Finished eating,Early,The three people chatted for a while,Xia Jian got up and sent Tong Jie back to town。While in the car,Tong Jie whispered to Xia Jian:“Don’t go back tonight,Live in my room。I will live in which room you used to live in”

“Oh!Which room is really good,It can be said to be the best room in Pingyang Town。You have no problem living。Forgot to ask you,How is your relationship with Secretary Lu recently??”Xia Jian parked the car at the entrance of the town,Asked carefully。
Tong Jie took a breath and said:“This old man has a problem,Relying on Secretary Guo in the city,It can be said to be very extreme,Always find trouble with Longteng,Even threatened to replace others。Fortunately, Long Teng’s boss Liu Xiaobei has a good temper,Maybe people are looking for your face”
“My face,What face do i have?I don’t know Liu Xiaobei either!”Xia Jian said in a puzzled way。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“You really don’t know Liu Xiaobei?But you should know what Long Teng is all about!”Tong Jie’s words make Xia Jian confused。
He froze for a while,Then ask Tong Jiedao:“What do you mean?Why do I think there is something in your words?Speak straight!What the hell is going on?”
Tong Jie looked at Xia Jian like this,Only then did I know that Xia Jian really didn’t know about this。So she lowered her voice and said:“Longteng Agricultural Development Company,In fact, it is a subsidiary of Guo Meili Feilong Investment Company”
First1965chapter Shocking news
“what?”Xia Jian screamed in surprise。
Tong Jie now understands,It seems that in this matter,Xia Jian really doesn’t know at all。Because she knows Xia Jian very well,He is not a person who can pretend。
Xia Jian stretched out,Took a long breath and said:“This matter should be discussed by Xiao Xiao and Guo Meili,They gave me a trick to hide from the sky。Don’t let me know,As long as it doesn’t delay,Just be able to benefit the people of Pingyang Town”
“Longteng works best with us,If it is really Hu Huiru,I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to deal with her“Tong Jie said and smiled。
The two chatted for a while,Xia Jian quietly sent Tong Jie to the gate of the town government。Originally, Tong Jie wanted him to live in her room,But Xia Jian thought,Feel wrong,So I drove back to Xiping Village。
Fortunately he is back,Otherwise, this matter will make Ma Yan think more。Because when he returned to the village,Ma Yan was waiting for him at the entrance of the village。This makes Xia Jian feel both warm and sad。
Go back to Xia Jian’s house,Xia Jian is busy watering the flowers。Ma Yan cleaned the room for him,And made him a bed。Actually before,Every time Xia Jian goes home,It wasn’t his mother who made his bed,Zhao Hong sorted it out for him,I didn’t expect this to fall on Ma Yan again。
“Hey!Does Mayor Tong like you too??”Ma Yan who was clearing the bed suddenly leaned out the door,Smiled and asked Xia Jian a question。
Xia Jianyi startled,He stopped and replied with a smile:“I think so!Because most unmarried women like me”Xia Jian’s answer is really clever,Is not it?
Ma Yanjian did not ask any substantive questions,She laughed and said:“You are so stinky!”

“I’m not over yet!”Li Ming’s tone is flat。

Five pillars、Three thousand world-based formations in chaos,A misty force emerges。
The power itself is not strong,At most equivalent to the real magic power of the second-class golden core,But with an inexplicable mood。
In this force,This great array is like the heart of the world before chaos opened up,Bred terrible power。
The center of the big array,An illusory space is born。
In space,Three thousand world,Three thousand ghosts and ghosts appear,Like three thousand gods,But these phantoms are blurred,Then it turned into a bubble in an instant。
Five pillars,Give birth to five towering phantoms,Can’t see clearly,Every phantom has half the terrifying power of the ancestor god,Then dissipated in the chaos。
finally,That trace of chaos,Turned into a figure。
Silhouette,But a stalwart man,Wearing Chaos,Foot on the Void,A spear in hand,Only the face is fuzzy,The whole looks very similar to ordinary people。
However, this silhouette definitely surpassed the level of the ancestor god,The towering body releases a shocking force and mood。
Dao Tianzun and Kuafu can’t help but think of Pangu before the world opened up。
“Pangu?A bit like!”
“That inexplicable breath。。It’s as if it’s really breaking the ground,But the weapon in hand is a spear, which is a bit different。”
“《Heart formation》·First style:Candle Dragon Kaitian!”Li Ming’s face became a little dim,The energy of the fourth realm is completely exhausted。
but,At this moment, he sensed the power he possessed。
That is definitely far beyond the power of array method to collapse into chaos。
Imitate the heart of the world in chaos with a seed of heart power to breed gods,Pangu was born last。
Thereafter,Pangu holds the axe to open the sky!
Under the leadership of mind,unreal‘Pangu’Appear in reality。
Li Ming’s realm,Only comprehend the three ways of heaven,Muyuki、The earth travels with life and heaven,Can only be regarded as‘False Heaven’,Barely balance each other to support this big array。。

