No wonder Bieber is so funny,The U.S. Treasury Department announced last fall1976National average household income level for the year:18700USD,It is based on a typical American family where both couples go to work.,The average income of this family is18700USD,The average annual income of no one is9350USD,Average monthly income780USD。

But this income is income that has not yet been tax deducted,Deduct personal income tax,Then remove the mortgages that Americans who have never had a saving habit to buy in installments、Car loans and other personal loans、Property tax that must be paid each year……Average to everyone’s head,The average monthly disposable income of each American will not exceed400USD。
And remove the monthly food、Fuel oil、Utilities and other expenses,in fact70Ordinary Americans in the era basically don’t have much money left every month,can have100Even if the surplus of the dollar can manage money。
In Bieber’s opinion,Even the Chinese have always had the habit of saving and managing money,For Chen Geng,It is impossible for him to spend such a large sum of money……Because he can’t spend such a large sum of money。
Chen Geng pouted:“I really can’t get ten thousand dollars,But my house was purchased in full,if necessary,I can apply for a mortgage from the bank,My house can easily lend out ten thousand dollars。”
Bieber’s eyes are round:This damn yellow monkey,I actually have a complete house in my hand?
next moment,He gets excited:If this damn bastard really has a house in his hands,Don’t talk about applying for a ten thousand dollar loan from the bank,Even 20,000 dollars、Thirty thousand dollars might be fine, right??The previous irritability and impatience are gone,Smiles all over his face suddenly:“Chen,How about you lend me this money?I promise to pay you back soon……Ok,The interest on the loan is calculated at double the bank loan……Oh,correct,starting today,You are the deputy general manager of the company……”
Based on Bieber’s understanding of Chen Geng,He didn’t believe he opened his mouth,This timid Chinese dare not lend himself money?Now own radish,Big stick,I don’t believe I don’t give in。
Looking at Bieber who is thinking about good things,Chen Geng smiled,The smile of disdain and sarcasm:“Lend you?what……Mr. Bieber,Do you really think,There are ten thousand dollars,Why don’t I start a used car company by myself?”
Bieber is speechless,Chen Geng is right,Ten thousand dollars,Let alone a pure used car sales company,A medium-sized used car sales company with a maintenance workshop can open it。
Although I’m a little curious why Chen Geng is not afraid of himself anymore,But Bieber didn’t think so much,After confirming that Chen Geng really seemed to be able to spend $10,000,Bieber’s eyes are red,There is only one thought in my mind:You have to get this ten thousand dollars!
Seeing simple promises do not work,Bieber gritted his teeth:“Since you don’t agree with this plan,Why don’t I convert it into shares for you?,Mr. Fernandez,You bought shares with this ten thousand dollars,I can give you 20%……Do not,30% of the shares,this way?As long as you nod,You are the company’s shareholder……”
Chen Geng looked at Bieber who was thinking of good things with a mocking look:“Since I can get your company for ten thousand dollars,Why should I only get 30% of the shares for the same price?”
See Bieber want to plead,Chen Geng shook his finger,Honestly speaking:“Ten thousand dollars,you agree,I went to the bank to mortgage the house,It doesn’t matter if you disagree,Anyway, it was not me who was forced into bankruptcy and liquidation by the bank。”
Finished,Ignore Bieber’s sullen face,Chen Geng went out and left——There are many things to do,No time to grind teeth with this guy。
White stood at the door of the business hall sadly,Looking at the people coming in and out,Terrible headache:Why are they all here to withdraw money?,None of them are here for loan business?

Monkey King doesn’t believe it,Fighting on the battlefield,Can’t wake up the third-order fighting spirit of the monster race,And will,that,Monkey King will find a suitable place,Let these men bury their bones here,Which day of the province was on the battlefield,Lost his life for no reason。

