Workplace promotion, you must learn to ask

Workplace promotion, you must learn to ask

As the saying goes: “The soldiers who don’t want to be generals are not good soldiers,” but not everyone really wants to be a general.

On the surface, everyone wants to be promoted and raised, but the subconscious may have a lot of breakthrough thinking.

  For example, promotion means more responsibility, I feel that it is difficult for me to persist; promotion is to first please the boss, I can’t do it; promotion is equal to pushing myself to the position of leadership, I am afraid that I can not servePromotion, it means that I want to be a strong woman, no strong woman who loves these subconscious mindsets will balance with the desire to promote, so that you have been in the embarrassing situation of “want to promote, but not promote”.
  Examine these self-limiting minds and re-establish an idea that is consistent with your wishes.

For example, you can think like this: Everyone has unlimited possibilities. If I am a supervisor, I believe I can do it well.

After you lay the foundation for thinking, the next step is just the method.

  So what is the way to promote a job?

Especially in the workplace, women are always afraid to ask, even if there is no opportunity, they should grasp the promotion opportunities.

Let’s take a look at Yang Lan’s suggestion: I once read a book that says: “Why don’t you ask?”

“It’s quite touching, let’s share it with you.”

  In this book, for college graduates with the same academic qualifications and the same grades, the boys are more daring to ask for a higher salary. He at least dares to ask.

Girls always think a lot and give up asking.

For example, in the same position, men usually ask the boss for a promotion before the woman.

In the same situation, we will note that the number of women in government and business executives is very different from that of men, which is partly related to women’s demand for promotion.

  In addition to a good mentality, professional women also need to master the skills of life in the workplace, and “active requirements” can be regarded as one of the skills.

When many media interviewed me, I usually gave me some advice to girls in the workplace. The most I said before was that girls should give themselves “appreciation”, including continuing to recharge or other channels to make a difference.
But there is also a job-making skill in the workplace. I put it into the “voice”, that is, the girl must have the courage to ask and ask.

  Our workplace survey in 2009 focused on the issue of women’s promotion.

If I have any suggestions on this issue, it is that the promotion of the workplace should be “appreciated” and “sound”.

Rice – a way to increase the nutrition of rice

Rice – a way to increase the nutrition of rice

As one of the most important staple foods of the Chinese, rice is closely related to our lives.

But when it comes to rice, how many kinds of things can you think of?

Do you feel tired of glutinous rice that is unchanged every day?

Here, we introduce you to some of the most popular “rice” methods, which may give you some “creation” inspiration.

Braised pork risotto today made a braised pork with a piece of pork belly. Adding water and adding rice, this braised pork risotto was born and the smell was tangy.

It is like a rice bowl, but it is more tempting than a rice bowl, and it is more attractive. The ingredients and rice are integrated into one.

Ingredients: 1 pork belly, 1 potato, 1 onion, 1 pot of rice seasoning: soy sauce, salt, oil, cooking wine, starch, water Steps: 1, cut the pork belly, add the appropriate amount of wine and starch, and mix and serve.2, the potato is diced; 2, add the right amount of oil in the pot, pour the meat into the dish until it is discolored, and put it out for use; 3, pour the onion and stir-fry; 4, stir fry for 15 minutes or so, even obvious discoloration, shrink; 5Add potato diced and fried meat; 6, add slightly soy sauce and add soy sauce; 7. Stir fry evenly, add appropriate amount of salt; 8. Add scoured rice; 9, turn well; 1. Pour it into rice cookerIn the middle of the paving; 11, add water, slightly higher than the ingredients; 12, start the cooking process, complete.

At the moment of uncovering the lid, the fingers were stained with meat, and almost even his own hands were paralyzed.

The characteristic method makes the rice nutrition increase and the characteristic rice is healthy. The key is how much oil is used.

If you use less oil, you can avoid the “rich disease” caused by high blood lipids caused by excessive transition, so it is inevitable that the speculation is awkward. It is very important to grasp the amount of oil used.

