Originally he thought other people should not use it,But walking by myself,Jiang Yan, Wang Mengmeng and others actually followed。This made Qin Feng quite surprised。

“Why did you follow?”
“what?Staying at the tent camp, we are scared when we think of Qin Feng’s absence!”Wang Mengmeng speaks without scruples,It doesn’t matter if this kind of words makes people think。
Anyway, she is the one who says whatever she thinks,Besides, she thinks that even if someone misunderstands what is between her and Qin Feng, it is acceptable.。
“Then come together!”
Because the location where the meteorite fell may be only more than ten meters away from them,So after a few steps, I arrived at the incident。
I saw some red light around the meteorite,Qin Feng stopped everyone from moving forward,Because it means that the flame has not been completely extinguished。And because of the strong convection that collides with the air, high heat is generated,Even if the meteorite has fallen to the surface for tens of minutes,But can still feel the heat around。
“Master, look,Is this some tomb??”
Li Huan pointed to a dent that was smashed out beside the meteorite。
“This is just a sinking?Don’t think so much!”Chen Wensen couldn’t help but complain。After all, he thinks that meteorite has such a big impact,It is normal to break the ground around。You can’t say that because you feel like an underground passage when you smash a pit, it means it’s a tomb.!
“I do not believe!”However, Li Huan is the kind of person who likes lively,And because of age,So I was originally curious about many things,Regardless of others blocking,He came directly to the location he thought was the tomb。
But no one thought,At this moment, the surface is really embedded,Then Qin Feng was buried without even reacting。

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Three Xin Zhao returns

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Four Ducao and Renfeng in the command room
Frightened after eating breakfast,Xin Zhao received a message from Lianfeng,After saying hello to Lena,Xin Zhao walked directly to the command room。
As for Xin Zhao being sold to Lieyang,Of course Ducao will not actively promote。
And Lena took care of Xin Zhao’s emotions,Not even publicizing,So except for Xin Zhao and Lena,The basic personnel of the Xiongbing Company would not know。
Lena right
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Five Genetic Testing
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Six Of course you can’t recognize beauty
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Seven Little abuse second team beauty
I once again enjoyed the admiring eyes of the second team beauty,Xin Zhao feels that his life is really too high-profile。
There is no way,Handsome words,That can’t even be stopped by the sky。
Thinking like this,Xin Zhao is looking at the second team beauty who is glaring at him,Showed a gentle smile。

The child nodded,After trying several times,Eventually succeeded in releasing consciousness,After actively contacting the consciousness of his mother,I only feel a strong sense of existence breaking into the consciousness space。

The child looks back,But I saw a beautiful shadow smiling at him three meters away,But I can’t see the real face of that beautiful shadow,I can only see the waterfall-like long hair exuding strange black light on his left shoulder,But children are obviously used to it,I recognized the identity of this shadow for the first time,Happily throw into his arms。
At this moment,Na Qianying bowed her head,I saw myself reflected on the black sea,Suddenly showed a look of astonishment。
“Face、Marine,Biphasic?is it possible?”
Next day,Another figure appeared in the child’s consciousness space,This time it’s a tall man,Bald sword eyebrow、Square face and big ears,Between the eyebrows there is a small trace that is sunken inward。
“what!Where is this biphasic!No month、Fenger,Look there!”Man laughs and points to the sky,But see the boundless、In the deep darkness,A little bit star,Visible,Eighty-one of the brightest stars are reflected on the black sea。
“Four aspects of consciousness,Just so far,The four states of consciousness that have appeared in my clan,But i believe,Outside of my clan,There is still a broader universe!”
“Below,Should be or not!”
“Above the ocean,Astrology!”
“No month,Our wind,Have a whole universe of consciousness!”
“Void,You committed a felony Xuzu,Fornicating the other side first,Even more alien·Give birth without moon,Recognize your past credits,Capital offense is exempt,Heavy responsibility,Now remove you from the position of leader of the emptiness,Exiled to Yedong,Judge the other shore·No month、the other side·Empty wind,No punishment,Immediate execution。”
“The guilt is on me,Has nothing to do with my wife and children!I will be punished!”Void body bears nine chains of consciousness,Although the body is not restricted,Consciousness has lost control of the physical body,The sound emitted at this time is also exuded in the form of the voice of consciousness。
So-called no penalty,In fact, it breaks up the self consciousness,Into pure consciousness energy,And the body remains immortal,Remains in the Xuzu Ice Cave。
A blade of consciousness rushed from the dent in the void between the brows,Cut the nine chains of consciousness in an instant,With consciousness regaining control of the body,The top of the bare head showed a hint of golden,Subsequently,Jinguang turned into a tangible fire of consciousness,It seems to have grown a swaying golden flame short hair。
Void raised his head and shouted,Three inches of blonde hair on top,Circles of golden halo spread out with the sound,Halo overlap,Form a halo,And the depression between the void brows is right in the center of the halo,at this time,A strange light projected from the depression——

