“I found that rich people are stingy。”A leopard wears shoes in no hurry,Say:“Haven’t you seen the old house on Xiao Xiao’s side together before??She and her parents’ rooms are very wide,The one for them、The room where Aunt Huang lives is changed so little!”

“What’s so strange,The aunt’s room in the two to three hundred square floor is only a few square meters,There are still only two big rooms。”Chen Wenjin wondered if there was no big flat in this era,Only buy an adjacent house to open up a large space privately。
“That’s too ridiculous!It won’t be enough to let a little aisle come out!And how can so few rooms be enough?I can’t live with a guest!Why do you think rich people are so bad?Too unkind。”A Bao finds it difficult to understand。
“People spend money to hire people to do things,Leaving a lot of space becomes hiring people to enjoy the same living environment。The lack of rooms means that guests are not considered to stay overnight,What you want is privacy and spacious comfort。”Chen Wenjin feels that he is also idle,What are you talking about with Abao?,Just ask him:“You don’t worry now?”
“Yes!Spent the wallet night,A moment of spring night is worth a thousand dollars,Can’t waste it!Gone away!”A Bao hurried back with the wine again。
Chen Wenjin played a little game,Also sleepy。
Fell asleep soon after lying down,I don’t know how long I slept,I dreamed of the stars in the universe。
The dense light keeps drawing closer,enlarge,Clearly saw an earthy planet,Chen Wenjin is looking curiously,In my dream, I don’t remember if I have seen such a star before,suddenly——The planet is shining brightly!
When the light blooms,There is a circle of space distortion around,The released light and energy are all sucked in by the twisted space wrapped!
Chen Wenjin suddenly opened his eyes,Gasping,Glanced at the luminous pointer,Stay at three o’clock in the morning。
On the hour。
Chen Wenjin felt a lot of discomfort around him,Flying up,Go away quickly,Fade away。
Chen Wenjin standing on the balcony,Seeing a figure on the street rummaging in the trash can,This time,Scavengers should have been sleeping。

Ma Za twisted his face and struggled on the ground,Ye Xingkong rises to the sky to parry Feynak,Pay nak,Go to fumarza,Ye Xingkong, who lost his vigilance, called to Mazza。

Feynak picked up a thick club and hit Ye Xingkong,Ye Xingkong sees it,Go crazy,Suddenly one720Degree rotation,Serial kick,Not only kicked Feynak’s club,Even kicked Feynak in the chest,Feynak flew four or five meters,Hitting the tables and chairs behind him,Hold your chest section back,Leaning against the corner of the wall and panting。
Zhang Cheng fell to the ground and slowed his consciousness,Swinging a heavy object to Ye Xingkong,Ma Zha sees the sharp eye and pushes Ye Xingkong away,Protect Ye Xingkong from this heavy object,Maza fell to the ground instantly,Unconscious Personnel。
Ye Xingkong immediately counterattacked,One punch knocked Zhang Cheng to the ground,Can’t get up for a long time,Trying out with the greatest effort to incur Zhang Cheng’s death。
Tian Lu, whose forehead hit by a pillar on the side, recovered.,See this scene,Open your throat and shout loudest:“Starry sky,Do not—want!”
Tian Lu sees Ye Xingkong’s terrifying moves,I thought he was going to kill Zhang Cheng,Although she stopped drinking,But I’m not sure whether Ye Xingkong will continue to execute。
When she opened her eyes in fear,This heavy punch did not fall on Zhang Cheng,But stay on Zhang Cheng’s head,Missed。
“Okay,Did not fight。”Tian Lu talks to herself,To Ye Xingkong looking at her with doubts,Tian Lu said:“If human beings are killed for unknown reasons,,Will be punished by law。”
When Tian Lu said,Eye sockets filled with water,Like a begging,It’s like maintaining and protecting Ye Xingkong。
Ye Xingkong walked towards his chest and was leaking out.blood.Feynak,In the language of the gray planet:“I don’t want you and me because I’m a compatriot,Just fight for you,I won’t kill you today,Hope you can do it for yourself。As for the throne,You worry too much,Do you think you have the ability to benefit the people,Take as much as possible。”
Ye Xingkong doesn’t care about him anymore,Domineering turn,Picking up the unconscious Ma Zha on the ground and walking towards Zhang Cheng’s house,Tian Lu staggered and followed Ye Xingkong。
Behind,Feynak, who was lingering, and Zhang Cheng, who fell to the ground and couldn’t get up, were left behind,A wolf on the ground……
Out the door,Ye Xingkong carefully settled his horse into the pony car,I went to the main cab,Start engine。
Tian Lula opened the door to the back seat,She wants to take care of Mazza in the back seat,Share for Ye Xingkong,Although Mazza looks strange,Surprisingly big eyes,Thin mouth,But take a look,Think it’s still cute。
Tian Lu thought,If this is on the gray planet,Maybe it’s a beauty,But what is the relationship between her and Xingkong??”
The last second was still in the thrilling fight,Now sit in the car safely,Like a century passed。
Come to the apartment,Ye Xingkong hesitated for a moment at the door,Said to Tian Lu:“I、I trained Mazza temporarily with you?”
Ye Xingkong pressed his throat,really、actually、Really speak the same language as Tian Lu,Even he thought it was an accident。
“Starry sky,you、Did you just say something?Can speak human language?”Tian Lu surprised。Read a book