In addition, it is now at the peak of the cold, eating pineapple rice made from glutinous rice is a good choice, glutinous rice is a warm food, it has a very good preventive effect on colds and colds.

In fact, there are species that can be used for rice. They are either fresh and salty, or sweet and tempting. They all have their own characteristics.

In any case, they all have something in common: the characteristic rice is mostly supplemented with animal and vegetable ingredients, so it has an increase in nutrient content and nutrient types compared to ordinary steamed rice.

In addition, its gorgeous color and varied taste can also increase the appetite of others, which greatly enriches the food culture.

The first type – paella, the colorful taste of paella is actually an “imported product”, originated in Spain, is the national dish of Spain.

Authentic paella, due to the use of spice saffron, rice grains into golden yellow, and then with prawns, oysters, squid and other materials, only its bright color just makes people’s appetite increase.

The ingredients used in paella are extremely rich, except for the shrimps, oysters, squid, green peppers, red peppers, and other shellfish.

In addition, olive oil, saffron is also indispensable.

When making, first fry fish, shellfish, and vegetables with olive oil, then add saffron, salt, etc., seasoning, and cook with rice.

The second type – stone pot bibimbap, the most comprehensive nutrition, as long as people who have seen Korean dramas, they will not be unfamiliar with the big pots and bibimbap.

However, when it comes to Korean bibimbap, the most “classic” is stone pot rice.

It is understood that there are many ingredients for bibimbap, from 荤 to vegetarian, from cold to hot, including eggs, cold bean sprouts and greens, fried bracken, carrots, and fried minced meat.Wait.
In the production, the most important thing to pay attention to is that the egg is fried on one side, and the other side should keep the egg yolk intact; before the steamed rice is put into the pot, a layer of sesame oil should be applied on the bottom and edge of the stone pot to ensure that the rice is not sticky.Add oily scent at the same time.

As the speed of the stone pot rises quickly, the rice, the vegetables, the eggs and the minced meat will heat up soon after they are heated.

At this time, stir it with chopsticks, and the fragrance is overflowing, making the index finger move.

The third type – pineapple rice, the best fruit with purple glutinous rice into the dish is not a fresh idea, but if the “best combination” of rice and fruit, then non-pineapple rice is none other than.

As a unique delicacies of the Yi people in the interior of Yunnan, pineapple rice is very different from ordinary rice. Its unique subtropical fruit pineapple is fresh, fragrant, sour, sweet, and glutinous rice has a mellow and smooth taste, and a variety of vitamins., has a very high nutritional value.

As the name suggests, pineapple rice is based on pineapple and glutinous rice.

Among them, pineapple should be neither too familiar nor too raw, the appearance is 2/3 yellow, 1/3 green is the best; glutinous rice is the best among purple glutinous rice.

When making, first steam the glutinous rice into a glutinous rice for later use, then cut the pineapple into the nail to make a cover, and dig out the pineapple meat for use, leaving about 0.

5 cm thick shell, steamed for about 15 minutes.

Then chop the excavated pineapple meat (the more broken the better), stir with the steamed glutinous rice, sprinkle with sugar, mix well, put it into the pineapple, cover it, and steam it for about 15 minutes.

The first type – Yangzhou fried rice, less oil and salt to mention fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice is famous, from the street shop to the five-star hotel probably can be made.

However, the authentic Yangzhou fried rice should be something?

Master Shi Quansheng, the top ten Chinese culinary master, Huaiyang cuisine, tells us that there are many types of fried rice, whether it is domestic, or Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, each of which has its own well-known types. Among them, Yangzhou fried rice is characterized by its color.The appearance, “soft, sturdy, loose, cool” taste has won the widest recognition.

The exact name of Yangzhou fried rice should be “Assorted Egg Fried Rice”.

According to the standards set in 2002, its main ingredients include rice, shrimp, and firewood eggs; the ingredients are chicken legs, fresh bamboo shoots, sea cucumber, diced mushrooms, diced mushrooms, Jinhua ham, and dried scallops.,Haricot vert.

