And in the shadow form,His attacks can penetrate into the armor,Extremely weird。

Although I was very unwilling to take the oath,But now it’s a yin Jie who almost absolutely obeys。
not to mention,From the heart,Ba Lao also wants revenge very much。
If it weren’t for the four great abilities like Li Ming,,He will not be forced to follow Yin Jie。
“Four true gods,A first-class ancestor—If it is an ancestor,I may not do it。It’s a pity that Zuxian’s body is too fragile。”
“Just one sneak attack,He is dead!”
Stop talking,Shadows turn into shadows,Gradually infiltrate the merit boat。
Logically,This flying boat is controlled by Venerable Fuhu,It is impossible not to discover the infiltration of shadow energy。
But in fact,Venerable Fuhu has no feeling at all。
This supernatural power,It’s a chaotic world from the true god Yinjie,Mastered‘Dark sky’Created by the ancestor,Very weird。
If Li Ming personally controls the spacecraft,May be expected to discover。
Fuhu Arhat is weaker。
Li Ming has not discovered the five,Conscious drinking。
“Sure enough,The four are all chaos gods,And they are all of a higher level—One more,First Class Ancestor。”In the shadows,True God Yin Jie showed a weird smile,“Zuxian is too fragile。。。Take it to death!”
In the shadows,A shadowy spear pierced from Li Ming’s own shadow,And this spear is illusory,I want to penetrate Li Ming’s body。
“clang~”Even Li Ming was taken aback,Then spit out blood。。
He didn’t notice any attack,Only three thousand world magic beads turned into the instinctive defense of the robe。
If it is a normal armor,So Li Ming, the second soul may be dead。
But the magic weapon of the three thousand world magic beads,Essentially, the three thousand worlds are severely isolated and weakened。
That shadow spear seeps,To pass through the obstacles of three thousand worlds。

This monster is obviously more grumpy than the last time it came out,And looking at the spreading black matter,The emotions of the nine heads are extremely complex,Manic、fear、Worry、disgust、Anger is all there,Almost all negative,It seems to know the horror of this black substance,It’s so terrible that Jiuying doesn’t care about showing up in front of the ancient gods。

