[Why are men so carey]_Men

[Why are men so carey]_Men

Women often blame men for their carelessness, and some people have moved out of defense to argue that men and women have different arguments. Jackie Chan ‘s phrase “Making mistakes made by men in the world” is a classic alternative.

Experts said that, indeed, DNA shows that men are inherently more heterosexual or physiological desires and impulses than women, but humans have evolved from apes to adults, and if the nature of animals is still allowed to be released, it is difficult to control themselves, then it is really necessary to find a professional doctor to treat them well.

Some love hormones are inherently strong. Men are more “fancy” than women, and you can find reasons physically and psychologically.

Psychologist Yu Huihuihui introduced that in the primitive society, males played the role of hunting for food, as well as protecting females and ensuring the continuity of life. The males were competitive, predatory, and possessive, and formed a physiologically less sexuality than females.Tension and sexual urge.

Furthermore, in the development and evolution of human beings in society, survival is the ability to survive in the struggle with nature, compete with peers to obtain the skills of survival and reproduction, and males gain the favor and appreciation of females by killing or defeating the same sex.The bloodline has continued.

Therefore, in the process of reproduction and development, humans have retained the instincts and characteristics of animals.

Other scientists have discovered through research that there is a special kind of person in the crowd, that is, those who are “addicted” to love hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.

Such people, once the levels of hormones such as oxytocin in the back of the body have subsided, they will find new sources of stimulation again to enjoy the extreme pleasure and excitement caused by high secretion of hormones.people.

[Does eating rice noodle products swell?]_ Rice noodle food _ Will it

[Does eating rice noodle products swell?]_ Rice noodle food _ Will it

Rice noodles are a kind of food that many people prefer to eat. Generally speaking, eating rice noodles will not cause bloating. If inflation occurs frequently, you should pay attention to this time. This is related to some gastrointestinal diseases, so it should be timelyUnder the guidance of a doctor, treat with medication. In daily life, you should eat more food that helps digestion, drink plenty of water, and pay attention to moderate exercise.

Do you eat rice noodle products to bloat? Eating rice noodles does not swell your stomach. Foods high in starch can easily cause gas. Radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin, chestnut, etc. These foods are rich in starch, sugar, and fiber.Vegetarian, plus the meat eaten, after the intestinal bacteria are fully fermented, a large amount of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia gas, if not discharged for a while, accumulate in each other, it will cause the hot air to expand.

The nutritional value of rice noodles1, protein rice noodles contain a large amount of high protein, and we all know that protein is an important substance that constitutes the body, and any activity of life requires the participation of protein, so protein is an energy substance that cannot be metabolized by the human body.

Properly eating some rice noodles can supplement the effect of protein supplement.

2, carbohydrates contain about 85 per 100 grams of rice flour.

5 grams of glucose can be directly broken down into human energy.

So when we feel dry and weak.

Eating a bowl of rice noodles can quickly replenish physical strength and relieve obesity.

3, supplementary fiber rice flour can provide supplementary fiber for the human body, effectively prevent constipation.

4. Trace elements Rice flour contains a variety of trace elements. It is worth mentioning that the content of copper in rice flour is high, and copper is an inedible nutrient element for the human body. For blood, immune system, nerve center, hair, Skin, etc. all have a very important role.

The efficacy and role of rice noodles Rice noodles are sweet, taste flat, and have the effects of nourishing the stomach, nourishing blood and nourishing qi, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

1. The iron content in the blood tonic and tonic rice noodles is relatively high, and it is easier to be absorbed by the body than other foods, so it can promote the hematopoietic function and prevent anemia.

2. The spleen and stomach-enriching rice noodles have protein, impurities, etc., and have a good effect of spleen and stomach, so even some people with weak spleen and stomach function can be safely eaten.

3, Cong Er eyesight eat rice noodles can also Cong Er eyesight.

For some people with eye diseases, such as cataract, retinal correction, optic nerve weakness, etc., it can play a certain role in adjuvant treatment.

