eating crabs, you can’t eat muskmelon and melon.

Eating muskmelon after eating crabs can damage the stomach and stomach and easily lead to diarrhea.

People with weak stomachs should eat less of these two kinds of food, otherwise they will easily aggravate the condition.

Don’t drink tea after eating crabs Some people like to drink tea after eating crabs and think they can go fishy.

But you can’t drink tea after eating crab.

When eating crabs, the best drink is warm rice wine, it is best not to drink tea before and after eating crabs.

Because of crab feet, crab gills will inevitably carry a bit of bacteria. Drinking wine or vinegar can kill them. The gastric juice also has a certain sterilizing ability. However, after drinking tea, the gastric juice is diluted and the sterilizing effect is greatly reduced.

After eating crabs, you cannot eat sweet potato roasted sweet potatoes and boiled crabs. It is best not to eat them together. Some may have diarrhea, and some may have stones.

After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat honey. Crabs and honey cannot be eaten together. Both foods are cold. People with a bad stomach can easily cause diarrhea.

After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat persimmons. Crabs and persimmons are cold things, so eating together can easily hurt the spleen and stomach, and those with weak constitutions should pay attention.

In addition, persimmon contains high acid and crab protein residues. When they meet, they will solidify into fermented acid protein, which is not easy to digest and prevents digestive function. If the food stays in the intestine for fermentation, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etcFood poisoning.

After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat pears. The reason is the same as that of persimmons. After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat pears. Tao Hongjing ‘s “Famous Doctors’ Records” states: “Pears are cold and cold, and they eat more.

Like the persimmons mentioned above, the pears are sweet and cold, and the crabs are also cold. At the same time, it is easy to hurt the stomach.