And the ancient gods have no time to take care of the Jiuying who jumped out hastily,Each look serious,Staring intently at the rapidly spreading black frenzy,Waiting for the order from the center。
The black frenzy also seems to slow down the attack,These small and sticky particles seem to have a unified consciousness,Sensed threat,Slightly stopped,Started slowly along the margin of the long god hidden space,Like a test,Like a provocation again,One third of the colorful light field has been eroded into black,Jiuying’s nine heads immediately panicked,They communicate with spirits,Arguing,It seems impossible to unify where to start the attack。
“Li Xiucheng still doesn’t wake up?!”The deity in the center of the array roared deafeningly,Sound waves go straight down from the sky,Huge,Unfortunately, no response,Li Tianzhen can no longer show his soul,And his divine consciousness seems to be deliberately ignored by the ancient gods,Then the only explanation is,The ancient gods are calling for the divinity in the pale blue space。
The black frenzy is unmoved,Continue to erode the upper space step by step,Above the sky,The god in the center of the array finally raised a treasure like a lighthouse in his hand,The lampshade is amber drifting,The wick is a living thing,Tumble in the shade,It’s actually a pocket black dragon,I saw him suddenly raise his head to the sky,Opening his mouth sprayed a very dazzling orange flame。
The order has been issued,The gods on all nodes have sacrificed their treasures,The first six-pointed star in the center of the big array is like being lit by a torch,Extending from node to node,Soon a complete and closed six-pointed star ring was formed,Then the star ring lights up layer by layer,The whole big array launched,Brilliant。
The black frenzy seems to be stimulated,The rate of erosion suddenly increases,Colorful light domain bears the brunt,Countless colorful runes flew out in the air and combined into a stream of colorful lightning and struck the black tide,Click,The sound of clicking is endless,But the weird black matter is just being knocked out of small pits,Soon healed again,Pounce upward with a crazier posture,Like the turbulent waves on the seashore at high tide,Wave over wave。
Jiuying finally stopped arguing,One of the fiery red heads made a sharp whistle,Then it spewed a bright red flame,This is Jiuying’s unique Xuanming Demon Fire,Seemingly hot,Actually very cold,Can imprison the soul and soul,Can freeze most of the mire created by magical powers、swamp,Can dismantle all corrosive spells,But it’s not very useful in the face of black frenzy,quickly,The demon fire was covered and swallowed by countless black and sticky substances。
Another yellow head with a big mouth,What is ejected is endless yellow sand,The black frenzy was soon covered with golden,Huang Shaqi is very heavy,And with strange blasting energy,The black frenzy is temporarily suppressed,But only for a short time,The yellow sand continues to explode in the confrontation with the black matter,Soon there was a series of explosions and deflagrations,Turning Li Tianzhu’s divine hiding space upside down,Can be over time,Yellow sand slowly decreases,Golden yellow fades away。
at this time,The flames emitted by the black dragon in the large array became more and more bright,Echoing the forty-eight six-pointed stars,Meet in higher air,Overwhelming,The deity in the center sings loudly,The whole array slowly erected,And completely reversed,The flames in the sky are getting stronger and stronger,The colored glass lampshades are opened in sequence like lotus petals。
The black dragon’s body skyrocketed,A huge ball of energy condenses on its forehead,As the stars turn slowly,The ball of light is getting firmer,Suddenly fell off the black dragon’s forehead,Silently falling slowly from the sky,Quietly exploded in mid-air,The unparalleled flame spreads all around,Soon covered the entire cross-section of the gods’ space,Countless flames fall,Immediately put the black frenzy in the flames。
The battle of this scale made Li Tianzhi be thrilling,The six-pointed star array that gathers the power of nearly three hundred ancient gods,How terrifying is its power,Actually just to deal with this mere black matter,Not only that,Jiuying joined the battle group first,But helpless,Simply incredible,What is this?
Even more strange is,These three forces are fighting fiercely in Li Tianzhu’s gods,The brain has long been muddled up,He didn’t feel much pain,Could the body have been assimilated by the black matter?,And lost the ability of normal nerve reflex?
A series of loud noises,The huge six-pointed star array made forty-eight hexagonal seals one after another,Overwhelming fall,The ancient gods tried to consolidate the results of the energy fireworks just now,These big seals from big to small,They represent the forty-eight bottom laws of the ancient gods,No matter how profound you are,Once completely sealed,Will be completely strangled by the power of the law。

“what should I do,But from now on,These are really tricky things。”

“hateful,Our next words,Must get this done as soon as possible。”
In front of these people,One after another looking here。
obviously,For such things,How to solve it。
Actually just such a thing,It’s not so easy to come。
And seeing these,at this time,Wang Teng is very casual。
“Nothing more,But I didn’t even think,What impact will this have。”
“But other things,Actually there is nothing to say!”
When Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,These things,It’s almost processed by itself。
As for the next,What needs to be started,at this point,It’s really important。
but,To be precise,These things,It doesn’t feel much at all。
And the more so,Actually from now on,Such a problem,How to arrange it,Just this problem,It’s really important。
only,Just look straight into the distance,The more so,Actually from now on,What exactly needs to be done。
Just these things,In fact, it’s the most important thing。
And looking at these brought before me,At this moment,Wei Tenglong doesn’t feel much。
“All right,Actually now,In itself,There is no need to continue to consume。”
“It’s almost solved anyway,As for what needs to be done,Actually these things,I think everyone’s heart,In fact, it is very clear!”
When Wei Tenglong finished,In fact, in his heart,Even more eager to try。
After all such a thing,Look now,In fact, it really needs special attention。
If something like this,Can’t handle it effectively,Then continue to consume,No one knows,What will bring。

What’s more, still maintaining myocardial excitement of potassium ions!