[Topical contraceptive methods]_ topical contraception _ how to contraceptive _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive measures

[Topical contraceptive methods]_ topical contraception _ how to contraceptive _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive measures

There are many methods of contraception, but the method of contraception used by each couple may be different. Some contraceptives can be used for contraception during contraception, and now there are some that can be used externally.Contraceptive ointment, many friends may be new to this kind of ointment, in fact, this method is more convenient to use, then what is the topical contraceptive method?

Topical contraceptives are used to kill sperm or form an oil film and foam after dissolution, which makes the sperm lose its ability to move, and at the same time it shows its effect.

Its advantage is that it is easy to use and does not affect endocrine and menstruation. If used correctly, the effect is also very good.

Its disadvantage is that the contraceptive effect is maintained for a short period of time, usually one to several hours. In addition, the drug is required to be placed deep in the vagina before sexual intercourse, and the sexual dissolution can only be performed after three or five minutes. If it is not properly grasped, it will affect the contraceptive effect.
Other women experience excessive vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, mild burning or pain after use.

For those who have a prolapsed syringe with uterus, laxity, perineal laceration, vaginitis, and severe cervical erosion, topical contraceptives should not be used.

How do women choose contraceptives?

All married women of childbearing age who are healthy without organic lesions of important organs can use birth control pills temporarily.

However, there are many types of contraceptives, how can they be replaced according to their actual situation?

(1) Husband and wife are together and have a regular life. Those who can take daily oral contraceptives should choose to take short-acting oral contraceptives, such as oral contraceptives No. 1 and No. 2. From the fifth day of menstruation, take one tablet daily, evenServe for 22 days.

(2) husband and wife together, life is irregular, can not adhere to daily oral, can choose long-acting oral contraceptives, such as compound 18 methyl norethisterone, take the medicine from the fifth day of menstruation, take the second interval of 20 daysOnce a month, take one tablet each time.

(3) The husband and wife are separated.

When visiting relatives, you can take birth control contraceptives, such as visiting tablet No. 1; take one tablet 8 hours before the intercourse, and then take one tablet every night until the end of the visiting family, and take it again the next morning for long-term use.

(4) If other contraceptive failures or rapes are found, post-mortem contraceptives, such as 50mg of estradiol, can be used within 24 hours for five consecutive days.

(5) Females who cause internal discomfort with oral contraceptives can choose contraceptives.

The above is an introduction to what topical contraception is. In fact, there are many contraceptive methods available in life. You can choose according to your physical condition. It is best to place a birth control ring in a woman’s uterus.The abnormality is relatively small. If you want to use some method of topical contraceptives, you must first understand whether you are suitable.

[How to make traditional soybean paste?

】 _How to do_Homely

[How to make traditional soybean paste?
】 _How to do_Homely

Soy sauce noodles are a very popular food. Because of different sauces, the taste will be different, especially the old Beijing soy sauce noodles, which is famous all over the country.

In fact, you can also make fried noodles by hand at home, and the taste is not worse than the outside. The main thing is that you need to learn the skills, and it must be correct.

So, how should traditional soybean paste be made?

Let’s teach everyone the simple method.

Method one: 1. Pick 5 kg of soybeans, and remove the rotten, broken, and other impurities, such as small mud, and rinse them.

2. Put it into the pot and cook it. Cook it. Rinse and filter the water in the beans.

3. Pour the top beans on a clean bamboo mat. Pour 2 flour on top of the beans. Use chopsticks to blend the flour and soybeans together until the flour is completely on the soybeans.

4, pour the bean material on the mat, mix with flour, spread into about 3 cm thick, at room temperature 25?
At 30 ° C, turn it once a day and leave it to ferment in the future. After about three or five days, the surface layer will grow a large number of yellow-green brussels seeds, that is, dark yellow bacteria will grow, and the fermentation is successful.

Dry long-haired soy noodles in the sun.

5. Put the dried soybean noodles into a clean altar, boil the water, add an appropriate amount of salt, and let it dry after it is completely cooled, then enter the altar, stir well with chopsticks, and place it in the sun.The mouth should be covered with clean gauze, and the soybean paste in the altar should be stirred with chopsticks every morning and evening. For about 20 days, the color of the soybean paste is dark red, and you are done.

