“So?”Guo Yinzhe looks towards Lu Yi。

“Slightly——”I saw Lu Yi withdraw a sharp Nepalese saber from his waist。
Guo Yinzhe was surprised by Lu Yi’s performance,he knows,Lu Yi passed through the Three Caves with Guitu、Huanglian Shangqing’s repeated fierce battles,The health status and ammunition have been exhausted,She still has the courage to fight him with a close weapon?
“I’m welcome!”Guo Yinzhe raised his handMP5Aiming at Lu Yi,he knows,Just one bullet can knock down the great god in the team——The one who asked Anna Cao to post his favorite。
But Guo Yinzhe fired a shot,Lu Yi stopped giving him a chance,Use the Nepalese saber to force him into the range of close combat。
The sharp blade was instantly cast from Guo Yinzhe“Mechanical armor”Swipe,Took several broken pieces of machinery。
Guo Yinzhe jumped back in an instant,Cast three mechanical beetles at the same time。
“Jingle!Jingle!”Lu Yi hit two mechanical beetles in the air,Among the flying sparks,Cut off the signal receiver used to explode in the beetle。
“Master!Really a great master!”Guo Yinzhe saw that his beetle was easily destroyed。So waved,Throw out the other three beetles remaining on him without reservation。
Lu Yi avoids the oncoming beetle,And Guo Yinzhe opened a position again,And the purple poisonous circle infected by the Prophet virus is not far behind him5Meter distance……
“The passive skill of the mechanical pioneer‘Mechanical reproduction’Really amazing!Your beetle seems to be more fertile than the average mechanic!”Lu Yi finally saw the scary ability of the beetle, the core skill of the mechanical pioneer。
Guo Yinzhe knows clearly,“Mechanical reproduction”Able over time,Increase the number of mechanical beetles produced,And strengthen the largest of all beetlesHP。Compared with the mechanic before the transfer,Mechanic’s beetle is just for detecting intelligence on the battlefield

Bai Li smiled and said:“After you get off,We did not go far,But followed all the way。I know your life is not easy,Especially Wu Qian can’t pass this level”

“what!You follow me?”Xia Jian asked silently。
Bai Li put the lunch box in her hand on the coffee table and said:“not us。Zhang Yong sent me to this hotel,So I went back to deliver the car,I followed all the way。Thinking that your dinner might not be settled,I brought you food”
“what!you made it yourself?”Xia Jian was a little hungry,He asked,I opened the rice box and ate。He did not expect,Bai Li’s cooking skills are so good。
Seeing Xia Jian eating so happy,Bai Li smiled and said:“Mr. Luo called me just now,I did not pick up。I know,You did not go home,Wu Qian must be looking for you,So Luo Yi could only call me and Zhang Yong”
“Would Zhang Yong say that I am here?”Xia Jian suddenly asked a little worried。
Bai Li shook her head and said:“will not,I have told him,He is a smart man,Won’t get involved in your family disputes”
“Also,Until I get off tonight,I realized the problem is a bit serious。Wu Qian is a powerful woman,He is really afraid of contact with her,But hiding is not a way”That’s it for Xia Jian,Seem to be worried。
Bai Li smiled and said:“I will go tomorrow morningTGs plane,Or you go too!Go back to your hometown and hide。Some things really can’t be in conflict,Wait a while,Maybe it will be better”
“it is good!I’ll book a ticket later”Xia Jian finally made up his mind。
First2206chapter Under house arrest
the next morning,Xia Jian slept until more than ten o’clock before getting up。He and Bai Li talked for a long time last night,Baili didn’t return to her place until eleven o’clock。
Actually Bai Li is the same as him,I’m still uneasy。After all, Wu Qian is Luo Jun’s wife,What’s more, Wu Qian is a great person。So she thought about this in advance,Take a half-month vacation as soon as this is over。

