Speaking of which,Chen Geng suddenly laughed:“Your Excellency,You know,My relationship with Huaxia is very good,My father and grandfather are also Chinese,So from my personal point of view,I actually hope that India will reject the kindness of the Soviet government。”

It seems that he is eager for India to drag on this matter,So he Fernandez·Chen can take this aircraft carrier“Give away”Give it to China。
Ashok·Conte’s heart burst:Yes yes,How did i forget this,Fernandez·Chen has always had it“An old friend of the Chinese people”Of,Even during the most difficult period of China in the past two years,When foreign investors withdrew from China,This guy also continued to increase investment in China under the pressure of the White House,Is it possible for him to sell the Kiev class to China?
Completely possible!
And what about China?Will it be interesting to the Kiev??
Need to say!
Realize this,Ashok·Conte’s forehead suddenly sees sweat,He decided in his heart:Even if it’s a reminder,Must also give an intention within a week……It’s just an intention,is it hard?
Ashok·Conte just left,Nicholas·Malinkov leaned in immediately,Asked Chen Geng with bright eyes:“Mr. Fernandez,You are really ready to send the Kiev ship to China?”
The Soviet Union has always arranged for people to pay close attention to Chen Geng’s movement.,Chen Geng and Ashok·Did Conte deliberately avoid people when talking,Nicholas·Malinkov knows that the content of the conversation between the two is naturally not surprising at all。
Chen Geng did not answer,But to Nicholas·Malinkov asked back:“Nicholas,what do you think?”
“We don’t care,”Nicholas·Marinkov waved his hand:“No matter if you put the Kiev‘Give away’To China or‘Give away’For India,As long as the Soviet Union can get what we want,Everything else is not a problem。”
One sentence,We only need money,As long as there is money,Even if you sell this aircraft carrier to the devil, it’s not a problem。
“Then easy。”Chen Geng smiled and nodded。
A week passed in the blink of an eye,Ashok·Conte came with the intention of the Indian government:“Mr. Fernandez,We have agreed to your condition,But we need to communicate with the Soviet side on the specific details of the modification。”
“this is necessary。”
Chen Geng nodded immediately,As a ship1977A large modern surface ship,The radar system on board the Kiev、Missile system、The electronic countermeasure system can be said to be the most advanced in the Soviet Union,The Soviet government is definitely not willing to give all the Soviet cards to India,This way,Different radars chosen by India、missile,Naturally the price is different,Need to communicate and coordinate with the Soviet Union,It’s all normal。
With Chen Geng’s words,Ashok·Kang also breathed a sigh of relief。
He was really worried that there would be another moth,Although I know this is unlikely,But before Chen Geng’s affirmative answer,Ashok·Conte dare not relax for a moment,it’s good now,With Chen Geng’s answer,He can finally breathe a sigh of relief。

The reason is simple,In officialdom,If what you do makes the leader angry,The leader carries you over、Scold,This is a good thing,Explain that this matter just passed,I’m afraid that the leader doesn’t seem to regard this as the same thing,Not only didn’t scold you,I tell you not to think too much、It’s nothing……Whenever this time,You are about to be wary of how the leader will deal with you,It’s not ruled out that individual leaders really didn’t take this as the same thing.,But this kind of leadership is rare after all,99.99%’S leader will give you a pair next30Size shoes,You don’t want to wear it。