Method two: Soy bean paste, also known as bean paste, is made by stir-frying, soaking and fermenting soybeans. It is a traditional seasoning sauce.

Number of ingredients recipes: 2527 (calorie) Ingredients: dried soybeans, 500 grams of flour, 200 grams of flour Method / Step 1.

Soy beans are soaked and swelled without wrinkles, and rinsed with water several times.


Put it in the cage drawer and cook for about 1 hour, then the cease-fire will cool down naturally.

Don’t steam too bad, 3.

Soybeans control the moisture, reduce the temperature to below 40 ℃, inject soy sauce koji, mix koji and flour evenly, mix well with the soybeans, so that the soybeans are covered with flour.


Wrap it in cloth and put it on the empty rack for fermentation.

Soy beans mixed with flour will start to ferment, manifested as fever, do not open it excessively, be careful that it catches cold.


The temperature is best between 28-30 degrees, 12-16 hours, the material is whitish, turning the curve once, and the temperature is low for an extended time.

When the temperature is very high, it is necessary to dissipate the heat and remove the coverings. You can turn the soybeans over, cool them down, keep the temperature down, and continue. Otherwise, the koji will break.

The box must be placed in the air, or water will accumulate below because of hot air.


About 40 hours, the surface of soybean will be full of mycelia (mycelium is yellow-green), at this time has been completed.

(Depending on the season and temperature, the length of mycelium may stay a little longer). The yellow-green spores on the surface of the bean grains have normal koji, and there is no other odor.


After the prepared song is exposed to the sun for 2 days, some strange aromas of dried soybeans will smell good and smell good.


Then wash the koji, wash it quickly with cold water, and remove.


After removing it, put it in a container, cover it with a clean cloth and ferment for about 8 hours. Soy bean paste heats up and has a strong bean aroma.


Add 300 grams of water to the pot and 45 grams of salt to boil. Place the water at about 50 ° C, 11.

Soy bean curd bottle, 12.Add the prepared brine, place the watercress in the bottle under the hot sun, and cover it with gauze to prevent insects. Do not seal it.

The better the sun, the better.


Stir once every two days, and eat it for about a month. This is the dried soybean paste.


The sun-dried soybean paste can be steamed or fried with sesame oil and sterilized before serving.

You can also add a little pepper powder, ginger and other seasoning.

[Rigid band ring can be in the same room as the upper floor]_Rigid band birth control ring_Can you

[Rigid band ring can be in the same room as the upper floor]_Rigid band birth control ring_Can you

Some newlyweds do not want a child. The best way is to wear a birth control ring. It can prevent sperm from entering the uterus to combine with the egg cells. However, when the ring is just worn, the uterus will be more fragile. Try not to have sex, otherwise some fractureAnd bacteria enter the uterus, causing serious infections and causing various gynecological diseases. You can wait for the onset, wait for the uterus to return to its original state, and have a moderate amount of sexual life.

Some “emergency” couples will be more concerned about this issue.

First, avoid intercourse within three weeks after completing the ring surgery. This is the more important point in the precautions after the ring.

Women must recognize each other.

This is because the uterus is subject to certain injuries caused by mechanical manipulation. If the same room is immediately after the ring is inserted, it will easily cause infection and the ring will also be displaced.

It is not necessary to ban sexual life for a short time after the ring, and appropriate measures of anti-infection and hemostatic drugs should be taken.

In addition, nutritionists also remind mothers to take appropriate rest within 2 weeks after the ring, do not do heavy physical activity, eat nutritious food, especially eat some iron-rich foods, such as lean meat, pork liver, Pork loin, eggs and other food.

On the day after the ring (or ring removal), there may be slight lower abdominal discomfort, low back pain, or a small amount of vaginal bleeding.

Those with tail loops on their belt loops generally do not perform vaginal flushing; they should be actively treated when vaginitis occurs; sexual life is prohibited when there is bleeding in the vagina, and no chemical fiber underwear is usually worn, and sanitary products that do not meet sanitary standards are not used, and the vulva is cleaned daily.Change underwear; do not use other people’s bath tubs and towels.

