2017 Athletics World Championships Su Bingtian Xie Zhenye match schedule

2017 Athletics World Championships Su Bingtian Xie Zhenye match schedule
The 2017 World Championships will be held in London from August 4th to 13th. In this World Championship, the Chinese team will send 46 players to participate in 17 competitions, including 24 male athletes and 22 female athletes.Among them, Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye participated in the men’s 100m race, while Xie Zhenye two participated in the 200m race, and Zhang Peimeng was on the men’s relay list.More game schedule time: 2017 London Track and Field World Championship complete schedule timetable Chinese team players’ playing schedule The following is the 2017 track and field world championship Su Bingtian Xie Zhenye game schedule timetable: Su Bingtian game schedule time Xie Zhenye game schedule timetable men’s 4X100 relay race scheduleTitle: 2017 Athletics World Championships Schedule Su Bingtian Leads Chinese Players to Participate

Hailindu is scheduled to be called the story of the adoption of three thousand Jiangnan orphans in Inner Mongolia

“Hailindu” is scheduled to be called the story of the adoption of three thousand Jiangnan orphans in Inner Mongolia
On November 19th, based on the historical event of “Adoption of Three Thousand Jiangnan Orphans in Inner Mongolia”, the drama “Hailindu”, which promotes the spirit of Wulan Muqi, officially announced that it will be released on November 21st and will be released on the National Theater.Earlier, the film also held a special promotion conference in East China.It is reported that the film “Hailindu” is directed by Peng Jun, starring Tumen Bayar, Gao Yihan, Anheimma, etc., and is one of the first projects in Inner Mongolia’s major theme literary and artistic creation (2019-2020).One of the protagonist prototypes of the film is the winner of the national honorary title “People’s Model”, the grassland Eji Guima.The story unfolds in the background of the country ‘s three-year difficult period, and discovers the adoption of three thousand Jiangnan orphans in Inner Mongolia under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai and other party and state leaders, and under the personal organization and arrangement of Comrade Ulanfu.The film adopts multiple narrative structures to restore the unique charm of nomadic life 60 years ago and the sincere, simple and selfless emotions of the people on the prairie.Around the narrative context of adopting three thousand Jiangnan orphans in Inner Mongolia, the grassland Ejidu Guima, who actively raised 28 orphans, is intertwined with the story of Wulan Muqi, a typical Sunite Right Banner of the “red literary light cavalry”.The narrative core of the film revolves around the real events of the three thousand Jiangnan orphans going north to the grassland.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Wang Xin

The Return of the Great Saint Qian Qian said that he still needs a feeling, Sun Yue praises Lao Ma’s high level of coaching

“The Return of the Great Saint” Qian Qian said that he still needs a feeling, Sun Yue praises Lao Ma’s high level of coaching
Sun Yue returned to the arena after two seasons.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe accompanied the Beikong men’s basketball team to defeat the Shenzhen team 108-103 at home last night. After two seasons, Sun Yue, who returned to the CBA, also used a 13-point + dunk performance to stage a realistic version of “The Return of the Saint.But he said that he would continue to find the game feeling.Sun Yue’s steals and dunks in the first quarter made home fans excited, but he didn’t celebrate too much and immediately invested in the defensive round.He also admitted frankly after the game: “Slam dunks are just a form, there is not much turmoil for me.Now for me, if there is no good or bad game, there will be mood swings, just enjoy the game and enjoy the process.”In the second quarter, Sun Yue made two key three-pointers to help the team overtake the score.In the fourth quarter, both his long-range start shot and last-minute CIC voted for the Shenzhen team called a timeout, which also became the basis for helping the team beat victory.On the defensive end, Sun Yue is also an important moment in the coach Marbury’s system. In the third quarter, he also gave Beijing Control’s old PJ a “big hat.”With 13 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 1 jack, Sun Yue’s play is comprehensive, but he is still not satisfied with himself: “Okay?”I don’t think so.There is still room for improvement. The waist is a little uncomfortable in the past two days. There are still some baskets that have not been shot. I still want to find the feeling of the game. Take it slowly.”When I followed the head coach to the press conference, Sun Yue put on protective gear around his waist, and the electronic lights kept flashing through the clothes.During the game, the slogan “The Return of the Great Saint” appeared on the stands.In the eyes of fans, Sun Yue deserves such a high rating.He said that because myopia did not see the slogan clearly, but I still want to thank everyone for your support, “Do not put too much pressure on yourself, there will be a trough when you hit the climax, the mentality is the most important.I will try to go down the basketball road.”Sun Yue and Lao Ma have changed from teammates to mentors and apprentices, but the relationship between them remains private.At the end of the press conference, the reporters still gathered around Sun Yue for interviews, and the old horse preparing to leave the room smirked and shouted: “Everyone then asked him.When asked about the coaching style of Lao Ma, Sun Yue also ridiculed the habit of 6 bottles of water: “Whoever learns the style from you, you have a good idea.””However, Sun Yue sincerely recognized that Ma Guiding can absorb the experience of the championship and transform it into his own things:” It has done a very good job, and it is better than me as a coach. “”

