45 kinds of rare diseases have been introduced into medical insurance, the 2021 version is expected to announce the end of the month

  "Incorporating more rescued a good medicine into the medical insurance catalog" is the main line of medical reform led by the National Medical Insurance Bureau.

Treatment of rare disease "orphan medicine", clinical lack of child medicines are the focus of the annual medical insurance catalog adjustment. In the past 11 years, the types of rare disease medications covered by the medical insurance catalog in my country have doubled, and more and more patients with rare diseases benefit. The variety, amount, etc. of children’s specialist hospitals, etc. have significantly increased in various medical insurance catalog adjustments. In the national medical insurance negotiations ended last week, the negotiations of rare diseased drugs were also a hot spot in market attention. During the period of the Expo, Huang Huapo, Director of the Ministry of Medicine, Medical Services, said that the drug directory adjustment focuses on the clinical value, reasonable price, better meets the introduction of basic medical needs, so that patients use new drugs faster, Good medicine.

  According to the practice of previous years, the National Medical Insurance Bureau will announce the new version of the medical insurance catalog for half a month after the medical insurance negotiation.

According to this year’s negotiation time, the 2021 medical insurance catalog is expected to announce the end of the moon. 45 kinds of rare diseased drugs have been incorporated into a rare pathogenesis, and rare diseased drugs have small demand, high cost, and less alternatives, and are often referred to as "orphan medicine." my country has issued a series of policies in the production and purchase reimbursement, which guarantees market supply and medical insurance support for orphans.

  Zhu Minglai, director of the Health Economic and Medical Security Research Center, Nankai University, said to the first financial advice, although the rare disease rate is not high, but the "high price medicine" exceeds the ability to pay for most people, once the masses are unfortunately suffering from rare diseases Help the situation, through negotiations and collects, cost the cost to reasonable price, play the advantages of medical insurance bands, which will greatly relieve the difficulties of special people.

  Recently, the China Medical Society Science and Technology Development Center released "China Medical Book" (hereinafter referred to as "Blue Book", a multi-dimensional data analysis of 804 sample hospitals since 2015 in 2015 .

According to the Blue Book, in recent years, the medical insurance catalog has improved the prevention of special populations such as rare diseases and patients with children.

  Data show that the 2009 version of the medical insurance catalog contains 22 rare diseases, covering 13 diseases, rare diseases; 2017 version of the medical insurance catalog contains rare diseases of 30 diseases, covering 15 rare diseases; 2019 version of the medical insurance catalog contains 39 A rare disease of rare diseases, covering 19 diseases; 2020 English medical insurance catalog contains 45 rare diseased medicines, covering 22 diseases rare diseases.

  More and more rare diseased medicines are incorporated into the medical insurance catalog, and the rare diseases are also significantly increased. After the relevant drugs were transferred to the medical insurance, the amount and the amount of dosage have increased significantly, and the treatment of patients with rare diseases was improved. The blue book showed that the amount of money used from rare diseases was incorporated into the medical insurance. In 2009, the amount of rare diseased medication in the medical insurance catalog has grown steadily, but the growth rate will decrease year by year; the 2017 version is transferred to the drug after the implementation One year, the amount growth rate is more than 100%, the amount of falling, the amount and the amount will remain a steady growth trend after one year; the 2019 version is transferred in recent years, the amount of amount of amount of amount is significantly increased, the amount of new corona epidemic in the first quarter of 2020 It can still maintain a high-speed growth trend. In September this year, the State Medical Insurance Bureau said in a letter to the No. 4468 of the 13th National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference. Currently, more than 40 rare diseases in China have been included in the national medical insurance drug catalog. In 2020, Ten Nimod, treating multiple sclerosis, treated the treatment of 丁 azine, treating the treatment of Titan’s disease (ALS), etc., the treatment of muscle atrophy, sodium chloride, etc. The diseased drug is included in the national medical insurance drug catalog, the price of drugs has declined, and the medical security level in patients with rare disease is significantly improved.

  Next, the National Medical Insurance Bureau will combine clinical treatment requirements, medical insurance funding capabilities, etc., will include the eligible rare diseases in accordance with the scope of the medical insurance payment, and further enhance the level of protection of rare diseases.

  Zhu Minglai believes that the basic principle of the National Medical Insurance Bureau is "widely covered, guaranteed", rare disease-free cost, and there are many need for lifelong medication, the treatment cost is very high, only the medical insurance fund is obviously unbearable, need to establish as soon as possible A package includes basic medical insurance, major illness, financial special fund, social assistance, etc. The lack of child clinical medication in children is also a big short board in my country’s pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, the State Food and Drug Administration has accelerated the examination and approval of children’s medication. The State Food and Drug Administration has ratified 13 children’s chemical drugs this year, filled some gaps in the treatment of drugs in domestic children; and also formulated relevant policies and technical guidelines, continuously improve the principle of children’s drug research and development guidelines, and promotes more Good child medicine accelerates it. Since 2000, the national medical insurance drug catalog has been adjusted six times. The number of drugs in the catalog increased from 1535 to 2,800, and the medical insurance catalog is also further expanded, and the child medication is in recent years in recent years. One of the highlights of adjustment. Blue books show that children’s specialist hospital samples, in the first quarter of 2015 to 2021, the number of varieties, amount proportional to the use of medical insurance drugs, the amount of amount, and dosage have significantly increased in various medical insurance catalog. With the steady advancement of dynamic adjustment of the national medical insurance catalog, more children can use drugs to be transferred to the medical insurance catalog, and their guarantee level is constantly improving.