Long Yuan lay weakly on the ground,The faucet itself is big,This fat beating,It looks even more fatter,Looking at Fuming, I was a little surprised。

Wu Ling stood aside,Looking at Long Yuan is just silent mourning,Quejia and Bai Ling warned them in advance,Never give Longyuan treatment!
“I said Master Longyuan,Why are you so miserable?”
Slowly walked to the front of Longyuan,Playful face,Tell the truth,I have been relieved of the depressed mood just now,What could be more soothing than this!
“small。。。Kid,You are too cruel,Actually let them do something to me,Furious.
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six:Unknown power,Faith bonus!
The terrible howling of Temiller continued to be heard in the field formed by Xuan Zhongshui,Phil was frightened in the sky just listening,I’ve been hesitant to go in。
Although his relationship with Temiller is not good,But it’s all brothers,If not saved,It’s against the law of angels again。
“Forget it,Still take a look!”
Phil flies down,Not close yet,The realm in front of you burst,A figure flew out,It was Temiller who was blasted。
Phil stepped forward to check Temiller’s situation,After seeing the situation clearly,Took a breath.
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Seven:Show mercy,Bad Eating Attack!
Get up slowly,I was shocked,This so-called faith,My own understanding is just a wish in my heart,Unexpectedly, it can bless the attributes。
“All i know is this,I don’t know the extra,I’m just a seraph,evenSLevel not reached,I am not qualified to be exposed to more things!”

When Xia Jian said this,,Still a little worried。If Lu Wanting can’t pay Xiongji this money,,Didn’t he pay for Lu Wanting??

Lu Changfei,Can’t help laughing:“Good guy!Somewhat responsible,It’s her blessing that our family Wanting can make friends like you。I will call her now”
Lu Changfei said,I picked up the phone on the table and called Lu Wanting,Let her come home quickly,Said there was a small problem at home”
After hanging up,Lu Changfei said to Xia Jian:“Don’t you know,This child really suffered during this time,Our car is fully paid off,She usually goes to the construction site by driving some distance,Run over again。The whole person lost a circle”
Lu Changfei talked about Lu Wanting,Feel like crying。Hear people often say a word“Tiger poison does not eat seeds”Xia Jian passed this incident,I realized the profound meaning of this sentence again。Although Lu Changfei has been in,But he still loves Lu Wanting。
Xia Jian and Lu Changfei were chatting,About an hour,Suddenly there was footsteps in the yard,Then there was a woman’s voice:“Old man Lu!What do you want to toss about?Don’t you think I’m tired enough??”
With sound,Lu Wanting walked in quickly,When she saw Xia Jian sitting at her house,I became stupid at once,Where are you dumbfounded。
Xia Jian stood up,Only then did he see clearly,Lu Wan, who is known as the little witch, has become a little bit unknown to him。I saw Lu Wanting’s messy hair,Messed up like a chicken coop,The clothes I wear are also very dirty。And there is mud on both feet。
Is this Lu Wanting??Xia Jian didn’t quite believe his eyes。Lu Wanting, who slowly recovered, smiled at Xia Jian and said:“What wind brought President Xia to my house?”
Xia Jian smiled,Go over and pull Lu Wanting and sit on the sofa,Then he sighed and said:“Why don’t you tell me if you have difficulties here,Maybe I can help you in trouble”
“I have no trouble,Did old man Lu chew your tongue again??”Lu Wanting said,Gave her dad a fierce look。
Lu Changfei smiled,Got up and went back to the room。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Don’t pretend,I know everything,Xiongji drove your dad’s car,I happened to hit him today,I can’t leave it alone。You just say,When can you pay him back the money you owe him?”
Lu Wanting took a breath and said:“Sorry,I wanted to not disturb you,I didn’t expect to be known by you。Isn’t it jealous of people doing real estate business,So I followed others。I didn’t expect that the words “Interlace like a mountain” is really not a lie,I lost badly,Lost the entire company,Even my mother’s cottage was lost,And my dad’s car”
“Where does auntie live now?I think your dad is quite spacious here,It’s better to let her move here,In this case,You don’t have to worry about dim sum”
Xia Jian is a worrying life,Talking and talking about Lu Wanting’s parents again。
Lu Wanting snorted coldly:“I don’t know which old lady you are,She is the reincarnated monster。I told you,But she doesn’t want to come,It’s her,I really don’t have the energy to take care of her”