Zhou Ye is also instantaneous,Understand why Chen Riyuan is so anxiously。
“This electrolyte report order is still during the day.,What is the doctor here?,That patient is boy?”Chen Riyuan looked at the medical advice system directly.。
What Nima is getting?
afternoon1Apart report,I have been at night.6Point has not given a symptomatic treatment?
“The doctor now,Really not reported,I don’t know how to deal with it.。”Chen Riyuan is a little overgrown。
Fortunately, this patient’s diet is still,Otherwise, it is estimated that the situation will be worse.。
Chen Riyuan looked at this doctor’s system,Suddenly somewhat awkward。
He wants to go to the doctor,But I found that this doctor’s system is not useful.。
The medical advice and Tianfeng City here is different.!
“Xiao Wu,You come to help me see this doctor’s system,How to,I want to supplement potassium。”Chen Riyuan asks to help。
“Let me see。”Zhou Niwu is also the first time to face the doctor’s advice on Wuhan.。
He toss it with a keyboard,It is also a blind man.,Joining。
Ok, good luck,I have brought a few minutes to understand。
“director,How much?”Zhou Ye asked。
Chen Riyuan is surprised to look at Zhou Ye:“Sure enough, it is a young man.,I understand this system at once.。”
At this point he is no longer as anxious.。
But this panic is Zhou Ye.,Because Chen Riyuan said:“You look at it.。”
Look at?
My day……God pit。
It’s a simple thing in the potassium.。
Zhou Ye is skilled in the doctor:“15lPotassium chloride released500lof09Sodium chloride solution,Then oral chloride slow release tablets1g tid……”
“Chen Shu,sookDo not?”Zhou Ye is still quite satisfied with his doctor’s doctor.。
Since the change of Chen Shu,The distance between the two seems to be close to a lot.。
Chen Riyuan looked at this doctor,Nod:“OK,It is still very good to supplement potashis.。”
Chen Riyuan is anxious,Let Zi Ye are also panicked.。
He hurriedly looks at the test list on the computer.。
This is a single electrolyte test list,Zhou Ye quickly glassed a look。
Blood potassium,29ol/L!
Zhou Niwu is also can’t control the explosion export:“Medium low potassium。”
“Yes,Hurry to make potassium,This newGPatients with pneumonia are weak,Low potassium will increase the paralysis of the ventilator,Waiting for the next accidental blood oxygen。”Chen Riyuan opens the medical system and prepares pine potassium。
Electrolyte disorders have always been one of the causes of death!
What’s more, still maintaining myocardial excitement of potassium ions!
Zhou Ye is also instantaneous,Understand why Chen Riyuan is so anxiously。
“This electrolyte report order is still during the day.,What is the doctor here?,That patient is boy?”Chen Riyuan looked at the medical advice system directly.。
What Nima is getting?
afternoon1Apart report,I have been at night.6Point has not given a symptomatic treatment?
“The doctor now,Really not reported,I don’t know how to deal with it.。”Chen Riyuan is a little overgrown。

“I would like to ask you to help me inquire about Eudemons or Natural Devil Fruit!”

Leo briefly talked about the Green Bull。
Karp, who was planning to reprimand Leo not to rely too much on fruit, suddenly fell silent。
“It’s that little manatee!”Karp was silent。
The theme of the bond between partners,And respect for the strong almost the same status。
“let me try,But you better not report hope,The navy doesn’t take this seriously,And if there is such a powerful fruit, it must have been eaten long ago!”
General fauna,A lot of navy,There are many Tianlong people,But this kind of thing has no meaning at all。
The strong disdain to eat,Don’t even want to take a look。
And the powerful fruit has been chased by countless people,Hard to preserve。
“Thanks old man!”
Leo said briefly and then hung up,He is in no mood at all now。
“I know too few people,I know too little news!”
Oda didn’t tell him where those powerful fruits were hidden in the beginning,And he knows too few people,Not much news。
After a short while,Leo returned to the Chamber of Commerce,Green Bull looked at Leo,The surface is also very complicated,He undoubtedly added a lot of trouble to Leo。