  On the number of varieties of use, the number of medical insurance drug varieties is at a lower level in 2015 to 2017. Since 2018, after the implementation of the medical insurance catalog, the number of medical insurance drug varieties has increased significantly, accounting for% increase from the first quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2018. After the 2019 version of the medical insurance catalog, The number of medical insurance drug varieties increased to% in the first quarter of 2020. On the amount of the purchase, the overall use of medical insurance drugs in the Children’s Specialist Hospital showed a stable increase.

The implementation of the 2017 version of the medical insurance catalog, the amount of medical insurance drugs accounted for the total proportion of medicine rose to% in the first quarter of 2015, and then maintains a steady growth situation.

  In 2020, the National Medical Protection Bureau medical insurance catalog (2019 version) has carried out a new round of adjustment work, and the amount of medical insurance drug use is significantly improved, up to%.

  In the usual, the medical insurance drugs in the Children’s Specialist Hospital have increased significantly after the 2019 version of the medical insurance catalog, the amount ratio of the first quarter of 2020 is%, and the amount usage of the quarter is more than 75%.

  Blue books, the design and implementation of medical insurance policies, fully taking into account the use of drugs such as rare patients, children’s patients, more and more rare diseases, children can be included in medical insurance.

Co-create a new chapter created in China’s capital market reform and innovation

The Bochuang Board’s opening of the Shanghai Stock Exchange indicated that China’s capital market entered a new stage, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, it reflects the determination and confidence of China’s capital market to firmly promote reform. This can be seen from the speed of Kob & Book, from November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo, the opening ceremony of the National Import Expo, Xi Jinping announced the opening ceremonial board at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and tried the registration system to June. On the 13th, the opening ceremony of the 11th Lujiazui Forum was announced, only 220 days, once again created the new speed of the Chinese capital market, it can be said that the Chinese capital market has deepened the reform of the reform. The second is to drive economic transformation through the establishment of category and puzzle, promote high quality development, with a plate to drive the global significance.

The establishment of Komantang Board has enabled a large number of technological innovations with broad prospects to be listed at home, gaining rapid development opportunities, promoting the combination of finance better and entity, financial and technology innovation enterprises, thus further improvement While multi-level capital market system, it has a very positive significance for cultivating more technological innovation companies, helping economic transformation and upgrading, accelerating the construction of international financial centers and promoting high quality development. The third is that the Banguangban itself is a major system innovation in my country’s capital market. Establishing a cambanoching board and pilot registration of the crew and registration system is my country from a higher station, and more efforts to promote financial reform and innovation, accelerate the capital market exploration. One of the important strategic initiatives, Komantang has broken the restrictions on a series of curing indicators such as profit indicators and equity architecture models in the original capital market financing, and the registration system breaks the original pricing and issuance mechanism. It is issued, sponsoring underwriting First, marketization pricing, transaction, delisting, etc. The courage and determination of the knife is a bold test of the reform of the capital market system. [Case link].

De National First Archaeological Poverty Southiation Field Survey Release

Deze krant op 8 september, het eerste archeologische armoedebestrijdingsverslag van het land, hebben "niet de hemel en de aarde – Dejiang County Rotary Plant Site en Yan’s Cemetery" officieel vrijgegeven. De publicatie van het boek helpt de armoede aan campagne en landelijke revitalisatie en het spelen van de archeologische macht van Guizhou in het dorp. In augustus 2018 lanceerde het Archeologisch Instituut Guizhou, het onderzoek en de verkenning van de roterende plant in Dejiang County, het exploratiewerk, en heeft achtereenvolgens meer dan 3.000 mensen meedoen om deel te nemen, een deel van het arbeidsinkomen van sommige dorpsbewoners op te lossen. Na 10 maanden werd een archeologisch rapport voltooid, door de Diepe Restore History Real Background, graaft de waarde van culturele relikwie?n, niet alleen om lokaal te helpen "om het culturele huis te achterhalen", maar ook de bescherming en het gebruik van cultureel erfgoed bevorderen, maar ook nam het voortouw in het verkennen van een archeologische armoedebestrijding. Nieuwe modus.

"Hebben de hemel en de aarde niet – Delianng County Rotary Plant Site en Yan’s Cemetery", het boek is verdeeld in twee of twee, die het overzicht van de draaiklinterplaats en de begraafplaats introduceert.