“The Monkey King group members are domineering and leaking,but,The Monkey King group members should think about how to persuade the tribe。”
Jingtian said with a smile,This look of Monkey King,It seems to be in line with the decisive killing of the Yao clan chief,really,Only when things happen,Only Sun Wukong looks a little bit like the head of the demon clan,Usually,Just a short guy who likes to brag。
“The Monkey King group members can consider a battle that will hurt both sides,But pay attention to grasp the degree,Don’t let your people discover your intentions,Otherwise, the demon clan of Monkey King’s group will be unstable。”
Nezha also suggested with a smile,If Monkey King really chooses to clean up the monster race,That can be imagined,Sun Wukong’s advancement to Tier 4 will be delayed for a long time.。
“No problem,I have already figured out the perfect solution,I will not deliberately let my hands go to death,I will only give them a choice,Either fight,Or fall。”
“Mission world this time,I will take all the third tiers of the Yaozu to the mission world,I will deliberately pick things up,Then let these men who have been stable for a long time recollect what is fighting,What is fighting。”
“then,If this trip goes well,I will continue to take these hands down to the world where the Gray Wolf pack members are now,To help the gray wolves,The real strong,Are all killed from the sea of blood,If it falls,that,I will guarantee that the demon clan will spread the tragic deeds of these demon in the future。”
“I will let their stories spread,Inspire generation after generation of people to keep moving forward。”
Monkey King said calmly,This is the greatest promise he can do,Mainly because the chiefs of most of the demons have no fighting spirit,I just want to steal my life for half a day,Not enterprising。
“The Monkey King group members are really thoughtful,Ring after ring,Is this because I’m afraid my men won’t die??With a patriarch like you,How miserable those monster races should be。”
“only hope,Members of Monkey King don’t regret their decision today。”
Jingtian solemnly said,The peaceful Monkey King really kills his subordinates not blinking,So many battles are waiting for Monkey King’s men,Sedum is curious,To the end,How many demons can survive the Monkey King group?
“Is this cruel??The Monkey King group members are really immobile,Shocking and weeping。”

Holding Xiang Chen’s ankle and trousers tightly,Every word spoken by Xiang in Korean seems to burst out of two rows of teeth。

Competed with Xiang Chen for a long time,No one will admit defeat。
“I promised you something before?But you,How did you find me?”
The tug of war has reached a stalemate,Xiang Chen tilted his head,I feel my cervical spine is not very good。
I wonder if Han Yuxiang used his authority to install surveillance on himself,But I don’t know what I am worthy of Korean surveillance?Or some people have been monitoring themselves,It’s just that the Korean language is correct,Happened to be discovered by myself。
While fighting against this Korean violence,The countermeasures are running fast in your head,Who is monitoring yourself,What purpose do these people have?
“Xiang Chen, you bastard!”
I heard Xiang Chen’s words,Han Yuxiang felt a bit wronged for no reason,Suddenly let go,Let Xiang Chen, who is still struggling alone, use too much force directly,Hit the railing of the handrail。
“Officer Han,Have something to say!”
Xiang Chen who got hit,I just feel like the turbulence in my mind。
Chattering and complaining,I feel like a victim,But when I saw the Korean grievances,Xiang Chen suddenly felt,Can be sentenced directly,I am the murderer!
Xiang Chen is silent,Korean Xiang sitting on the stairs without a word,Xiang Chen thiefly moves forward,Han Yuxiang turned his head to the other side angrily。
“Officer Han, we have something to say,You know,My brain is not so good,You just broke into my room this early in the morning,I will inevitably panic, right?”
Defend yourself with a strong attitude,But now Korean Xiang doesn’t speak,Xiang Chen weakened again for an instant。
Han Yuxiang continues to remain silent。
“Officer Han,You see,I am sober now,What’s the matter,Tell me directly,As long as you tell,Up to the knife, down to the sea of fire,Don’t dare not follow!”

“Principal Nan,Mr. Lu,The ceremony is about to begin,Please enter!”At this moment,There was a student’s urging voice from the door。

“please,Please enter。”Principal Nan got up,Greeted with a smile。
Lu Menglin was accompanied by him,Gladly walked into the auditorium。
Su Xuehen and Zhang Bo were led by two college students,Go to the guest seat reserved in the front court and sit down。
now,Full seats in the business school auditorium,Not only were more than 500 places on the scene filled with people,Even in the corridor,In the aisle,Including several entrances and exits,Full of people。
It doesn’t matter whether these college students are in position,Even standing,As long as I can see the person in the legend,Hear his voice,Enough!
Chapter six hundred and eighty six University Way
obviously,The university leaders didn’t expect,How curious the students are about Lu Menglin himself,Far beyond their estimates。
No wonder,Because the leaders don’t play legendary games,I haven’t seen those crazy videos circulating on the Hong Kong Island server forum.。
“Every teacher,Fellow students,Our meeting event will start soon,Please give us warm applause,Welcome guests,Mr. Lu Menglin, the head of Menglin Group, enters the venue。”
It was Su Yunlei, the chairman of the Student Union, who stood on the stage and presided over the event,She has put on a white dress,The skirt corners drag the floor like a holy wedding dress,Set off against the beautiful face of the girl,More touching。
Principal Nan accompanied Lu Menglin into the venue,Two in tandem,Walk slowly to the guest seats on the stage。
Instant time,The audience did not burst into applause,Instead, they made big exclamations in unison。
Because the guy on stage,Too young!
It’s too young to be too young!This scene greatly stimulated the college students present!
Who can imagine,Just a few years,Sweep the game circle,The man who made billions,Turned out to be people of the same age as them。

