But still nothing!

Fang Yu replied indifferently。
Still decided to go out!
“Why can’t you give them another chance?You are a healer,Should understand their mood……”
Hu Yili pulls Fang Yu,Very puzzled。
Even if Fang Yu doesn’t give Dong’s face,Isn’t it okay to give her face??
“understanding!and so,Why should i go?”
Fang Yu asked。
“This one……Cure illnesses。Is not a doctor……I know the Dong family was a bit too much before。but,I don’t think you should care anymore!”
Hu Yili hesitated,Serious look。
“Yili!I think Fang Yu is right!If the Dong family is really sincere,,Show sincerity。Furthermore,Fang Yu is also busy,It’s impossible to finish doing things for Dong’s family!
Moreover,Fang Yu didn’t say that he can be cured!”
When Jiang Wan’er met Hu Yili, Fang Yu,Somewhat puzzled。
Fang Yu could not be saved,It’s people’s business。
Hu Yili seems to be a little nosy!
Step back ten thousand steps,What might Fang Yu consider??
“I know……Sorry,My words are too intense!”

Taken by adoptive parents,Family fun after hours。The majesty of the adoptive father、Mother’s love、Sister’s naughty。

Be involved in a battle between nobles at home,The feeling of anger when the adoptive father might die,And the ecstasy after the loss。
The picture flashes again,I met Cecilia in the Sunset Mountains,Reunion in the Imperial Capital,acquaintance、friend、Fall in love,Eventually became his own wife,Sweet and warm。
That night,In a dilapidated house,Downpour,A newly produced,A strange and familiar woman,Exhausted the last strength,Entrust yourself to adoptive father,Then died。
The memory keeps going back,This life,Previous life,Happy,sorrowful,Decades of emotions impacted Wright’s heart。
The thoughts in the mind are like water waves on the lake,One after another。
Waves of thoughts roll,Flap,Turned into calm and smooth water,Only a trace of aftermath。
Wright’s soul power also fluctuates with his mind。
“The fluctuation and peace of mind,Actually they are all the same。”Wright opened his eyes,A tear drop from the corner of the eye。“Joy and sorrow,Happy and sad,All belong here。”
“did not expect,With the departure of the teacher,I actually got another sense of the law of water system from it。”Wright’s smile has joy,With a trace of sadness。He went extremely deep on the law of water,Has reached the limit of the sanctuary。
Wright’s main understanding before is【Round soft mysterious】And the law of fire【The Mystic Explosion】Fusion,Make his profound meaning of water and fire go further。
And now,What Wright comprehends is the mystery of the soul in the law of water system。
“This trick was realized because of the teacher’s departure,The mind is like water,Or ripples,Or calm!”Wright sighed lightly,“Tentatively call it【Water mirror mysterious】Bar,If you know the real name of this mysterious in the future, change it back。”Wright created for himself,The rules that favor the soul attack。
Chapter 19 Suppression of the Mainland

Less than five minutes,A black Bentley sedan is slow,After the driver got off the bus, Zhang Wang people,Looking for the most handsome young people in the three of Fu Zhixiong。