I also know,My first two girlfriends broke up with me,Also because of you,But then I don’t blame you。

But this time,You really overdo it,Do you fucking know!”
“but,Brother Li Wei,I really like you!”
Zhang Min raised his head,Looking at Li Wei with teary eyes,Said firmly。
“Do you like it,Must be together?
Is it,Just because you like me,You can destroy it unscrupulously,Even intervene in my life!
You fucking tell me,May I!”
Li Wei reaches out,Want to touch her head,But when he reached halfway, he took it back,The eyes are burning with anger,Continue。
“I do not care,I do not care,But i just like you!”
Zhang Min is crying,Plunge into Li Wei’s arms,Hugged him tightly。
Li Wei has no scruples,Push Zhang Min away,Made her stagger back a few steps,then,Continue:“but,I do not like you!
Never liked,Even a little bit!
I try to persuade myself about the past,You are still young!
But this time is different!You ruined my life!Ruined my future!
Want me to like you!Dream!

Chen Geng’s face suddenly darkened:What he hates most is being sent a good person card。

When Chen Geng and his party rushed back to the company,The company is full of people,There are six customers who are interested in buying a car,Several people in the company are busy,So that Miss Rachel had to talk to two customers alone,Everyone is busy without touching the ground。
Watching this busy scene before me,Bob、Anderson and Statham were not disappointed,On the contrary, they all have a look of joy——Who would abandon the business of the company you are working for is too good??in contrast,It will be fatal if the business is deserted。
Saw my boss come back,The busy, sweaty Miss Rachel hurriedly waved to Chen Geng:“boss,Come here,This Mr. Adams and this Mr. Ramirez want to consign the car with us,I have two other customers who want to buy a car……”
“OK,give it to me。”Not waiting for Rachel to finish,Chen Geng nodded,Ask Miss Rachel to arrange the work of Bob and Anderson,As for Statham,Go ahead and give Bob and Anderson a shot。
Bob and Anderson have no opinion at all about being on duty so soon,Turn around and leave with Miss Rachel。
Chen Geng was sitting in front of Adams and Jamilitz,Said with a smile:“Mr. Adams?Mr. Ramirez?Good two,I am the owner of this company,Thank you both for your trust in our company,Willing to put the car on consignment in our company,You can talk to me directly if you have any questions。”
“If i put the car on consignment with you,How long can i sell the car?”Adams took a deep breath,Looks very anxious:“I need to get the money as soon as possible。”
“You need money urgently?”Seize this opportunity,It’s a hell if you don’t kill it,To these foreign devils,Chen Geng never planned to be polite:“if so,Consignment may not suit your situation,You can choose to sell the car to us。”
“You are a bunch of black spirits,Price will be low……”
Complaints below Adams,Chen Geng’s complexion didn’t change,Since it is open for business,Customers are not allowed to complain?He smiled and said:“Our company has strict procedures for the valuation of a car,of course,I don’t think you care about this,Also how much your car can sell……Not as good as this,Let’s go see your car now,You first listen to my offer,how is it?”
Adams grumbled a few words,Still agreed:“Ok,But i tell you,If your price is not up to my satisfaction,I won’t sell my baby to you。”
“of course,I promise,The price given by our company must be the most competitive,”Finished,Chen Geng turned his head and said to Ramirez:“Mr. Ramirez,Why don’t you come and have a look?”
“Also good。”Ramirez has this idea too,Regardless of whether you sell the car to this Asian,You can’t be wrong to listen to his quote。
First13chapter Car of doom

