my country’s people’s livelihood security system is more complete (the new era of new journey to build a new era · great change)

  Aunt Chen, who lives in the Diga community in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, picked up the "Happiness Code" on her mobile phone to scan the table. The pop -up list detailed the type, total, total amount, and each period of the specific amount she enjoyed in the past year. "Through the" Happiness Code ", we can apply for various rescue online, and we can understand the implementation of various rescue in real time." Aunt Chen said.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the West Lake District of Hangzhou, the district’s 3684 people in difficulties have achieved "one household, one code", and the "happiness code" will be applied to more public service areas in the future. From offline to online, the "Happiness Code" makes the work of helping to help the work more accurately and more efficient. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "For the people of difficulties, we must pay special attention, care, and care about it. They do everything possible to help them solve their problems, keep the masses’ safety and warmth, and send the warmth of the party and the government to millions of households." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country’s people’s livelihood security system has become more complete. One item benefits the people’s policies and a stroke of rescue funds to compare the people’s livelihood pocket guarantee network, which has stable happiness for the people of difficulties: ——On assistance Essence

  In recent years, my country’s layered social assistance system has gradually established and improved, and various systems such as basic living assistance, special assistance, and temporary assistance have been continuously improved: the minimum living security system will be eligible. The population is included in the scope of the subsistence allowance with reference to the "single household" to ensure the realization of the "guarantee"; the special difficulties rescue the support system, integrate the "three -none" personnel for the rescue and rural five guarantee support, regulate the identification of special difficulties, and ensure that "adoption should be adopted for adoption. "Try to support"; temporary rescue system, use the township (street) temporary rescue spare money, implement small amounts of rescue, and timely resolve the crowd’s sudden, urgent, and temporary life difficulties in a timely manner.

  The results of the guarantee of poverty alleviation are more stable. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has introduced specific measures to strengthen the effective connection of the rural subsistence allowance system and poverty alleviation and development policies for many years, and consolidate the foundation foundation of the bottom guarantee system.

Since the end of 2017, the rural subsistence allowances of all counties (cities, districts) across the country have continued to reach or exceed the national poverty alleviation standards. As of the end of 2020, 1936 million poverty -stricken people were established in the guarantee scope of social assistance, accounting for%of all the poverty alleviation population, and the sense of happiness, happiness, and security of poverty alleviation have continued to improve.

  ——The identification is more accurate. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has instructed to improve the mechanisms of the people in all places to actively discover the mechanism, and change "people to find policies" into "policy to find people", so that people in difficulties can be rescued and guaranteed in time.

  Relying on "grid" accurately. Lichuan County, Jiangxi Province, establishes a database database of "village -residents -district -group -group" in accordance with the principles of territorial management. Relying on "data" accurately.

Texas, Shandong Province establishes a dynamic monitoring mechanism for low -income population, forms panoramic portraits of residents and family economic conditions, and incorporates all 42 rescue policies and some welfare policies that were scattered in 15 functional departments. The implementation of various types of rescue and assistance over 1.18 million people.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, my country has basically built a national dynamic monitoring information platform for low -income population in China, and brings together more than 60 million low -income population information to carry out normalized monitoring of low -income population through data comparison and other means to achieve low -income population population. Active discovery, instant intervention, accurate assistance, comprehensive assistance. ——In help is more temperature. The farmers Ma Jifei, a farmer in the Wuzhong Temple of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, was affected by the epidemic and had no income for a while. Every month, Ma Jifei also pays medical expenses for the sick father.

With the mentality of trying, Ma Jifei applied for a minimum insurance for his father. For urban and rural residents who are affected by epidemic and disaster conditions, the civil affairs departments of various localities have been adjusted and the social assistance policies and measures are introduced in a timely manner, and the minimum living security and temporary assistance coverage are moderately expanded. Rescue; non -local resident personnel who have serious difficulties in basic life shall be temporarily rescued in a timely manner by urgent place; strengthen the visual care and care service, and the elderly, disabled people, children and other special groups who need to be monitored or take care of the person who are isolated. , Timely arrange personnel to provide care for help. Hold the bottom line of the basic people’s livelihood to ensure the basic lives of the people in difficulties, let the people of difficult people share the results of reform and development, and make the quality of rescue more sufficient and more temperature.