“Don’t worry Leah!”Wright held his wife in his arms:“Maybe it may not be that dangerous,Besides, it’s all thousands of years later。”

“I’m a little homesick!”Cecilia said suddenly。
“Yes!”Wright couldn’t help but sigh,“We have left the Magnolia continent for three thousand years,Still four thousand years?I can’t remember well。”
“Four thousand two hundred and seventy-one years!”Cecilia rolled her eyes:“Dignified palace master,Why is memory so bad。It’s a pity that James didn’t kill。”
Wright’s eyes lit up:“Almost forgot,The purple blood devil asked me,such,I can ask him to help deal with James and the castle owner behind him,Originally, I was not completely sure。。。But if you add purple blood,Absolutely no problem,We will go to the quiet place before the end of this war to intercept them on the way back to the castle?!”
“This is still a good idea。。”Cecilia also said:“I’ll go too。。Harry has grown up too,I guess I will be there in a few yearsdàng),My strength,Can also fight against the palace master level。”
“Row!”Many-to-one rather than a large number of bloody battles of palace masters in the battlefield of the plane,Cecilia’s safety is fairly guaranteed。
“Haha,Then I’ll talk to the Purple Blood Demon。”
Over the moonlight sea,In metal life。
Wright and Rong Shen are continuing the conversation just now。
“Rong Shen,The Purple Blood Demon just invited me to the battlefield,Actually I want to ask,Do you plan to go together?!”
“go together?”Rong Shen hesitated,If it’s himself,I really don’t want to enter that plane battlefield,In addition to his soul defense relying on the main artifact, he is completely invincible,The attack is still lacking,Strength is relatively ordinary at the level of the palace owner。Back then, he was hidden under the command of the Lord Suzaku,Can’t go in with other messengers。
But Wright’s strength,He is also clear,Since fighting power is the peak of the palace lord,There are also powerful auxiliary means of gravity space。If you add a strong material attack‘Purple Blood Demon’,This lineup is very strong,Ordinary main gods do not necessarily have so many powerful gods。
Think twice,Shen Rong also nodded:“Row,I’ll go as well,But then the distribution of badges must be fair!If only the three of us,least,The commander-level badges I get cannot be less than one-fifth of the total,And if you get three or more command badges,I must have one。。。If it’s a soldier badge,Must split equally。”
The strength of God Rong is much worse than Wright and Zixue,Naturally, the number of badges obtained cannot be exactly the same as Purple Blood and Wright。The stronger,The greater the contribution,The more you get,This is fair。What he is afraid of,Wright and the Purple Blood Demon only give him one-tenth or less,Then it makes no sense for him to go。
“Definitely,I’ll tell him clearly on Zixue,I won’t agree to unfairness。”
The Purple Blood Demon lives in a mansion in Jiuhe City。
Purple blood demon is also a good drinker,Only half a day,His newly bought mansion is full of empty flasks。
Only unless deliberately controlled,Otherwise, it’s not easy for the upper gods to get drunk。

“What does this don’t dare?,Rumors are not,She and the main relationship are unclear,Dare to do this。”