Onder hen is de ribroomsite ge?ntegreerd, cultiveren, cultiveren, verdediging, religie, transport, graven is gelijk, is een landelijke nederzettingsplaats in Guizhou in de Ming en Qing-dynastie?n. Het gezinstrombe heeft een rijke en mooie gravure, met hoge artistieke waarde en wetenschappelijke waarde.

"Dit is de meest verrijking van Guizhou Discovery, de grootste rural verzamelde ru?nes in de Ming en Qing-dynasties gevonden in Guizhou." Zhou Baomei, directeur van het Provinciale Cultureel Relics Archaeological Research Institute, zal helpen bij het integreren van archeologische prestaties, wat helpt bij het integreren van en revitaliseer in de culturele reizen en plattelandsresolutie. Achtergrond Vermijd het fenomeen van "WAN Village", praat over landelijke verhalen, en doe goed werk in de bescherming en het gebruik van cultureel erfgoed.

(Editor: Pan Jiaqian (stage), Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

17-year-old girl is too lazy, don’t want to take Qinghua North, I went to the Chinese University of Science and Technology.

"I also thought about the high school test Qinghua North, but the high school review is too hard, I am lazy.

"This sentence comes from a girl" 奇 琪 ", why can she have a mad, so" look down on "Tsinghua Northern University? After reading her story, I just want to feel a saying: I am 17 years old, she is really not general "Yan Qi Qi was born in Yangjiang, Guangdong, Guangjiang, Guangjiang, and the parents are teachers of schools. Because of the busy parents, even though she is a child of the teacher, she has not been" special treatment "of their parents.

At home, parents have neither teacher-friendly, and there is no extra homework. She has always been scholars. She wants to play, let her play, play tired, I want to learn, then learn. Perhaps it is the power of the gene, although Mi Qiqi is greedy, but does not affect the outstanding learning.

On the kindergarten, other children are still crying and tears. They have to go home to find my mother, and Yan Qiqi is sitting on the corner, and the multiplication table will be taken in two hours.

Since then, in addition to crying and playing, the children have more tasks every day, that is, listen to the Qi Qi back.

At the primary school, the teacher taught the operation skills, and Yan Qiqi quickly mastered, and took a school to see it. Sometimes, she will extend several different solution methods according to the teacher’s solving, and the count is fast.

The teacher was very surprised. I feel that Mi Qiqi must be a mathematical genius. It is a lot of good seedlings. It should be cultivated.

"Special Tighting" of the Mathematics, Qi Qiqi’s bill is complete, and others only need to do 20 cases, she is asked to finish a whole piece, she has no complaint.

Of course, this kind of obedience is limited to mathematics, and the teacher of other sects makes her more, and Yan Qiqi specially resists. "I would rather play, I don’t want to do it." This is the oral Zen of Qiqi.

Qi Qiqi’s patience, all in mathematics, although not a cold for other sections, but this does not hinder her first grade first year. Later, Yan Qiqi took the first achievement in the whole school, and was admitted to Guangdong to China.

The school is far away from home, and Yan Qiqi can only live in school, although the first time I have, but Mi Qiqi will soon adapt. At that time, she was only 12 years old and was the smallest in the bedroom. Everyone called her "Qi Mei".

It is lively, coupled with the personality that is not auuous, and Yan Qiqi is good with the relationship between the students. But in the eyes of classmates, Mi Qiqi is a bit less than, others run, they are going to the playground, and the time to play, but Ke Qiqi looks a miscellaneous. Chi Qiqi is reading, comics, myths, novels, etc., I also took a chemistry professional book, I saw it seven or eight times, and the book fell.

At the beginning of the page, Yan Qiqi was also selected into the Olympic class. At that time, the Olympic class was set up in Guangdong Province’s mathematics, the smallest, and the most unexpected advantage, failed to enter the competition group. In 2018, Mi Qiqi once again admitted to the best high school in the local high school in excellent results – South China Normal University Affiliated Middle School. In someone else to participate in the tutoring class, strive to do a few questions, learn from the early morning every day, Mai Qiqi will work according to the class, and they are not worried about their own learning. When the mathematics class, if she has learned self-study, she will not listen again, bury his own Olympics.

If she believes that there is no meaningful homework, Mi Qiqi will not write, she doesn’t want to waste time. Originally, the teacher was very angry, but I saw the results of Tai Qiqi, the teacher didn’t say anything, let’s go.

In a high year, Yan Qiqi represents the school and participated in the National High School Mathematics League.

In fact, when Mi Qiqi is not a competition group, naturally there is no qualification to represent the school to participate.

But because she is particularly excellent, the teachers of the Olympic class discuss, decided to break the Qi Qi. It turns out that the teacher’s decision is correct. In 2019, Yan Qiqi won the first prize in the province.

