Russian Navy completed the "zircon" high supersonic missile

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian Navy successfully tried a "zircon" high supersonic missile (hereinafter referred to as "zircon" missiles on the day.

The missile launched from the "North Devinsk" nuclear underwater 40 meters, and the predetermined goals were exactly hit after flying 350 kilometers.

The trial verified the sound of the "zircon" missile, showing the strength of Russia in the field of high supersonic weapons.

"Ace" weapon debut "zircon" is an intake high supercapudent cruise missile, which combats the task target with a flight speed of more than 5 Mach, and can break through the existing air defense system, which is used to combat large ship clusters and land. High value time sensitivity target, there is a "aircraft mother killer".

The "zircon" missile is unveiled, it is defined as the "ace" weapon in Russia.

According to foreign media reports, the maximum flight speed of "zircon" missiles reached 8 Mach, and the range of more than 1,000 kilometers. The missile is designed by the Russian Cheros design, adopting active / semi-active radar guidance, and has good adaptability in complex sea-air electromagnetic environments. Before launching, the "zircon" bullet is put into the image of the target ship in advance. In the attack target, the missile can be optimized according to real-time image optimization guidance.

Due to the high degree of secretness of technology, the specific parameters of the "zircon" missile will be announced.

From the officially released picture, the missile is designed with a homogeneous body, a small body shape, and has a good stealth performance.

The biggest feature of the "zircon" missile is its power system.

According to reports, the missile uses the world’s most advanced and technical ultra-combined engine.

Such an engine is powered by inhaling air as an oxidant and produces power with the fuel carried by itself.

Studies have shown that in the case of consuming the same mass propellant, the super-combustion engine can produce a thrust of the ordinary rocket engine, fully meet the requirements of the "zircon" missile to speed and power.

With this technology, the "zircon" missile realizes the full power control of flight, and can break through the carrier air defense system to complete the strike task. Verifying the Burning Competition Benefits, at the end of February 2020, the Russian Navy uses the "Gorushkov Navy Marshal" frigate to test the "zircon" missile, marking the missile to formally become a anti-ship missile that can be launched from the water. .

On October 4th, underwater trials, the "zircon" missiles were verified the combat capability of "North Devinsk" nuclear submarines. "North Devinsk" nuclear submarine is Russian 885m (NATO CSO Yarsrand) attack nuclear submarine, 120 meters long, 9,500 tons of water drainage, underwater maximum speed 31.

The boat is equipped with advanced communication navigation equipment, mainly for anti-submarine, anti-ship combat.

The boat also has good stealth performance and deep potential, with almost quite attackers with the cruiser. The high supersonic weapon is transmitted from the nuclear submarine, which is a new type of combat style in the innovation of Russia in recent years. As we all know, the weapon system is inseparable from the platform, and the high supersonic weapon is especially true.

"Zircon" missiles from underwater launch must not only face complex foreign streams, but also solve the problem of water state stability and communication between missiles and nuclear submarines, etc., these are challenged the launch.

The underwater test was tested the system operation ability of the "North Devinsk" nuclear submarine equipped with the "zircon" missile, marking the Russian military operational ability.

From the "Gorushkov Navy Marshal" frigate to the "North Devinsk" nuclear submarine, it means that the transmit carrier of the "zircon" missile is expanded from the water. The speed of speed of high supersonic missiles, accurately combating the hidden machine of the nuclear submarine, will achieve a combat effect of 1 + 12. Creating a non-nuclear deterrent force in 2014, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued the "Russian Federation Military Society", pointing out that non-nuclear high-precision strategic weapons are "one of the main external threats" facing Russia, emphasizing Russia to build "non-nuclear containment system", and Russian strategic deterrence will be from Single nuclear deterrent transformation is a combination of non-nuclear deterrence and nuclear deterrence, and the non-nuclear deterrent strength has gradually become effective strategic deterrent. "Zircon" as a powerful conventional strategic weapon, combat efficiency and deterrence ability, will become the basis of non-nuclear deterrent strength.

First, the "zircon" missile has a powerful system breakthrough.

The missile can avoid enemy scouting system with special flight ballistics.

At the same time, the last stage of the missile reached 8 Mach, in contrast, the US military "Aegis" defense system interceptor flight speed does not exceed 3 Mach, theoretical "zircon" missile’s protractive success rate of 95 %above. Second, the "zircon" missile can be launched by different platforms.

The "zircon" missile except from the frigate and nuclear submarine, the future can be launched by Figure -160m2 and a new generation of strategic bombers.

In addition, the land base version is also developing.

Relying on the "zircon" missile, Russia is building land, sea, and empty non-nuclear deterrent power combat system. Third, the "zircon" missile constitutes a serious threat to the US aircraft carrier.

The aircraft carrier battle group is the US Navy’s strength to send the cornerstone, and the core means of the US military to operate in the ocean combat and deterrence.