This is the terrifying place after the fusion of the Eye of Insight,I glanced at it casually and saw through the whole picture of the opponent,This shocked Li Tianzhen,Balance and order may be lower-level rules,The level alone can crush the magical powers of the two masters。

“So be careful!”Li Tianzhen smiled slightly,Only the remaining arm raised the dark golden short knife high,Such a condescending attitude naturally aroused a rebuke from the gods,It also makes it difficult for the palm prints to control the pride of fighting opponents,I saw him shaking his arms,Two cold lights crossed towards the opponent,The body has disappeared in place。
at the same time,In full view,Li Tianzhi also lost sight,The gods with superb vision can only see two completely transparent phantoms overlapping and suddenly separated in mid-air.,Then there was a dull boom,The whole space began to be turbulent。
The first thing to fall surprised the gods watching the game,That is a golden arm,There is a full cut at the base of the forearm,The cut is as smooth as a mirror,And there is no half drop of blood oozing out,Holding a three-pointed two-edged knife,It quickly transformed into a huge dragon horn,And that hand also transformed into a bigger dragon claw。
Exclaim in the gods,Suddenly there was a long scream in the air,Immediately after the dragon chant,A huge yellow dragon about a hundred feet long appeared,A dragon horn is missing on his forehead,The front right paw was also cut off by Qi Gen,Although embarrassed,But hold your head up,Glared,Thunder and lightning all around,Strong wind。
The gods took a breath,Just a blink of an eye,Venerable Palm Print was beaten out of his original form,Not that,He didn’t even save his arms and dragon horns,The combat power of this mortal boy has soared by leaps and bounds,Seems to be related‘Seven Flame Armor’The rumors are true,It’s just how this mortal boy’s body can withstand the terrifying oppression of this god armor?
But this question is no longer important,No matter if this kid is mortal,Still used‘Lord of Seven Flames’,This level seems to be over,Everyone is surprised again,Excited again,There are some minor concerns,Excited,Everyone may get out of trouble because of this mortal,The worry is that Venerable Palmprint seems to be beaten up,The gnashing guy is going to swallow this silly boy alive。
And on the opposite side of the dragon,Li Tianzhen stood quietly with a knife in one arm,Calm,It seems that the dangerous battle just now didn’t cost much effort,I don’t even know that his opponent has lost his face because of,Has reached the edge of madness。
“Lord,Time is almost up。”There is a god who has the courage to remind,But the sound is small like a mosquito hum。
“Lord,This child has passed three levels as agreed。”Venerable Huo Xing’s voice is much louder,Not just because of betting,But he knows that Li Tianzhi has no fear,Although I don’t know what happened to this child in a short period of time,But once Palmprint Venerable is desperate to let go of cultivation,Of course it can solve the opponent in one move,But the Huoyan Temple is over。
Everyone’s anxiety is understandable,But don’t forget that the projection of the Huoyan Temple is‘Lord of Seven Flames’Divine refuge,Once Li Tianzhu’s soul is destroyed,The flesh will naturally follow,Lost parasite,Under the wrath of the gods, you can destroy all the gods who stand by。
Wailing,A long chant,The yellow dragon volleyed for a few times,Body shrinks suddenly,Fly directly to the ground,Extremely fast,Reverted to human form when landing,It’s just that I am very embarrassed when I have broken my arm.,Although Venerable Palm Print still has an angry face,But finally suppressed the violent temper,Venerable Huo Xing reminded in time,Not because of his temperament,And ruined the last hope of the entire Huoyan Temple。
Li Tianzhen also floated back to the ground at this moment,The excitement in my heart is stronger than these gods,He hadn’t figured out how he could fly into the air before,I only remember the moment when the other party made a move, he saw through the flaws at a glance,Dao heart is unstable and press with strong force,Seem overwhelming,Fierce,I don’t know the loophole,That’s the flaw caused by the powerful distortion of the Taoist rules。
Temporary,Feel free to move,Li Tianzhen only aimed at the loophole,It turned up in the air with one somersault,For the first time, I experienced the beauty of going high,Standing upright in the air is not pretending to be a posture,Or to deter and anger the Lord of the Palm,But with the eye of insight, I earnestly experience the artistic conception suspended in the air,Such as the various internal changes of the body of the soul,The collocation of the colorful light field array in the gods,The wave of light in the fog deep in my mind, etc.。
This one-piece meeting is wonderful,It turns out that flying through the clouds is so simple,If the unicorn beast hears this,Must vomit blood。Seeing Huanglong flying to the ground,Li Tianzhi also tried to land in midair using the method he had just experienced,Wandering is actually very interesting。
“Have already broken three levels,‘Lord of Seven Flames’please!”Venerable Palmprint saw that Li Tianzhen still said nothing,I want to find a chance to save my face.,Although he is grumpy,Good face,But also a casual person,Since it has been defeated,It looks like a defeat,I hope this stunned green is real‘Lord of Seven Flames’,Huoyan Tiangong can bring the dead to life in his hands。
Li Tianzhen was taken aback when he heard the words,Only then discovered,Except for the palm prints,These gods have already lined up neatly in two rows,Everyone looks serious,Nod him slightly,At least on the surface it shows respect,And I don’t even look at the many shining babies on the side。