After driving out,Qin Feng saw Zhang Dong still in the same place in the reverse mirror,Qin Feng shook his head,If not for yourself,What will their brothers look like now。

No matter what,Now he is back,Those lost,Qin Feng will supply them the same。
Don’t think much,Qin Feng immediately drove back to Jiang’s Villa,Thinking of and Jiang Yan
They show off their new mounts。
Arrived at Jiang’s Villa,Qin Feng didn’t park the car in the garage,But parked the car at the garage door。
“Wife,I am back!”Just walked in,Qin Feng yelled。
“Wife?”Called for a long time and didn’t see Jiang Yan agree。
Qin Feng frowned,Even if Qin Feng broke his throat before,,Jiang Yan won’t agree,But now Jiang Yan’s attitude,It’s not what it used to be。
It stands to reason that I called her for so long,Even if she doesn’t agree,Will also come out to have a look,Say here,Even if she doesn’t come out, Wang Mengmeng owes her second aunt who owes her,She should have come out long ago。
Qin Feng has no time to change shoes,Go straight into the house and find them。
“Xiaoyan,Who do you think the broken car belongs to,Why did you stop at the door of our garage??”Just when Qin Feng couldn’t find them,When in a hurry,Suddenly heard Wang Mengmeng’s voice。
“how could I know,Maybe it’s a guest from home。”Jiang Yan didn’t think so。
“I tell you,If it wasn’t you just now,I smashed the broken car,I care whose car it is,Dare to stand in my way,I just smashed it。”Wang Mengmeng said,Gesticulating。
“what?The car was smashed by you?”Qin Feng sees that they are all right,Started to care about the car。
“Not broken yet,You know whose car it is?”Wang Mengmeng just entered the house,I heard Qin Feng ask。
“mine。”Qin Feng hasn’t smashed it yet,Rest assured,Proudly throw two words to Wang Mengmeng,Fell down。
“Ah puff,your?”Wang Mengmeng asked in disbelief。
“how,Can’t it??”Qin Feng asked。

Huang Junjie looked at Qin Feng in a bit of astonishment and said:“That little guy is really unambiguous。”