Lavigation face,Look away,Dust like a fairy,Heart straight mill。

“His so fast speed,Even if the strength is not good,Those Mozen beasts are also difficult to block,How can I not pass?……”
Laptain can only be speculated and judged here。
In fact, she also understands,It is not a speed that will be customary.。
As ninth floor,There is no road to see,That space is completely covered with grass forest,Unbearable,At all end。
Regardless of speed and multiple pieces,Both the otherth azures will be tapped from all directions.。
Hiding can’t hide。
No strength,Capture at all。
“Um……This kid is wrong?”
Luojing crane。
She felt that the breath in the summer was more embarrassed.,Make people look through。
Before entering the secret,She observed the summer。
At that time, although the summer was still very angry.,But there is no such conception。
The face of the lint changed。
Do he break through the spirit of Linghai,Damn of life and death?
Summer shape,Creating a rainbow,Falling on the grass。
The martial arts around the battle is even greater.。
Zhou Wei and others rushed over to surrounded his group,Ask a long question。
“Brother,How did you come out?,We are all worried about death.。”
Zhou Wei grabs the summer sleeves,Eyelids。
Miao Difu and others although smiling,It is also the same。
These days for them,It is really a torment。
Even afraid in summer accident。
Only the people outside the crowd,Look down,Immediately,“summer,you……Life and death?”
Summer smile,“Fortunately。”
Zhourao is laughing,How far is the voice。
Summer is successfully completed in Lingtai,It will insist on more than 200 strokes under the beginning of his gang.。
Today’s promotion,Then, the grasp of the Shangdang Palace is also bigger.。
At this time,A elderly wearing a white robe slowly rise to the high altitude。
At the same time, powerful atmosphere fluctuations,Like 漪,Spread on all directions。
Powerful,But not forced。
The snoring is gradually quiet.。
The old man hits the white robe,Being white,Noodle,Fairy,The face is moving a touch of smile。
“Allocate,The first stage of the martial arts conference,Below I announced the list of the second phase of the competition。”
I’m deliberating.,Time to think about everyone,Also。

Pork prices rose 9 weeks more than 10 yuan

"During this time, the price of pork has risen. I often go to buy meat stalls. Pork is about one or two pieces per catty compared to the previous month." Xiao Zheng, who lives in Fengtai District, Beijing, said. This has also been confirmed by a carrier selling merchant in a vegetable market in Fengtai, "The price of this wave of pork has risen for about 1 month." In March, the price of pigs fell to about 6 yuan per catty, and some supermarkets in some supermarkets, some supermarkets, in some supermarkets. The price of pork can be sold to less than 10 yuan per catty, but in the past two months, the situation has changed.

The price of pigs and pork rose for 9 consecutive weeks. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, from May 16th to May 22nd, the average purchase price of raw pigs above the national scale or above the nationwide scale was yuan/kg. It is yuan/kg, rising%month -on -month. The reporter sorted out the data and found that the average purchase price of pigs and the average factory price of white bars have risen for 9 consecutive weeks, and the 9 weeks of accumulated increases were%and%. In addition, according to the monitoring of the national agricultural product wholesale market price information system, from May 20th to May 26th, the price of pork is per kilogram of dollars, which rose%month -on -month and maintained at more than 10 yuan per catty. The price increases on the acquisition and wholesale end also reflected on the price tag of the retail end.

In a dish market in Fengtai District, in late April, the price of the front and rear tips of Yuan Yizhi has risen to Yuan Yixin on May 30.

The price of pigs rose, and the price of pig farmers relaxed the price of pork. Previously, the price of pigs continued to be in a trough, and the industry fell into a situation of "selling a loss", and small and medium farmers had "abandoned" emotions. After a large -scale pig breeding company experienced a sharp decline in 2021, the first quarter performance was "terrible". The leading enterprise Muyuan shares entered the "loss" camp, and in the first quarter, the net profit loss of shareholders of listed companies reached 100 million yuan; in 2021, the No. 3 Zhengbang Technology and the third Wen family shares were attributed to listed companies in the first quarter. The net profit loss of shareholders is 100 million yuan and 100 million yuan, respectively.

Now with the rise of pig prices, the profit of farming has gradually recovered.

According to the data of the National Development and Reform Commission Price Monitoring Center, the data released by Zhuochuang Information showed that in the fourth week of May, the national pig price comparison was, a month -on -month increase of%. Based on the current price and cost, the average profit of pig farming in the future is element.