Several models look at Blue Xin,If you don’t avoid it, you break into the ears of Blue Xin.。
Blue Xin pulled coldly,The bottom is quenched with ice,She also did not expect it,Some people will give themselves in this bones.。
Lin Yu is a smileful watching a few people who are unrelenting.,There is no sound。
This time about Blue Xin’s legend,The online biography is boiling,Some negative news。
But,One sentence of Rayling,Also resolved all the embarrassment。
ttWatching blushing scorn,“Blue Director,You have no such rights。”
“so what?”
Blue Xin looks faintly looks at her,Asked。
“so,I am not suitable。”
ttLaughing is arrogant looking at Blue Xin。
Fashion week for the Lu Group,Have important influence,And she,In the Rio Group is also an important model that is not moving.。
Except for the scholars,She also endorsed the other brands of Lu Group,Word of mouth is very good。
Blue Xin slightly lips,Smile does not reach the bottom:“tt,right?”
She faintly remember this model。
“it’s me!”
ttA face proudly admitted。
Blue Xin smiles slightly,A clear scorpion suddenly became unattended:“Not right is not your person can follow,You don’t want to go to step, you can speak,I can change people here.。”
“Replace,Blue Xin,I think you are unclear in the company’s status.。”
ttSuddenly standing up,Height instantly crushed Blue Xin,Tone。
High out of Blue Xin half a head。
Blue Xin looked at her slightly.,Mild nice sound slowly:“tt,Original Nomo,It is the superior training of Jiangshi’s regular institutionsaGrade model,Participated in many conference activities,Have a rich stage experience,There is also a pivotal position in the Chali Group.。”
Her voice is very penetrating,Incoming in every person’s ear。
NS659chapter:More than Land Haoheng is also terrible
ttSuddenly:“Since you know,Is there so the right??”
The model around also looked scorn blue。
She thought she was??
Lu Haocheng does not have to frytt。
Lan Xin not smiles,Look attt,底,“tt,You are twenty-five years old this year.?”
ttApere,That cold face,Suddenly some,“Blue Xin,What do you mean?”
Blue Xin glanced at all the models in the makeup room,Lips the lips hooked:“tt,This society is now,Not in the company to ask which model,But the young trend is getting higher and higher.,Which model doesn’t always fix?,And choose more and more young,Image increasingly fit。
When you feel that you are not right.,That is in self-elimination,I know a lot of models.,But like you is arrogant, I still see it.。
There are also models that work here.,As long as I have a phone call,They will come back soon,The appearance of each of them,figure,Never lose from you,It is a little girl who is 189 years old., Very hard。”
Matter only one listening,Face suddenly,They are people who eat youth,Indicate quickly。
ttLooking at Blue Xin,Skill short hair,睥睨 睥睨 生 ‘s eyes,Has been her unique beauty。

Doctors with work, have not noticed Shu and Week ante,Pay attention to the vital signs and electrocardiography in the patient。