Ling Xiaosu and Jia Nailiang collaborate on Swat Team, Release the Informant in December

Ling Xiaosu and Jia Nailiang collaborate on “Swat Team”, “Release the Informant” in December
On November 13, directed by Ding Sheng, starring Ling Xiaosu, Jia Nailiang, Jin Chen, Zhang Yunlong, Liu Junxiao, etc., the action police gangster film “Swat Team” that the real front-line squad members participated in shooting released a “fire” version of the poster and trailer, which was officially decidedfiles?It will be released nationwide on December 29.”Swat Team” is the first film in the Chinese mainland police gangster film that completely focuses on the special police.The film is based on the real special police elite team “Blue Sword Commando” as the prototype of the character. The story revolves around the two teams in the special police team. One team is found.Rescue the informant and jointly protect the story of city safety.In the “fire” version of the trailer, sniper Liao Xingliang (Jia Nailiang) hit the apple on the top of the captain Liu Lang (Ling Xiaosu), and opened the prologue of “Swat Team” in a thrilling thrill, which truly restored the lives of the SWAT team members.Training, as well as shooting, blasting, helicopter airborne, jungle off-road and other scenes.It is reported that during the preparation and filming of the film “Special Police Team”, it was strongly supported by the Public Information Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Beijing Public Security Bureau, and many real special police officers participated in the film.Two weeks before posting, Director Ding Sheng let the actors enter the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Anti-Terrorism and SWAT Corps for round-the-clock closed “devil” training, and received professional guidance on firearms, tactics, actions and equipment.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Chen Diyan

Ms. Ito singled out Chinese female table tennis?Chen Meng just didn’t agree!

Ms. Ito singled out Chinese female table tennis?Chen Meng just didn’t agree!
Chen Meng trophy after the game.Image / social media Last night and night, Ito hit the national table tennis team one after another in the Qatar Open.However, tonight’s women’s singles finals met Chen Meng, and Ito’s momentum and status are completely lacking.After a 4 to 1 victory over Ito Misato, Chen Meng also rewritten the two players’ record to 4 wins and 0 losses.This week at the Qatar Open, Ms. Ito ‘s state has been stable, causing successive shocks to the National Table Tennis Team, and there is a tendency to pick the National Table Tennis Team.Last night’s women’s singles semi-final, Ito Megumi swept the national table tennis team captain Ding Ning 4-0, including an 11-0 in the third game.In the early morning of this morning, Ito Micheng and Mizutani Falcon defeated Wang Chuqin / Sun Yingsha to take the mixed doubles championship.However, when meeting Chen Meng, Ito’s momentum and state will change more or less.The two Air Forces fought three times, and Chen Meng maintained the victory, obviously supplementing his psychological advantage.In the first game, Ito Meicheng’s fighting style once made Chen Meng a little uncomfortable, losing a game 3 to 11 first.However, Chen Meng controlled the rhythm in the next four games, using rotation to limit the speed of Miki Ito, reversing to win the championship 4-1.As the first opponent of women’s table tennis, Ito has made rapid progress in the past two seasons. The winning rate with the national table tennis team has reached about 30%. Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning, Sun Yingsha, Zhu Yuling, Wang Manyu and other female table tennis team members have been her men.Loser.However, the Ito Air Force has never obtained a bargain in Chen Meng’s hands, and has become the only player in the national table tennis team who has remained undefeated against Ito.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Wang Xihuang Proofreading Liu Yue

The policy squeezes out the gold dollar bubble, and the signing of Chinese Super League teams tends to be rational