Supply to tighten the price of pork. Although the rise in pork prices is a good thing for farmers, it is a low season for pork consumption. Why does the price rise? "Since July 2021, the production of sow pork has a certain degree of extent. The power of this wave of pork price rebound mainly comes from the decrease in the piglet out of pigs caused by the previous sow production capacity.

"Feng Yonghui, an analyst at the pig industry, told reporters. According to the pig breeding process, Mr. Pig Pig’s Pig Pig’s Pig Pig was about 10 months.

In the opinion of Zhuo Chuang Information Analyst Ma Liyuan, under the influence of the supply of pigs in Guangdong, under the influence of Guangdong’s pig -raw transportation policy, frozen pork collection and storage, etc., the industry has seen more bullish market outlook. Pig price rises.

"In terms of demand, because the price of pork is at the bottom, low prices have a certain stimulating effect on consumption. In addition, some slaughtering companies have the intention to divide into the warehouse. The operating rate of slaughtering companies is high, and it has a certain support for the rise in price.

Ma Liyuan told reporters.

How long will this wave of pork rise? "In April and May, the farming fences were sold. At present, the piglets have a large body weight. As the weather turns heat, the demand for large pigs has decreased, and some pork sources of the fence may be out of the column one after another.

"Ma Liyuan said, at the same time, as the weather became hotter, the terminal demand may be reduced. It is expected that the price of pigs in June is risk of falling. Although there is a risk of falling, the decline is limited, the average monthly price is a new low in March, and the probability of recovery in the second half of the year. "Considering that the capacity of sowing sow has declined since July last year, it continued until April this year.

This also means that the reduction of pig supply will continue until the beginning of next year, so the price of pigs may continue to rebound in the later period.

"Feng Yonghui believes.

A new round of "pig cycle" will start? Recently, the price of pork has risen, which has also caused people to speculate on the start of a new round of "pig cycle". The so -called "pig cycle" is a cyclical pork price of "high -priced and harmful people, priced and wounding farmers". Generally speaking, "High meat prices — a large increase in sow stocks -increased pig supply -fell -fell -a large number of elimination of sows -decrease in the supply of pigs -increased meat prices."

The chief economist of CITIC Securities clearly believes that from the duration of the typical "pig cycle", the "pig cycle" in this round is approaching. Looking at the leading indicators such as the year -on -year growth rate of Neng Fan sow and pig surviving columns, a new round of "pig cycle" is brewing. "Combing the last two rounds ‘pig cycle’, the inflection point that can change the year -on -year -on -year inflection point is about 11 to 14 months. February 2021 is this round of inflection point that can be touched by the sow. Judging from past historical experience, corresponding to the end point of this round of ‘pig cycle’ and the next round of ‘pig cycle’ appear around mid -2022.

"Obviously pointed out.

"A new round of pork prices will be launched in the third quarter.

"Cinda Securities macro analysts solved the prediction, from the perspective of production capacity, the inflection point appeared at the end of the second quarter of 2021; from the perspective of profitability, the pig breeding industry had already experienced two rounds of losses; from the perspective of policy, the official came out. The warm wind of pig prices.

On April 20, Yang Zhenhai, director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at the press conference that our expert team predicted that with the high number of new piglets, the high level of feed costs fell It is expected to achieve a profit, but the uncertain factors still exist. (Reporter Xie Yiguan).

After seeing fireworks,You will bring Luozhou Town Army,Division of thirteen teams,Every team is responsible for grasping a family。Control these places at the same time,Then take all the people in the inside to interrogate,Have anti-resistance!”lt;/Pgt;