“Don’t need to say this,I already know what to do。”Qin Feng also said a little irritably,He is really angry。
Qin Feng directly reported to law enforcement,Do these guys really think they can erase the marks so easily??
Qin Feng made a call to Wei Guoqiang。
It took more than ten seconds for the call to be connected,Obviously Wei Guoqiang is busy。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII No grievances
“Brother Qin Feng,What’s matter?”Qin Feng can still hear someone talking over there,Wei Guoqiang should be talking about things over there, right。
“Brother,My house was stolen,Then someone came in directly to destroy the evidence,And just now I also found that someone installed some monitoring and other things on my side,Did you let people come over and see,Is there a way to catch people??”
Qin Feng also asked directly,He knew he couldn’t do it。
These are things that security should do,If he did,What’s going on behind,He may also be dealt with。
When Wei Guoqiang heard this,,He really doesn’t know this,He quickly said:“You don’t need to worry about this,I will handle it。”
There is no alternative,If this matter is not handled well,His relationship with Qin Feng might cause trouble。
Actually,He is also a little negligent,Didn’t explain,If something happens to Qin Feng,,Report to him directly。
The people below treat this as an ordinary case,Especially Qin Feng didn’t go home,There is no way to deal with it。
Qin Feng also expressed his understanding of Wei Guoqiang。
After half an hour,Wei Guoqiang personally led the team here。
Those security guards are surveying,Qin Feng is watching with Wei Guoqiang。

From the picture,They can clearly see,Rise from the dense forest,And have been chasing under the Taishan ship,Turned out to be a bunch of weird bees。

Each of these bees is as long as half a person,The whole body has a metallic luster,Vibrating bee wings,Extremely fast,Getting closer and closer to the hull。
“How long will it take to catch up with us?”The captain of the Taishan ship is an experienced veteran,He just glanced at,I know that the swarms below move very fast,Even faster than the speed of the Taishan ship。
The chief mate on the side hurriedly entered variable data on the electronic screen,Soon came to a conclusion。
“Forty seconds,After forty seconds!The swarm can catch up with us!”The first officer’s face changed slightly,Obviously, I didn’t expect the flying speed of these insects to be so terrible。
“Release the drone!Ready to accelerate!”The captain made a decisive decision,Ordered。
The two drivers beside them all showed a hint of surprise,But still firmly implemented the captain’s order。
At this moment,Xing Wei in the investigation team frowned,Displeased:“captain,Those are just a bunch of beasts,Do we need to escape?It’s not enough to shoot them down with a drone?”
Not only does he have such a question,But many people in the battleship have this question。
The Taishan ship’s firepower is powerful,Hundreds of unmanned fighter jets escorted,There is no need to fear a group of flying beasts,If you just run away like this,Inevitably being laughed at。
Moreover,They came out so easily,Don’t fight those monsters,I can’t show my own skills。
“captain,I majored in precision shooting in school,My gun shooting score isA+,Let me knock them down?”A member of the investigation team offered to ask。
The old captain has a gloomy face,Shook his head,Growl:“Do as i say!No stay,Direct acceleration!”

Xia Chenglong felt a little sad because the old city owner had to leave,Need to vent now。

“I wanted you to go,Since you called the old city lord directly,Then stay!”
Xuantian Sword requires sacrifice,The blood of the upper level asked the gods is very suitable for the opening of the new sword。
“Do not,You adults do not count the villains,Please raise your hand。”
“Make a move,I only make one sword,Can hold back,Unstoppable。”
Blade unsheathed,The vitality between heaven and earth surges towards the Xuantian sword frantically,the simplest“Moon Slash”,The power bursting out at this moment almost suffocated the people present。
Even the green pheasant can’t help but feel a little moved。
If I promised to be Xia Chenglong’s subordinate before,Because he has the Sect Master’s token of Wan Jianzong,Now I am absolutely admired。
From meeting to present,Breakthrough again and again,I’m afraid it won’t be long,Even he is beyond the reach。
Li Lao ran away in panic,The green pheasant did not chase,Because no need。
Seeing the old figure disappear from sight,At this moment,The world is dim,Everything becomes black。
“Everything fades!”
At this moment, the power of Xia Chenglong’s artistic conception has expanded to kilometers away,He is the absolute overlord in this field。
I feel my body is out of control,Can only hear the heartbeat。
That sword is coming,He will turn to ashes under the sword light。
“Moon Slash”The air blade that radiated away from the old body,What’s interesting is that the figure is actually a virtual body。
“I’ll chase!”

“If not discovered by my family,Would you like to stay with me forever?”