Since then, Mi Qiqi was crowned with the title of "Youth Genius", and 15 years old will be "excellent" to the extreme.

High school, Mi Qiqi made a major decision, let her have become a school celebrity and reported by the media.

At that time, although Mi Qiqi only wanted to learn mathematics, the results of other sections were still outstanding, the science achievements were slightly tip, and the comprehensive achievements were stable in the first five grades. Can Qi Qiqi is full of frowning, she feels too boring, the teacher is in class, she has already learned from learning, even if she has not encountered, she can understand. In the eyes of Chi Qiqi, repeatedly learned the old knowledge every day, it is too wasteful, she is very urgently thinking to end such learning status.

It happened that she learned that the young class of China University of Science and Technology must be born after 2004, and Yan Qiqi just stepped on it.

She found the class teacher, and she applied for the college entrance examination one year in advance, and the class teacher was able to listen, and resolutely disagreed.

In the eyes of the class teacher, Mi Qiqi’s most potential to take Qing North China. She only needs to persist for a year, reading the high three, Tsinghua Northern University is a matter of water to the stream.

Now when it is critical, Yan Qiqi wants to advance the college entrance examination in advance, and the class teacher suspects that she is studying.

Can Keqi Qi insisted that the two sides were deadlocked, and finally the class teacher could only compromise and helped her to apply. Of course, the class teacher also has private heart, she feels that Mi Qiqi can’t take into a young class, although she is really a recognized excellent. The Youth Class of China University of Science and Technology, has the title of "MIT".

Collectieve inkomstenbelasting is slechts 15%! Lingbang heeft een internationaal competitief belastingstelsel

"Het is erkend en gepubliceerd en 15% van de vennootschapsbelasting wordt genoten", "," Tian Guang, General Manager van Shanghai Werknemers High Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd., is ook blij om verslaggevers te informeren.

Vanwege deze identificatie zijn beleggingsinstallaties om hen te vragen om investeringen te vragen, wat echt oogst is.

In het nieuwe filmgebied van het land, geniet van 15% van de behoeften van de vennootschapsbelasting, de identificatienorm betreft de ondernemingsperiode, of het nu gaat om een ??sleutelindustrie, of het nu gaat om kerntechnologie. Volgens het ministerie van Financi?n heeft de belastingadministratie gezamenlijk uitgegeven op 17 juli 2020, in de nieuwe eenheid, de nieuwe eenheid betrokken bij de productie en ontwikkeling van de kernlinkproductie en ontwikkeling van de onderneming en ontwikkeling van ge?ntegreerde schakelingen, kunstmatige intelligentie, biomedicine, Burgerluchtvaart en andere belangrijke velden, vanaf de datum van vestiging. Het wordt binnen 5 jaar lang in 15% belastingtarief verminderd om inkomstenbelasting te incasseren. Na de "MEDEDELING", neemt het Comité voor het beheer van de Municipal Finance, het Municipal Punicience Bureau, het Gemeentelijk Economisch en Informatiecomité, enz. De regionale bedrijfsbelastinglanden (Exquisite Administration-maatregelen "in de nieuwe film van China Oppervlakte.

Het 15% corporate inkomstenbelastingbeleid van het nieuwe filmgebied van Linggang heeft de volgende kenmerken: geniet eerst van de preferenti?le voordelen, het bedrijf begint te genieten van 15% korting van de datum van vestiging; de tweede is om de snelle en de HONG KONG Nieuwe Coworpi Management Committee in de toekomst zal op elk moment de verklaring van het bedrijf aanvaarden en zal elk jaar ten minste twee identificatiewerkzaamheden worden uitgevoerd, waardoor bedrijven sneller de kwalificaties kunnen krijgen; de derde is de promotie van het voordeel en na vijf Jarenlange promotie, kunt u blijven genieten van het andere toepasselijke beleid, zoals high-tech ondernemingen worden verminderd met 15% inkomstenbelasting.

Sinds 28 augustus 2020 begon volgens de Geest van het Ministerie van Financi?n de nieuwe Area Management Committee de eerste keer.

Op 10 september werd de voorlopige constructie van het online aangifte-systeem voltooid en de eerste partij simulatie-verklaringen en beoordelingen zijn voltooid op 22 september.

Op 28 oktober 2020 werd de "voorschriftenbeheermaatregelen" officieel vrijgegeven. Op basis van de voorbereidingen in de voorbereidingsvoorbereiding wordt de nieuwe wand officieel gelanceerd op 6 november, de eerste batch van de belangrijkste industri?le ondernemingen van 20020 inkomstenbelastingconcessie kwalificatie kwalificatiekwalificatiekwalificatiekwalificatie is voltooid en de functie-optimalisatie van het aangifte-systeem is voltooid. Sindsdien zijn drie partijen ondernemingen voltooid.

