Everything is created by all things.,Rule operation。

Triver’s practice,It is to strengthen the rules in the human body.,Communicate with the law。
Thus, the evolution and transition of life level。
On the road of realm,He has already left very far away.。
But summer will not be satisfied,So no more。
Because his enemy is very powerful。
Do not slack off half。
Next,He took a break,After pointing on the problem that Yafei,Entering the practice again。
Yafu also felt the urgency in Xia Xinxu。
She also forcibly make her feelings smoothly。
she knows,Once miss this opportunity,If the summer leaves,So her refiner premises,Will return to the speed of the turtle that has been slowly swallowed。
Summer is compared with her,Is a huge opportunity。
No reason not to cherish。
……Time as soon,Do not return together。
Sway,A year has passed。
Past year,In addition to their own practice and pointing outside Yafu,Summer condensed god fluid through polymer bead,Finally, the http://www.lyjinfu.cn 100,000 strains of four products were proven.。
He harvested all the spirits,I can’t stop going to Fengning City’s spiritual medicine.。
Shortly after,Information in his identity token,It has become a distinguished four-character debris master.。
And his personal assets,Also accumulated to nearly 10 million yuan。
Important,He finally got the qualification of cross-loop-free。
He doesn’t know what,A few times came to the spiritual medicine,Sales performance,Purchase,I have become a mysterious symbol。
It is a woman who is responsible for the shopping guide from Sun Shu Cui.,Life is pushed to the position of the supervisor。
Because he comes,They are all purchased from Sun Shu Cui.,Every time it is millions of spending。
Unfortunately, Sun Shuqing is very tight.,Older is always difficult to approach each other。http://www.yuanpanshazhi.cn
Later later,He has never appeared,Becomes a pass。
……the other side。
After the summer leaves the spirit,Not returned to Qingquanzong。
He is with Yafu,Strand Thai City。
Year old,Tongqiang’s strong sense of mind,I have spanned the planet several times.。
Summer is speculated on the information,Avoid each time。
In other words,Strong idea is in a look,At least more than 20,Even a month。
after all,Even if the strong people are strong,Detailed view of the planet,The loss of idolism and heart power is also very huge。
Summer use this void,Evade。
This time is the same。
Three,Strong thoughts again and again。
Summer has waited for three,Only leaving Yafu,Go to Fengning City to sell performance。
After another,They finally came to Thai star。
Rad straight to Thai City Beicheng Life Medicine,Again‘North http://www.zyxwq.cn Hui Star Transport Office’。
This is the second time in summer.。

I wish the doubles, I don’t seem to take care of him.,He doesn’t care,Run the pillow to the balcony,Yell,Then he took the chair and shouted her sister.:“Sure enough, Dianchi is!”

Zhouzhi silently pours water。
Blink,The sister is already sitting down on the balcony.,Two people stuffed into a hanging chair,Sway,I am quiet and quiet.。
Dianchi’s wind blows,Pick up curtains。
The light outside is gradually darker.,The clouds still stayed in the sky have been dyed into a monster red,The sky is full of fire clouds。
Colorful clouds are always very good.,The brothers and brothers raised their mobile phones.,Occasionally a few http://www.jogjog.cnshots,Or look back to take the leaves in the house。I wish the double children also give Jiang Yu video,Said,Show the beauty again。
Zhou Zhi is paved with them。
槐 就 身 身,Say:“You see your younger brother sister,Take a look at you more,I talk to you, you don’t care about me.。”
Zhou Zhiwei did not hear。
Lay shop,He sat back on the couch,Reward the group climbed to his thighs。
Aiming in the eyes,He said:“I am a little toothache。”
“What pain?”
“Is it elderly??”Nan Ge blinked down,“My brother has been hurting before.,Then go to the hospital to pull。”
“It should be。”
“You are almost the age of Changzhi tooth.。”Nan Ge said with his head,The tone is like adults face children.。
“Then you can have a bit trouble.。I remember that I didn’t sleep when I wisdom my teeth.,After watching the hospital, I have to prevent inflammation.,At least three or five days can pull it out,After pulling it, I have to eat more than a lot of days.。”
“So, we don’t have to look at it.?”Nan Ge is from the eyes,Also added,“very nice!”
Zhouzhi is a little speechless,Can this girlfriend still have to?http://www.meitebangong.cn
The sound of the spring is ringing:“Would you like me to give you,I will pull,I will unplug you two times.!”
Zhou casts a doubtful gaze。
槐 拍 保:“Do not worry,I used to torture the enemy before pulling a lot of teeth.,How can I pull out which?,If you agree with me, you will go to find a pliers.!”
Chapter 350 At least fish soup can not eat
Deep night。
Zhou Zhiyu gives him a bottle of mash,This stuff has a strong sterilization effect,He hopes to stop it from deteriorating。
The truth is effective,And it is very fast,After using it, the pain is so fast.。
Zhou Zhihu back home ready to sleep。
The room of the 序 is secondary,But very big,And the biggest difference between the master bedroom is inconsistent and there is no bathroom.。
certainly,He also doesn’t care about these。
The old monster’s http://www.tongshangdc.cn room is quite tidy.,Because、computer、Game equipment and snack beverages,Almost no。The quilt pillow on the bed is also organized to organize the entire work.,I haven’t stacked the tofu block.。