Before a woman wears a belt, she must first understand what is abnormal about the belt, which can help to reduce the harm to the body caused by the belt.

When a woman wears a ring, it does not mean that she will not be pregnant.

If the size of the birth control ring does not match the size of the birth control ring or the placement of the ring is not appropriate, it will lead to pregnancy with the ring, and in severe cases, ectopic pregnancy will occur.

There is no doubt that after having a pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy may occur after wearing a ring.

However, in the case of ectopic pregnancy with a ring, the number is caused by women with inherent experience.

In addition, children who are pregnant with a ring are not allowed. It is best to carry out the flow of people as soon as possible under the instructions of a doctor, so as not to endanger life and health.

Some women will experience abdominal pain, backache, etc. after undergoing ring surgery, which may indicate that the size of the birth control ring is too large, or the location of the birth control ring is too low, which is caused by uterine contractions.

In this case, you can relieve pain by taking antidote first. If this method does not work, you can replace the ring.

Infection is also a temporary one with loops.

This is because during the operation, the disinfection measures or aseptic operations were not performed in strict accordance with the ascending infection caused by the boots.

If this happens, you need to take out the birth control ring first, and then further processing according to the specific situation.

[Why eat chicken for cupping to lose weight]_Weight loss_Impact

[Why eat chicken for cupping to lose weight]_Weight loss_Impact

Cupping to lose weight is a very common way to lose weight, because many people do n’t like to open their legs and hold their mouths when they lose weight.The rebound is very small. Many people pay attention to diet when cupping to lose weight, and they will eat more chicken. So why eat more chicken when cupping?

Why do you lose weight when you eat chicken in cupping? Many people think that you should avoid eating meat to lose weight. Why should you eat chicken?

In fact, the protein of chicken is very high, but the conversion is almost the lowest in all meats.

100 grams of chicken drumstick (peeled) is only 105 kcal in vitro; chicken drumsticks sound thin enough?

100 grams of chicken wings instant 290 calories.

This is all about the flesh of raw meat.

If it is boiled in white water, the basic instant will be consistent.

If it is fried or fried, it will only be higher instantly, and it will not happen.

Therefore, chicken leg meat is the part with the lowest transformation and trace content in the whole chicken.

So when you are cupping to lose weight, you need to eat more chicken legs.

Some people are not suitable for cupping to lose weight 1. Women with severe anemia or high blood pressure, such women can neither cupping to lose weight, it is better not to lose weight; 2, women with sensitive skin or eczema are not suitableCupping weight loss method; 3, can not cupping weight loss during menstruation, it is best to carry out after the end of menstruation; 4, if you have constipation, then you need to take care of the body first, and then lose weight; 5, do not lose weight when the body is sick, Especially when you have a cold and diarrhea; 6, it is best not to lose weight when you are very tired or you are getting angry; 7, do not do it for elderly people over 50 years old, because the metabolism of this age has been reducedSlow; 8, people who have stopped menstruating; 9, weight loss due to imbalance of yin and yang in the body; 10, people who want to lose weight immediately, cupping to lose weight is a gradual process, otherwise it is easy to cause harm to the body.

I believe through the above introduction on why cupping chicken will lose weight, we only found out that when cupping to lose weight, you still need to eat chicken legs to collocation, in order to have a more obvious effect.

If you also want to lose weight, dieting is not right, it will only hurt your body. Instead, you should eat more chicken legs, which can have a more obvious weight loss effect.

[Practice of Sanxian Fish Maw Soup]_Homely Practices of Sanxian Fish Maw Soup

[Practice of Sanxian Fish Maw Soup]_Homely Practices of Sanxian Fish Maw Soup

For most cities, it is not difficult to find that roadside stalls abound.

Although this is convenient for many people, who can guarantee the hygiene of the meal?

Eating roadside stalls for a long time will inevitably lead to major diseases.

And for health or you can choose to eat at home.

Below, I will introduce how to make three fresh fish maw soup.