soon,Liao Jie from the entire airport value horizontal line is seriously raised,The driver does not hesitate,Fast steps。
“Hello,I am the driver of Fu Zhujia.,Do you are Liao Sang??”
Liao Jie:“”
That arrives so fast,Banknotes are reliable!
Car,Liao Jie and the driver talked all the way,Do not know how to talk about,Hurriculture was embarrassed by him。
In addition to simplicity of the situation of Fuze family,The rest of the customs of the wind,He wants to listen to the driver。
Well-known,Travel news is aligned,But many truths often bury under this layer of reliable ruins.,Ingredient,Can have an ideal harvest。
However, there is no。
Driver listens to the customs,Rapida,Grouting is full of neon specialty。
For example, many foreign friends who are not receiving in the store,Osaka exception,Give money;The lady in the store is generally,The little sister on the street is quality multiplication,Osaka exception,I can’t do it in the street.;No matter how much money,The service attitude of the little sister is very good.,Osaka exception,Talking is difficult to die。
Ten sentence,Sentences must step on Osaka,One is the old tokyo.。
Liao Jie is not interested in these,He didn’t have a neon,I want to listen to social common sense,As a result, the driver’s opening is the color segment of the color painting.,Flying fast,I can’t find a chance to interrupt.。
Destination,Liao Jie is dizzy,I will disconnect two and a half hours of Osaka bad words.,He knows that it is tokyo to the region of Osaka,Still can’t help but choose,I feel that Osaka is too bad.。
The electric iron gate in front opens,Driver politeness and Liao Jie say goodbye,It’s private territory,Mansion villa everywhere,The sedan is not allowed to enter,Let Liao Jie choose to walk,Or golf cart。
Liao Jie is helpless,Ready to go to the service station to find a walking tool,I heard someone called my name.。
Blue shirt、Gray shorts、Sandals,Youth clothes,No moat,Hairstyle is also a mid-point,Especially the face,Standard old man。
Fu Zexiong three!
“Ager,Really you,I thought you were just talking.。”Fu Zexiong three fast,The eyebrows have been laughed to Liao Jie a hug,The whole neon man courtesy。
The intimate move makes Liao Jie very panic,Because memory is too confusing,He can’t think of what you have reached with the friendship between Hezi Xiongyi.。
I hope everyone is just ordinary friends.。
“Ager,How is your face is so ugly,Haven’t healed yet??”
“Do not,Only some soil is not satisfied。”
Liao Jie mouth pumping,Affected by Fu Zhixiong,Walking towards its seaside villas。
Two people talk while talking,Fu Zhixiong three is talking about the interesting things in the same window,Do not cover nostalgia to the past time。
Liao Jun listening to the memory,Occasionally, it is just huh, huh.、Troubleshooting。
Fu Zexiong three not,Liao Jie used to be like this,Sexy、Not much,Worth with the mild society,I like to fight my head.。
“Ager,I have received less communication in the school.,How did you get a society or a warm speech??”
Fu Zexiong three perseverance:“I have gradually changed.,Forced yourself good at communication,Can you always talk about communication?,Do you have a girlfriend??”

“do not know。“Zhu Lei shook his head,”But I know where the little white face surnamed Yuan stands。“

“Yuan Hua?“
“Ok。Don’t you think he looks like a girl?“
“Yup,He is just a girl!Our brothers have seen the same。“
“This time,You bother at home,Mainly safety。You don’t have to worry about business,Lao Fu and Song girl。I want to run outside,Can’t let this bitch slip。“
“Do not worry。“
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Six At the mercy of others
Xu Wen finally waited for his father in his little black room,A majestic,The old man exuding fierce air。
Confinement for several days,Xu Wen is very haggard,Smelly and sloppy,Human oil can flow from the hair roots。Even so,He also refused the request of the door guard to provide him with personal hygiene services in private.。Not self-defeating,I’m not hating Uncle,He is annoyed by his impulse,It’s so troublesome,I don’t know how to end it,I don’t know how Li Tianzhen is now。
Father standing at the door,The sour smell in the house surprised him a little,But after only a short meal, he walked slowly to the opposite of Xu Wen and sat down,“Talk about it,What kind of neurosis are you committing??“
“I am not sick,Just did what I thought I should do。“Looking at the daddy’s peaceful eyes,Xu Wen felt sour,But still very stubborn answer。
“What happened,Your uncle simply told me。“Xu’s father did not get angry,Instead smiled faintly,“But i want to hear your own opinion。”
Xu Wen stunned,Since the last time I made an impulsive mistake and was thrown into the base as an instructor,He rarely goes home,The number of times I can chat with my father in a year can be counted with a slap。Even so,The two have disputes almost every time,Unhappy every time,It’s been a long time since my father spoke so peacefully like today。
“This matter has been procedurally wrong from the beginning,The list has been confirmed,How come back?Even if there is an accident,I also need to ask Wu Fang and me for advice;and also,No matter what particularity Li Tianzhen has,What do you need his assistance,Can put it on the table to communicate with the group or even himself,Why does the national security department have to be sneaky,Tough?”
“that’s it?”