Een van de 37 bedrijven die in 2020 zijn vastgesteld, hebben 2 bedrijven winst en prepaid bedrijfsbelasting in het vierde kwartaal van 2020 geproduceerd. Het Linggang-belastingsbureau in de tijd in januari 2021, informeert het bedrijf het bedrijf om de aangifte te corrigeren en het bureau van de belastingteruggave op de dag van de verklaring af te ronden, waardoor het beleid snel realiteit wordt en de vrijstelling van de twee Bedrijven zullen 7,6 miljoen yuan bereiken.

Sinds de oprichting van de oprichting van het nieuwe stuk van het nieuwe filmgebied, is het hoofdniveau van het nieuwe filmgebied, het beste niveau en de focus van het nieuwe filmgebied toegelaten tot het gerichte belastingbeleidssysteem voor de promotie van de speciale economische functiezone. vloer. Op dit moment is het nationale hervormingsbeleid van de Raad expliciet vijf, namelijk 15% van de belangrijkste industrie?n, 15% bedrijfsresultaatbelastingbeleid, internationaal vervoersschip BTW-belastingkruipbeleid, in het buitenland en overzee reflow high-end kortetermijn talent persoonlijk inkomen BELASTING TAX DALEN Subsidiebeleid, afdelingen, belastingteruggave, en transportdiensten zoals transportvervoer in Wai Mountain Special ge?ntegreerde gebonden zone vrijgesteld van btw-beleid.

Andere drie belastingbeleid streven actief. Een 15% bedrijfsresultaatbelastingbeleid in de belangrijkste industrie?n is een beleid geworden waarin het de eerste is om te landen. Daaropvolgende Langang is van plan de procedures en beleidskaliberinterpretatiedocumenten te verenigen, die handig is voor toekomstige verklaringen, waardoor het beleid en promoties en voordelen verder uitbreiden en volledig "goed gebruik" gebruik ".

Tegelijkertijd doet u een goede baan bij belangenbehartiging en uitleg van de dienst, zodat de omstandigheden in het nieuwe district kunnen genieten van de beleidsbonus van "herkend", het beleid uitbreiden om de dekking te implementeren.

(Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing).

2021 Het 8e enquête en de technische uitwisseling van spoorwegtransit worden in Guiyang gehouden

People’s Network Guiyang 19 november (Gaohua) 18 november, onder complexe geologische omstandigheden, wordt het belangrijkste technische forum van doorvoerprojecten onder de constructie van de spoorwegbeheer gehouden in Guiyang, van de National Rail Transit-gerelateerde functies die de afdeling deelnam aan de Summit Forums De participatie op het terrein en online kijkmethoden.

In de afgelopen jaren zijn de schaal en snelheid van de planningsconstructies van de stedelijke spoorwegstranden, de bouwomstandigheden die worden geconfronteerd met stedelijke railvervoerprojecten complexer, en het kruiskruis hebben zowel hoogbouw, rivieren en meren, rotsoplosbaarheidszones, extreme complexe formaties, Enz., Voor stedelijk spoorwegtransit de technische enquêteontwerp, bouwconstructie, risicopreventie en -controle, operatie onderhoud, enz. Zijn enorme uitdagingen geworden.

Urban Rail Transit is in een breed scala aan technische bouwpraktijken, een groot aantal technologische innovatieresultaten is ontstaan.

Er wordt gemeld dat Guiyang een typische stadsstad is, en de metroconstructie overwint veel moeilijkheden.

Guiyang City heeft een reeks problemen opgebouwd en een complete set technologie?n heeft aangepast aan Guiyang Special Terrain Geological Conditional, accumuleren van een bepaalde technische ervaring en innovatie, die een solide technische garantie biedt bij het beheer van enquête, ontwerp, bouw, werking en ander management .

"Deze vergadering heeft ervoor gekozen om in Guiyang te worden gehouden, omdat Guiyang-track is gebaseerd op" ecologische metro ", die veel moeilijkheden in de projectconstructie omvat, die veel volwassen innovatietechnologie vormen, een goed voorbeeldige rol spelen in de technische constructie.

Wang Fei, General Manager van Guiyang City Rail Transit Group, zei dat de uitwisseling van de spoorwegverkeersonderzoek sinds 2013 zal worden opgericht, het heeft met succes 8 sessies gehouden, vanaf Beijing, Kunming, Qingdao, Nanjing, Nanning, Xi’an Guiyang.

Bovendien heeft Guiyang Rail Transportation Project met succes een nationale demonstratieproject van de National 2021 New Generation Information Technology en productie-integratieontwikkelingsproject geselecteerd.

(Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Daxing’anling Gagdaqi District actively promotes the introduction of intellectual introduction project to crack talents

People’s Network Harbin, on March 17, in recent years, Daxinganling Gagdi District combined with the situation, with the ability to break the system of institutional mechanisms that bind talents, and vigorously implement the introduction of talent intelligence, actively explore new ways of flexibility, and focus Crack the shortage of high-level talents.