1 Put fish slices and quail in ginger slices, scallion and raw soy sauce, and pickle peanut oil.


2 Fish belly cut into small pieces for later use.


1 Add sheep placenta and add fragrant, and splash a small amount of white wine before turning off the fire.


2 Sheep placenta is boiled in hot water and the water is too cold.


Place marinated fish belly, quail, and sauteed lamb placenta in a clay pot.


Add longan meat and clear tonic, add water and bring to a boil.


After the high heat is boiled, turn to a low heat pot for more than an hour (During the period, remove the soup foam with a spoon)

Season with salt before turning off the heat.

The three fresh fish maw soup is not complicated to make, I believe that you read the above carefully and think so.

Of course, if you want to taste your craft, please try it.

Maybe the first time you are a bit “sour”, but you will still taste a different “sweet”.

[How to make stir-fried green pepper with fungus?

]_How to do_Practice Daquan

[How to make stir-fried green pepper with fungus?
]_How to do_Practice Daquan

Green pepper area Central and South American tropical areas. Green pepper has been in China for more than a hundred years. Green pepper has been common throughout the country. It is a vegetable that people eat everyday. Green pepper oxide vitamin C is very high. The capsaicin contained in green pepper can makePeople’s appetite is good, which is good for human digestion and constipation. Green pepper can be eaten with fungus. How to make fried green pepper?

Let ‘s take a look next.


How to make stir-fried green pepper with fungus?
Ingredients: see step step 1.

Soak the fungus in advance and clean it, and wash the green peppers.


Peel the green pepper and cut into small triangle pieces, garlic slices, and ginger.


Put the oil in the wok and fry the garlic and ginger in hot oil.


Introduce the fungus and stir-fry, add salt, allspice and soy sauce.


Then add green pepper cubes and turn for 2 minutes.


After adding chicken essence, water starch can be thickened.


Green pepper effect 1, antipyretic and analgesic green pepper Xin Wen, can reduce body temperature through sweating, and can alleviate muscle pain, which brings a stronger antipyretic and analgesic effect.

2. After eating cold peppers with spicy flavor, the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat and dilated skin blood vessels will occur. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that green peppers, like chili peppers, have the effect of warming the air and dispersing dampness.

3. Promote appetite The unique taste and capsaicin content of green peppers can stimulate the stimulation of saliva and gastric juice secretion, which has the effect of enhancing appetite and promoting digestion.

4. The green part of the green pepper is purified from chlorophyll, and chlorophyll can prevent the intestine from absorbing excess plasma, which will help replace the body, so that it can purify the blood.

5. Fat-reducing and losing weight Green pepper also contains capsaicin, which can promote the metabolism of adults, prevent slight accumulation in the body, and have a certain effect of reducing fat and losing weight.


Nutritional value Green pepper has a high moisture content (74%?
94%), the conversion is low, but the mature moisture content of the transfer will decrease, and the conversion will increase.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C increase with their maturity.

First of all, the content of vitamin C is 3 in tomato.

5 times, almost the same content as strawberries and lemons, ranking first among vegetables.

1. Green pepper is rich in vitamin C, carotene and other antioxidants, which can help to eliminate harmful free radicals in the body. Pregnant women can improve their immune function after eating.

2. Eating green peppers can prevent gallstones. Green peppers are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, which can convert excess cholesterol in the body into bile acids, thereby preventing gallstones.

3. Green pepper has a certain effect on patients with malignant hematological diseases, and it has an auxiliary treatment effect on gum bleeding, anemia, and weak blood vessels.

It also prevents fragile bleeding from microvessels, bleeding gums, bleeding from the eyes and retina, and bleeding from the brain.

4, green pepper is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and carotene, which has the effect of promoting digestion and accelerating metabolism.

[18 kinds of abortion foods]_ species _ classification

[18 kinds of abortion foods]_ species _ classification

As the environmental pollution becomes more serious, and there are various reasons, now it is not easy to have a baby. The friends around me are either pregnant with pregnancy or have unstable fetuses. The whole family is tossed.Enough people are here.