In terms of practice, Yangzhou fried rice should pay attention to “reducing oil and reducing salt.”For example, 500 grams of rice with 4 eggs, plus some ingredients a total of about 1000 grams, only 60 grams of oil, the amount of salt should be slightly lighter than usual.

Spicy MM should be more sensitive to dryness and sensitivity

Spicy MM should be more sensitive to dryness and sensitivity

Spicy hot pots and boiled fish are popular in all parts of the country, and fractures are seen. Now everyone is very spicy.

Indeed, eating chili peppers has become a must-have for many metropolitan beauty gatherings.

  Many hot-smelling beauty said: “Sichuan girls’ skin is mostly good, and it can be seen that pepper is good for the skin.

In fact, in the dry and cold city of Beijing, excessive supplementation of peppers caused skin damage.

If you are addicted to spicy food, sensitive and dry have probably visited your skin.

  Sexually excessive 3 sins.

Eating spicy is more sensitive!

  In China, 36% of people think they are sensitive skin, but do you know which province has the highest proportion of sensitive skin?

Internationally renowned skin care experts have conducted a test on sensitive skin in Sichuan and found some facts: the proportion of sensitive skin in Sichuan is higher than in other parts of China.

Experts believe that this has a lot to do with Sichuan people like to eat chili, because the pepper contains spicy, excessive will cause skin sensitivity.


Eat spicy to make your skin drier!

  According to research from Singapore, 26% of workers in the spice processing factory feel the skin is hot and dry, because their ground pepper or pepper will release the pungent, which will cause the skin to containThe amount of water is reduced.

  Applying slimming products containing chili residue, you can also know the control of water by the succulent. It is a good thing to deal with the edema of the calf, but it is a bad dream for dry skin.


Eating spicy is the enemy of acne muscle!

  If your acne is overwhelming, doctors will advise you to avoid it. Don’t eat spicy food.

This is because many times, adult acne is caused by the body’s damp heat, while overeating is easy to aggravate the body’s damp heat, which will cause further deterioration of acne.

Although pepper can exert a certain detoxification effect, excessive intake of pepper can cause internal secretion disorders.

  Spicy beauty skin care formula anti-sensitive + anti-drying 1.

Simple three-step increase of skin resistance If you want to eat spicy, and worry about the natural barrier of pepper damage to the skin, resulting in sensitive phenomena, then the most effective way is to increase the skin’s resistance through external forces.

  The basic principle of nourishing skin is to supplement natural intercellular lipids to balance the humidity inside and outside the cell membrane.

It sounds complicated, but it is only the simplest three steps: spray the spring water, then apply hyaluronic acid plus Vaseline, hydrate the water, catch the water and make up the oil to make the skin tough.


The damage of natural vegetable fats against the dry skin of the extremely dry muscles is very great for Asian women.

In Japan, 51% of women are dry skin, and 61% of women in Korea are dry skin. I don’t know if Korean women prefer chili.

  If you are dry skin and can’t reduce the temptation of pepper, it is recommended to choose a moisturizing product containing pure natural vegetable fat, because the category oil is very similar to the skin’s own sebum, which can quickly soothe and nourish the skin.

  TIPS peppers also have a beauty skin power. The replacement of skin damage is excessive, or your body is not suitable for eating too much.

In fact, moderate intake of pepper is also good for the skin.

The vitamin C contained in pepper is the first in vegetables, vitamin B, carotene and calcium, and iron and other nutrients are abundant.

  In addition, Japanese researchers have found that using stimulating hormone to stimulate the sensory nerves in the skin that sense pain and burning, the sensory nerve endings secrete an enzyme that can make cells apoptotic and prevent skin aging.

The Spurs are the originator of the health ball: we take people with morality

The Spurs are the originator of the health ball: we “take people with morality”

Half-sen is a proper stab, such as a fake replacement, the first game of the Spurs in the new season must be concerned, the play must be enough.

This year, the Spurs’ opponent is the Timberwolves, a team with a story, the most turbulent team in the new season, who is it?

In fact, this season’s Spurs, just from the guilty troubles.

Former lovers, as long as the sand is implanted in the eyes, the perfect appearance will also hinder the eyes.