“Your uncle, why do you ask me?,I want my man to hear,What a tossing person?”Aunt Zhou in a cotton-padded jacket said。

“????”Li Shaoying looked at the charming Aunt Zhou,do not know why,He feels that the opponent is not arrogant,It’s impossible……
“Your uncle went to Changpo to graze,He heard that you are often bullied in the college,I wonder if I can sell the cattle and sheep,Got you a bead,Said to be a big horned bull who can make you a big baby……This is not,Bad weather this year,Cattle and sheep are too thin,Can’t sell for a good price,He also grazes on days off。”Said the lady in red。
“What rest day,Didn’t you put some official documents in the city?,Let our grazing people try not to run around,So as not to be taken by some monster。”
“Yes,Yes,My man came back from the market town a few days ago,I heard that a family in Heilin Village was eaten,Terrifying。”Aunt Zhou said。
“Isn’t it scary again??”Said the lady in red。
“it is true,I still don’t go out recently,Also tell your baby not to look at the cows and sheep,There are trolls in action,Our college has organized all members to eliminate demons。”Li Shaoying said hurriedly。
Why are the people in the village so inferior?,Very serious!
My uncle too,What grazing in winter,Ate that little turf,Cattle and sheep can’t grow much meat,Will be eaten by the demon!
“Why don’t you kill the demon??”Aunt Zhou asked。
“This one……”Li Shaoying said awkwardly。
“Are you a student of How to Train Your Dragon?,That’s Fanglong Baby……”
“It’s the Dragon Mu!”Li Shaoying has lines on her black forehead。

Gu Yue, who was already asleep, slowly opened her eyes now,She yawned,A little embarrassed smiled。