“Not going,I won’t pass to death!”

It is absolutely necessary to keep a distance from people of this level,This is very decisive。
But Xia Chenglong stopped talking,Just look straight at,This feeling too……
Damn,The past is over,What’s so scary,Die a big deal。
“I am coming,How to drop it!”Shang Tutu boldly came to Xia Chenglong’s eyes,Hands on hips,A straightforward outfit。
I really defeated the guy’s cuteness。
“I said I won’t kill you if I don’t kill you,And it’s impossible to do it to you in my current state。”
indeed,Although the pill that the other party fed him worked well,But it’s not strong enough to heal all his injuries in an instant。
“Really……No hands?”
Some believe,This will gradually relax the body:“That one,Since you don’t kill me,What do you want?”
“Since I won’t kill you anymore,Then you don’t have to pretend to be like this,and also,Put your hands down from your waist,Or you accidentally,We are all going to die!”
I really thought the business chart was silly?

She is anxious,Upset for betraying the boss’s trust;She has no energy,Discouraged for not finding the problem。

It’s not like living,It’s not right to sit on needles,She is irritable,Can’t get in。
Unknowingly,The sky outside is already dark,I am a little hesitant to get off work,Still off work,Still off work?
Intercom phone rings,Stand up immediately to answer,The respectful tone shows her respect,“Ok,Send in immediately。”
BigBOSSWant coffee,Shouldn’t Secretary Li call her??Why did he call in person??A little flattered!
Put down the data,Walk quickly into the pantry,While making coffee,Don’t forget to analyze the reason。
Holding brewed coffee,Willow knocks on the door,Inside“Come in”the sound of,She lowered her head slightly and walked in,Coffee is placed on Huo Yunhe’s right hand,Whisper,“Mr. Huo,Your coffee。”
Huo Yunhe didn’t look up,Yu Guang glanced at the woman standing by her side,The slightly cold voice sounded,“Have you read the information??”
Huo Yun and the rumor that she doesn’t like women’s contact,Yangliu heard about it the first day at work,Although I know this is nonsense,But no wind and no waves,As the only woman around him,It’s better to be silent and transparent。
He likes to drink his own coffee,I drank six cups a day at most,But every time Secretary Li brought it in,I didn’t have that once“with pleasure”。
Not only did she not feel lost,But very lucky,I was afraid that he would see through his prank that day,Two people don’t get along well,This is just great,Everything doesn’t exist as he hates female contact。
This balance seems to be broken today,He actually wants to bring coffee in by himself,I found my ability to confirm,Still have no purpose?
The man in front of me is handsome,Light honey skin shows healthy color,Eyebrows with brow peaks,Very cold,Deep eyes are as calm as a pool,Under the tall bridge of the nose are angular lips,The firm chin makes the whole face look like a knife。
Long posture,Generous body,Resolute and vigorous style,Plus unsmiling indifference,Really tooMANUp!
If he has such a cold temperament,Can be combined with the good noodles,It’s perfect!