Chen Geng is not angry now,On the contrary“I fully understand the difficulties of those comrades”Posture,What does this show,This shows that Chen Geng is playing officialdom with himself!
Then the problem is coming,Why does Chen Geng want to be an official with himself?
The leaders present are based on the instinct of political biology,Came to a conclusion without thinking:This time the matter is no longer just a question that irritates Chen Geng very much.,Even very likely,Chen Gengying began to doubt whether China’s reform and opening up policy is a set,A set specifically for foreign companies and foreign capitalists,The purpose is to confiscate these foreign capitals after they come to China——No wonder everyone thinks so,This is really how foreign companies in this era view China’s reform and opening up policy.,Plus this time things can indeed go“Seize Chen Geng’s property”Rely on,The leaders think it’s not surprising that Chen Geng thinks this way。
Then……I am afraid that what Chen Geng is thinking at the moment is not whether he wants to continue to invest in China.、Do you want to help Huaxia attract more foreign investors?,But thinking about leaving China as soon as possible?
Jia Yumin thinks so too,So for Chen Geng’s reaction,In his heart“Chuckle”a bit,Immediately threw out a prepared plan to test Chen Geng’s reaction:“Ha ha……That’s good,That’s good,By the way, Mr. Chen,salty@Yang Color Picture Tube Factory、Jinmen Picture Tube Factory and Magic Light Bulb Factory hope you will inspect and guide their work、Discuss the cooperation between the two parties,What time is it convenient for you these days?We can also prepare in advance。”
“Survey?Don’t need this?”Chen Geng frowned:“I have read the materials of these three picture tube production lines,Their technology is the mainstream color and black and white picture tube technology in the world today,Can fully meet our requirements……Ok,After they officially put into production,Just send us the picture tube for testing。”
The worst case happened。
Feel the shirk in Chen Geng’s tone,The hearts of all the leaders on the scene are like being poured with cold water,It was cold for a moment:The impression left by Chen Geng this time is not so serious,He began to doubt China’s policy of opening up and attracting investment!
this moment,The dozen or so leaders present,One is one,I can’t wait to turn around immediately,Strangle those bastards who asked Chen Geng for a house in this unit!
Do not,It’s just to choke these bastards,if possible,It’s best to choke it and slice it into pieces,Put some chili oil,Sprinkle some cumin,Bake slowly over low heat……
“This one……”Jia Yumin’s expression instantly froze,Cai Qiang smiled:“Mr. Chen,Actually Jinmen、Magic City and Xianyang still have a lot of local specialties……”
“Really no need,”Chen Geng shook his head,Very polite:“It’s been a long time since I came out this time,A lot of things accumulated in the company,Now that the situation that should be understood is almost understood,I am going back to America in the next few days……Ok,I’ll say hello to Bob,We go back together。”
Really over!

Just say it again,Qin Feng’s acquisition of this property is actually no different from robbery。

After Qin Feng left,Guo Si called his father,The latter told him he went on a business trip。Guo Si can only ask what kind of contract Guo Junlang should choose to sign。
Guo Junlang couldn’t help frowning after hearing about it。Because he was also a little confused about Qin Feng’s intentions。
From his point of view,People like Qin Feng are definitely not short of money。What does this person want to do??But if it’s not for money,Are you going to pit their Guo family father and son’s property??But it looks so different!
He knows exactly how Qin Feng was stunned by the dynasty group。So if Qin Feng really does,Don’t use any tricks at all,Direct threats can achieve the goal。
So now even Guo Junlang is a little depressed.
Not long,Qin Feng received a call from Guo Junlang,Speak the truth,He can’t figure out why this old guy would call to find him。
“Qin Feng,Just say it,What are your thoughts on the two plans??”Guo Junlang is straightforward,Don’t play virtual。
Qin Feng was taken aback,Actually looking for him for this?
“how,I give you two options, but your choice makes you feel unpredictable?Neuropathy, this is?Very simple,I lack money,If you can sell more money,I’m still happy。Besides,Actually getting he
After Xuan Entertainment,I suddenly felt boring again。So I don’t want the remaining shares。”
What Qin Feng told the truth,But the other party didn’t believe it,“Qin Feng,Stop it.”
“Ugh,okay,Sign whichever you sign,I have no time to analyze for you。”Qin Feng hung up the phone,I didn’t bother to care about the father and son。
In his opinion,The father and son are poisoned by habitual thinking。Things that always feel too cheap won’t exist,Once you appear in front of them, it’s as if someone is going to use tricks to murder them。
so,Qin Feng just ignored it,Choose whatever you choose。
After all, when chatting with each other,Qin Feng’s satellite phone rang。
Satellite phones are only used in emergency situations.。Generally speaking, only if there is something on the side of Burma or the head of the chief will be contacted by satellite phone。


Qin Jin’s sword fell on the ground,And then he slumped on the ground,Panting。
“I lost!”
Let a warrior say such words willingly,very hard,But appeared today。
Xia Chenglong looked at the melee of more than forty people again,If they don’t stop,I’m happy to shoot。
“stop,Stop fighting。”Qin Jin said very wisely。
“Do not,team leader,We can still fight。”Someone shouts unwillingly。
They prepared for this moment for a long time,But in the end it ended with this result,No one can bear such a blow。
Although the words are words,But at this moment everyone didn’t fight。
Although I feel unwilling,But I have to admit,This battle is really meaningless。
They lost,Union lost,Tujia is still the king of Lingxiao City,Whether it’s the older generation or the younger generation。
Chapter six hundred and fifty four Enter the Tujia
This year’s joint conference is too chic,The giants who have been waiting in the center of the Star Dou Forest are already waiting for the results.。
So many people were eliminated in the first link,This situation has not occurred since the beginning of the event,Especially not long ago there was a burst of blue smoke in the forest。
This amount of blue smoke is enough to eliminate 20 or 30 people,Could it be that they encountered a spirit beast above level 5,The one that can’t be beaten at all?
Other spectators who were waiting for the result speculated wildly,This possibility is extremely。
But naturally the group of people sitting in the center would not think so,Because they know exactly what happened inside。
Union or butcher,Who on earth won the final victory。
After an hour,Another burst of figures slowly appeared in everyone’s sight。
“Look,Someone out!”