Fortunately, the police investigation is a bit of a formality,I asked the little widow briefly,He didn’t even look at Li Tianchou,So I went to ask someone else。

The little widow’s injury is not too serious,And Li Tianchou has also done hemostasis in advance,So nothing big。The doctor cleaned and sutured the wound and gave an anti-inflammatory injection,It is recommended to observe for one night,The two made up for one night in the corridor outside the emergency room。
Just chatted a few words,The little widow is also new here,Only one week earlier than Li Tianchou。Because of bad words,Plus people grow thin skin and tender meat,Still a little arrogant,So I got the nickname of a little widow。Li Tianchou doesn’t have much to say,Not long after,The two of them slept on a bench in the corridor。
The next morning,No problem with the doctor’s examination,Two boxes of anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed and the two of them left with them。It was only nine o’clock in the morning when I arrived at the construction site,Li Tianchou arranged for the little widow to sleep in the shed,So I changed my outfit to work。
The Second Artillery was somewhat surprised by Li Tianchou’s arrival,But didn’t say anything,Casually asked about the little widow,And arranged for Li Tianchou to start work。As the monkey said,You don’t need to think about the pre-engineering work,Just plan the ground、Transport waste。Many construction vehicles cannot plan or destroy places,Need manpower to toss,They do this。
Planed all day,Sweating like rain under the scorching sun,It’s been a long time since Li Tianchou did physical work so freely,Although bitter、Tired,But relax a lot,And very practical。
After dinner,Take another shower,Very comfortable。After that, everyone’s free time,The down-to-earth farmers don’t have much fancy entertainment,Mostly playing cards、boast。Or drink two bottles of beer,Sleeping with a blushing neck,Then hugged the pillow in my dream and gnawed hard,The body is still twisting and twisting,When I secretly changed my pants the next day,Became the object of people making fun and teasing。
Although the conditions in the shed are not good,But the atmosphere is still harmonious,Two days down,Li Tianchou got acquainted with everyone。It’s just depressing,The increase in the number of migrant workers is extremely limited,There have been few newcomers in recent days,Many of the beds are empty。this means,In order to complete the construction schedule,Everyone wants one person to use two,Working hard、Overtime。
The reason for this,Everyone knows。Inexplicably old beaten,Nothing yet,Many people don’t want to come,Or leave after a few days。This shadow has always been in everyone’s hearts,Lingering。
The real problem is that you can’t go out during the free time at night,All in the shed,This has already suffocated people。Good now,The only relaxing time in the evening was changed to overtime,Even more miserable。
In addition to two comforting sentences, Yan Defa,There is no better solution。
Sabotage began to appear,And there is a tendency to spread。Everyone can at least find a lot of excuses not to work overtime at night,What kind of diarrhea?,Open your mouth,Yan Defa tried his best to achieve little effect。
According to this situation,Project progress is difficult to complete,This means that the project payment cannot be settled in time。This is a big problem,Originally, the wages of migrant workers were very low,Can’t get it on time,There will be trouble at that time。
It’s honest to be honest,Hot-tempered,Dare to come,Maybe it’s impossible to jump into the river with you,Many people are from the village,Who is afraid of whom。
The house leaks on a rainy day,The little foreman who went back to his hometown to pull people has no news,Yan Defa is utterly exhausted,But I can’t tell,Life is really sad。He has reported the safety of migrant workers with the leaders of the construction site several times,But leadership is leadership,The art of playing football is very clever,It’s impossible to solve the problem when the sky falls。

Fuming watched the two get ready,I also pulled up the halberd,Point two“It looks like you two are ready,Let’s start!”