“Damn,Nan Lingsha,Everyone is not very familiar,This lonely man and woman,Out of style,I wish Minglang is already scandalous。”Zhu Minglang said in a hurry。

Run fast。
Zhu Minglang hastened up。
Since Li Yunzi said,She won’t show up in college,Then this person can only be Nan Lingsha。
She is afraid that she has already learned what she said in the school,Obviously, it is a completely different version from what I told her in Shuge.。
“What did Li Yunzi say to you?”The woman asked coldly。
I wish Minglang not answer。
“She told you to beware of me?”The woman asked again。
“No,It’s just a girl you want,Most people can’t distinguish you from your sister,Now there are many people on this road,If you see you and me standing here and talking,I don’t know what kind of misunderstandings to bring up。Things are already complicated,I just want more than less。”Zhu Minglang explained。
“Wouldn’t it be better?”The woman laughed。
“What’s going on?”
“You tell everyone,You are in love with me,Then i am here,Care about your life and death,Isn’t it normal??”The woman’s smile gradually brightened。
“girl,I have nothing to do with you!”Zhu Minglang shouted。
“Others don’t think so,Wearing a veil all day long,I’m tired too,Just take a breath of fresh air,Let’s go,Zhu Lang,I’ll accompany you to your boyfriend’s battlefield。”Woman reaching out,Tucked up the blue silk like weeping willow。
This set,Make Zhu Minglang even more stunned。
She is going to pretend to be Lai Yunzi!

Waiting for someone is hard,Especially in this case,Not only worried,And impatient,I always feel sitting for a long time,But only five minutes after looking at the watch。Just keep going,There are a couple of gossips,Then there was a long silence,It’s really unbearable,at night,There are a lot of mosquitoes in the mountains and add a lot of trouble。

Half an hour passed,But no news。Uncle Geng finally couldn’t help taking out his phone,Dialed eastward,The signal is connected soon,But the long sound is a long time,No one heard。Maybe I can’t hear you on the road?An ominous premonition was permeated among the four。
Geng Shuteng stood up,“Not waiting,I will meet。”
“uncle,Go together。”Wenhui stood up,Look flustered。
“Just,Go together。”Li Tianchou and Xiao Song also stood up。
suddenly,Uncle Geng’s phone rang,He checked the number,Cheery,“east,Where did you go?”
“Haha,Geng Laowu,I am Aman,Your brother Xiangdong can’t speak,I have to do my job and greet you。”A strange man’s voice came from the microphone,It is Ah Man under Biao Qi。
Uncle Geng’s face suddenly changed,The hand holding the phone trembled slightly。Quiet at night,The call tone is loud,Wenhui can hear it too,Get nervous all at once。Uncle Geng adjusted his breathing,“Zhou Deman,What do you do to my little brother?”
“Haha,take it easy,Geng Laowu。Brother Xiangdong is fine,I accidentally bit my tongue,I had to pull out his front teeth。Ha ha,This is also for his safety,This brother has a strong temper。”Aman’s voice is very arrogant,But everyone also heard it,Xiang Dong may want to bite his tongue to commit suicide,But failed。
The veins on Uncle Geng’s forehead soared instantly,But after a few breaths, it returned to normal,I have to say that his self-regulation ability is extremely strong,“It’s rare that Aman takes such care,The safety of my little brother is all on your head。”
“Ha ha,Don’t you threaten me,If the flying monkey and Xie Fushun can’t come back safely within three days,I’ll take Brother Xiangdong into parts and mail it to you。”Aman is still arrogant。
“Zhou Deman,in memory,This is the second time I am not big or small in front of me,The old Biaoqi dogma knows the rules better than you。Just praised you,I’m making the dog barking,Don’t be shameless,Let Biao Qi answer the phone!”Uncle Geng knows that Xiangdong’s life is temporarily safe,Gradually calm down,The words have also recovered a bit of domineering。
“Yoha,Geng Laowu,Old brother,Don’t show off。Seventh brother is too busy,No time to answer your call。Remembered,Our people will come back safely in three days。Hehe,Words have been sent,Bye bye。”Aman over there pinched the phone。
“uncle,How to do?I have to save Xiangdong……”Wenhui square inch chaos,Grabbed Uncle Geng’s arm。