“willing。”Chen Wenjin answered without hesitation,If the relationship is going to continue,Of course his answer needs to be more serious,But it has reached the end,No need to be serious,Just give the answer that Butterfly loves to hear。Because the serious part,Don’t need it at all。
“Have a girlfriend who is three and a half minutes old,You can stand it?”Butterfly looked up at him,There is guilt in my eyes that cares about my situation。
“You are so loving and compensated in a different way,I certainly wouldn’t mind。”
“Thank you。”Butterflies look very serious。
“Luckily acquainted。”Chen Wenjin met Butterfly’s gaze,With a smile。
For a while,Butterflies suddenly stood up and said:“It’s time,Let’s go。”
Open the door and go out,I knew someone outside was waiting for them。
Chen Wenjin said a little sorry,That person quickly said it was okay。
Butterflies said to the young man:“Handsome guy is patient and good tempered,I will definitely find a beautiful wife in the future!”
“what……For your good words,Hope to get rid of single soon。”That man likes the blessing of butterflies,Bored after waiting for half an hour,Suddenly became a happy smile。
Downstairs,Butterfly looked at Chen Wenjin and said:“Don’t have to send me today?”
“Let’s go,Can’t you still talk about conversation on the road??”Chen Wenjin pulled the butterfly to the roadside to block the car,Got on a taxi,Butterfly said again:“Don’t give it today,Kiss and say goodbye,after,Each well。”
“……Take care。”Chen Wenjin holding a butterfly,but,But she quickly pushed away with a smile。“I am leaving。”
“and many more、Prepared a gift for you,Home,Dismantle when alone。”Chen Wenjin quickly took it out for her,I originally planned to give it to the butterfly home。

Chen Geng’s rule came out,The police in Detroit suddenly talked,But basically no one believes。

“I think it’s impossible,This must be deceiving,”City bureau,A black policeman danced with excitement,asrapper:“Bros,30%!This is 30%!How much is that?!We are the police,I know that none of the gangs in Detroit likes to use credit cards and checks,All cash transactions,cash!
Kill a gang,Maybe four or five million dollars can be seized,Even millions of dollars are possible,100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The three achievements are30Ten thousand,Three hundred thousand,my god!We won’t make so much money in our lifetime。”
Black personRapperThe police officer’s expression is extremely exaggerated,But his exaggerated expression got the approval of his colleagues,For no other reason,The 30% rebate is too much,Everyone can’t believe it,more importantly,This does not say how to allocate more money,But not everyone does not believe this,For example, some people insist that this is true,The reason is that the new mayor is very rich。
“Mr. Fernandez is different,Mr. Fernandez is the richest man in the world,He has more money than many countries,”The police who firmly believe that the police department can get the money also have their own reasons:“He is not short of money,He can’t put these seizures into his pocket,the most important is,He made a promise,If the promise is not fulfilled,What do voters think of him?”
It seems to make sense too……
This reason convinced many people:The new mayor Chen Geng is rich,As the richest man in the world,Of course he won’t be greedy for this little money,And he publicly promised voters during the election,The first thing he will do after he is elected is to make great efforts to improve the security situation in Detroit,What is the security situation in Detroit,everybody knows,Want to reverse the security situation in Detroit in a short period of time,It seems there is only a strange trick。
“It would be great if this is the case,”The more the police thought about it, the more reliable it became.,Someone can’t help but sigh:“It would be great if I could get two to three million。”
Yes,It would be fine if it could be divided into two or three hundred thousand。
Everyone likes daydreaming,With this voice falling,Everyone can’t help but wonder if they can get the two or three hundred thousand dollars seized,What a happy thing that should be,Not only can you pay off your mortgage and car loan,The remaining money can be used as a child’s education fund,No longer have to burden children with a heavy student loan。
just,Before everyone wakes up from their daydreams,I was poured on my head by a basin of water……
“What do you think,How could such a good thing fall on us??This news must be fake。”
As soon as this said,It’s a anger,The policemen all looked at this disappointed guy:Everyone knows that this is unlikely,Is it possible that I can’t think about it a little bit??What do you mean by that?
But this black buddy didn’t mean to counsel at all,Stubbornly:“Of course I want to make this money,But under normal circumstances,If the city hall will call back 30% of the seizures to our police station,At least they have to give a distribution plan for this seizure?For example, how much did the police officers take?,How much other people take?Can you see a similar distribution plan??No!absolutely not!”