Therefore, the following 18 foods are equivalent to 18 types of abortion foods. Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or already pregnant, do not eat these eight foods. If you want your baby to be born smoothly, do n’t touch them!

18 kinds of foods for pregnant women must not touch one, easy to abort food: crab crab is delicious, but its cold nature, blood circulation and blood stasis, it is not good for pregnant women, especially crab claws, has a significant abortion effect.

2. Although turtles have the effect of nourishing yin and kidney, but the turtles have a salty and cold taste, and they have the function of communicating blood and dispersing blood stasis, so there are certain disadvantages of abortion, especially the force of abortion of turtles.The meat is stronger.

3. Barley is a medicine-food homolog, which is considered by Chinese medicine to be smooth.

Pharmacological experiments have shown that Coix Seed has an excitatory effect on uterine smooth muscle and can cause uterine contraction, so it may induce abortion4. Portulaca is both an herb and a vegetable.

Experiments have shown that purslane juice has a significant excitatory effect on the uterus, can increase the number of uterine contractions, increase strength, and easily cause miscarriage.

Second, foods that are harmful to toxicity5. Canned foods Canned foods are added with a certain amount of additives during the production process, such as artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc.

Although these additives have little effect on healthy adults, pregnant women eating too much can be detrimental to their health.

In addition, the nutritional value of canned food is not high. After high temperature treatment, vitamins and other nutrients in the food have been damaged to a certain extent.

6. Spinach People have always believed that spinach is rich in iron and has blood-supplying functions, so it is regarded as a good vegetable to prevent anemia during pregnancy.

In fact, spinach does not contain much iron and even contains a lot of oxalic acid.

Oxalic acid can affect the absorption of zinc and calcium.

The content of calcium and zinc in pregnant women is reduced, which affects the growth and development of vitamins.

7, too much chocolate and hawthorn, eating chocolate can make pregnant women feel full, which affects appetite, as a result, the body is fat, but the necessary nutrients are lacking.

Pregnant women prefer to eat sour, and hawthorn becomes the fruit of choice.

Hawthorn has an stimulating effect on the uterus. Pregnant women who eat too much can shrink the uterus and cause the possibility of miscarriage, so eat less.

8. Pig liver Finland and the United States have advised pregnant women that they should eat less liver.

Because in modern feeds that quickly fertilize livestock, too many fertilisers are added, and the vitamin A content is high, which causes it to accumulate in animal livers in large quantities.

If pregnant women eat pig liver, a large amount of vitamin A will easily enter the body, which is very harmful to fetal development and even teratogenic.

9, long-lasting potatoes Potatoes contain alkaloids, the longer the potatoes are stored, the alkaloid content is transformed.

Excessive consumption of this potato can affect the normal development of grain and cause deformities.

Of course, individuals vary widely, and not everyone will have abnormalities after eating, but pregnant women still don’t want to eat it, especially don’t eat potatoes stored for a long time.

10, hot ingredients pregnant women eat hot ingredients 熜 ≤ new energy star anise, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, allspice powder and other easy to consume water, reduce metabolic absorption, cause dryness, constipation.

After constipation occurs, pregnant women will inevitably hold their breath to relieve constipation, increase abdominal pressure, compress the fat in the uterus, and easily cause adverse effects such as fetal movement and premature birth.

11. The main ingredient of MSG and MSG is sodium glutamate. Zinc in the blood will be excreted from the urine after being combined. Excessive MSG consumption will consume a large amount of zinc, leading to zinc deficiency in pregnant women.

And zinc is a necessity for grain growth and development, so pregnant women should eat less.

12, longan, litchi temperature is prone to fetal fever; 13, pomegranate anemia should eat less.

14. Pickled sauerkraut contains nitrosamines, which can cause hypertension distortion.

15, watermelon should not eat more than 250g of fruit a day, watermelon is limited to eat, because watermelon is a diuretic, easy to cause pregnant women dehydration.

16. Drinking strong tea A doctor in the UK found that tea contains a large amount of fluoride, and a cup of strong tea can reach fluoride.

25 mg.