In fact, the idea of Gao Bao is not unprivile.,Because there will be someone to repair the canal,I want to be in Jining(Rencheng)Here,Some goods from the South and South here。lt;/Pgt;
http://www.miracleprinting.cn that person,May be born now,His famous river…Yang Guang。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi is now coming in advance.。lt;/Pgt;
“The cake is http://www.hexiangly.cn so big.,How?”lt;/Pgt;
Fan Yang Lu came to a thin middle-aged man asked。His appearance is a bit like Lusi,Probably a Lu family。lt;/Pgt;
“Now the food of disaster relief,Distribute,Have recorded。Use these tobach,Work money。If not enough,Just give yourself。”lt;/Pgt;
“these people……Not a service??”lt;/Pgt;
Sinual middle-aged face。lt;/Pgt;
There is no consumption in service.,Your idiots!lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao has dressed in his heart.。lt;/Pgt;
“I have already went to the book.,Established Donghe Boss in Rencheng,North-south cargo,Drawing here,Then we are http://www.njlhj.cn responsible for establishing aqueous and pier,And provide cargo information。”lt;/Pgt;
Everyone is like a nodded。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Boyi is also very helpless,If someone will ask what this means?,He had to answer this is that he is the futures.,And Donghe Boss is the futures exchange。lt;/Pgt;
Is this place to find a city that will not be flooded??I am easy.?lt;/Pgt;
“How to take up?”lt;/Pgt;

Wait for Xia http://www.kdsman.cn Jianyi to sit down,Guo Meili let serve。She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked quietly:“President Xia!What shall we drink tonight?If you drink white wine, everyone will go to work tomorrow,Shall we have some red wine tonight?“

“it is good!Then drink red wine”Xia Jian said,Glanced at the whole table。Except that he and Chen Guohua are two men,The rest are big beauties,And all of them are unique。
Wang Yihua lowered her voice and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!You are really amazing,This guy is all big beauties,And all of them are very capable。These two days,The entire Qingshan County is full of advertisements for the sale of houses in your southern district,Even the TV channel at night,Our local station in Qingshan County,I’m monopolized by you”
“is it?How do you feel?”Xia Jian asked Wang Yihua back。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:“Of course http://www.cyber-dj.com.cn the effect is very hot,Even a few colleagues in our unit,Also come to me,Say let me help,Buy them a house in Nancheng”
“I still need you for this,Just let them register”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:“Not registered,I heard that the registration is over”
“is it?”Xia Jian turned around,Looked at Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“The first phase is sold out,Not even a room left。If you want to buy,Can only wait for the second issue”When Guan Tingna said this,,A face of confidence。
First1167chapter Dinner
I don’t seem to drink anything white for dinner,Also no atmosphere。
Xia Jian soon discovered this problem。Whole table,Except Wang Yihua dared to speak freely,Guan Tingna is the rest。Guo Meili has very few words,The remaining few people barely said a word。
Xia Jian glanced at Guo Meili http://www.tianchifang.cn and said:“Drink it for nothing!I almost fell asleep after drinking this red wine,Look at them again,It’s like tape on the mouth”
“That line!Since President Xia has spoken,We just drink white”Guo Meili stood up,Go out and arrange a few words for the waiter。In a while,The waiter took two bottles of liquor and came up。