First0584chapter Money is not all powerful
Gu’s villa is naturally luxurious, so Xia Jian was amazed。He has been to Wang Lin’s villa,Also lived in Yao Junli’s house。Let alone Chen Xia’s villa,He lived for more than half a month,But the interior decoration of these villas is compared with Gu’s,Still has a big difference。
Xia Jian followed Gu Yue into the living room,If he hadn’t customized himself as much as possible,Maybe he is a male version of Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden。
“Yue Yue!Your dad is waiting for you on the rooftop“A middle-aged woman dressed like a babysitter came out,She said with a smile。
Gu Yue responded,So he took Xia Jian into the elevator。
If the big outdoor rooftop,A round table,A few chairs。Where a middle-aged man is sitting and drinking tea slowly。
“dad!This is Mr. Xia Hoxia who saved my life on the highway“Gu Yue took a few steps,Speak loudly。
Middle-aged man stood up,Reached out and smiled at Xia Jian:“Hello Xia Hao!I am Gu Changlong“
“Hello uncle!“Xia Jian hurried over,Once I grasped Gu Changlong’s hand。Only then did he discover,Gu Changlong’s gray hair,Looks like it’s over fifty years old。
It is said that he has several lovers,There are even tabloid reports,He also raised a certain star。It’s just that this person looks kind-hearted,Not like the kind of person。
“Please sit down!Do you think I’m not like the legend outside“Gu Changlong said,Reached out for Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sat down opposite him,He smiled and said:“I only know that Gu Dong is a well-known entrepreneur in my country,I don’t know anything else“
“Ha ha!It seems I am not famous enough,You should work hard,Do you think Yueyue?“Gu Changlong said,Looking back at Gu Yue who was sitting next to her。

About a few minutes later,After a sound of footsteps,An old man’s voice asked:“Chief Shi,What are you looking for,Isn’t it giving me compensation?!“Xia Jian is familiar with this voice,He knew Qiu San was here。

“I will give you coffin money,You immortal,What did you do in the city this afternoon?“What kind of voice yelled again。
Xia Jian pulled Fang Fang,The two tiptoed to the front yard window,From under the curtain of the glass window,You can see the general situation inside the house。
A few tables,A few chairs,There is also a row of chairs。Fat bald and a forty-something,Middle-aged men who seem to be a little less energetic sit opposite each other。Chair in the house,And the rows of chairs are full of young people in their twenties,They all make themselves weird,It seems to be different from everyone, this is their characteristic。
Qiu San stood not far from the fat bald,He said solemnly:“Jiang Sanping,You have to call me uncle regardless of age,Is that how you talk to me》”
Jiang Sanping patted the table,Stood up suddenly,He asked loudly:“Why don’t you listen to my arrangement?”
“Are you the village chief or the secretary,I want my family’s money,What does this have to do with you?”Qiu San is also angry,But he makes sense。
Jiang Sanping who can’t take advantage,Stepped past,I caught Qiu San’s collar with both hands,Shouted loudly:”You’re an old birthday star hanging himself for a long time,I will fulfill you tonight“
“Sanping,Don’t be reckless,All in the same village,Do you need it?“The middle-aged man sitting opposite Jiang Sanping stood up,Took Jiang Sanping and sat back。
Qiu San’s face was pale with anger,He said with trembling lips:“village head,You call me over,Just let Jiang Sanping beat me, right??
“Hey!Uncle Qiu,You can’t say that,Sanping didn’t beat you!So many eyes watching,Dare he?Moreover,Are in the same village,Don’t need to be like this!”Shi Yougen said yin and yang weirdly,A discerning person knows at a glance which Jiang Sanping he and Jiang Sanping wear a pair of pants。
“Qiu San,You immortal,Today I am not looking at the village head,I make you feel better”Jiang Sanping scolded。
Who are sitting in the house,No one came out to speak for Qiu San,And another guy said:“Qiu Laosan,You say how old you are,What are you tossing about?How can Brother Jiang arrange for us to follow suit?,Big deal, after getting the money,Give Brother Jiang a little benefit”
Hear here,Xia Jian can’t wait to step in,Slap this guy twice。No wonder Jiang Sanping is so arrogant,It turns out that these cartilage heads are used to it。
Shi Yougen glanced at Jiang Sanping,Then said to Qiu San:”Uncle Qiu,Which Xia Jian are you going to find this afternoon,What did he say,You just have to answer the matter honestly,You can go back“
“What if i don’t answer?“Qiu San is also a man of temperament,He doesn’t want to give in to these people。