Single lonely,It seems that Gao Baoyi command seems yet.。lt;/Pgt;
“Army,Sudokan is standing,Preparatory team,Wei Jun, who prevents the direction of Hongnong。You should have no problem with you,But everything is afraid,In case Wei Guo, with the army,That is the most critical situation,You must hold it!”lt;/Pgt;
The mission of the derivative is basically nothing to do.,The whole army prepared for war.。However, once the West Wei is launched in advance,Then he and his hand three thousand bodies,The last barrier in Luoyang City。lt;/Pgt;
“King(Steep)General,Those who will be issued,Set of military uniforms in the town army,Be guarded as a city gate,Control all city gates in the outer city of Luoyang!Including pontoon in the south!lt;/Pgt;
Springmen、Dongyangmen、Qingyang door、Gates、Xiyangmen、Ximen Gate、Ping Changmen、Xuanyangmen、Jinyangmen、Guang Momen、Big Sumium。this11You have to hold a city gate.,Can’t let go of one person。”lt;/Pgt;
Wang Jun nodded,Be“Ditch”,Let him organize people to see the door.。lt;/Pgt;
Everyone here looks at Gao Changgong,Because only he has not allocated tasks,Only he has the same relationship with Gao Boyi.。lt;/Pgt;
NS158chapter Just practice is just my hobby
Three time is soon,Gao Baoyi is fine,But solitary Luo is nervouslt;/Pgt;
“I am not?? Let you wait in Jinyu City,What are you worried??”Solitary row is the same as the head,Walking in the Zen,Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
“Are you really not afraid??I’ll listen to you,I want to move the knife.!you……Really not afraid??”Soli Luo Xiji。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Boyi posing:“Do not worry,I really don’t have to worry,I still have a backhand,Although Sima Defucheng, although it is rich in Cao’s,but……He can’t get up。”lt;/Pgt;
“Really determine!”lt;/Pgt;
“What is it??”lt;/Pgt;
Soli Luo still does not believe。lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt;

Practicing the new chapter to welcomes the party’s 20th National Congress 丨 Feng Qi is the original intention

  Selected person -oriented orientation is the vane of the political ecology, and it is also the barometer of the party style and political style.

  Shaanxi adheres to the pretty orientation of politics, vigorously selects and uses cadres who resolutely defend the "two establishment" and resolutely achieve "two maintenance"; adhere to the leading orientation of the cause, vigorously select and use it in promoting high -quality development, work hard and innovative innovation Cadres, cadres who can be good and effective in specific work; adhere to a solid style of style, focus on selecting and using low -key and pragmatic, hard -working cadres, and cadres with strong awareness and good reputation. Persist in personnel and appropriate personnel, and consider "who should use" instead of "who should use".

  Since last year, in the major test of the epidemic prevention and control, Shaanxi has strengthened the prize and punishment for inferiority, and inspected the identification of cadres on the front line of resistance. As of the end of February this year, the province promoted and further used the epidemic prevention and control of 8 cadres, dealing with more than 50 cadres who had misconducting their duty, absorbing 189 preparatory party members and entering the party. Difficulty.

  The re -election is a big test for the construction of grass -roots organizations. What kind of person to choose and what kind of leadership team is related to the party’s governing foundation at the grassroots level, and it is related to the development of the next 5 years or even more.

  "We focus on and use a group of cadres who have carried hard work, tough battles, and good performance in emergency and difficult tasks such as three major attacks and epidemic prevention and control." Based on this, 273 cadres in the city were prioritized.

  After Ma Jitao, secretary of the party committee of Yongxiang Township, Luochuan County, entered a new post, and made a commitment to performing duties with the members of the team: in the next few years, we will work hard to create an apple characteristic town, rural tourism town, strong economic development towns, and build peace, happiness, harmony, harmony Damei Yongxiang. "With them, we don’t worry about the industrial development, let’s rest assured.

"For the new leadership team, the new article of villagers in Xi’an Gong Village, Yongxiang Township.

  After the renewal of the party committee of Baoji City (district), around the high -quality development, Qishan County proposed in -depth implementation of the four major strategies of strengthening the automotive industry, making a "one bowl of noodles", living week culture, and "one city, two districts"; Meixian proposed to work hard to create the brand goal of "one mountain, one water, one text, onewu, one industry, one industry, one wine industry"; Fengxian proposed the "five multiplication plans" … These themes with clear themes and truth -seeking development goals will be the economic development goals in the next 5 years. Social high -quality development sounded the charge, further unifying thoughts, inspiring morale, and condensing strong combination. Heroes of high -quality development theory, cadres with work performance.

A group of cadres who promoted innovation, grabbing projects, broke the block, and outstanding achievements were selected and used in Shaanxi Province. In 2021, the province encouraged more than 10,000 people to correct 149 people and corrected more than 1,000 people. Good cadres were selected and controlled.