After the nuclear submarine is installed with high supersonic weapons, it has the ability to high-speed assault to the aircraft carrier, and can offset the traditional advantages and deterrent effects of the aircraft carrier.

It is reported that the Russian plan will be equipped with "Zircon" missiles, "North Devinsk" nuclear submarines and "Kazan" nuclear submarines are deployed in the Yuanhai area to defend Russia’s security benefits and maintain strategic balance.

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Shanxi Province productive service industry flourishing

  Original title: Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of support industrial structure, promoting economic improvement and efficiency upgrade – [Promoting service industry improvement and efficiency] The province’s productive service industry flourishing the "half-waters", A head is connected with economic development, and the status is lifted in a well-being. Promoting the quality of service industry and the promotion of our province’s active service and integration into the new development pattern, promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure transformation.

  In order to promote the quality change of the service industry, efficiency change, power change, accelerate the construction of service industry, high-quality and efficient, structural optimization, strong competitiveness, this newspaper opened "Promoting service industry improvement and efficiency" column, all The orientation, multi-level demonstrations of various departments to promote the improvement of service industry improvement and efficiency, good experience, good results. stay tuned.

  Vigorously develop network freight new state, accelerate the promotion and upgrading of transportation service industry; high-end, quality, digital, integration development, focus on transformation, improve industry development level of industry and information technology; accelerate key energy saving The promotion of technology, promoting the efficiency of energy efficiency of enterprises continues to improve … From the line to the line, "spending money to buy services" has become a part of the daily lives of many mountains. Our province has a productive service industry that serves many production and business agencies as a target, which is showing a trend of growth.

  Accelerate the development of productive service industry, is a major measures to adjust to structural adjustment, promote economic stable growth, can effectively inspire domestic demand, driving to expand social employment, and continue to improve people’s lives, and also contribute to leading the industry to high-end upgrading, Implementing service industry and agriculture, industrial, etc., organically integrate at higher levels, and promote economic improvement and upgrading.

  According to the data released by the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, in the first half of the year, the province’s service industry increased, rebounded by a percentage from the same period last year.

Among them, information transmission, software and information technology service industry add value growth%.

Through the data is not difficult to find, under the "Double Cycling" new development pattern, the booming productive service industry is giving us more energetic new kinetic energy. Let the traffic logistics costs have a wider business, and traditional logistics has difficulty finding difficulties in finding goods, and the owner is looking for a car. Nowadays, Cangzhou Hequ County individual truck driver Dou Master passed Shanxi Express Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., the mobile phone can easily find the right source of supply, no longer find the source, the vehicle is empty, Moreover, through the line settlement, the return period is shortened, which greatly reduces the risk of arrears of freight.

  As a Shanxi network freight leader, fast-collected logistics utilization network freight new state, effectively help the purchase of cart goods matching and transaction, have become a platform-type technology company, "Internet of Things + large logistics industry chain ecology", network freight ranking The top three in the country, the digital logistics service network has been distributed in 18 provinces nationwide, and the first 5A-level network freight platform enterprises in Shanxi. Logistics is tramprecious, and trade is economical.

Transportation is related to the people’s clothing and food, food and clothing, connecting production and consumption, is an important service industry.

Our province has revolved around the new network and freight new states, and accelerate the promotion of transportation service industry improvement and upgrading.

By the end of this year, we strive to have more than 100 million yuan of key network freight enterprises in the annual turnover, more than 50 million yuan in the annual turnover, more than 90% of the medium-heavy trucks in the province to integrate, the province The total output value of online freight has increased by 60 billion yuan.

At the same time, guide network freight enterprises to carry out small, green agricultural products and urban distribution, etc., have a transportation, and extension of the industry chain.

Further develop the China-Europe cargo class, and the improvement of transportation levels in the whole direction.

  On the morning of July 21, with a whistle, a column of 50 cars was full of China-Eubei Ban Xu, who was full of Zhongtutong Logistics Park, will arrive in Hamburg, Germany after 17 days, and opened a heavy group product. A new journey to Germany. The China-European class has become a new force in Shanxi to create a new force in Shanxi by high transportation time, short transportation time and stable price. As the only operational platform in China, China Europe, Huayuan Land, Shanxi Jindi Logistics Co., Ltd. adhering to the development concept of "helping Shanxi to get out of the country, going to the international", innovation service model, actively docking production enterprises, understanding customer needs, build me The province’s open steel "camel team" ensures 300 columns in the China European class all year round. The rapid development of China-European class is exhibited is a powerful vitality of the productive service industry. Let industrial productivity is more efficient. "I am now in the 31004 working surface to support the wind lane, and the video connection is performed on the downhole 5G base station.