The policy squeezes out the gold dollar bubble, and the signing of Chinese Super League teams tends to be rational
Net intent: net line, also known as flower face.It is a male character with distinctive character and appearance.Super harmonic meaning: Chinese football must develop healthily without a healthy investment environment.The launch of the Chinese Football Association and the many new policies being brewed will have an impact on the investment environment of the Chinese Super League.Typical example: The New Deal transformation of the Chinese Super League, the investor meeting was held.Anautovich is the “standard king” of the Chinese Super League’s summer transfer window.Figure / Vision China At the end of 2018, the Chinese Football Association announced a number of new policies implemented in 2019 at the working meetings of the Chinese Super League, the Chinese Premier League and the Chinese Second League.The distribution will decline year by year, with 65%, 60% and 55% from 2019 to 2021.The capital injection of the club investors is also limited. From this year to 2021, the capital injection limit of the Super League investors is 6 respectively.5 billion, 5.600 million and 300 million.From the perspective of this season, the New Deal has a more obvious impact on the winter transfer window before the start of the league: the recruitment cost of the Chinese Super League players in the winter window is more than 100 million euros, and by 2017 it will be close to 200 million euros.However, the clubs began to exert their strength during the summer transfer period: Shanghai Shanghai Port introduced Anautovi? for 25 million euros, Shenhua bought Salawi (16 million euros) and Jin Xinyu (5.35 million euros), and the Dalian side even moreIt was another big effort to introduce Longdong from West Brom to 18.27 million euros.According to incomplete statistics, the total expenditure of the Super 16 Club in Xia Chuang reached 1.Euro 0.6 billion, much higher than in previous years.However, from the perspective of actual results, the Chinese Super League clubs are coming out of the strange circle of “pursuing the fame of foreign aid”, otherwise they will make more practical choices according to the needs of the team.The Chinese Football Association disclosed at the investor meeting before the end of the season that next year the Chinese Super League will implement policies such as “the strictest salary limit in history”. If the policy can be implemented, it may squeeze out the “golden dollar bubble” of the Chinese Super League for many years.Feature: Shengdan net end ugly inventory of 2019 super drama

[Comprehensive practice of iron yam]_Recommended diet

銆 愰 fan 叉 嗗 North diamond  殑 锅 氭 桶 澶 у 叏
灞辫嵂鐨勫仛娉曞绉嶅鏍凤紝寤鸿澶у鍦ㄦ棩甯搁兘鍙互閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涘北鑽€傞鐢ㄥ北鑽彲浠ユ湁鏁堝湴瑙e喅鑷韩鍑虹幇鐨勮吂鑳€鑳€姘旂瓑闂锛屼篃鍙互鏈夋晥鍦版敼鍠勮嚜韬嚭鐜扮殑椋熸涓嶆尟鐨勭棁鐘躲€傚北鑽腑瀵屽惈鏈夊ぇ閲忕殑鑶抽绾ょ淮鍙互涓轰汉浣撴墍鍚告敹锛屾湁鍔╀簬澧炲己鑷韩鑳冭偁锠曞姩鑳藉姏锛屾憜鑴卞绉嶈偁鑳冪柧鐥呯殑鍥版壈銆備絾鏄緢澶氭湅鍙嬪浜庨搧鏉嗗北鑽殑鍋氭硶杩樺苟涓嶆槸寰堜簡瑙c€傞鍏堝ぇ瀹堕渶瑕佽喘涔版柊椴滅殑閾佹潌灞辫嵂锛屽敖閲忕敤鍒峰瓙杩涜娓呮礂锛屽娓呮礂鍑犻亶锛屽緢澶氶搧鏉嗗北鑽〃灞傚瓨鏈夊ぇ閲忕殑鍦燂紝涓€瀹氳澶氭竻娲楀嚑娆℃墠鑳藉娓呮礂骞插噣锛岀劧鍚庡湪閿呭唴鏀惧叆閫傞噺鐨勬按锛屽皢閾佹潌灞辫嵂鏀惧叆閿呭唴锛屽皢閾佹潌灞辫嵂涓庢按闅斿紑锛屽ぇ绾﹀姞鐑簲鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸绛夊埌閾佹潌灞辫嵂鐢ㄧ瀛愬彲浠ョ洿鎺ユ彃杩涘幓鐨勬椂鍊欙紝灏卞彲浠ュ嚭閿呬簡銆傚皢鍑洪攨鐨勯搧鏉嗗北鑽洿鎺ヨ樃鐐圭硸鎴栬€呮槸铇镐竴浜涜渹铚滃氨鍙互鐩存帴椋熺敤锛屽彛鎰熶細鏇村ソ銆?Thresholds are weak and inferior, and they are insulting and sorrowful. Adorable and unrecognizable: Do you know how to do this? Do you want to know how to do it?Stretching and falling back and falling back to the nickname of the hydrogen, the weak, the weak, the weak, the poor, the better, the better, the better, the weak, the weak, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard, the hard辫嵂鐨勬椂鍊欎篃涓€瀹氳娉ㄦ剰椋熺敤閲忥紝寤鸿澶у姣忔椋熺敤閾佹潌灞辫嵂鐨勯噺涓嶈杩囧锛岃繃澶氶鐢ㄩ搧鏉嗗北鑽潪甯稿鏄撳鍔犺嚜韬嚭鐜颁笂鐏殑鐥囩姸锛屽弽鑰屼笉鍒╀簬韬綋鍋ュ悍銆?澶у閮藉彲浠ュ皾璇曠潃鑷繁鍔ㄦ墜鍘诲仛涓€鍋氶搧鏉嗗北鑽紝杩樻湁灏辨槸澶у鍦ㄨ喘涔伴搧鏉嗗北鑽殑鏃跺€欎竴瀹氳娉ㄦ剰涓嶈璐拱鐨繃鍘氱殑灞辫嵂銆備竴鑸毊杩囧悗鐨勫北鑽兘鏄亣鍐掔殑灞辫嵂姝e父鎯呭喌涓嬶紝閾佹潌灞辫嵂鐨勭毊鏄潪甯歌杽鐨勩€傝繕鏈夊氨鏄湪鍒朵綔閾佹潌灞辫嵂鐨勬椂鍊欎竴瀹氳澶氭竻娲楀嚑娆★紝閬垮厤鍥犱负椋熺敤鍒颁笉鍗敓鐨勬潅璐ㄤ娇鑷韩鍑虹幇鑵圭棝鑵规郴闂銆?