Please come in and interested. Gut Dadge District hires all kinds of intelligence services such as teaching scientific research, topics research, achievements transformation, and technology promotion.

Provide technical guidance, remote services and other related intelligence support for Gagdaqi development, and flexibility introduces high-level talent resources in field.

He used to hire a researchers, potato experts, such as Kanshan Branch, and potato experts, etc., to explain the farmers, the production cultivation techniques, field management and pest control technology for pest harm, and designed to plant bases for shed chamber bases. Countries with field teaching and centralized training. Going out, relying on intelligence. Gag Dadge District organizes local practical talents to advanced perspective, active thinking, learning advanced technology and methods.

Elect the Secretary of the Rural Party Organization, the head of the new agricultural management, and returning to the countryside to participate in training at all levels.

Organize the secretary of the grassroots rural party committee, the first secretary of the village, visited Shandong Jining to visit the rural collective economic experience, the way, and the theory of party committee secretary and the first secretary policy theory, business quality and grasp the party building to promote depletion of poverty . The tissue shed changing technology backbone went to Boli County and Harbin to investigate the planting technology of grapes and strawberries, rural "two committees" cadres, college students, and get rich leaders to learn sheds and cultivation, cooperative management and other knowledge. Relying on the "10,000 Enterprise Management Talent Training Project" of Daxing’anling Area, the chairman of the local enterprises, general manager participating in entrepreneurs, and enhancing entrepreneurial ability.

Promote cooperation, Zhi Gate high.

Jiagedaqi District fully relys on the big project gathering talents, using the advantages of advanced talents, technologies and equipment from experts, and promotes joint venture and cooperation in colleges and universities in technology and patented technology and plus.

In the principle of "complement complementarily, seek practical effect, seek common development, strategic win-win", strongly promote the cooperation between the district schools, based on accelerating the reality of the development of tourism and regional characteristics, and has a deep docking between Heilongjiang University History and Cultural Tourism College. Advantageous resources, cooperation to build talent workstations, organize implementation of high-level talent projects to introduce promotion activities; signing Northeast Petroleum College of Petroleum, Northeast Petroleum University, Collaborative Arts, Collaboration Agreement, regular professional practice, print creation cooperation and academic exchange Activity, targeted topic design and project development, and promote printing creation exchanges between schools. (Sujinggang, Xu Tianzi) (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshou).

8 november, er is geen nieuwe Coronaire Virus Pneumonia in de provincie Guizhou en vermoedelijke gevallen

Op 0-24, 2021 was er geen nieuwe vermoedelijke zaak zonder nieuwe lokale bevestigde gevallen nieuw te verhogen. Vanaf 8 november waren er 158 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen in de provincie Guizhou, 1 geval van diagnose in het verleden, en 152 gevallen van gecualeerde gevallen (sinds het eerste positieve geval van Zunyi op 19 oktober, vanaf 8 november heeft het opgebouwd 7 gevallen van bevestigde gevallen, 1 case ge?nfecteerde infectie), in 5 behandelingszaken (vanaf 22:00 november, zijn er 2 gevallen van kritisch ziek 2, zwaar type, 2 personen), 2 gevallen van overlijden. Er waren 5 gevallen van diagnose-gevallen (daar in gewetenloze infecties 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 tot diagnosekatten) werden ook gerapporteerd aan Zunyi City. Guizhou Provinciale gezondheids- en gezondheidscommissie herinnert eraan: de huidige binnenlandse en buitenlandse epidemische preventie- en controle-situatie is nog steeds serieus en gecompliceerd. Iedereen moet de eerste verantwoordelijke persoon van hun eigen gezondheid worden. Blijf alsjeblieft een hoge mate van bescherming van bescherming handhaven, de epidemie vastdraaien om deze snaar te voorkomen, geen geluk bespaart, onthoud het gevaar van gevaar.

Houd u aan het wetenschappelijke slijtagemasker, handwas uw handen, altijd geventileerd, verzamel niet, onderhouden, onderhouden een veilige sociale afstand en ontwikkel goede gezondheidsgewoonten.

Blijf aandacht schenken aan de dynamische veranderingen in het binnenlandse bestaan ??en bevestigde gevallen en niet-symptoom ge?nfecteerde mensen, redelijke regelingen, zoals niet-noodzakelijk, gaan niet naar het gebied met risicovol. Consolidatie van de onpratestabiele preventie- en controlesultaten, het delen van een beter leven, hebben we ons nodig om samen te werken.