After speaking, Fuming and Li Da moved at the same time,Extremely fast,The clash between the weapons keeps ringing,Li Da caught a glimpse of the blade on his weapon, unexpectedly forming a gap after every collision,This kid’s weapon is so hard!
Fuming did not learn combat skills,Just rely on your own reaction to attack。
“Combat skills,Sword Dance!”Li Da and Li Er simultaneously launched combat skills,Surprised,Had to give up the attack and defend,But the attack of these two people is getting faster and faster,Fuming can’t stand it,I started to hang color。
Li Da was overjoyed when he saw this,The movements of the hands are getting faster and faster,Suddenly Li Da felt his arm numb,Li Er is also,I saw Fuming around the electric wire,Lightning attribute activation!
“I grass,CClass fighter!”Li Da roared in horror。
“Hehe,I am not,It’s just that you can activate attributes!”Fuming said。
Li Da’s hands are shaking“Kid,Forget about it today,How do we write off!”
Fuming shook his head“No way,Today you three must die!”
“Get him!”Li Da is also willing。
Fuming also moved,Faster than before,One flashed behind Li Er,Li Er wants to block with a knife,It’s a pity that I can’t keep up with my life,Fuming waved the halberd and cut off the long knife,And penetrated Li Er’s chest,Li Er killed。
Li Da has been beaten and scared,This is completely cheating,No fun!
He turned and rushed towards Li Da,Li Da hurriedly danced the knife in his hand,But it’s already a little messy,The lightning from Fuming’s body was transmitted to Li Da’s body through the long knife,Li Da’s body was paralyzed。
The last scene in Li Da’s eyes is the pure smile in front of him,Then he swung his halberd and cut Li Da’s neck,Blood gushing out,Kneel to death。
Standing on the spot with a rough breath,The battle just now consumes too much energy,And I’m really a little big,Without Longyuan’s lightning attributes,I’m afraid I。。。
‘“Kid,Good job”Longyuan’s voice sounded。
Fuming suddenly sat on the ground。
“Kid,How are my attributes used??”

Disgusting,From one thousand two hundred gods,Nine thousand six hundred rebirth immortals。

Big team,The power is comparable to a god and even slightly stronger。
“The fairy under the control of my winter travel fairy palace,About five thousand,Enough to form a square。”
“Dongyou Daoyou,I didn’t expect you to have such a treasure,It’s a lot of money, right?!”
Dongyou Zhenxian shook his head,Don’t want to say more。indeed,For this big array,He also has a lot of relationships,I got it from the true god Bifang。
Notice,They also fought against the kingdom of ten thousand demons several times before visiting the fairy palace in winter,There is no such big formation on both sides,As long as the war is a winter travel true celestial confrontation with the Cangjiao God,The subordinate Tianxian and Sanxian fight against each other。
Winter Tour Zhenxian costs countless prices,Obtained a great array of disgusting fire from the true god Bi Fang,It’s from his father-in-law Tiandi’s relationship,Invite two gods and gods,I just want to completely wipe out the forces of the Ten Thousand Demons Kingdom in one battle。
of course,He wants to do so,The old flood dragon in the kingdom of myriad monsters will certainly not be captured。
Although he has the background of the Emperor of Heaven,The old flood dragon in the kingdom of ten thousand monsters,Also a demon with a background。
Dongyou Zhenxian invites the gods and gods this time regardless of the cost,I’m afraid the old Jiaolong will do the same。
but,He doesn’t care,Through the big array,He can effectively dispatch the power of his subordinates,Even though Cangjiao Heavenly God has the same formation method。but,The number of celestial celestial beings in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom is far less than that of his Winter Tour Fairy Palace。
Just as the Winter Yuxian Palace was hosting three visitors from the heavens,In a cave outside the Immortal Palace,Qingxu Jianxian is hosting a banquet for Li Ming。
Said it was a banquet,In fact, Qingxu Jianxian more is drinking a glass of spirit wine。
Did not deliberately hangover,Soon became half drunk and half awake。
Instead, the other two gods who accompanied Li Ming were talking。
Ins and outs,But he invited Li Ming to join the Winter Tour Fairy Palace。
It’s not like the elder Keqing’s name,But to really join the Winter Tour Fairy Palace。