[Can Angelica Stellaria Can Remove Freckles]_Angelica Sinensis_Benefits_Oxide

[Can Angelica Stellaria Can Remove Freckles]_Angelica Sinensis_Benefits_Oxide

Plaques in the bladder are difficult to remove and become a headache for many female friends.

In order to freckle, many people use a lot of cosmetics, but the effect is not very good. The practical angelica yellow strand can freckle, and the effect is better, because angelica and astragalus can repair the skin and clear the meridians.Effect.

Chinese medicine pays attention to cure the root cause, so we must first understand how the stain is formed. In general, the root cause of the stain is the damage to the internal structure of the skin, which means that harmful substances cause damage to the skin and transfer to the skin.The process of making melanin appear on the surface.

In fact, normal people’s facial meridians are extremely rich. Plenty of qi and blood supply the facial meridians, which makes the skin healthy and shiny. Otherwise, the face is dull and lacks ruddy.

Garbage-like substances in the blood stagnate in the forehead or crotch, and stains will form over time.

Keep it simple. Angelica is good at nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation. In addition, astragalus supplementing qi, the outstanding qi and blood in Chinese medicine is a very good way to promote blood circulation.

Therefore, it is a certainty 1. Prepare 50 grams of Angelica sinensis, add 500 ml of water to cook, and then filter it for use.

After the face is cleaned, dipped in a little cooked angelica solution with absorbent cotton, and continuously rub the pigmented areas of the skin. To allow the skin to fully absorb the active ingredients in the angelica solution, you can treat pigmentation such as freckles and melasmaThe effect of skin diseases.

2, 15 grams of raw astragalus, 5 grams of angelica, add the right amount of water, repeatedly cook 2 times, combined with the decoction of 2 times, drink regularly, 1 dose a day.

3. You can also add angelica powder to any mask, which can completely whiten and remove spots.

[How to boil the sauce in the iron pot]_Iron stew_How to make

[How to boil the sauce in the iron pot]_Iron stew_How to make

Iron pot stew is a home-cooked dish that is especially popular in the Northeast region, and it is also used by many Northeast people to entertain guests.

Iron pot stew is not difficult to make, but if you want to make it delicious, you must first make delicious sauces. Basically, there are delicious sauces, and iron pot stews have been successful.

So, how to prepare the sauce in the wok?

The following introduces you to relevant aspects of knowledge.

First, the introduction of iron pot stew Iron pot stew is a Northeast dish, the taste is sauce-like, the practice is a stew.

It is characterized by strong sauce flavor, pungent aroma and soft taste.

Iron pot stew is a famous dish in Northeast China. There are eight stews in Northeast stew, including pork stew noodles, lamb stew sauerkraut, beef stew with potatoes, pork ribs stewed with tofu, chicken stew with mushrooms, pork ribs with stewed beans, and anchovy stew.Eggplant, molly stewed fish.