“General,His people sent people to send secrets,Now people in the big camp。”The pro-team will deliver the bamboo cylinder of the secret.。lt;/Pgt;
http://www.leitapp.cn go,Mingjin!Returning!”lt;/Pgt;
Billow big hand,Finish。lt;/Pgt;
Prefecture,Wire line of Luoyang Jinyu City,Pushed ten miles away from the west。lt;/Pgt;
Mining trench,It is the continuation of the defense line forwarded Wuli。lt;/Pgt;
Just now, the ambusical tactics,Are in Wang Jun“Pit http://www.renchenghualang.cn tactics”On the basis of improved,The utilization is the psychological blind spot。lt;/Pgt;
Su Gujun is a rider,So the enemy saw the horse riding,I think it is elite,The steps are slag。lt;/Pgt;
But the military power of the North Dynasty,Total,Although the soldiers are divided,Riding,Archery,Battle battle,Both basic operations,Square, the left hand shield right hand, there is still a horse bow,I can go to the horse at any time,It’s too normal.。lt;/Pgt;
As for the mask of the rabbit head,It is Gao Bo Yi, which is customized in Qi Prefecture.,The purpose is to confuse the audiovisual,Let your opponent touch these three thousand“Zizhou town army”,What is the team?。lt;/Pgt;
Soldier,It is not a little bit of counted,The last hit will you kill??lt;/Pgt;
http://www.32912999.cn “Swing is human killing,Not you die, I die!”lt;/Pgt;
The roller is fascinated by the Si Wei Army,Sigh,Shook your head and left。lt;/Pgt;
These people don’t have their own old knowledge.,But how is it??On the battlefield,Just waiting to pick up the knife。lt;/Pgt;
Only lose win,Win,Life and death,There is no relationship with people.。lt;/Pgt;
This is the army。lt;/Pgt;
“completely annihilated?Five hundred people are gone?”lt;/Pgt;
Si Siu heard the battle of the rebuker,A bit of standing,Unable to sit down。lt;/Pgt;

“What is the name of this child?,It’s quite happy.。”Yu Wen is full of malicious whispering。

Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1305chapter the brightest star in the night sky
This year, autumn harvest has just passed,Qi State is released《文 邕 檄》,It is necessary to ask the West Zhou Guo,And public announcement,To force the three way,Into the head,Allocation!
The first road is the North Road Army,From Beixi Express Doggama Hibao,It is the best of the elite army.,50,000 people with the elite army,There are also number unknown,Used to protect logistics。
This army from Jinyang,To Hedong,Tagged in Qi Native new“Castle group”inside,Along the Weihe River,Echoing each other,Mutual。
There is also a water source and http://www.zx-power.cn transportation in the Weihe River.,The supply line is smooth,It seems that you can stand for a long time。
Even if I don’t understand military,After knowing these things,Can also get a conclusion:This is definitely the main force of the week.!
Gao Sharogado with so many people,Still starting before“Bunker group”,Obviously, it is necessary to complete the undertaking of the same year.,Attack Yu Yucheng!
As long as Yushu City lost,Zhou Guo is destroyed,There is only the time to spend time and labor.。
The second road is the South Road Army,Lead people,Actually a young man,Yan Su。Said to be named,This seems to be a little famous.,I have been working around Gao Bao very early.,It is considerateful。
Although the Greater Governor,But it is inevitable“Live”Old rules。Yang Su is said to marry the Gao Bao Yi Lady,With http://www.hebzgrs.cn this relationship,Alone leading the soldiers,It seems that it is not so surprising.。
This soldier horse has started from Yucheng.,Head of the Fu Fu, the Fu Fu, the Those,Yang Su is the main,Fu Fu is a deputy。
Soldiers and horses don’t,Not else,But the enemy they face,It is also a mess,Only by the riser can barely maintain the situation of the Southern Southern Army。
And Jingxiang multi-grain,Don’t worry,There is no possibility of retreating from troops because of replenishment problems。
This strategic intention,It seems very conspicuous,That is the combined soldier horse,Take a little behind,Just along the north of Han River,All the way!
There is no skill in this way.,Don’t you use what ambush?,Flooding,Fire attacks, so as soon as possible。Hanjiang corridor,So two big mountains,Slice is endless。
No flower is not,You have a kind of soldiers and horses,Along the north of Han River,The soldiers can be in Linhan.。Opened in Hanzhong,Guanzhong is in front of you,Just how you get it.。
However, in a lot of eyes,This road horse,Not the north policy should be high-stricken to attack Yushu City。Take the capital in Yang Su,I want to open this way,Be almost a heaven。
But why do Gao Bi wants Yang Su with a tricks like a soldier??perhaps,Still playing“Even if it is useless,Scared Zhou people is also good”,Such a wishful abaument。
learn from mistakes,Last time I was broken by Yuwen Constitution,This time,Qi State is to guard,Let Zhaobe can’t fully defend Yusheng City,At least there is no soldier and horses to implement the field。
Siege team,It is very fragile。If you are unfavorable in Qi Jun,Zhou Jun is only unclear and unclear from behind,Although it can’t be said to be easy,But at least one possibility。
No matter which aspect,Gao Bi must kill the danger in the germination state。
Third Army,Then Wang Lin with the horse,Leave Huainan,Around the three towns in Heyang, Luoyang。Based on Mengjin,Build a battleship,Training water army。
This,Very like bypassing Yu,From the Yellow Hebei,Strike,Directly won Pucha City!
certainly,Mengjin,Yellow River is abnormal,But continue to north,After the gantry,Water flow will be extremely urgent。There are several passions,Slightly accidentally,Will go to the ship!
I hope that the light can attack Pucha City.,Not quarantine。
But,Zhou Country who dares to pack,It is said that all the troops of Pu 坂 are scheduled to Yushu City.?There is still one in all things.。The soldiers in Wang Linjun is the running ship.,Single the technology of driving boat,Looking for every family,I really don’t have much better than them.。
In case there are several ships,With a few thousand soldiers,What should I do with Fengling??
Zhou Guo no one dares to gamble,Even if it is Yu Wen Constitution,Don’t gamble。One most obvious evidence is,When I learned that Wang Linjun took the country.,Yu Wen constitution is busy contracting forces,And send people all the big vessels that go to the wind,Even a piece of slat is not left to Qi Jun。
This three-way army attacked Weekrance,Comic out,One time,Chang’an all sorts are busy,Mobilize various resources,Go to the battle of this time。
Um,They are the party to be destroyed by others。
Yusheng City,Wei Xia width looked at it“River”Sutch-towering city,Some skeptical。
The speed of the city,How did you do a short more than a month?,Build such a big city?If you say a sophisticated degree,璧 城,That is far less than。
However,What is better than the speed?!