“Yo,Where is this beautiful girl from?”Everyone saw the sexy and enchanting Su Rou,Almost all the men have fire in their eyes,Zheng Shaoxuan failed to show anything because of Han Xiang’s presence,But Wang Yongqiang couldn’t help but strike up a conversation。

Although many men are jealous,But the money for this party is paid by others,So don’t
Of course’s classmates wouldn’t say anything。
“Hello,I’m Su Rou,We have an event today,Take the lucky private room. The private room that was drawn to give out two bottles of red wine that our boss treasured。”Speaking of Su Rou, he asked the waiter to bring up the wine。
Others may not know,But Zheng Shaoxuan and Wang Yongqiang, who often go to high-end places, know clearly,This bottle of red wine costs hundreds of thousands,It seems that the boss of this heaven and earth is really bright。
Speaking of Su Rou, open the wine,Pour into the decanter。
A few minutes later,Su Rou poured a few glasses of wine,Pick up a glass by yourself。
“I toast you this glass of wine,Thank you everyone for coming to heaven and earth。”Su Rou drank the wine in the glass。
“Beauties,Let’s have a toast together!”Said Wang Yongqiang picked up a glass of wine,When I was about to drink, I heard Zhang Dong yelling there。
“Not enough wine,Waiter, a few more bottles of wine。”
“Hello sir,What wine would you like?”The waiter stood there and asked respectfully。
“Just the same as this。”Zhang Dong pointed to the red wine Su Rou just brought。
“Good sir,How many bottles would you like?”The waiter politely continued to ask。
“Ten bottles first,We are crowded,Not enough i’m calling you!”After Zhang Dong finished talking, Wang Yongqiang almost sprayed out a mouthful of old blood。
Originally, Wang Yongqiang thought,Now the private rooms in the heaven and earth are self-service,As long as you don’t order the expensive drinks,One hundred thousand yuan should be enough for one meal,That’s why Wang Yongqiang took it all and said that he would invite himself for this meal。
Now Zhang Dong orders this precious wine,A bottle of wine is worth hundreds of thousands,More than one million after ten bottles is gone,Wang Yongqiang hurriedly stopped the waiter in shock。

“Right boss,The two of them came to see you many times,You are not awake,It’s too late yesterday. They stayed here for another night,I let them go back first。”Zhang Dong and Qin Feng explained。

“Nothing,There are more opportunities to meet in the future。”Qin Feng suddenly felt very happy,This long-lost feeling。
Chat for a while,Qin Feng told them to go back and have a good rest,Now is not the time to reminisce,The most important thing is to let the patient rest well。
Sent away everyone,Qin Feng sent a message to Jiang Yan,Explained the situation,And said I will stay here for one night tonight,I’d better observe Wang Yuanyuan’s situation at any time。
Of course Qin Feng didn’t say,He vomited blood and fainted,Even if Jiang Yan doesn’t say,Qin Feng also knew she would worry about herself。
After everything is over,Qin Feng lying on the hospital bed,Thinking about what happened during this period,It can be said that there is a certain number in the world。
I won’t talk about the people around me,I have an obligation to help protect them anyway,But I didn’t expect to save Wang Yuanyuan twice。
This is certainly a lot of excitement for Qin Feng,But for these women,Is it lucky or unfortunate。
Thinking of Qin Feng’s thoughts back to ten years ago,At that time Qin Feng and the others were just middle school students,At that time Zhang Dong,Liu Yuhang and Li Chunyang are Qin Feng’s little followers。
There were several groups in the school at that time,The four evil youngsters who have a campus。
And Qin Feng is the kind,Often help those who are bullied,Thus offending people from other groups,But it has gained the favor of many girls,Wang Yuanyuan is one of them。
But those
people,Dare not offend Qin Feng,Can only make small movements behind his back。
Once Wang Yuanyuan was targeted by these people,Wang Yuanyuan came out beautifully,Although not at the school level,But it’s also at the class flower level。
That’s the time,Qin Feng took Wang Yuanyuan out of the hands of the four evil youngsters on campus,Rescued。
Qin Feng didn’t take it seriously,So I didn’t care about it,It didn’t take long for Qin Feng to skip to a high school。
And Wang Yuanyuan always wanted to thank Qin Feng,But never saw him since then,When he knew that Zhang Dong and others were Qin Feng’s younger brothers,I often go to ask Qin Feng’s news,Over time, I got on good terms with Zhang Dong。
and so,Although it happened because of Qin Feng,But it fulfilled the love between Zhang Dong and Wang Yuanyuan。
(End of this chapter)