So in the offseason, the Spurs traded the face to Toronto and exchanged for DeRozan.

As a pseudo-stab, there are a lot of things to worry about today. Sometimes I have to look at the Raptors today’s game and care about the performance of the crash below. I won 24 points and 12 rebounds today and beat the Raptors to defeat the Cavaliers.

Today’s game, the stunned look of the heart, the first quarter of the situation that the Spurs can easily win, but in the second quarter, the Timberwolves gradually began to rise, the third quarter once overtake the score.

Pre-season Spurs camp’s original main point guard Murray injured the season reimbursement, Lonnie Walker injured at least will miss the 6-week game, Derek White also missed because of the heel injury, the guard line only left MIL with weak defenseForbes, in front of Timberwolves’ Tigues, this is two data cash machines, and Teague scored 27 points today.

In the first three quarters, Ade feels sluggish. The stable output of “Zhongtouzi” DeRozan supports the Spurs. In the final quarter of the fourth quarter, he also scored a key highlight.

DeRozan, who has been criticized for not being able to fight, has come to the Spurs to prove himself.

Ade feels unsatisfactory today, 23 is only 7 in the middle, but his body is “Idiot”, and he has 19 rebounds in the game. The rebound in the fourth quarter is 9 points and 7 rebounds. It is also a great help for the Spurs to win the game.

At the end of today’s game, Downs’ situation is a bit awkward. The contribution on the field is limited. He only scored 3 points in 0-of-3 shooting. The biggest presence is fouling. He sent 4 fouls at halftime.It didn’t take long before the start of the game.

I heard that the pre-season training camp Butler beat a bunch of substitutes to win the regular rotation. After the game, Towns also called the players to express their emotions.

But now, it is the emotion of Downs that has been affected.

The same teenager in the inner whirlpool center was still warm and scored 20 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Perhaps the performance of the Spurs today will remind the top of the Timberwolves to wake up early, and want to leave early, and let go of those who want to stay.

Qinggan Lidan Diet

Qinggan Lidan Diet

Ingredients: 50 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 50 grams of Lysimachia, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 5 small pigs (sell in the market), 3 candied dates.

  Practice: Wash and add water to each material.

5L about 6 bowls of the same cook, about one to one and a half hours to replace, for 3 people to share.

  Efficacy: This soup is suitable for easy-yellow urine, dry stools of people, have the effect of Liver eyesight and gallbladder.

  First, different regions to adapt to the northeast region: Northeast is located in the northernmost part of the region, is the region with the highest latitude, this region has a short summer time, relatively short winter time, can reduce the Prunella vulgaris to 40 grams.

  Northwest China: The climate is dry, windy and sandy, and the sunshine is sufficient to reduce the amount of money grass to 40 grams and the number of candied dates to 4.

  Central region: The climate is highly mild and there is too much sunshine, which can increase Prunella to 55 grams.

  Southeastern region: The climate is humid and the rainfall is abundant. It can increase the Prunella vulgaris to 60 grams and the money grass to 60 grams.

  Southwest: It is rainy, the climate is hot and humid, and you can eat spicy and sour taste. You can increase the Prunella to 55 grams and the money grass to 55 grams.

  Second, different physiques due to body selection, qi deficiency, qi deficiency, muscle weakness, physical weakness, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy to sweat, not cold and heat.

This recipe Prunella reduced to 45 grams, candied increased to four.

  Blood deficiency constitution: People with blood deficiency are pale, dry skin, insomnia and dreams, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

The money grass in this side is reduced to 45 grams.

  Yin deficiency constitution: people with yin deficiency are thin and afraid of heat, hands and feet are hot, temperament is irritating, insomnia and dreams.

The chrysanthemum in this side is increased to 20 grams.

  Yang deficiency constitution: the population of yang deficiency is not thirsty, the shape is cold and warm, the limbs are not warm, and the hair is easy to fall.

This Fangzhong Ju spend reduced to 10 grams.

  Third, different ages tonic young people: adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, gas is strong, adequate fluid, eclipse twice.