In this unexpected change,Of course they have to move randomly,Change your position and attitude to protect yourself。

In fact,The reason why they have such a subtle mentality,Or because of the cut just now,Too strong,horrible!
The masters of the gods present,Have their own martial arts experience,They subconsciously feel,If someone can cut such a terrifying knife,There is bound to be a big consumption,Because energy is not created out of thin air,Out of nothing,At least they can’t do it themselves,I have never seen anyone do it。
In an instant,Dozens of eyes at the scene all stared at Lu Menglin。
And after Lu Menglin slashed open the sky,,I didn’t know it,Slowly walked towards the remnant of the two-headed King Kong。
At this moment,No one even cares,What happened to that crazy double-headed King Kong!
Lu Menglin walked to the corpse of the double-headed King Kong,Reach out,Touched the palm of the hand to the corpse,Space energy is outrageously launched,Just take a look,One more piece of equipment in the palm。
next moment,Everyone saw Wu Hao’s light lines flashing sharply,Not only did the whole body not weaken,And also climbed again。
Pause time,All the thoughts are suppressed,Everyone can’t help but bow their heads,Seems afraid to look at this super strong。
The ghost knows how powerful this guy really is,After cutting it so crazy,,He is like a okay person,Obviously there is still room for it。
In this case,Who dare to think otherwise?
Lu Menglin is secretly funny,How could I be able to do it,Give these ruthless people a chance to comeback?
Open Heaven Slash!Actually Lu Menglin showed it on purpose,Just to frighten the people present!
If it was Lu Menglin before,,Control the knife with space energy,More than ten knives,Now the bone quenching is successful,The body’s endurance is greatly enhanced,It’s already soft as water,Successfully promoted to the real state of King Kong immortality,Even if you use light energy to control the knife,Can also cut out the momentum of opening the sky,And there is almost no burden on the body,The power burst is several times stronger than before!
Lu Menglin now,If its true combat power is divided according to the level of the gods,,Has far exceeded level 42,Killing the forty-three-level dragon battlefield is no problem,Even with those legendary forty-fourth levels in God City,Even the forty-fifth level super strong can compete。
In terms of physical strength and power burst,Lu Menglin’s combat strength,At least at level 43,In addition to being unable to use the magic weapon explosion boost,Has not lost to the forty-fourth-level god nation powerhouse in all aspects。
In the city of God,The invincible three masters of black blood are only at level 43.,And the Evil God Liuyun who came from Ning Palace,Ming Zhen Shen City,It’s just a level 44 fighter。
If Liu Yun Cthulhu came to chase Lu Menglin now,The two must have a battle,It’s not that Lu Menglin was unable to fight back,I can only run away。

“It’s okay,It’s okay,I let the scenery help me come in and lie down for a while。”Wang Dahua said quickly。

“Ok,it is good,mom,You go in and have a rest!”Liu Chunlan said。
Liu Chunlan’s voice fell off,Over there, Liu Guangguang helped Wang Dahua walk back to the house quickly。
Watching Wang Dahua walking like flying,Liu Chunlan’s brows are really tight and wrinkled,Crumpled and tight,What is this scenario。
Just now,When I told myself dizziness,Not still speechless,Can’t you walk??
How come back to the house,This leg is about to catch up with Yuan Mobilization?
Liu Chunlan’s face sank,It seems that these people are going to make something together again, right?。
After returning to the house,Because Liu Neng has been playing chess with Lin Feng,and so,He didn’t go back to the room。
Last resort,Wang Dahua had to say to Liu Guangguang:“Scenery,You go find grandpa,Find a reason for him to come back quickly。”
“Really,Grandpa and they just now,In the hall,All saw us go back to the room,I don’t know yet, hurry up and take a look,I’m still playing so hard there。”Liu Guangguang grumbled。
“Maybe your grandpa didn’t see it,You go,Thanks for your hard work,Grandson。”Wang Dahua said。
at this time,Wang Dahua is not convenient to go out and call Liu Neng,If she can go,To the extent she loves her grandson,It is absolutely impossible for Wang Dahua to let Liu Guangguang go one step further.。
“Humph,Really troublesome!”Although reluctant,But Liu Guangguang still lifted his ass and walked outside。