If pregnant rats can be taken, it is found that the born mice have skeletal deformities. Although the harm of fluoride to oxides is certain, it is better not to drink strong tea.

Drinking strong tea during pregnancy is susceptible to iron deficiency anemia and affects the nutritional supply of the diet. As the strong tea contains caffeine, it will increase the heartbeat and urination frequency of pregnant women, increase the burden of pregnant women’s heart and hypertension, and harm the mother.And fetal health.

17. Drink coffee and cola-type beverages. The main ingredients of coffee and cola are caffeine, alkaloids and other alkaloids.

Caffeine and clonine are drugs that excite the central nervous system.

According to determination, a bottle of 340 grams of cola-type drink contains 50 caffeine?
80 mg. If caffeine beverages containing more than 1 gram are added at one time, it will cause central nervous system excitement, manifested as restlessness, accelerated breathing, muscle tremor, tachycardia, extra-constriction and insomnia, dazzling, tinnitus, etc.
Even if the dosage is less than 1 gram, symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations, and pain in the anterior region of the heart can occur due to irritation to the gastric mucosa.
Voltage is particularly sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine can quickly pass through the placenta and act on oxides, which adversely affects voltage.

Some people have injected caffeine into pregnant mice and found that young rats are prone to cleft palate, meningocele, spina bifida, no mandible, no eyes, skeletal abnormalities, short stature, and deformities of limbs.

For the health of the elderly, pregnant women should drink coffee or cola-type beverages with caution or banned.

18. Drinking studies have shown that pregnant women drinking is an important cause of infantile malformation and mental retardation.

This is because any trace amount of alcohol can pass through the placenta into the body of the oxide without any obstruction, resulting in the same concentration of alcohol in the body as in the body.

[Papaya and what juice is delicious]_ making juice _ how to make

[Papaya and what juice is delicious]_ making juice _ how to make

The nutritional value of papaya is very high, and the taste is also good. The most important thing is that it is rich in protein, slimming nutrients, and high in minerals. It can reasonably supplement the human body’s various nutritional requirements.It can also satisfy the body’s high blood pressure and high blood lipid metabolism. The unique papaya enzyme can alleviate the phenomenon of constipation. Papaya can also squeeze juice with various foods.

The following is how to eat papaya (1) rich in (1) rich in protein, protein, vitamins, minerals and minerals, and high amounts and high amounts of enzymes, which can reasonably supplement the human body with all necessary nutrients.

Enzymes can reasonably supplement the human body (2) remove toxins such as peroxides from the body, purify the blood, and have effects on liver dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.

(3) The unique papaya enzyme can help digestion, correct constipation, and is particularly effective at casein degradation. It is called a “sacrifice scalpel” and has the ability to break down hi-shaped necrotic cells, which can prevent canceration of the digestive system.

(4) Balance, strengthen the physiological and metabolic balance of hormones during the pregnancy of adolescents and pregnant women, alleviate the generation of dark spots, stains, and acne on the face, and can dilute the generated stains, dark spots, moisturizing and beauty, and have obviousBreast enhancement effect.

Common edible method of papaya 1. Stir-fry for vegetables (fruit maturity is about 70% -80%): remove the outer skin and inner seeds.

Slice or shred the pulp, stir-fry with seafood such as shrimp.

Boil: Peel, seed, cut into slices or pieces, and cook with pork belly, pork ribs, duck meat, etc.

Stew (for the cup): don’t peel the skin, wash it, open a mouth at one end of the papaya, dig out the black seeds inside, and fill in the replacement.And other condiments, nutrition and health effects are excellent.

2. For fruit (fruit maturity of more than 90%) fruit platter: peeled, dug seeds, cut into pieces when the fruit is fresh, authentic, sprinkle some crushed ice (ice flower), taste better.

Juicing: Peel, seed, squeeze out papaya puree with a fruit machine, can be mixed with fresh milk, watermelon, pineapple, orange and other fruits separately to prepare unique fruit juice drinks, high nutritional value, especially papaya and fresh milkMatching, mellow mouthfeel, smooth and delicate, has the effect of moisturizing and whitening the skin.