"On July 25th, in the total scheduling room of the Xinyuan Coal Mine of the Yi’an Chemical Industry Group, the captain of the class captain in the downhole of 534 meters deep, through 5G network and well, the picture is smooth, clear, sound quality, on the electronic display, real time Show the downhole gas concentration, temperature and humidity and high-definition coal mining scene.

  In June last year, Xinyuan Coal Mine completed the first 5G coal mine in the country.

The mine built a 534-meter 5G special network, launched an unmanned inspection of the mechanical and electrical ribroom, and unmanned the project, and the integrated non-human operation 3G application, the mine is unmanned, automated, visual operation.

Xinyuan Coal Mine grabs 5G integration applications, actively promoting coal mine intelligent transformation, promoting mine mechanization, automation, informationization and intelligent construction of intelligent intelligent mining technology as the core, and actively explore in building intelligence mines.

  This year, the province will build 10 demonstration coal mines and build 1,000 intelligent displacement work. At present, there have been an intelligent construction, and 16 coal mines have achieved 5G, and our province has a new Yuan, Xinyan The first batch of key industries and typical application scenarios issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are intelligent demonstration projects. Our province has the development of high-end, quality, digital, and integration, focus on transformation, through vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing, promoting the full coverage of research and development activities, deepening 5G network construction applications, optimizes industrial Internet network system, and fully develops the development of the industry Improve the development level of service industry in industry and informationization.

  As of the end of June this year, the provincial national enterprise technology center has reached 31, and the provincial enterprise technology center has reached 372, and the municipal enterprise technology center exceeds 700 households.

The Shanxi Provincial Industrial Internet Industry Alliance was established at the end of March, further promoted the development of industrial Internet supply chain industry chain episodes, accelerating the formation of the province’s industrial Internet field service resource pool, supply and demand docking mechanism and industrial communication program, boosting the production of industrial products in the province developing.

  At the same time, revolve around "11221" revitalization project, promoted major data center project construction, Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) Center Phase II Project D9 module has been put into operation, and the Qinhuai Data Center project was put into production. The province has been built, and the design standard rack in the construction data center reaches 10,000 frames, which increased in the same period last year.

  Let the energy-saving and environmental protection cover more professional and stronger May 25, the National Net Shanxi Comprehensive Energy Service Company and Shanxi Road Bridge and the high-speed signing "Service Elite and High Speed ??Specialized Operation Integrated Energy Service Strategic Cooperation Agreement". Both parties have focused on "selling electricity + integrated energy services" with "Sales + Integrated Energy Services", helping Shanxi Road Bridge and the high-speed increase in efficiency and high quality development. Around the highway network integrated energy service, the National Network Shanxi Provincial Integrated Energy Service Company revolves around "power supply + energy efficiency", combined with high-speed road network, bridge, tunnel different characteristics, coordinating the "coal change" integrated energy supply of the layout high-speed service area, charging Network construction, high speed "long, big" tunnel lighting energy saving and renovation, new energy layout along PV photovoltaic, in order to promote green high-speed and electric energy replacement.

  Our province’s focus industry, key area, accelerate the promotion of key energy-saving technology, guide the use of advanced energy-saving new technology, new technology and new equipment, and promote the continued improvement of energy efficiency in our province’s energy efficiency.

At the same time, give full play to the market role, encourage government agencies, enterprises and institutions to purchase services to society, support enterprises to prioritize energy-saving products, equipment and services in provincial companies under the same conditions.

  Integrated energy services are a new type, in order to meet the energy service of end customers with diversified energy production and consumption, the development of integrated energy services has become an important development direction of enhancing energy efficiency, reducing energy costs, promoting competition and cooperation. Shanxi Fengxing Control Co., Ltd. is an electrical energy service enterprise with the qualification of the "Electrical Energy Service Institution" first-class management promotion center "Electrical Energy Service Agency", which has been obtained in the national industrial sector. The company’s power demand side management platform is a comprehensive set of modern. Information Management and Application System for Network Communication, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Massive Data Processing, Power Energy Management. In a comprehensive energy upgrade service project of a foundry, the company fully demonstrates its "platform construction, energy consumption, comprehensive management, evaluation evaluation" systemic comprehensive service, and use contract energy management after "diagnosis" of big data. The service mode is quickly upgraded to the user.

  Professionalism begins to highlight, innovative ability, and active levels, in terms of Shanxi, the productive service industry is an important force in the circulation of industrialization, is increasingly integrated into production and business agencies to help high quality development in the province. (Reporter Zhang Yi).

The 2nd Western Migrant Workers returned home business contest Sichuan final end "rabbit boss" "sweet potato sister" won the first prize

  On September 13, Sichuan Province’s first migrant worker service week event and the second western peasant worker returned to the entrepreneurial competition Sichuan finals held in Ziyang. The two first prizes of the finals were won by the "rabbit owner" Luo Fengying and the "rabbit owner", the "rabbit boss" in the county of Leshan City, and the "sweet potato sister" Huang Xiaoyan. They will be with another 3 second prize winners, representing Sichuan returning home business migrant workers, participating in the 2nd Western Migrant Workers returning home business competition.