“Hollowed out?”Qin Feng didn’t expect such a situation,He asked hesitantly:“Won’t this collapse suddenly?”

“who knows?Those guys are also very cautious,Theoretically impossible。”
Huang Junjie doesn’t understand this,But he knows one thing is that these rich people can’t make fun of their lives。
“Ok,I will go see,There are also some professional tools for me,Otherwise, just seeing it doesn’t work。”
This can also be regarded as Qin Feng’s old line,So he has no rejection of these。
Huang Junjie said with a sigh of relief:“I’ll give you these things right away,Even if you don’t go,I will let others go,Su OhiAll kinds of things are already prepared。”
“Ok。”Qin Feng also asked Huang Junjie to bring things here。
Looking at those sophisticated equipment,Qin Feng looked at Huang Junjie with different eyes:“Brother,Are you sure you are just an ordinary rich man?How do I feel that you are more like an international thief?”
Where to put these equipment,That will attract the attention of a bunch of people?
“Cough,This is also normal,People like us,If it doesn’t matter,I don’t know how it died。”
Huang Junjie shook his head helplessly and said:“People always say that wealth is not revealed,But you also know that people like us,Already under the spotlight,So no matter what, someone will stare。”
In this situation, if we don’t find someone to help,This is definitely going to happen。
Qin Feng understands this way,This is for safety,This is the case。
If Qin Feng is an ordinary person,He will do this with Huang Junjie,Safety is the first element,This is the first choice no one can change。
Since they are all ready,Qin Feng doesn’t need to worry about anything,He also considered other situations。
That is, I can’t pass through with my true colors,Otherwise, someone might find out,So he chose another method。
There are some special things in Qingyunzhu,That is the mask that can change the appearance of people。
This thing is for Qin Feng’s master,That has no effect,But for Qin Feng, an ordinary person,This is baby。
Although this kind of thing can only be worn for 24 hours at a time,Once worn for a long time, it will easily lead to mental confusion.。

Ding Sheng, who is alone in the office, has a hint of anger on his face,But it was quickly brought back to reality。

I rushed out to catch up with Director Wang who wanted to leave work,The expression on Ding Sheng’s face also changed to a pleasing color。
“Director Wang,Look like this,Show me the penalty,As long as I violated national regulations,I smash the pot and sell iron,Also collect the money to be punished。”
Ding Sheng almost begged,But the impatience on Director Wang’s face is becoming more and more obvious。
“Where are you supposed to be here,Watch whatever you want,Your home?”
In the public,No need for Director Wang to say anything,Naturally, some people stand up to share the worries of the leaders。
&nbs He also brought some pushes while speaking,After all, it’s time to get off work,Ding Sheng is dragging here,Everyone can’t leave。
Someone takes the lead,To Ding Sheng who touched the collective interests,Everyone naturally loses their face。
Ding Sheng is also angry,Been treated like this several times,Who can bear it?
“You are a group of bandits,Bandits stealing money from the people!”
Ding Sheng scolded,I have to rush to talk to the people in the city management office,But was pushed out again。
Two fists are hard to beat four hands,What’s more, Ding Sheng lost an arm。I pushed a few people away,But in the end it was pushed out by the people from the city management office.。
A good tiger can’t stand a pack of wolves,In addition, the people in the city management office were delayed from get off work because of Ding Sheng,I have no control over the strength of my hands,Directly pushed Ding Sheng to the ground。
Not loud,But Ding Sheng’s dropped prosthesis attracted everyone’s attention。
The boys who pushed Ding Sheng looked ashamed,But this time,Director Wang suddenly rushed out。
“Illegal operation,You concealed your physical condition and told you the truth,How do you let me help you?Vehicle detention,Cancel operation qualification,I can’t make fun of people’s lives!”
Information Age for All,We media is really terrible,In addition, the traffic in this area is not low。Moment of crisis,As the director, Wang Youwei naturally wants to stand up,PR wave!
Everyone marveled at the work ability of Director Wang,People watching the excitement around also started to point Ding Sheng。