Zhu Huiwei really wanted to see the doubt in Chen Xiu’s heart,Pointing to his head and said:“After people become zombies,Not only the body is ten times stronger than ordinary humans,The various feelings of joy, anger, sorrow and joy will be amplified,Nourish food、Hunger will be amplified。

The taste difference between eating human blood and eating animal blood is like human beings、The difference between vegetables,And the sense of this difference is magnified ten times。
More importantly, become stronger after becoming a zombie,People in the world become like ants in the eyes of zombies,Naturally less compassionate,So many zombies will not restrain themselves from taking human blood!
I can quit drinking human blood,It took decades,During this period of time, I learned Taoism from the old Taoist priest、Learn Dharma Commandments,Control your bloodthirsty desire,Travel around the Southeastern Countries。
Until almost a hundred years later,After I can completely control my desire,Dare to return to middle-earth。”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but ask curiously:“Why can’t help but suck blood before returning to Middle-earth?”
“The guilt of sucking the blood of human beings who are not the same language is not so strong anymore。”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain:“Unexpectedly you are still a patriotic zombie。”
“Since you are so capable、I loved it so much, why did the Qing soldiers enter the barrier?、During the eight years of suffering, you did not save the people?”
“Zombies are not as powerful as you think,I am afraid of light、Afraid of peach wood、Afraid of cinnabar、Afraid of dog blood、Rooster blood、Black donkey hoof and many more。
It’s not that I can deal with the general trend on my own!
not to mention,When you have a long life,Slowly become indifferent to the world。
The change of dynasty and the common people have become less important in my heart!
It’s like your previous pursuit was just money,But after you really have the money you can’t spend,Your goal is not just to make money,It’s something other than money。”
“In your six hundred years of life,What are you after?”Chen Xiu couldn’t help asking:“Don’t you live too long to be bored?”
Zhu Huiwei smiled slightly but did not speak,I really think there is countless helplessness in this smile。
“correct,What about the old Taoist who turned you into a zombie?”
“After I returned to Middle-earth with him, we parted ways,I haven’t seen him for hundreds of years。”

“You have no weapons,Dead。”The voice of the eight-eyed demon of the spider’s body is also hoarse and dry。

Li Ming shook his head,For normal acquired、innate,Weapons are very important,If there is a magic weapon,It’s even more important to occupy one’s own combat power。
But for Li Ming,That inexperienced spear-shaped magic weapon is really not important。
His realm is high enough,The main attack power comes from the power of heaven and earth。The gun type magic weapon is just a handy。
Say again,He practiced《Beidou Secret Sword》,Transfer in《Star change》,Marksmanship,In fact it is the way of Beidou,Avenue of Stars。
gun,But you guys。
Starlight Condensation,A sharp gun appeared in the palm,Dazzling like a galaxy。
In the four pairs of eyes widened by the Eight Eyed Demon Lord,The handle of the star spear easily tore the carapace of his body。
The body of the old demon of the Purple Mansion Bamu Mojun was shot through,The power of countless stars burst into the body,Even the vitality of the old demon in the Purple Mansion can’t survive。
And the Bamu Demon Lord died,The innate monsters escaped,Li Ming searched,He left the house of the Bamu Demon。
Chapter Eleven Array and sweep
Not bad,Also got the practice method of the gate formation!”Li Ming flipped through a book bound with strange animal skins。