  Middle age: Chrysanthemum reduced to 10 grams.

  Older people: The body’s metabolism and excretion function are reduced, and the amount can be reduced by half.

  This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Can cupping also cure diarrhea?

Help you treat diarrhea and discomfort

Can cupping also cure diarrhea?
Help you treat diarrhea and discomfort

Cuppings are now more and more popular among urbanites, and cupping can cure diarrhea?

To achieve these 5 points, the effect is better diarrhea, that is, diarrhea, although the condition does not seem big, but it also affects your health and daily work and study.

Today, we introduce cupping treatment for diarrhea and help you treat the diarrhea.

Diarrhea is characterized by thin stools and increased frequency. It is often accompanied by abdominal distension, abdominal pain, nausea and anorexia, bowel suffocation, fatigue and weakness.

From the syndrome analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, damp heat and spleen, food stagnation of the stomach, cold and dampness and spleen caused diarrhea.

The diarrhea caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency syndrome occurs before dawn, so it is also called “five diarrhea.”

Cupping treatment of diarrhea 1, the patient took the supine position, using a medium-sized cupping caliber 6cm in the navel fossa (equivalent to the center of the Shenque point, including the part of the Tianshu point), usually one or four days apart, often 1?
3 times can be eliminated or healed.

It is suitable for thin stools, many times, or it is a cool grayish white loose stool, or a loose stool for the end of the valley.

2, acupoints: 1 day pivot, Guan Yuan, Zusanli, Shangjuxu; 2 large intestine Yu, small intestine Yu, Zusanli, under the giant virtual.

According to the location of the acupoint, choose different caliber cuppings, and use the above-mentioned alternative acupoints alternately, daily or every other day, for cupping treatment.

This method is applicable to spleen and stomach deficiency type diarrhea.

There are five notes after cupping. We said that we can cupping to treat diarrhea, but it is not a matter of getting out of the can.

Some precautions for cupping should be followed so that you can quickly treat various diseases before you have a healthy body.

1, can not immediately take a bath after cupping This is a note in the Chinese medicine after cupping, many people like to take a bath immediately after cupping, think this is more refreshing.

But experts tell us that it is best not to take a shower immediately after cupping, which is likely to cause secondary damage to our skin, which is very unfavorable to the body.

This is mainly because cupping is actually causing damage to the skin.

So the skin will become more sensitive and fragile after cupping. If you take a bath at this time, the skin is prone to inflammation.

If it is a cold shower, the situation will be more serious, some skin injuries, and the water vapor will enter the body from the pores of the large sheet, which is very prone to colds.

I found the situation.

Therefore, it is not possible to take a shower immediately after cupping.

2, bleeding after cupping, bleeding after cupping does not need to be very nervous, but should use a dry dry cotton ball to dry the blood.

The cause of bleeding is due to the appearance of redness or congestion on the skin after cupping. This is a normal phenomenon and will be self-hours after a period of time.

If the condition of congestion is serious, then this position cannot be cupped again, but should be changed to a position.

3, blisters after cupping, if there is blisters, there is no need for special tension, which is mainly due to the long time of tank retention.

If there is a small blisters on the skin, then there is no need for special tension, and no special treatment is needed. It is only necessary to prevent the infection from being caused by rubbing; if it is blisters, it is best to use a clean needle to pick it up.Let the liquid inside out, and then play the purple syrup on the map, which can effectively prevent the infection.

4, after cupping to pay attention to keep warm This is an important one in the precautions after cupping, the patient’s body will be weak after cupping, and the body’s pores are also in a state of large sheets.

At this time, if you do not pay attention to keep warm, the wind evil invades the body, it can not make the body recover quickly, but it may increase the disease and suffer from cold and cold, which is very unfavorable to the body.

5. All supplies should be disinfected after disinfection and cupping, and the hands of the surgeon should be routinely disinfected, which is safer for the next use.

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Can you lose weight?

The truth is.

. Precautions for cupping, remember that these more healthy and healthy winter cupping can treat 3 diseases, 9 types of people should not