Until the car, I opened a thousand meters.,When he went back, he saw Week anterance and Shu deer.,I’m still stunned:“Isn’t this two beautiful doctors in the respiratory??”
120Said doctor surnamed Xu,It is also in front of the emergency rescue area“old”Doctor,Consolidated the mature face of emergency。
Shu’s mouth of the mouth, a faint smile:“Xu Ge hard,I have to come out so late.。”
Weekrance is also a laughter。
120He heard the alarm of the alarm sound from the car.,Immediately collect all the attention of all payment to the heart rate and blood pressure on the cardinal monitoring。
Fortunately, a small nurse accidentally encountered a pipe for measuring blood pressure.,Causes blood pressure to take off,Only alarm sound。
“Starvate me。”Xu Xiangqi is nothing to do,Pull out a mysterious box from the chair under the body。
Just in Zhou Ye thought that Xu Xiangqi did what operations and inspections on the patient.,I saw that he actually took a bunch of bananas and milk from the mysterious box.。
He is gave a nurses and the three people in one by one.。
“Laugh,This ran a day,Eating is on the car,I really didn’t get off the bus.,Know that I will eat the patient while eating.,Don’t eat,The body can’t hold it.。”Xu Xiangqian has some grievances。
This emergency is really tired.。
I often have three classes.,Although it is said to be a package,But this hospital cafeteria seems to be at all, it is not set to them emergency employees.。
Emergency population,Basic doctors are3-4It is a round of duty,Rescue room120Doctors with a car less,3Doctor turns,It’s abused。
So busy,If the salary is high, it will be calculated.。
The problem is that the emergency department often drops more than surgery.,But hold the average salary of the hospital!
The most evil thing is that leaders also like to strictly examine various cases of quality control and drug ratio.。
This Nima is simply snowing.!
Originally a busy department,Less people,Furn out at all,Then you have to pay a bunch of inspections,This does not deduct money.。
Zhou Ye helped Xu forwarded milk from the box,“Bananas don’t eat,We will take three bottles of milk.,Just as your emergency department gives me a paid.。”
He smiled and rakes the milk.,There are some people who are in the car.。
But there is still a person in the car and there is no expression.,Even almost a bloody!
That is the family member of the speech.!That old lady!
Zhou Ye went to the old lady to hand in a banana:“Aunt,Take some side,Otherwise, the rescue is estimated for a while.,You don’t have anything like you.。”
The old lady refused his kindness.,Lying on the elderly,I don’t want to say anything.。
If he deliberately provokes the old man,Maybe this is not good.!
She is now very self-blaming and regret!
Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world.,What’s more or the most important life and health of humans?!
Zhou Ye I am in order to comfort the old lady,Adjust her attention,Don’t let her completely put my heart on the old hot body,He simply asked the medical history:“Do you have a headache in this uncle??”
This question,The old lady suddenly lifted his face from the old man.:“He has a headache in a week,After a few minutes ago, I became like this.,I blame me this mouth.。”
I saw the old lady.。
It’s no longer a responsibility.,Zhou Ye went to comfort:“It’s fine,This problem is in our emergency,Aunt, you are relaxing.,In the emergency department, the doctor has guaranteed the uncle and the previous one.,OK?”
Zhou Yewu’s words,The old lady is really a lot of face.。
Trust doctor and teamwork doctors,This is also the only choice in her current.。
Soon the ambulance will enter Tianfeng People’s Hospital,Finally parked in front of the hospital!
Good patient in this cerebral hemorrhage,Control is still stable,Zhou Ye let him keep the lateral position,Although there is still vomiting a few times on the road,Fortunately, there is no mistake!Otherwise it is infected again.!
After Li Qifeng received the notice of this,It has led the duty nurses waiting at the door.。
Zhou Ye、The moment of Mu Deer and Week antelm,He greeted him:“Good boy,Yan Fu is not shallow。”

Simultaneously,Black light appeared on the dragon claws of the dragon god and demon,Four pairs of upper arms and eight claws pat inward at the same time。

“Go all out as soon as you come up,It seems that this old dragon is also anxious~”
Seeing the full attack of the Cangjiao God,Li Ming can’t take it lightly。
after all,It was one on one before,right now,Equivalent to the face and hand attack of six true celestial beings。
“Effort,Explosive power can be integrated into moves,Can also be integrated into the formation!”
Xuanjin quickly broke away from Li Ming,The armor turned into three hundred and sixty black stars,Above the stars,The dark light bursts。
Three hundred and sixty stars,Is the number of days,Three hundred and sixty stars follow the rules of the week,Slowly surrounding Li Ming’s body。
Mindful integration,Under the control of an inexplicable force,The stars rotate to form a whole,The trajectory of each star is different,But they are perfectly combined,Self-contained vanity。
Way of Fusion Formation、Avenue of Stars、Great Avenue,This is Li Ming’s strongest trick。
【Star week·The stars revolve】
Formation just formed,Endless eight dragon claws fall at the same time,And the power of ice and cold penetrates through the blue flames and the dark clouds of Youyunzhang。
“It’s useless~”Li Ming sneered。
Star Week 10%,Space between the stars,A strong repulsive force acts on the dragon’s claws。
Obviously close at hand,The claws of the four dragon gods and demons can’t get closer。
And the black light of stars isolates space,Keep the flames and dark clouds out。
“Come again!”Cangjiao Tianshen’s face is cold,But my heart is calculating crazy。
indeed,The fourth state of mind is very strong,But its flaws are also very obvious。
That the duration is too short,Those ancient archers who are famous in the Three Realms,It can only shoot two or three arrows with full burst,Will exhaust。
And those archers,He is also a god,Even if it’s exhausted,Facing a strong enemy also has the capital to deal with。
But this one in front of you。。。Although it is extremely against the sky, your Void Returning God and Demon,But barely touched the threshold of the gods。