“There will always be a way,Speaking。How did Xiao Bai start to fall asleep these days?,I can’t wake up。”Zhu Minglang said。

“It’s good to sleep。”
Zhu Minglang intends to take a look at Bai Qi’s situation in Lingyue,After all, I was injured。
But soon,Zhu Minglang saw a very special scene on Xiaobai Qi!
And this scene,Deja vu!
First338chapter Reincarnation sting
In the Spirit Realm,Bingchen Bailong is sleeping。
On it,Some silver-white frost threads even appeared,These little creams are crystal clear and delicate,And the entanglement seems to form a very old and full of life style,Wrapping Bingchen Bailong in it bit by bit。
Frost flying around,Surrounded by Xiao Bai who sleeps quietly,The Bingchen and White Dragon at this moment are like an ice phoenix and divine phoenix lying quietly in the glacier world,Is waiting for the passage of long years,Waiting for a ten thousand year opportunity,Re-Nirvana!
More and more silver wire,milky、silver white、Frosty white,My spiritual realm is so vast,But these cold threads gradually covered the entire spiritual realm,As before,Snow in the city,Strange sight……
This scene,How familiar!
Not long after I signed a spiritual contract with Xiaobai Qi,How did Xiao Bai enter this state?,Degenerate from a white dragon to a small ice silkworm,The frost at that time almost covered most of the city,Until the next day,All the metamorphosis frost completely melted!
That’s the beginning of my wandering!
I wish Minglang have not forgotten now!!

“Fucking,People?!”Zhang Song found out that Zhao Ping on the bench was about to play,Disappeared out of thin air!

Prelude-newborn Chapter Fifty-Three New substitute
5minutes ago,Zhao Ping, sitting on the bench of the Flower and Grass team, received a call,There was a strange voice over the phone。
“Hey?Zhao Ping,How did you think about the thing Long Shao told you before??”
“I……I……I can’t abandon my teammates……”
“Between people,There is only interest,Can they give your sister the money for the operation?2Ten thousand yuan,For Long Shao, it’s just a drop in the bucket……As long as you give up the game,So much money is yours……”That’s a seductive voice。
“I……I just didn’t speak to them,otherwise……Boss Guo and Sister Anna will definitely help……”Zhao Ping responded。
“Ha ha,So sad!You use them as teammates,They just use you as a substitute!Think about your game level,Obviously higher than them,But you can only sit on a cold bench……Think about it……what is this?It’s not that they have money and status?!”
“I……I……”Zhao Ping was actually speechless by the person on the phone。
“I know how you feel now,Must be contradictory、Guilty、Self-blame……rest assured,You open your eyes to see the score on the court!With their strength,You won’t be able to win if you play,I will only lose the chance of surgery for my sister in vain,Are you a fool?”
Zhao Ping glanced at the score board on the stage screen,Thought of:“Can’t win?”
“it is good……I,Promise you……Just this time!”
Zhao Ping said,Put on coat,Will be printed with“Flower team”’S straw hat off,Hang on the back of the bench diagonally,Left the bench alone,Left the teammate who still trusted him……
Accompanied by the sound of the end of the second game,Zhao Ping came out from the crowd of spectators,Brushed shoulders with a reporter wearing black-rimmed glasses,That man stopped the pen in his hand,Smiled at him。
Zhao Ping ignored,Two steps forward,That man suddenly said:“Leave this time,it’s not good?”
Zhao Ping no longer cares about the reporter,Ran straight out of the university student activity hall。

Xia Jian stood there for a while,He winked at Ma Yan,The two went back to their room。Xia Jian’s face changed as soon as the door was closed,He asked sharply:“What did you mean?Director Zhao is from Pingyang Town,Now promoted to director,She cares about such a mess when everyone is in a better relationship,How about you find someone to take care of this,Then I won’t be troubled”