“let me try。”Xiao Xiao sees Chen Wenjin eating very comfortably,Also very curious:“I also want to know,Can he really finish eating the powder while watching。”

Chapter Two Hundred It’s a good deal?
“Yes indeed,Look at,There are gringos behind。”Wang Shuai is full of expectation,Turn on the TV and continue to play。
Xiao Xiao looked at the screen for a while,For a while, he turned his head to avoid adjusting his emotions,Just watching Chen Wenjin eat calmly,I couldn’t help but bit his lower lip and asked him:“How can you eat?”
“The scene on the screen does not happen in front of you,The presence of the screen can isolate the suggestive influence on the psychology,What’s inside is not the scene,The smell is complicated at the scene,Can’t eat。”Chen Wenjin looked at the progress bar,The piercings are really miserable。
“Chen Wenjin,Suddenly feel that you are so perverted!”Xiao Xiao felt his stomach churning when he looked at the screen,I really can’t understand Chen Wenjin’s calmness。
“Let me say another way,Because i have a bright heart,So it can dispel all negative influences,Of course you can taste the food。”Chen Wenjin finished,Xiao Xiao asked:“Do you feel abnormal anymore??”
“Ok,Feel so stinky!”Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but smile。
She looked at Chen Wenjin and continued to eat,Thinking,I think Chen Wenjin is very complicated and simple。
Sometimes indifferent,Sometimes serious,Sometimes kind,Sometimes cruel,Today I found him quite perverted,Kind of narcissistic。
So many states of one person,Mixing together should be complicated,Makes people feel terrible。
But Xiao Xiao feels that Chen Wenjin is very frank in every state,Let people know clearly,He was like that in that state。
This straightforwardness without pretending,So Xiao Xiao doesn’t think he is scary at all,But it feels simple and easy to understand。
The scream on the screen shocked Xiao Xiao,She turned to look,Still on the boat,But the recording time is obviously different,A foreigner is pressing his ears,She couldn’t help asking strangely:“what happened?”
“The offended person deliberately punished him,Invite a gringo you know to get on a boat。Ouch——What are you carrying?lubricating oil?”Wang Shuai looked at the pierced ears,Very happy。
Xiao Xiao still take a look,Turned away for a while,Fortunately, the video clip didn’t take long。
Wang Shuai said very satisfied:“This time it’s worth the money,interesting!Ear piercing accepted the punishment due。”

As for why Americans don’t do this,Because Americans are rich now,Of course I’m too lazy to spend this effort,Wait again30year,Americans can no longer enjoy the time when the resources of the whole earth are collected to waste them,They have to tighten their belts。

PS:Brothers,Hold your heart in both hands for a recommendation ticket,Not sure if this is possible?
First30chapter Parts sold by catty
Speaking of which, I have also engaged in second-hand car parts,The air-conditioning compressor used in the company’s first car,Because Aisin Seiki’s offer for a brand new machine is too outrageous,Isn’t it the second-hand scrap parts used in the end?,How long has it passed,I even forgot about it?
Forgetting one’s roots is not a good habit。
Tapped twice on the table,Chen Gengdao:“go,Go with me。”
“Ah for what,To the car dismantling company,Let’s see what kind of conditions these car dismantling companies can give。”
As America’s Auto City,Detroit is of course a bit different from other big cities:Under normal circumstances,There are only one or two car dismantling companies in medium and large cities,But Detroit is different,They have three!Coincidentally,The nearest scrap car dismantling company to Fernandez Automobile Sales Company is less than20Km distance。
“For parts?”I probably see more people here,Seeing Chen Geng and Anderson appearing at the door with a pickup truck,The guard at the door of the scrap car dismantling company took a lazy look,Casually:“a car20USD,Do not load more than200lb,We need to weigh in and out,Exceed the weight to add money,No time for a day,Must come out before the sun goes down,Pay the money。”

“I found that rich people are stingy。”A leopard wears shoes in no hurry,Say:“Haven’t you seen the old house on Xiao Xiao’s side together before??She and her parents’ rooms are very wide,The one for them、The room where Aunt Huang lives is changed so little!”