Niu Niu, I didn’t dare to open my eyes.,I am afraid that I will find it.,This is just another dream.。

But the sound of the ear has continued to operate.,Endless。after that,Even with a crying chamber。
“Mother is not crying,Mother is the best mother in the world.!”
Niu Niu’s difficult rise,Wrapped in tightly a night,Hand is numb。
“Niu Niu, you wake up!Is it a mother who wakes you??sorry,sorry,Mother should be small!”
“How can the mother be sorry?!Mother likes the girl’s favorite!”
“Yes,Mother likes the girl’s favorite”
what happened,How to get into Lin Daiyu suddenly。I feel this, I have to cry.,I didn’t say anything.!
Living, you can live, you are not good at.!father!Come to marry your wife.!I can’t hold it.!
Cao Cao,Cao Cao。Su Qiang timely push the door http://www.zhipin100.cn to save the girl in the water,
“daughter in law,How about Niu Niu?!”
Although Su Grandma said that Niu Niu is so almost like,He is still not assured,I have to take a look at yourself.。
Su Qiang’s appearance has successfully interrupted Zhou’s thoughts,Pull her from the embarrassment。
“mother,I’m hungry!”
Niu Niu seized the opportunity to hurry out,Stay again, I don’t know what will happen.!What should I do if I cry again??
Moreover, the stomach is really hungry.,Don’t you say something that is sick??What is this situation?!How can I feel so hungry?!
“Niu Niu woke up.!Be in~~”
“Hungry,Mother, give you clothes right away,The big grandmother gives you a fragrant millet porridge.!Just waiting for the girl to wake up and drink.,The big man’s craft is good.,You have to eat more。”
Su Qiang just pressed down.,After that, I can’t insert a sentence.,Can only look at your own wife’s busy。
“Join,You wear the girl to the girl,Hold out to eat。I packed the quilt.,Come on!”
It can be helped.,Su Qiang hurried up,Lilky, bought ,,,,,,,,Holding her, I will go out.。
Niu Niu said hungry!Have a quick food!
I only remember what the girlfriend said,After completing your daughter-in-law, I have completely throw my own brain.。
Niu Niu, I wanted to remind my relatives.,Which is too fast。And go out,I smelled the smell,I can’t remember this at all.。
Survival wants to rely on themselves,The prostitute reminder is no matter!
Yeao came in,Niu Niu is sitting in Su Ye Ye,Beautiful drinking porridge,The porridge of the big mother is really fragrant.!Niu Niu took http://www.paihaodian.cn a bite,unstoppable。
Let the girl are surprised by the girl,The mother came in actually did not,It’s too incredible.。When is your status of your home?!
Niu Niu suddenly looked at it。Su Qiang is getting annoying himself without a naughty girl.,Let the Grandpa will give it to the grandfather.。I didn’t find the little eyes of Niu Niu at all.,Don’t say yourself.。
I am too much.!Can’t I let me hold?!Take the Niu Niu every time!I know that I will let my wife come out.!
At this time, I was in my wife.!
Thinking,Su Qiang looked at it.,I didn’t seem to wait for her.。Shouldn’t be angry,She doesn’t have to wait for her.!right!right?
Look up,Yeel is not looking at yourself.,The eyes are all gathered on the Niu Niu,Little still light is not separated from yourself。Ok!Although this is very good!
Inexplicable,Su http://www.xinlanmumen.cn Qiang is a little lost in his heart。