Ma Yan saw that Xia Jianzhen was angry,I feel that the fire just now is really a problem。So she stayed with care,Whispered to Xia Jian:“When I heard it was a woman’s voice just now,I can’t hold it anymore,and so……”
“All right!I won’t remember it with you,But you have to remember,Something like this must never happen again,You are a college student”
Xia Jian said and lay on the bed,Ma Yan crawled over and asked softly:“Don’t leave tonight!”
“Don’t leave tonight,But i have to go tomorrow。Our company is bidding for two major projects in Bucheon,I have invested a lot in the early stage,There must be no mistake,Hope you can understand”
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I know,Then you have a good rest,Have to hurry again tomorrow,It’s so hard,Would you like a driver”
“Have a driver,But I thought about what I would do with a driver。Nothing,Don’t worry about this,I will control it myself”
Xia Jian just finished the first sentence,I only said half of the last sentence。When Ma Yan feels wrong,Xia Jian has snored slightly。
When Xia Jian slept till night,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are here。So Sun Yuejuan cooked a few good dishes,Xia Zecheng took out the fine wine Xia Jian bought him before。
Ma Yan’s father Ma Dongshan said with a smile:“Today, your dad and I clean up the sheepfold,Really tired,We have to drink two glasses later,I heard that drinking may relieve fatigue”
“Oops Uncle Ma,Your female marriage career is so big,As long as your old man speaks,Is the ticket of this house still a matter of raising your hand?!What are you doing raising sheep??”
Chen Erniu started to pour everyone,Asked while smiling。
Ma Dongshan laughed and said:“You big leader can really chat,I am not raising sheep to make money,But for my three grandchildren,Do you understand now?”
“Oh!You raise milk sheep, right!understood,I wanted to drink goat’s milk for the child。This method is really good,The key is safe and healthy goat milk,Drink rest assured”
Xia Sanhu on the side quickly said with a smile。
Dishes on the table,Xia Jian greeted everyone to drink。At this moment,Ma Yan came out of the house。Chen Erniu hurriedly smiled and said to Ma Yan:“You have to hurry to work,Otherwise, sitting and getting fat this month,Be careful Xia Jian hates you”
“Humph!I think he dares。Be careful not to call him father when the children grow up”
Ma Yan is joking,Sat down next to Xia Jian’s body。She has a face of happiness。

The car started by Xia Jian,He smiled and asked:“Where shall we go?“

“Open straight,Go to the mountain behind,Where are few people,We can just talk“Dong Xuanxuan is in a good mood。This makes Xia Jian very happy,What he fears most is seeing a woman sad。
Because it’s the way into the mountain,So there are very few pedestrians and vehicles on the road,Xia Jian let go of his horsepower and ran for a while。When I find that there are trees outside,He parked the car by a small river。
Two got out of the car,Dong Xuanxuan just asked:“Where did you go?Do not make a call,What do you mean,I don’t understand“
“Because you are a policeman,If i call you,You will be in a dilemma,So no need to fight,You don’t have to“Xia Jian looked at the white clouds floating in the sky,Speak softly。
Dong Xuanxuan sighed and said:“I really didn’t see it,You are still the general manager of the group company,I used to really think you were a joke。Just a little capable,It seems I really misunderstood you“
“Everything is just passing by,Money, fame and fortune are like this。So i don’t care about these,Because what happened last year gave me a big blow,If it’s not for the action from above,Won’t I be wronged in my life“That’s it for Xia Jian,Kicked a pebble flying a little bit puzzled。
Dong Xuanxuan came over,Patted his shoulder lightly and said:“Real gold is not afraid of fire,people like you,It should have only been baptized by the wind and waves,To become stronger,Come on!Isn’t this big run also on??“
Xia Jian ran toGZI told Dong Xuanxuan again,He also raised his mouth by the way,Dong Xuanxuan looked at Xia Jian affectionately,Smiled slightly:“I didn’t expect you to be a legendary character,It really opened my eyes。I always have a word to ask you,I wonder if you can answer me?“
“Oh!what is the problem,You just ask!I will answer you what I know“Xia Jian patted his chest and promised。
Dong Xuanxuan lowered his head,Asked shyly:“Do you have a girlfriend?“
Xia Jian is here this time,Is to solve this problem,He can’t leave any regrets for such a good girl,So he took a breath and said:“With,At home“
First0688chapter Frustrated at the gate
When Xia Jian said this,,Even he doesn’t know,Which girlfriend he said,But he doesn’t want to let Dong Xuanxuan misunderstand him here,Because he can’t afford to pay such debts。