Shaanxi implemented the "wetland protection" project of the selection and employment ecosystem, grasped special inspections of selected people, strictly implemented the "Fanbu Four" and "promotion of illness". "Small circles" and saying hello, running officials, etc., and resolutely maintaining the environment of the people to choose the environment. If the political ecology is good, the cadre team is clear and smooth.

A team with strong politics, a solid style, and a high -quality development of high -quality development is becoming the main force of the Shaanxi officer’s entrepreneurship.

Wang Youcai saw it was early,He called the base for a question,I asked what Liu Ying’s base needs,When I was going to the supermarket,Suddenly a strange call came in。

Wang Youcai hesitated,But still got the call。There was a nice voice from a woman on the phone:“Boss Wang!It’s me!”
“Who are you?Why can’t I remember,Who are you?”Wang Youcai felt that the voice was very familiar,But he can’t remember who this person is。
“Ouch boss!I’m Lan Ling!You seem to have too many women around you,Forgot me too”The woman on the phone said,Laughed out loud。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,Reacted immediately,He smiled and said:“So it’s you!I really didn’t remember it for a while,Because you changed your phone number”
“Do you have time?I want to treat you to a potluck,Right in my house,Let’s eat,While chatting,what do you think?”Lan Ling suddenly lowered her voice and said。
When Wang Youcai heard that Lan Ling wanted to invite him to dinner at her house,I started to itch。To know,Go to Lan Ling’s house for dinner,What does this mean。
Such a good opportunity,Really not much。Don’t look at Lan Ling even though she is a woman of the wind,People who can go to her house,Really not much。Wang Youcai hesitated again and again,Still didn’t resist such a big temptation.Confused。He laughed and said:“Ok!Send me an address”
“Row,You look at the phone later”Lan Ling hung up after speaking。
Wang Youcai knew very well,A woman like Lan Ling,Rented place,Can change three or four in a year,This may be related to her occupation。
He didn’t drive,But drove over。Lan Ling’s community,It seems to be a new community again,The occupancy rate of the community is not very high。When Wang Youcai went in,I haven’t seen how many people come in and out。
Lan Ling lives on the third floor,Wang Youcai just walked to the door,The door opened,Lan Ling was standing at the door wearing an apron and smiling:“welcome”

45 colleges and universities in Shandong participated in the enrollment enrollment

  Today (March 11), the Provincial Department of Education issued the "Notice on the announcement of the Admissions Plan for the Admissions Plan for the Undergraduate Admissions Program for General Higher Education". In 2022, the number of enrollment plans for the enrollment of the Shandong Specialty Examination was 6,4215, an increase of 9075 from the 2021 Recommended Student Admissions Plan. This plan does not include self -recommended candidates, retired soldiers exempt candidates, set up file candidates, and 3+2 re -segment candidates’ enrollment plan.

This year, a total of 45 institutions in Shandong participated in the enrollment of this examination, and 1 new enrollment college was the Qingdao Film Academy.

  At present, there are two ways to recommend colleges and universities in Shandong University. Candidates who recommend candidates and self -recommended candidates with qualifications for applications are the same. The difference between self -recommendation students and school recommendations is mainly in terms of qualifications and volunteers in the qualifications of the exam. Candidates recommended by universities, the ranking of comprehensive quality evaluation during the school period is not less than 40%of the same grade and the same major.

Recommended by colleges and universities can directly obtain qualifications for colleges and colleges. Self -recommended candidates need to apply for self -recommendation to the college enrollment colleges and universities. After passing the professional comprehensive ability test of the admissions college, you can get the qualification to apply for the school. When filling in volunteers, colleges and universities recommend candidates to fill in any universities in the major in the report, fill in up to 25 colleges and universities for parallel volunteers and "whether to obey college adjustment" volunteers. Self -recommended candidates can only fill in colleges and universities that have obtained their self -recommended qualifications in the major.

Self -recommended candidates cannot sign up for the Shandong Specialty Examination of the Examination of Shandong Specialty if they do not pass the self -recommended examination of any college.