This iron pot stew method is suitable for stew chicken, goose, ribs, beef, lamb chops, pork trotters, bullfrogs and other ingredients.

Second, iron pot stew seasoning sauce ingredients 1, iron pot stew seasoning sauce ingredients: sauce 1 tablespoon, thirteen incense 1 tablespoon 2, making of iron pot stew seasoning sauce: (1), take an empty bowl and put ten1 tablespoon of Sanxiang, 1 tablespoon of sweet noodle sauce, crush all the spices and mix well.

(2) Heat the pan over medium heat and pour in half a wok of soybean oil. When the oil is warm, pour the previously mixed sauce into the pan.

Stir the sauce gently with a cooking spoon to prevent sticking to the pan. When the flavor of the sauce overflows, it will be served out. The iron pot stew seasoning sauce is finished.

Third, the method of making stewed pork ribs in an iron pan as an example: 1. Wash the pork ribs and chop them into small pieces.

Peel and wash potatoes into pieces.

After removing the tendons from the head and tail of beans, clean them.

2. Heat the iron pan over medium heat and pour in a 1 tablespoon iron pan to simmer.

When the oil is six or seven layers hot, add half a tablespoon of peppercorns, five or six seasonings, and add ginger slices, shallots, garlic slices, dried peppers, stir-fry a few times, and stir-fry.

3, add ribs (pork ribs can be simmered or not), add two tablespoons of old soy sauce, stir fry over high heat, fry until the surface of the ribs is golden brown, there is a meat flavor.

4. Change to high heat and add broth or hot water. The amount of broth must not be too high. (If the amount of broth is not enough, add an appropriate amount of hot water.) Then add two wok stew sauce and half wok stew sauce.1 tablespoon, 1 tablespoon, half tablespoon in the pot stew seasoning can also be added separately).

5. Put the lid on the pan and boil it for 15-20 minutes. Turn it over for a period of time to prevent sticking to the pan.

6, the soup has not been more than half of the ribs (water is not enough to add broth or hot water), when the ribs are cooked.

Add potatoes and beans, and simmer on medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Flip a few times to prevent sticking to the pan.

7, when the soup is almost harvested, sprinkle with shallots, minced garlic and parsley.

Turn the ribs again, and the stewed pork ribs are finished.

[Can milk be eaten with spinach?]_ Spinach_Milk_Can you eat it together?