“What’s so strange,The aunt’s room in the two to three hundred square floor is only a few square meters,There are still only two big rooms。”Chen Wenjin wondered if there was no big flat in this era,Only buy an adjacent house to open up a large space privately。
“That’s too ridiculous!It won’t be enough to let a little aisle come out!And how can so few rooms be enough?I can’t live with a guest!Why do you think rich people are so bad?Too unkind。”A Bao finds it difficult to understand。
“People spend money to hire people to do things,Leaving a lot of space becomes hiring people to enjoy the same living environment。The lack of rooms means that guests are not considered to stay overnight,What you want is privacy and spacious comfort。”Chen Wenjin feels that he is also idle,What are you talking about with Abao?,Just ask him:“You don’t worry now?”
“Yes!Spent the wallet night,A moment of spring night is worth a thousand dollars,Can’t waste it!Gone away!”A Bao hurried back with the wine again。
Chen Wenjin played a little game,Also sleepy。
Fell asleep soon after lying down,I don’t know how long I slept,I dreamed of the stars in the universe。
The dense light keeps drawing closer,enlarge,Clearly saw an earthy planet,Chen Wenjin is looking curiously,In my dream, I don’t remember if I have seen such a star before,suddenly——The planet is shining brightly!
When the light blooms,There is a circle of space distortion around,The released light and energy are all sucked in by the twisted space wrapped!
Chen Wenjin suddenly opened his eyes,Gasping,Glanced at the luminous pointer,Stay at three o’clock in the morning。
On the hour。
Chen Wenjin felt a lot of discomfort around him,Flying up,Go away quickly,Fade away。
Chen Wenjin standing on the balcony,Seeing a figure on the street rummaging in the trash can,This time,Scavengers should have been sleeping。

Ma Za twisted his face and struggled on the ground,Ye Xingkong rises to the sky to parry Feynak,Pay nak,Go to fumarza,Ye Xingkong, who lost his vigilance, called to Mazza。

Feynak picked up a thick club and hit Ye Xingkong,Ye Xingkong sees it,Go crazy,Suddenly one720Degree rotation,Serial kick,Not only kicked Feynak’s club,Even kicked Feynak in the chest,Feynak flew four or five meters,Hitting the tables and chairs behind him,Hold your chest section back,Leaning against the corner of the wall and panting。
Zhang Cheng fell to the ground and slowed his consciousness,Swinging a heavy object to Ye Xingkong,Ma Zha sees the sharp eye and pushes Ye Xingkong away,Protect Ye Xingkong from this heavy object,Maza fell to the ground instantly,Unconscious Personnel。
Ye Xingkong immediately counterattacked,One punch knocked Zhang Cheng to the ground,Can’t get up for a long time,Trying out with the greatest effort to incur Zhang Cheng’s death。
Tian Lu, whose forehead hit by a pillar on the side, recovered.,See this scene,Open your throat and shout loudest:“Starry sky,Do not—want!”
Tian Lu sees Ye Xingkong’s terrifying moves,I thought he was going to kill Zhang Cheng,Although she stopped drinking,But I’m not sure whether Ye Xingkong will continue to execute。
When she opened her eyes in fear,This heavy punch did not fall on Zhang Cheng,But stay on Zhang Cheng’s head,Missed。
“Okay,Did not fight。”Tian Lu talks to herself,To Ye Xingkong looking at her with doubts,Tian Lu said:“If human beings are killed for unknown reasons,,Will be punished by law。”
When Tian Lu said,Eye sockets filled with water,Like a begging,It’s like maintaining and protecting Ye Xingkong。
Ye Xingkong walked towards his chest and was leaking out.blood.Feynak,In the language of the gray planet:“I don’t want you and me because I’m a compatriot,Just fight for you,I won’t kill you today,Hope you can do it for yourself。As for the throne,You worry too much,Do you think you have the ability to benefit the people,Take as much as possible。”
Ye Xingkong doesn’t care about him anymore,Domineering turn,Picking up the unconscious Ma Zha on the ground and walking towards Zhang Cheng’s house,Tian Lu staggered and followed Ye Xingkong。
Behind,Feynak, who was lingering, and Zhang Cheng, who fell to the ground and couldn’t get up, were left behind,A wolf on the ground……
Out the door,Ye Xingkong carefully settled his horse into the pony car,I went to the main cab,Start engine。
Tian Lula opened the door to the back seat,She wants to take care of Mazza in the back seat,Share for Ye Xingkong,Although Mazza looks strange,Surprisingly big eyes,Thin mouth,But take a look,Think it’s still cute。
Tian Lu thought,If this is on the gray planet,Maybe it’s a beauty,But what is the relationship between her and Xingkong??”
The last second was still in the thrilling fight,Now sit in the car safely,Like a century passed。
Come to the apartment,Ye Xingkong hesitated for a moment at the door,Said to Tian Lu:“I、I trained Mazza temporarily with you?”
Ye Xingkong pressed his throat,really、actually、Really speak the same language as Tian Lu,Even he thought it was an accident。
“Starry sky,you、Did you just say something?Can speak human language?”Tian Lu surprised。Read a book