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Chapter Twenty return
In the primitive universe,A short span of three years passed。
These three years,The only big thing in humans,It is a virtual universe company and giant axe fighting field in order to dry the witch universe‘ordinary’The planet is in conflict。
Virtual Universe Company‘Venerable Lieyun’And the giant axe battlefield‘Eclipse Venerable’Fight in the realm of the witch universe,Even the famous cosmic overlord like the Undead Venerable has mixed in。
finally,The Virtual Universe Company and the Giant Axe Fighting Field have signed a contract,Half of the earth belongs to the lord of mankind,The other half of the ownership is divided equally between the Giant Axe Fighting Field and the Virtual Universe Company。
For this,Although the actual leader of the earth, Li Ming,And the nominal lord Luo Feng is a disciple of the lord of the universe,The other two earth powerhouses are also the disciples of the Taichu District of the Virtual Universe Company and the top three super geniuses in the Qianwu Secret Realm.,But there is not much room for objection。
of course,Luo Feng really doesn’t have much room for opposition—If it’s Li Ming,Actually the Lord of Longxing、Even in the eyes of the Lord of Chaos City, the importance is no less than that of the earth that shows its particularity.。
If Li Ming comes forward—-Maybe the two powers will be more elegant。
experiencedRRVirus outbreak、Monsters raging,Even during the entire Nirvana period, Li Ming knew very well,Strength is fundamental。
With the strength of the five major forces,Want to grab the earth,No matter who belongs to,To be able to leave some respect for the human beings on earth is already in the face of the disciples of the two masters of the universe。
Really want to regain control of the earth,Li Ming understands that only having the strength of the Lord of the Universe is the only way。
And he now uses the time vortex,Equivalent to accelerated practice,Corresponding to the avatar of the Demon Killer Clan on the side of Dongyu Star,Can’t let go for a minute,The origin of the law of space,At the same time, the human deity in the time and space vortex is performing methodical tricks,Deduction marksmanship。
In the River of Time in the Secret Realm of Jiuhe,Outside of a time whirlpool,Nine full time river spirits surround。
Time River Spirit,Very united with the race,same,Deal with those aliens who dare to hurt River Spirit,It is a must report。

A scream in the sky,Like a thunderbolt,Three big golden birds appeared one after another behind the clouds,The leader is luxurious,Many royals know it is the sixth golden crow,It is the last concubine of the Holy Emperor,After transforming into a human form, she was called Yan Fei,She is also the biological mother of Shen Qiong。

The other two,There is a teenager who is very familiar with,It’s Golden Crow Thirteen,The other one is strange,At least not Jinwu Laojiu。
“Now that I know that Sister is out of trouble,Congratulations to me?”A larger dark golden bird flew out of the lake,Hovering around the boy and falling on a cloud,Instantly transformed into a pretty beautiful beauty。
“Congratulations to sister,Sister Hexi,You finally get out,But again,We don’t know what to say。”
Three golden crows transformed into human form together,Hover opposite the Golden Crow Sacred Palace,A few words made it clear,Congratulations are false,Ask the guilty to be true。
“It’s rare to say these words so neatly,Is it from the ancient gods??”
“Iron Law of Lieyang Palace,Don’t get involved in royal battles,Don’t talk about the Five Elements Palace,Why the ancient gods and?”
“The sixth child is still so clever,I can understand,But twelve,thirteen,Do you guys think so too?”Golden Crow Sacred Palace looks good,Speak softly,But anyone can hear a hint of murderous intent in his tone。
“The iron rule is above,We dare not have other ideas。”Golden Crow Twelve Sweet Smiles,And the thirteen on the side did not say a word,Even his eyes drifted to the boy,Lack of support from the Golden Crow Palace at this moment,The rise of the teenager slows down,Holding the black fireball is like a huge burden,But also tenaciously upward。
“Little slippery。”Jinwu Sacred Palace laughed and scolded,Suddenly look cold again,“thirteen,You won’t be so slippery,Tell me,Was it frustrated by the sixth?Under the guise of iron law,Deceive the ancient gods?”
Thirteen’s complexion is colder,Turned away,“Don’t intimidate the younger sister,Words of the Ancient Gods,The iron law of Lieyang Palace represents his will,How to deceive?It was a happy event that eldest sister got out of trouble today,But letting this young man open the foundation stone of the Holy Fire Temple is beyond his tolerance。”
“So what do the younger sisters do??”
“Big sister, let it go,Let’s take the boy to Lieyang Palace,Youth is dead or alive,Waiting for his old man to let go。”
Golden Crow Sacred Palace pretends to be frowning,As if thinking nervously,Weigh the pros and cons,But the next moment it suddenly disappeared from the cloud,It’s just a word floating around,“Li Tan,Are you just stunned?”
Before most people reacted,Not far in front of the boy, a cloud of golden suddenly appeared out of thin air,Blast silently,Scream,Both the Golden Crow Sacred Palace and the Golden Crow Thirteen appeared in midair,The former stands still beside the boy,And the latter side is planted far away in repeated rolling。
This time,The Golden Crow Sacred Palace can still crush his sister on the cultivation base,Almost at the same time,Golden Crow Lao Liu and Golden Crow Twelve who hurriedly hit a big shield that appeared out of thin air.,Bang,Vibration world。