鑿犺彍鏄惀鍏讳环鍊煎緢楂樼殑涓€绉嶈敩鑿滐紝涔熸槸椁愭涓婄粡甯歌鍒扮殑銆傝彔鑿滃惈鏈夊緢楂樼殑閾佸厓绱狅紝瀵逛簬缂洪搧鎬ц传琛€鐨勪汉鏈夊緢楂樼殑椋熺枟鏁堟灉銆傜墰濂朵篃鏄垜浠妗屼笂甯稿鐨勪竴绉嶈惀鍏诲搧锛屼篃鏄叿鏈夊緢楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€笺€傝櫧璇翠袱绉嶉鐗╃殑钀ュ吇浠峰€奸兘寰堥珮锛岄偅涔堜袱鑰呭彲浠ュ悓鍚冨悧?Chain disease? Chain patent disease? Do you want to go to the top of the mountain? 1.鑿犺彍鍜岃眴鑵愪笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆鍦ㄩ鐢ㄨ彔鑿滃拰璞嗚厫鏃讹紝鏈変汉鎶婂畠浠竴閿呯叜锛岃涓烘槸鏈€鐞嗘兂鐨勭礌椋熴€備絾杩欐槸涓€绉嶉敊璇仛娉曘€傚洜涓鸿彔鑿滃惈鏈夊彾缁跨礌銆侀搧绛夛紝杩樺惈鏈夊ぇ閲忕殑鑽夐吀銆傝眴鑵愪富瑕佸惈铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佽剛鑲拰閽欍€備簩鑰呬竴閿呯叜锛屼細娴垂瀹濊吹鐨勯挋銆傚洜涓鸿崏閰歌兘澶熷拰閽欒捣鍖栧鍙嶅簲锛岀敓鎴愪笉婧舵€х殑娌夋穩锛屼汉浣撴棤娉曞惛鏀躲€傚洜姝わ紝涓轰簡淇濇寔钀ュ吇锛屼竴鏄皢鑿犺彍鍜岃眴鑵愬垎椁愶紝杩欐牱灏变笉浼氳捣鍖栧鍙嶅簲浜嗐€備簩鏄彲浠ュ厛灏嗚彔鑿滄斁鍦ㄦ按涓劘涓€涓嬶紝璁╅儴鍒嗚崏閰告憾浜庢按锛屾崬鍑烘潵鍐嶅拰璞嗚厫涓€璧风叜灏辫浜嗐€?2.凿犺彍鍜岄碀楸间笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆槌濋奔镄勯鐗╄嵂镐懗鐢桦ぇ娓╋纴鍙ˉ涓泭姘旓纴闄よ吂涓喎姘斻€傝€岃彔鑿滄€х敇鍐疯€屾粦锛屼笅姘旀鼎鐕ワ紝鎹€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬭杞斤紝鑿犺彍鍙互鈥滈€氳偁鑳冪儹鈥濄€傜敱姝ゅ彲瑙侊紝浜岃€呴鐗╄嵂鎬х殑鎬у懗鍔熻兘鐨嗕笉鐩稿崗璋冦€傝€屼笖槌濋奔娌圭厧澶氳剛锛岃彔鑿滃喎婊戯紝鍚岄涔熷鏄撳鑷磋吂娉伙紝鎵€浠ヤ簩鑰呬笉瀹滃悓椋熴€?3.鑿犺彍鍜岀尓鑲濅笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆鑿犺彍涓嶅疁鐐掔尓鑲濄€傜尓鑲濅腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勯摐銆侀搧绛夐噾灞炲厓绱犵墿璐紝涓€鏃︿笌鍚淮鐢熺礌c杈冮珮鐨勮彔鑿滅粨鍚堬紝閲戝睘绂诲瓙寰堝鏄撲娇缁寸敓绱燾姘у寲鑰屽け鍘绘湰韬殑钀ュ吇浠峰€笺€傚姩鐗╄倽绫汇€佽泲榛勩€佸ぇ璞嗕腑鍧囧惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑閾佽川锛屼笉瀹滀笌鍚崏閰稿鐨勮媼鑿溿€佽彔鑿滃悓鍚冦€傚洜涓虹氦缁寸礌涓庤崏閰稿潎浼氬奖鍝嶄汉浣撳涓婅堪椋熺墿涓搧鐨勫惛鏀躲€?.Chiseling, sorrowing, sorrowing, sorrow, bifeng, sorrow, hazel, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow屾墍浠ヤ簩鑰呬笉瀹滃悓椋熴€傝彔鑿滀腑鐨勭淮鐢熺礌C浼氳榛勭摐涓殑鍒嗚В閰剁牬鍧忋€?.鑿犺彍鍜岄粍璞嗕竴璧峰悆涓€浜涚綉鍙嬭〃绀哄叾瀹炶彔鑿滃拰榛勮眴鑳芥贩鐫€鍚冿紝浣嗘槸鍦ㄩ鐗╀腑鐨勭淮鐢熺礌C浼氬閾滅殑鏋愭斁閲忔湁鎵€鎶戝埗锛屼笉鍒╀簬涓よ€呰惀鍏荤殑鍙戞尌锛屽洜姝ゅ缓璁彔鑿Cangzhuo or the flaws and sorrows?.鑿犺彍鍜岄煭鑿滀笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆涓€浜涙湅鍙嬪枩娆㈠悆鑿犺彍锛屽張鍠滄鍚冮煭鑿滐紝鍦ㄥ仛楗哄瓙鐨勬椂鍊欏枩娆㈢敤鑿犺彍鍜岄煭鑿滄贩鐫€涓€璧峰仛棣呮枡锛屽叾瀹炶繖鏍峰悆鑿犺彍涔熶細寮曡捣鑵规郴銆?.Chiseling and sorrowing in the altar and the peaks of the altar in the altar穩锛屽奖鍝嶇墰濂朵腑閽欒川鐨勫惛鏀躲€?.鑿犺彍涓嶈兘鍜屼钩閰竴璧峰悆鑿犺彍涓庝钩閰浉鍏嬨€備钩閰墍鍚殑鍖栧鎴愬垎浼氬奖鍝嶈彔鑿滀腑涓板瘜鐨勯挋璐ㄧ殑鍚告敹銆?.鑿犺彍涓嶈兘鍜岃渹铚滀竴璧峰悆姣忓綋鑿犺彍閬囦笂铚傝湝锛屼笉浠呭彛鍛虫湁鐐规€紝鑰屼笖杩樹細寮曡捣蹇冪棝鍝?