“How can there be such a coincidence in the world?I guess it is very likely that the four major consortia in Southeast Asia have bought‘Diplomatic bond’The incident attracted the attention and panic of the U.S. Treasury Department。”

“Although they don’t know the true significance of the four major consortiums in Southeast Asia,But they definitely suspect that someone wants to use‘Diplomatic bond’Big fuss。”
“Plus‘Diplomatic bond’It’s the time that Americans worry about most**,They are worried‘Diplomatic bond’How to end,Plus someone wants to use‘Diplomatic bond’Big fuss。”
“So the U.S. Treasury Department does nothing but do nothing.,Co-directed this drama with Goldman Sachs,Tianyu,What do you say?”
“Uh uh,Your analysis makes sense,I also think that the U.S. Treasury Department and Goldman Sachs are likely to come for us.。”Qiao Tianyu nodded,Affirmed Wu Minghao’s statement,“But I still have a very bad feeling。”
“Very bad feeling?How does it feel?”Wu Minghao and Michelle’s eyes widened when they heard that,Asked quickly。
“Mr. Wu,Just now you said that the U.S. Treasury Department and Goldman Sachs designed such a big scam,Just because of the stimulation of the four major consortia in Southeast Asia,Worried that someone would use‘Diplomatic bond’Big fuss?”Qiao Tianyu explained suspiciously。
“Is the price a bit too high??Will anyone act in the four major consortia in Southeast Asia?,Have already determined your plan,So they offered this trick,In response to your plan?”
“what?……”Wu Minghao was even more dumbfounded,But after a little thought,Wu Minghao shook his head like a rattle。
“impossible!Absolutely impossible!”Wu Minghao denies very positively。
To know,It was to prevent people from being judged that they wanted to use“Diplomatic bond”Contain the true intentions of the United States,Mr. Wu Wenjie and Wu Minghao only started the layout five years in advance。
And this plan was only known to Mr. Wu Wenjie and Wu Minghao,Even the four major consortia in Southeast Asia acting as agents,Just follow orders,I don’t know the true intention of Wu’s nephew。
So Wu Minghao doesn’t believe that anyone could judge their uncle’s true intentions four or five years ago!
“Yes indeed,how can that be possible?Joe,Did you make a mistake?”
Listened all night,Michelle also heard some eyebrows,I think Qiao Tianyu’s idea is definitely a fantasy。
“Forget it,Maybe I really think too much,Leave this alone!”

Although Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan didn’t understand why Liu Neng and Wang Dahua laughed,but,As long as they are no longer entangled with the problem just now,For Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan,That’s enough。

Want to say,If you can,Lin Feng is fine now,Liu Chunlan is good too,I wish I could rarely see Liu Neng and Wang Dahua,Just look at them two less。
Can I hear Liu Neng and Wang Dahua say something less,I won’t listen to them。
“That one,Lin Feng,Chunlan,It’s not that I am troublesome,How can you leave such a good car to Xiao Fan that uselessly??”Wang Dahua seems to feel that if she doesn’t pick things,,She feels uncomfortable。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Six Success is in sight
and so,After Xiao Fan picked up his late business just now,Wang Dahua started her new step again。
“mom,Xiao Fan, isn’t this going to pick you up at the station??This is not because of your identity,and so,We will let him drive that car out,what happened,What happened again this is?”Liu Chunlan said。
In order to avoid the occurrence of something like just now,Liu Chunlan also changed her way of speaking,Don’t you just like to listen nicely?,Then just say more by yourself。
right now,Liu Chunlan would rather talk to herself and disgust herself,Don’t hear Liu Neng and Wang Dahua say something they don’t like。
as expected,Liu Neng and Wang Dahua,Oh,correct,There is also Liu Fengguang on the other side,That was when I heard Liu Chunlan say these things,Don’t forget the happy ones。
Just look at that Wang Dahua,The corners of his happy mouth almost grin behind his ears。
After happiness,Wang Dahua said to Liu Chunlan proudly:“I know,The identity of our family is indeed that we can only use such an advanced car to pick up,but,Before let Xiao Fan pick us up at the station,You also have to train his car skills!”
Seeing Wang Dahua’s proud look,Liu Chunlan was very sick in her heart,But in the face, he still smiled and said to them:“Nope,Xiao Fan’s car skills have always been very good,What’s going on here,Why did you mention Xiao Fan’s car skills?!”
“Him,Just the son-in-law you just praised,When I was parking just now,He didn’t stop,Just hit the car on the door frame of your garage,I drove the car out of a huge pit,What do you think,How much does it cost?,Isn’t this a waste of money??”Wang Dahua pretended to be distressed and said。
and,The look of Wang Dahua,Now it seems to be thinking of Liu Chunlan and the others。
Wang Dahua finished here,Liu Neng said immediately:“Yes,Chunlan,Don’t you know,After Xiao Fan hit the car,He didn’t even care about it,Just drove out。”