Volgens de app "State Council Client"-app wordt de nationale epidemische situatie aangepast, 8 uur op 8 november 2021, 5 risicomonrijke gebieden, 69 in het land. Hoogric-risicogebieden (5) Inner Mongoli? (1): Alashan League Yaani Qi Da kwam naar Bai Town Beijing (1): Changping District North Seven Town Hongfuyuan Community Hebei (1): Shijiazhuang City Shenze County Heilongjiang (2): Heihe City , Luyuan Chunzi District, HEIHE CITY, HEIHE CITY, Huacheng District, Huihui District, Huacheng Township, Huihui District, Huiji District (69) Beijing (2): Changping District East Town Forest Dafu Garden Community Changping District Tiantongyuan North Street Tiantong Beiyuan tweede gemeenschap Hebei (2): Shijiazhuang City Shenze County Hexi Village, Duanze County Administratieve Unit Xinji City Xiaoxinzhuang Township Xiaodi Northern Song Dynastie Inner Mongoli? (3: Xilin Gol League ERINHOT City Xilin Community Xilin Gol League Elin Haute Xiocheng Community Xilin Gol League ELL HOHTE City Town Community Liaoning (3): Dalian Zhuanghe City Chengguan Street, Haoyang Village, Dalian, Zhuanghe stad, Dalian, Dalian City, Zhuanghe City, Chengguan Street, Ocean Village, Shao Liang, Heilongjiang (22): Harbin stad, Harbin, Harbin, Harbin Harbin, Harbin, Harbin, Harbin Fase II (Nr. 7, 8, 9 Gebouw) Harbin Xiangfang District Hengda Times Vierkante fase I Heihe City Aihui District Changhai Community Shengtai Community Heihe City Aihui District Mensen P & C Insurance Community Mensen Funding Building Huihe Stad Aihui District Bowen Community Changhui Athene City Community Heide City Aihui District Bowen Community Shangpin Jiayuan Community Heihe City, Iichi District Riverside Community Heihe City Aihui District Bowen Community Academic Huizen Homeland Huihe City Aihui District Fulong Community Yimin ER District Hehe City Aihui District Changhai Community Pengrui Startende gemeenschap heihe stad Aihui district changhai gemeenschap ANJU gemeenschap Heihe stad Aihui district changhai gemeenschap Longbin verkeersverkeer een wijk heihe stad Aihui district financi?le gemeenschap Huahe gemeenschap heihe stad Aihui district Unicom Community Jinlong Community Heihe City Aihui District Wuyu Tun Community Zhongshu No. 9 No. . 9 Huihe City Harida Town Jiangsu, Hihe City, Hezhen, Hezhen, Hezhen, Hezhen (3): Changzhou Tianning District Lanling Street Jiuzhou New World Flower Garden Junling Street Werknemers Nieuwe dorp South Changzhou City Wujin District Huntang Yucheng Jiangxi (3): Shangrao City Xinzhou District District Haye de Wenjingyuan Shangrao City Xinzhou District Iron San Community Jinfeng Garden Shangrao City Leadshan County GE Xiangshan Town Shandong (1): Lifa City Jing Street Xuefu Number Community Henan (8): Zhengzhou Jinshui District Future Road Office Yinji-dynastie 4e vierde Zhengzhou City Jiayu Town Binhu Community Zhengzhou City Jiayu Town Wenze Community Zhengzhou Fuyang City Guo Gangcun Zhengzhou City, Fuyang City Chu Village, Zhengzhou City, Fuyang City No. 398, Jinshi Avenue, River Community, Chongqing Xingchain New Energy Technology Co ., Ltd. Office District, No. 53, Huanglong Road, Yubei District, Oost-China, Qinghai, No. 88, Luzhou, No. 88, No. 88, No. 88, No. 88, Central Park, No. 88 , Central Park, Sichuan (9): Chengdu Jinjiang District First Mangzi No. 1 Community Chengdu Jinjiang District Blu-Ray Kaili Xiangjiang Community Chengdu Jinniu District Huijing Huijing Community (fase II, fase I) Chengdu Chenghua District Huafu Shahe Community Chengdu Chengua District Wetenschap en Technologie Dongyuan West District Chengdu, Chengdu District, Chengdu, Chengdu District, Chengdu District, Lanting Community Chengdu High-Tech Zone Poly Lily Garden Community Eastern New District, Chengdu, No. 354, Ministerie van Sushun Street, Yunnan, Yun Street, Yunnan (2): Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonome Prefectuur Ruili City Emperor Community Emerald Garden Nanwei District Dehong Yi Jingpo Autonome Prefecture, Ruili City, Ruili City , The Village Committee, The Village Group, Gansu (5): Lanzhou Chengguan District Yunxiang Community Lanzhou Chengguan District Yanbei Road Tianqing Lishe Community Tianshui City Maiji District Brug South Street Community.

China Vietnamese "Peace Rescue-2012" "Weiqian Joint Exercise officially begins

Excitment officers and soldiers were used to treat the wounded. Wei Fei photographed the People’s Liberation Army, Vietnam Mum Street, December 10, Teng Teajin, Bi Wei reported: On December 10th, Zhongyue Two Army "Peace Rescue -2021" Qiqian Joint Exercise, in the Yantai Downtown, Vietnam Start curtain. This is the first time in the history of China and Vietnam, the first time to carry out the Qiqin’s exercises, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic has taken the first time in China to build a joint exercise in the overseas business.