Watch Xia Qiuping sit down,Big sister-in-law hurried to the kitchen to get the dishes。

“I’m your sister,You were bought by him?”Xia Qiuping asks Xia Shuyue,Staring。
“Yes,Was bought,Brother-in-law took me to eat a lot of delicious food。”Xia Shuyue stuck her tongue out,Make a face。
Brother-in-law brought three wine glasses over,Xia Shuyue said busy,“Brother-in-law,You two can drink it,I’m pregnant,Can’t drink。”
“A little red wine,Not get in the way,Can drink。”Brother-in-law still poured a little bit for Xia Shuyue。
Although Xia Qiuping is very unhappy,But my sister is,She’s also too embarrassed,The three of them finished their meal,Two sisters watching TV in the living room,Big brother-in-law cleans up the dishes。
Xia Shuyue glanced at her brother-in-law in the kitchen,Whispered to Xia Qiuping,“sister,You are almost done,To really divorce,It will be troublesome in the future,Look at my brother-in-law’s attitude,not bad,forget it,Have a good time。”
“There are people like him all over the street。”Xia Qiuping watching TV,Speak without squinting。
“I was reduced to marry an old man,You find another old man,As soon as we go home,With two old men behind,I have to make my parents angry。”Xia Shuyue snickered。
“How could i find an old man?”Xia Qiuping glanced at her sister。
“Second marriage does not marry the old man?Ok,You look better than me,Your fate,I’ll find an old man,Alright。”Xia Shuyue sighed。
“He’s all out there,Instead you came to persuade me,It’s not my fault,It’s his fault。”Xia Qiuping is not angry。
“people,I have already seen it,Not in the same class as you,Can’t compare,Don’t be stupid,My brother-in-law married you,Mom and Dad are always boasting about brother-in-law,You divorced him,I promise to find someone better than him?”
Xia Shuyue is really worried about her sister,Because of remarried,The problem of not having children has not been resolved,Still conflict。
Unless you find a man with children,Be a stepmother for someone else’s child,Is the stepmother so good??There will still be other contradictions。
“Don’t talk about me,What are you going to do?”Xia Qiuping is so upset,Don’t want to discuss this topic,Of course she has considered all these concerns of my sister,Otherwise, how can you live a married life by counting the days?,I was thinking about having a baby。

Take a deep breath,Zhu Minglang looked up at that majestic mysterious continent to the west,There is more indifference in my eyes。

“No matter what you do,It’s best not to make my lady sad。”
“Otherwise I will crush you to the end!”
Just now,Zhu Minglang wants to tell Li Yunzi what she is hiding。
He knows where the Wutu came from。
Because he broke a piece of the mysterious land in the western sky。
Let the originally isolated Wutu fall into the sea of nothingness。
Zhu Minglang thought he would never find his way back,I will be lost on this strange land。
But the world I once lived in,But passed over Zulong City State,Fall to the west little by little。
The world will fall,He has heard of it。
The Great Court Continent was falling towards a certain place many years ago……
this place,Lichuan, where the Zulong City-State is located。
I broke the veins myself,Let Wutu plunge into the sea of nothingness ahead of time。
Wutu also bordered Lichuan earlier。