NS420chapter:Included bodyless

Blue Xin is desperately running on the sidewalk,Sunset,Shrouded her loneliness and painful figure。
People who have passed by her,Watching her http://www.xiaomendun.cn everywhere。
Her face is grief, people can’t bear to see,Tears blurred her eyes,But she is some regardless of the matter!
Sudden,A pain under the feet,Her whole person fell to the ground。
Palm,Two palms have broken the skin,Blood instantly。
A stabbing feeling,But only a heartache, Blue Xin,I didn’t feel that my hands were very painful.!
She crying on the ground,I want to vent all humiliation and unwillingness,People who pass around,It’s indifferent to see all this,No one dares to help her!
She is blue,Be so big,Not the first time being insulted so,But I don’t know why.?
This time,From Lu Wei’s mouth,I heard the two words of the wild,Thoroughly stinging her heart。
suddenly,Someone pulled her arm。
Blue Xin slowly,Sunset,A Jun Yi Yi’s soft face introduces her eyes。
The rest of the sunset,He Handshaped http://www.qmxsg.cn Zhao Yu Zhiji with a faint Jinhui,He is like Shen Ming Lin.,Is saving the Savior of Cangsheng!
Blue Xinyi is the Ou Jing,She wiped her face quickly,That kind of death,Also instantly converges a lot。
Ou Jing is deeply looking at her,Slightly hidden lips:“Blue Director,But I fell.,Is it so sad??”
actually not,The moment from her ran from the coffee shop,He has already seen her.。
Seeing an angry Lu Wei,He instantly understands what is going on!
I didn’t expect that she ran so fast.,Looking at her fell,He stands aside,After you have a steady breath,Only before she,Convenience。
Blue Xin smiled slightly,Quickly wipe the tears on your face,She smirks:“Yes!But I fell.!Why do I cry so sad??”
sometimes,Should think about it,When you want to give up,Think about why you will go to this step?
In order to live,For the sake of work,She is brave to go to this step.。
No matter how cruel this world,Regardless of how this world does not tolerate a woman who is unmarried。
But the most difficult road in front of her has come over.,What are you afraid??
Ou Jing, did not say anything,Pull of her。
Blue Xin stands well,Low,Looking at your feet,Slightly moved slightly。
The ankle is tingling,She is slightly eyebrow,This is heavy,She sprained her feet。
She is moving slightly.,The whole person touched again!
European Xiangxi quickly supported her,“It seems to be twisted,Go to the hospital first.!”
Lan Xin looked at him,Laugh:“European secretary,I can go to the hospital yourself.,You go back first.!”
European,Watching her eyes deeply,But no leave!
Lan Xin looked at him.,I don’t know what to say between it.!
Ou Jing, in his opinion, it is a very quiet person.!
When he is quiet,Give people a feeling of separation with the world,The clean and warm temperament from him,People dare not send a little voice,I am afraid to disturb him.!
Ou Jing, there is no expression:“I will send you to the hospital.!”The sound is pleasant,But people are not allowed。
Although he is ignorant,Temperament,Not near,But it is definitely an internal heat。
Blue Xinyi see him insist,Nothing to say anything?

