Quick 9 Tang boss and younger brother Zhao Xina battle

“Quick 9” Tang boss and younger brother “Zhao Xina” battle
Tang Boss against his younger brother “Zhao Xina”.The third dead Han is resurrected.The magnetic fighter will suck up the racing car rushing to the sky.A racing car with a rocket engine.  Recently, the action blockbuster “Speed and Passion 9”, directed by Lin Yibin, starring Van Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson, released the first official 3 minutes and 50 secondsThe trailer and confirmed that it will be released in North America on May 22 this year.This is the fifth time that Lin Yibin has directed the series after the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the “Quick Attack” series.In the trailer, “fantasy” lenses such as magnetic energy fighters and car air relays, and rocket engines in racing cars are everywhere, and Lin Yibin also said that “this is the most ambitious part of the series so far.”  It is worth mentioning that in the trailer, the title has been changed from the familiar Fast & Furious to F9: The Fast Saga (F9: Speed Legend).  桑拿、夜网 李妍  故事  不是所有血脉都滴滴相连  在预告片开始,唐老大已经过上了悠闲自在的退休生活,专注于丈夫和父亲的身份,与莱蒂和小儿子布莱恩生活在一起.But the seemingly peaceful life is the tranquility before the storm.With the phrase “No matter how fast you can run, you can’t get rid of the past”, Tang boss and sister Mia and the former partner mouth gunner god Roman, the talented engineer Taj and others started new tasks, this time he will kiss himBrother Jacob started a contest.  Jacob is not only a first-class driver, but