If you pass a self -recommendation exam, you can apply for the Shandong Specialty Examination and fill in the volunteer, and you can only fill in the related majors of the colleges that pass the self -recommended examination. (Finish).

and,Not I want to compete,I am very optimistic about social fields.,My first choice is originally investment Tencent,Just by the horse, you refused.,So I can only do myself.,In fact, I am also forced to help.。”

So to say,This is also blamed.?
Horse mouth corner,But undeniable,He said nothing,Shopping malls such as battlefield,Each megadownload megadownload megadownloadtebiz。
At the beginning, if he accepted his investment.,There will be this kind of child now.。
So much,He actually has true stocks, all of this is quilted.。
Wang Flow continues:“Last investment,So there is a series of things,This time I specially fly over,Just to invite you to join,Sincere, you should feel it.。
In social field,The goal of our two is consistent,Industry selected by your own,You don’t want to waste such a half way.?
Find a place,Let’s talk about it.?Strong combination,Maybe there is two benefits to us.。”
Discuss,He said it is wrong,Just look at him confused in the future,Talk to him is not……Percutaneous pensive,Slow down:
“Ok,Where do you want to talk??”
“See your look,I haven’t had breakfast yet.?Just rush over the night.,Are you hungry?,We went to eat while,How about it?”
The Wang Flow has read the earlier stall that has already opened his eyes.,Proposal。
Small horses like laughing:“I’m OK,But Wang Hong is so big boss,Is the roadside booth eaten??”
“Hahaha,The horse is always misunderstood.,actually……I am also an ordinary family,Do not,It’s better than ordinary,Accurate point,Is poor family,The bitterness of eating is much more than the Mori。”Wang Liu haha smiles,Can not trigger。
Pony does not experience a smile,Look at it,I don’t understand how he laughs like this.。
The king did not explain him.,Laughing while walking in the roadside。
Pony is too lazy to think more,Keep back,Cotting breakfast,He is sinking,Ask:“qqNowadays, now,Reward,Not lack of money,Updated several versions,Several new features launched are also available,It can be said that no shortage of technology and creativity。
I don’t understand some,Wang always does not miss,Why do you want to invite my hand to join??”
Do not understand?
If I said that you said the newly available new features,Are you pushed in your past life?,Don’t you understand??
Wang Flow,Asked on the mouth:“There are many industries available for entrepreneurship.,The general is why I choose a social field??”
“Because I am optimistic about the Internet,At the same time, the paging business in the first two years is very hot.,I think there is room for development in the network and paging two industries.,So I chose the network social network.。”Pony does not think about。
“Clever,I am the same as you think.。”Wang traffic laughs:“Although there are some friction,But that is just a normal business competition,Unrelated personal emotions。
Since we like,Why don’t you invite you to join?,I will open up together.?
You are optimistic about online social interaction,I am also optimistic。
Tencent fell,I can give you a platform for display.。
You have no money to develop,I can give you funds.。
We strongly,More convenient to make this business,In the future, it is on the Internet.,Is this reason not enough??”
“Internet bubbles are broken,Is there a cake in the future??”Pony laughing。
“Of course。”Wang flows:“Each industry has water,The Internet bubble is shattered. It is just to put out excess water.。
Clear garbage,All left is a good company,After the development of driving power is more,Cake will not only have,And more。
Don’t believe you can wait and see,Not for two years,Internet cold winter will dissipate,Network concept will become more booming,A large number of Internet companies will rise,And it is unstoppable,Final swept around the world。”
Pony brows look at him:“Is this confident??”
“certainly。”Wang traffic is confident,Then I glanced at him.,Pick up the eyebrow:“If you don’t believe,Join us,Grow with Tiansheng,What to wait for the future??”
Xiaoma is suspended:“If I join,What are you going to make me??”
“Of course, is your old line,oicqfall down,qqNot yet,Are you not optimistic about online social social?,Join Tiansheng,afterqqI will hand it over to you.,Still do your old bank,You can be satisfied?”Wang Liu asked。

Chinese representative: Welcome to Iran and international atomic energy agencies to reach a "roadmap"

  Xinhua News Agency, Vienna, March 9th. The meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency Council was held on the 9th in Vienna. The Counselor of the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna and other international organizations in Vienna spoke under the issue of Iran’s nuclear issue. Wang Yan pointed out that the current Iraqi -Nuclear Comprehensive Agreement has resumed the performance of the contract to the last moment. All parties should increase diplomatic efforts, make political decisions as soon as possible, and solve the problem of leftover problems. As the beginning of the current Iraqi crisis, the United States should completely correct the errors, take practical measures, actively respond to the reasonable concern of the Iranian side, and promote the negotiations to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

All parties should create necessary conditions and good atmosphere for the efforts of diplomatic efforts.