35 The trouble is coming

Sent away Mr Zhang,Chen Xiu also drove to the original rental house in Xiasha Chengzhong Village。
When I http://www.dsilearning.cn arrived at the original rented single room on the seventh floor of the original room, I saw the obese figure of the charterer。
“I said I will come and move things by myself,Do you need to wait here all the time!”Chen Xiu said dissatisfiedly。
“He is Chen Xiu!”
The charter wife’s words are over,Two people suddenly appeared outside http://www.ycsykyw.cn the room and blocked the door,One of them has an elastic bandage on his chest,Sun San who was kicked and broke his ribs before and has not healed,Another person, Chen Xiu, looks very familiar,Just for a while but can’t remember。
But with the appearance of Sun San,Chen Xiu was on guard,
Since he tried to trick himself here,Of course it can’t be for dinner!
“Two bosses,I lied to you,This money……”
The charter wife bypassed Chen Xiu and ran to the door while Chen Xiu was not paying attention to her.。
“give her!”
Sun San put a wad of hundred yuan bills into the charter’s hand,Don’t forget to explain:“Today,You don’t know,Never met us,Do you understand!”
The charter wife put the money on tiptoe,Less than 20,000。

Tell this,It seems that there is a shock than to the scripture in Heaven,Because,Yellowish,Among the cognition of Xu Wenqiang,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce does not have such a master。

“good,There are no outsiders here.,The this is the master of the knife masters.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“The ancestor’s predecessors have broken through。”Skate the sky。
“Yes,This can’t think of this sculpture of the world’s carving master.。”Huang Fengyu is also sighful。
“His knife is extremely horrible,Same one http://www.isweethome.cn level,His knife can make the opponent’s heart,His knife is known as the water emperor。”Xu Wenqiang recalls the explanation。
“How did you know?”Lin Feng heard a surprise,He doesn’t know these。
“I also know that people say,This knife is also soft and just,Just,In this way, I can engrave the goddess.,The same group of Qinglong master is engraved into the military,In the future achievements。”Xu Wenqiang laughs。
“Why is this?”Lin Feng and Xunxiao to Tiannan,I am interested in the sky.,He also has a martial art,Just repair is very shallow,Otherwise, that day will not be attacked.。
“I do not know either,Lao Huang, you should know.?”Xu Wenqiang smiled and saw the yellow windy road。
Huang Fengyu heard the words and laughed and laughed.:“In ancient history,There are many people to engrave,Entering Wuoao with so-called art, http://www.80must.cn etc.,But these people are often difficult,Even if they can’t think of the martial arts。”
“Why is this?”Lin Feng and Xunxiao to Tiannan。
“Because of the martial art,painting,Engraving, etc. is actually a truth.,The final analysis is,With the improvement of their skills,Their realm is getting higher and deep,Wisdom is getting more and more,If you touch the martialoise,Their martialo road will also integrate through,Thunder,Fast than the average!。”Huang Fengyu explained。
I seem to have a real understanding to Tiannan.,And Lin Feng also nodded。
“Zu Qinglong 10 years,Disabled,It is not bad.,I think his realm has already built a half-step martial art.,This time you cure his injury,He has entered the realm of half-steps。”Yellow windy laughs:“I think he will break through。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng and henited his head to Tiannan。
“As a result,We are more sure。”I heard the way to Tiannan。
“Then we have a cup in advance,Drank feast。”Lin Feng smiled and picked up a glass cup。
“it is good!”Totale,Xu Wenqiang,黄风雨三人纷纷拿起了自己的酒杯,四人站起身来,碰了下酒杯。
“林老大,让他进来,他是Wang Furong。”徐文强的声音传来。
“Maple brother,I是Wang Furong。”Wang Furong谄笑道,脸上露出一丝恭维。他望着屋里的人,神色忍不住紧张了下。
“王富荣?进来吧。”Lin Feng faint,转身走入了包厢里面坐在椅子上面。
“Strong brother,我没有资格坐在这里,今天我来是向枫哥道歉的。”王富荣语气恭维的道。
“Oh,王富荣,sit down。”Lin Feng faint。
“枫哥,我……”Wang Fu Rong apologizes:“I am really coming to apologize.。”
“sit down。”林枫淡淡的道。
“王富荣,Let you sit down and sit down.。”Yellow wind and rain。
“Thank you to the secretary,Huang Bureau,Thank you Feng Ge,强哥。”Wang Fucheng, respectful sitting on the chair,Directly on your face,Be more nervous。
“王富荣,I http://www.haobozj.cn believe that today’s event week has already told you.。”Huang Fengyu:“Unable,broad daylight,Robust,Also hire hacking people。”
“Huang Bureau,do not worry,After the dynasty is hurt,I will let him accept the serious punishment of the law.,Similarly, I will also severely punish this sacred child.。”Wang Fu Rong respects。