Li Tianchou filled Liu Qiang with tea,Pass another cigarette,Do enough face work,“A few days ago,A bar in Yuxing was smashed,I just want to ask about the progress of the case。”

“Are you kidding me??Haven’t you found the person yourself??Set fire again,It’s hitting the field again。I rely on,Your heavenly brother raised his arms as expected。Didn’t you just kill me if you asked me??”Liu Qiang spit out smoke rings,Make no secret of sarcasm。
“This may be a misunderstanding。I just came back today and heard about these things,If my brother behaves out of order,I will never protect and indulge。But there is always a source,We have been doing business steadily,But the style bar was smashed……”
“Stop。”Liu Qiang waved his hand very shamelessly,“I am not responsible for the specific case,I am too lazy to ask。You are fighting in a mess,Upset listening。But I can imagine a result for you,It’s all over。”
Li Tianchou’s face is a bit ugly,Liu Qiang’s attitude is extraordinary,And there is no room for words,It seems that the current form is very bad。But it’s worth noting that Yuxing is worthless,This makes him unacceptable,So the same sneer,“Correct this mess,Actually very clear,Yuxing operates legally,But was messed up by gangsters for no reason,Serious injuries,property loss,Then something unpleasant happened。Please don’t confuse Yuxing Company with those gangsters。”
“Unpleasant things?You said lightly。”Liu Qiang shook his head and laughed,“But I heard that innocent people have been tied up,How bad is this nature,I think you know better than me。How about Yuxing? You didn’t blow it out by yourself,Not ashamed,Is this different from the quagmire??I don’t think so。”
Li Tianchou suddenly rushed up with blood,“It turns out that Brother Qiang sees things like this,Li。If your police station has one or two bastards worse than the ruffian,Can I think that the police station is just like you?”
“fart!”Liu Qiang snapped the table into a rage,“Kid,I don’t have time to fight with you here。Are you rules,It’s best to prove it to others。Don’t survive all day long,Stand on the ground,Opportunity is equal,Don’t cause trouble if you have the ability,This way is able to stand firm,Otherwise get out of Fukuyama as soon as possible!”
Liu Qiang left the seat and went downstairs after speaking,Go straight out。Go all the way along the street,After passing through several alleys in succession,Came to a big road。He look around,Then he walked a few steps and got into a black off-road vehicle parked on the side of the road。
“Yoha,Finished talking so soon。Don’t look good?”A man in the car joked。
Liu Qiang stretched out his hand and huffed his hair a few times,“Oh shit,Angry by that kid。This guy has grown fucking good,Do your best with Laozi。”
“People always change and grow。Which looks like you,I don’t grow up all day long like formalin for a decade or two,Your wife is not jealous of you。”
“To your uncle,No kidding。My business is basically over,It doesn’t matter to me how to toss next,I’m going back for lunch。”Liu Qiang said he would push the door and get off。
“and many more,You hurry up。Help to the end,Send Buddha to Xitian,People’s business still counts on you,It’s not your style to choose halfway through。”The man held Liu Qiang tightly,All smiles。
Liu Qiang opened the man’s hand,“grass,Laozi’s style has changed now,I gave him all the words,Fend for yourself。”
“Really have nothing to talk about?”That person’s smile is even worse,But there is a slight threat in the words。