  Wang Yan said that China supports the international atomic energy agencies to continue to adhere to the principles of objective, neutrality and fairness, and strictly perform their duties of guarantee and supervision of the Iranian nuclear plan based on authorization; The international atomic agency and Iran issued a joint statement on the 5th to reach a "roadmap" on the solution of the issue and support the two parties to continue to solve the difference through dialogue. China appreciates the constructive attitude of Iran’s display in this regard. Wang Yan emphasized that the International Atomic Energy Institution Council passed the resolution in 2015 to conclude that the possible military level of the Iranian nuclear plan was drawn. China has resolutely opposed the politics of international atomic energy agencies to ensure supervision of supervision, oppose any country’s old accounts for the history of the Iraqi nuclear plan, and oppose the implementation of the relevant parties to interfere with and destroy the comprehensive agreement. Wang Yan said that China has always firmly maintained the authority and effectiveness of the resolutions of the comprehensive agreement and the resolution of the Security Council No. 2231, participated in the negotiations constructive, and actively persuaded and promoted talks. The purpose is to promote the comprehensive agreement to return to the right track as soon as possible. China attaches great importance to the important role of international atomic agencies in the implementation of the supervision agreement. It is expected that the international atomic energy institutions to strengthen dialogue cooperation with Iran to jointly promote the resumption of performance and start in parallel. China will continue to work unremitting efforts to promote the process of political diplomacy for the Iranian nuclear issue, and will also firmly safeguard the legal and legitimate rights and interests of China themselves.

Zhou feels funny,You will be named。

“Still a peanut、Did you point??”Zhang Hao is already very skilled.。
Nan Ge said and explained the Zhou Zhihe and:“do not worry,There is only a little bit,Don’t believe you ask them。” “Yeah。”Several people nod。
“And fertilizers these don’t use us to do,I finished it at once.,Fun,Exercise。After you finish, use a few days to fish crayfish.,I can also take you to the river to move small crabs,Although there is no meat,But frying and quite fragrant。I have taken them a few more.。”
“We also have no way。”Nan Ge is some helpless,“I have long called them not to species.,Be a kind。Still now,I only have enough to eat enough.,Half of the peanut,A few lines,There is also a field of valley,Before。We don’t know how many times I said, I will convince them.。”
“The old man is busy。”
Turn a circle,They return home,Not how long I started again。
Nan Ge is a real circumference,She even deliberately brought the kitchen,Pull him with fire。
The night in the village is very black,Doggy。 The owner of the nanta is very big.,And I will rehabilitate in the past two years.,Because the family is huge,New Year’s Eve will come back,So there are many rooms upstairs,Decoration is like a hotel standard room or triple room。
Nan Ge opened a room with a room,There are three parallel beds inside,She said:“This is a female living,Girl dormitory,We stay here three tonights,I can play the card in the evening.。”
She went to another side again,Still three beds:“This is the boy dormitory,The quilt is newly washed,Replace it。”
“To 点 点 蚊 香,Oh,All right。”
Zhouzhi lying on the bed。
Three beds are parallel,Sure enough, like the triple room of the hotel,In addition to the bed frame is too old and quilt is not white。
correct,There is no independence。
Zhou Siuying in the middle,Zhang Haohe is sleeping on both sides。
Zhang Hao asked him:“Do not fight?”
“Do not hit。”
“I want to play。”
“Still。”Zhang Hao shook his head again,“Chat,I have never seen it in half a year.……How is you and Nan Ge??”
“I confess her.。”Zhou You answer very short。
“New Year。”
“Then she agreed?”
“……She considers a period of time。”Zhou is uncomfortable。
“Then how do you have feelings?,I’m curious。”Zhang Hao is full of interest in the gossip of the big brother.。
“I do not know either。”
Chat,They talked to the interests of tomorrow.。
Listening to Zhang Hao,What they have to do is excavation、sowing,Either,Take the soil back,very simple。Just excavation or need a certain skill,And he has now mastered this skill.。
“That is a high one,I remember that Nan Ge called us a group of people to her home.,I am excited about us.。”Zhang Hao is a smoke and started to tell,“We are all in the city,Didn’t play in the countryside……”