Besides, Ding Keyu was overwhelmed by the difficulties faced by the company.,The veteran of the company has disobeyed him,Work deployment,Talk about development,What’s worse,Continuous losses,Make shareholders complain,He has great opinions。Talking about investment and new construction,Funds are in a hurry,Shortage of capital chain,Unable to advance project construction,Some subsidiaries cannot pay wages for two consecutive months,And got into the media。Public opinion pressure also has a great impact on Sheng Languang,The only remaining partners,Of course they have withdrawn their capital one after another。

Ding Keyu was sitting slumped in the office,Nothing to do。
suddenly,The video fax in front of Weishi broadcasts scenes of nasty things done by Huang Wei and Zhang Cheng under the order of Ding Keyu,He was shaking,Almost standing unstable。
Outsider to see,poor person must have something mean,Even former cronies can persecute and threaten him,Is it pitiful and hateful?。
No matter how Ding Keyu scolds Huang Wei,What I got is Huang Wei’s evil smile like a fox。At this moment,Zhang Cheng knocked on the door and came in,After knowing the ins and outs,To Ding Keyu:“Let me give him some color。”
Ding Keyu’s beard pile grows out,The overwhelmed person grows fast and thick beard,The whole person is haggard。At the end of the road,There are hardcore brothers who will never leave themselves,Really touched。
“Don’t extend branches。”Ding Keyu ordered。When saying this,Ding Keyu has no confidence,Not stupid, he decided to find a new way out,Let Zhang Cheng think about a new way。
Zhang Cheng, who does not protect himself,At this time, he can still maintain him so transparently,Ding Keyu was so touched。
First204chapter Strategy
Sheng Blu-ray has a very serious atmosphere,In the meeting room,Large and small shareholder coefficient,Listen to Ding Keyu’s policy strategy,From management、Marketing、profit、The core technology is explained one by one。Achievements and ideas, despite the bubbles、Generous wording but no shareholder approval,Atmosphere freezing point。
Time of discussion,Raised by shareholders:“Rumor has it that he killed his brother,How can we let people with bad conduct lead the company。”
I saw Ding Keyu calm and free,Sneered:“Don’t be silly,Pay attention to evidence in everything,You are planting,I usually treat you well,Why did you say slander。”
The shareholder took out a mobile recording disk,Shook in the hand,Said:“It can be evidence。”
Ding Keyu kicked the leg,But without changing the face, pretending to be calm,Hand out,Like a speaker,Said confidently:“Capable,Just play!”
The shareholder stood up and gave the mobile disk to the staff to play。Headlights off at the venue,Screen only。
Other shareholders seem to be watching a big show,The venue is so quiet that you can hear breathing。

“thank you,Ali,”I know my friend is kind to remind myself,Xiaobu quickly thanked him。

“you are welcome,Who made us friends,But Xiaobu,You know,The people here today are all super big guys,If we make something wrong,Don’t even think about working part-time in this hotel。”
“I understand,”Student Xiaobu nodded quickly,Hesitated,He still asked his companion:“Ali,Do you know who that person is?”
“Which person?”
Student Xiaobu motioned to Chen Geng’s location:“The very young one at table three、The one with an Asian face……”
“You said Mr. Fernandez,”Ali really knows:“He is a rich man who just appeared in Detroit last year,Many girls dream of marrying。”
“Monopoly?Is he rich?”
“Very rich?wrong!Is very very difficult to be young,Very very rich!”Ali looked at Chen Geng in the crowd with envy,Eyes full of longing:It would be great if I was so rich。
Very very rich?
Student Xiaobu automatically ignored the previous one“Very very young”,Asked excitedly:“Very very rich?How rich he is?Is it a millionaire?”
In the opinion of Xiaobu,In terms of Chen Geng’s age,It’s amazing to be a millionaire……Ok,Seeing so many people talking around him,It’s probably the more powerful kind among millionaires,Worth millions、Maybe there are ten million dollars less、The kind that is about to step into the threshold of multimillionaires。
“millionaire?”Ali smiled,Looking enviously at Chen Geng surrounded by the crowd:“A millionaire,How could there be so many people around him、Compliment him?”
Student Xiaobu’s eyes went round suddenly:“You mean……He is a multimillionaire?How did he do that?I think he is so young,May not be as big as ours……”