  The exercise is based on earthquake disasters in a country, and the epidemic infected with infectious diseases is contemplated.

In the next two days, China and Vietnamese parties will organize a series of activities such as the exercise, equipment display, exercise observation, comprehensive assessment, and reap. During the exercise, China will also donate an epidemic prevention materials such as nucleic acid detection equipment and reagents and masks. The exercise set up the secondary army joint headquarters, and opened the secondary hospital. The two military hospitals will also coordinate experts, carry out difficult complex case consultations, transfer to use blood medicinal materials, comprehensive use of mobile testing laboratories, advanced murder equipment, cooperate to deal with post-disaster infectious disease epidemic, comprehensive display of two army field first aid and epidemic disposal ability. Director of the Vietnamese Exercise Steering Committee, the deputy director of the Vietnamese People’s Military Logistics, Director, Hu Xiongzhen, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, this joint exercise aims to improve the central two national army in medical rescue, epidemic prevention and control, international humanitarianism Command, cooperation, and synergistic ability in aid work.

  Chen Chunming, deputy director of the China Guidance Coordination Group, Deputy Director of the Health Bureau of the Central Military Commission, said that this exercise is closely fitted with the situation, focusing on the disaster epidemic hotspots, highlights the joint theme, and jointly enhance the emergency rescue capability of China and Vietnam.

The exercise took the cultural and rescue experience to the training farm, fully showing the development of the two armies.

  In recent years, the Chinese army health system has actively carried out cooperation between foreign exchanges, successfully completing the number of health support, medical clinic, emergency disaster rescue, United Nations peacekeeping operations, etc., is welcomed by the international community and related people And recognized.

Chinese ambassadeur naar de Verenigde Staten Qin Gang en "Chinese Bridge" -wijk Online Exchange

Op 6 november woonde Qin Gang Ambassador bijwoonde de uitwisselingsactiviteiten van de "Chinese Bridge" -wedstrijd.

Network Screenshot Peet Network Washington 7 november (Reporter Zhang Mengxu) 6 november-leraren, familieredivanten en honderden Chinese enthousiastelingen kijken online. Qin Gang zei in een toespraak dat de taal de brug van menselijke communicatie en uitwisselingen is, en het is ook een belangrijke drager van menselijke beschaving.

Als twee grote landen in verschillende historische cultuur, verschillende sociale systemen, verschillende ontwikkelingsfasen, zijn er veel verschillen, het leren van Chinezen is zeer noodzakelijk voor China en de Verenigde Staten. Hij zei dat het leren van Chinezen een uniek plezier aan de studenten toevoegt, meer mogelijkheden brengt, waardoor de waarde van het leven toeneemt, ik hoop dat ze kunnen genieten van het geluk van cross-culturele vrijheid.

Hij moedigt studenten aan om Chinees echt de spirituele wereld van Chinese mensen binnen te leren, een echte en stereo-china te begrijpen, zodat China en de Verenigde Staten voortdurend taalbarrières, cross-culturele gaten kunnen overschrijden, elkaars verschillen, brugverschillen begrijpen, misverstanden overbruggen , respecteer elkaar, verbeter elkaars goedheid en wederzijds vertrouwen. Veel "Chinese bridge" -wedstrijden awards of deelnemers spreken, delen de ervaring van het leren van Chinese en "Chinese brug", die de liefde van China vertelt, die de liefde van Chinese en Chinese cultuur uiten, met name het benadrukken van het leren van Chinezen om voortplanting en misverstanden van China te elimineren .

De studenten spraken ook over het belang van het leren van Chinees op hun toekomstige levensplanning, en vastbesloten dat ze in de toekomst bezig waren met Sino-Amerikaanse vriendschap.

In interactieve koppelingen, studenten en leerkrachtenvertegenwoordigers en Qin-bende op "Sino-Amerikaanse relaties onder de epidemie", hoe deel te nemen aan de "Chinese brug" -wedstrijd, de toekomstige studie van International Relations Professional Voorstel, hoe een diplomaat en andere problemen te worden hebben een warme interactieve uitwisseling uitgevoerd. De basis- en middelbare schoolstudenten die deelnamen aan het gebarentaalnummer "Dankbaar Hart", en het zanglied "luisteren naar mij, dank u", enz., Het tonen van het enthousiasme van de klasgenoten, hoog Chinees leren enthousiasme. Qin Gang zei uiteindelijk dat ik door deze eenvoudige uitwisseling van uitwisselingen voelde, het enthousiasme van het leren van Chinees, en ik heb ook geleerd over de brede vraag naar de Verenigde Staten om Chinees te leren. Ik hoop dat de studenten hard blijven werken om een ??constante Chinese te houden, aandacht te schenken aan China, vrienden maken en vriendschap weven en een vriendelijke boodschapper tussen China en de Verenigde Staten worden. (Editor: Wang yu, Chang Hong) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.