A warm current flows from the instep to the atrium,The girl’s heart is pounding so fast for no reason。

“Never before has a boy acted like this to himself,Too warm!Really a gentle person!”The girl’s heart is like a deer hit,Face redder。
text Chapter Twenty Nine Penalty stop
The next morning,An extremely explosive news has spread in the classrooms of the second grade class。
I heard that when school was over yesterday,The gangsters in high school came to find something,Was beaten to death by a group of sophomores。
Some people say they did it for the school flower Su Xuehen,Some people say that the other party is here to trouble Lu Menglin,And was beaten back by a group of sophomores。
And what’s even weirder is,Su Xuehen, the school flower, didn’t come to study at night last night,This is something that has never happened before。
As for Lu Menglin’s absence from his late self-study,Was ignored by everyone。
For a time,The gossip is flying,The classmates talked a lot,There are a few well-informed female classmates,They looked at Su Xuehen with pity。
They vaguely know Chen Guanfeng’s attitude towards Su Xuehen in the third grade,As long as there is that person,In this school, as long as any boy tries to approach Su Xuehen,Will be cleared。
Jingle Bell!Class bell rang。
The first class in the morning is the math class of teacher Hu,The students cheered up,Sit tightly,Waiting for class。
Teacher Hu, the head teacher, entered the classroom holding the lesson plan,His face is obviously gloomy。
“Before class,Something,I want to verify。”Teacher Hu opened his voice,There is a sense of oppression in the classroom that the rain is coming。
“After school yesterday afternoon,Someone is fighting in our classroom,who is it,Stand up by yourself!”Teacher Hu glanced at the audience,The students he had stared at bowed their heads,Dare not look at it。
Silent in the classroom,No one answered this question。

“He fouled!”Cheng Long rolled his eyes,Shouting。

Tricky stepUnlimited kills have been banned by the conference,Iori’s step just now is definitely a tricky step,Otherwise, how could you rush to the front so quickly?。
Cheng Long called out,The game screen was immediately suspended。
After the host Mr. Sai Gao communicated with several conference judges,Back to the stage。
“What Mr. Lu Menglin used just now is indeed the Iori Step,This is a very magical operation,But he did not violate the rules。”Mr. Sai Gao said loudly。
“The convention forbids unlimited killing,Instead of moving。You can also use this trick,of course,If you can use it in actual combat。”
Mr. Sai Gao’s words represent the will of the conference organizing committee,They think Lu Menglin did not violate the rules,Although this trick is rare,But not to the extent that it affects the balance of the game。
And Lu Menglin can apply tricky steps to actual combat,Also opened everyone’s eyes,It has played a good exemplary role in the in-depth mining and technical expansion of this game。
Cheng Long heard this answer,Obviously a little depressed。
And what he is entangled with is not actual combat and tricky steps,It’s the set of three small sunflowers that Lu Menglin just used,The timing of the move is too precise,So accurate that he can’t believe it。
He knows very well,If I blindfold myself,I would never dare to play like that。
No matter how Cheng Long’s mentality explodes,The game will continue。
At least in terms of blood volume,Kagura Chizuru is already at a slight disadvantage。
Cheng Long decided to do nothing,Beat the opponent with hand speed,Because time is running out,If you fail in the end because your blood volume is not as good,That’s really stupid。
Kagura Chizuru begins to adjust the rhythm,Trying to match the festival
Regain control。
It’s a pity that Cheng Long’s consciousness has been slow,The Iori on the opposite side attacked first。
Lu Menglin’s Iori jumps continuously,Instant close,Easily seized control of the air。

The ultimate destination of this sword strength,Suddenly disappeared out of thin air,This is weird!

In other words,no matter who,What is it,Within the envelope of this knife,Can’t escape being cut。
With such earth-shattering swordsmanship,What else do I need to teach myself?Although this kid doesn’t look amazing,No wonder he is a student of the boss,It’s terrible!
“teacher,You can teach him yourself!He Bu admires you most!” Wei Xiaoxing cares about good friends,I heard He Bu didn’t learn anything,Fainted,Hurried to give him an idea,Said with a smile。
“What do you think?Of course I will continue to teach you。Finished this meal,Give you two more days,Then we go back to school and meet up with our classmates,Let’s go to Dongyang,You two are the secret weapon of our class,It’s up to you to fight Dongyang devil!”Lu Menglin chuckled。
“I really want to go to Dongyang Country?teacher,Will two days be too short??How about you teach me some tricks?I’m afraid I can’t hold it!”Wei Xiaoxing opens his mouth wide,It took a long while to cry with a sad face。
He thought Mr. Lu was talking on the bus last time,How could anyone be so crazy?With a bunch of freshmen,Go to the Toyo Kuk Club,That’s not the old birthday star hanging,Is your life too long??
Especially the teacher also called individually,Use him and He Bu as secret weapons for kicking the gym,Just this one,The little self-confidence that poor Wei Xiaoxing just built,It turned off immediately。
“He Bu,Don’t worry too much,You learned the old brave housekeeping skills first in these two days,Then learn to stay,Three-point effort,Stay Seven Points,As long as you learn to control power,Won’t faint anymore。”
“And Wei Xiaoxing,Your way is right,Just continue to strengthen your ability,You want to make a fortune in the future,Win Bai Fumei,At the pinnacle of life,Rely on this。”Lu Menglin laughed。
Wei Xiaoxing nodded repeatedly,Confident,But the next second,Suddenly he was stunned,Even the eyes are straight。
Because he saw two super beautiful women,They are more beautiful than movie stars,The temperament is even more outstanding,Go by,Walked in front of everyone。
The big beauty on the left is dressed in white,Like a lotus,Fresh and refined,It’s like a living little dragon girl descends,Without a trace of human fireworks,So immortal!
The stunning beauty on the right is dressed as an urban lady,Tailored goose yellow professional skirt,In addition to fully show the feminine coquettish and charming,There is also a touch of awe-inspiring arrogance。The color of this suit is too picky,The average beauty can’t hold it down,And this is wearing this big beauty,I really answered the old saying,Increase by one point is more,Halve the point for less,Just right,Perfect。
“what!You two,Which one is this singing??”When Lu Menglin saw these two beauties appear at the same time,Can’t help but froze for a while,Then smiled。
“Does it look good?”The fairy-like beauty in white on the left smiled.。
The urban couple on the right blinked with a playful look,Smiled at the same time:“Not fresh?”
“Ok,not bad!So lovely,Very fresh!”Lu Menglin nodded,A serious comment。
“Wow!Fairy beauty sister!And the overbearing president, the beautiful general manager!He Bu,fast,Look!I can’t do it!No more,No more!I must know these two sisters。”Wei Xiaoxing ran the train with his mouth full,Straighten the waist on one side,Put on the side angle that I think is the most handsome,And showed a brilliant and beautiful smile。
He Bu obviously has no sense of beauty,He just smirked。