  "There are 22 returning entrepreneurship projects to participate in today’s finals.

The person in charge of the Office of Migrant Workers in Sichuan Province told reporters that after 21 cities (state) selection, the competition organizing committee qualified, and finally selected 22 entrepreneurial projects participated in Sichuan Provincial Finals. In these projects, there are both countryside A strong traditional agricultural project, there is also a technology frontier technology project, covering agricultural planting farming, ecological environmental protection, cultural recreation, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, big data, etc., it is very representative and Growth potential is a representative project of migrant workers from all over the province. The reporter saw on the spot, the finals took the "6 + 3 + 1" mode, each entry project passed 6 minutes PPT road show, the project basic situation, advantage characteristics, Core competitiveness is concentrated.

After the introduction, the judge is 3 minutes, and the site score for 1 minute.

Through the fierce competition, the competition decided to have 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 5 third prizes.

Among them, Luo Fengying’s "Jinbo Hebang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd." project, Huang Xiaoyan brought about the "Red Cryani" project of the Sichuan Provincial Finals.

  "Rural revitalization has brought many opportunities to the countryside. The peasant workers returned to the country." Luo Fengying and Huang Xiaoyan have received reporters after the award, said that rural revitalization has brought more opportunities to return home.

  "By returning home business, I made a small rabbit into a large industry, and the villagers have enrolled in the village revitalization.

"Luo Fengying, who is starting in 2018, has 21 standardized, automated breeding workshops, and the number of goods rabbits has reached 2 million. At present, six trademarks such as" Rabbit "are registered, from" a production "to" "Three-generation" comprehensive involvement, driving more than 300 farmers employment, revenue revenue for more than 80 million yuan last year.

  "Last year, I won the rural talent gold medal, the sweet potato industry is not good. Little sweet potato, there must be use in rural residence.

"The project of Huang Xiaoyan returning home business is a sweet potato. Now my sweet potato has sold Russia, Dubai, and other countries. "Huang Xiaoyan said proudly, her sweet potato is not selling, and each year, customers are orders in advance, she will decide the planting area according to orders. Now, she is expanding planting, and building a set of processing plant.

"Our goal is to reach 2 billion yuan in 2025." "Sichuan migrant workers return to the project has high economic capacity and social value. It has a demonstration role in the employment entrepreneurship of local migrant workers. The project business model is high and future development. Detailed.

"National Entrepreneurial Consultant Experts Committee, Chairman Liu Yan believes that the migrant workers return home entrepreneurship competition, which is conducive to further enhance the entrepreneurial level of migrant workers, driving the local economic development through entrepreneurial projects, and helps rural residence. Lin Feng reporter Liu Chunhua) [Editor in charge: Xu Meida].

The Ministry of Education carries out the first batch of 150 schools in the pilot work of national school emergency education.

People’s Network Beijing October 20 (Reporter Sun Jing, Li Yihuan) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to determine the implementation of the Adolescent Emergency Education Action Plan to carry out the pilot work of national school emergency education.

The first batch of 150 high school and universities participated in the campus are equipped with relevant first-aid facilities and equipment, and conduct first-aid knowledge education and skills training for school teachers, students, and develop emergency facilities equipment. (Trial) and first aid skills training program (Trial), explore the construction of the pilot construction of campus emergency skills certificate, form a copy, can promote emergency education experience, promote all kinds of schools to strengthen emergency education at all levels. According to the principle of pilot building, the pilot will combine the physical and mental development of the students, and the school type size will carry out multi-exploration, form a multi-level, multi-type campus first aid program.

Strive to master the secondary school, master basic emergency rescue knowledge skills, cultivate self-help mutual rescue and self-protection ability; university stage, popular emergency rescue, disaster prevention and risk knowledge skills, advocate ambulance volunteer service. There are three key tasks in pilot work: First, the popularization of campus first aid knowledge.

Establishing classroom teaching as the main channel, with theme education as an important carrier, based on daily education-based first aid education. Combined with the actual school, strengthen emergency ambulance such as airway foreign body obstruction, trauma and hemostasis, joint dislocation and spraining, flooding, burning, heat, heat, etc. Emergency rescue knowledge popular education. Encourage universities to open emergency rescue related courses and incorporate into school management. The second is to provide a campus first aid facility.

The pilot school should refer to the school health work standards, campus emergency facilities equipment equipped with standards, combined with the actual situation of school size, environment, terrain, transportation, construction, etc., equipped with foothold, practical, applicable campus emergency facilities.

Encourage conditional pilot schools are gradually equipped with an automatic exemption (AED). The third is to carry out emergency rescue training.

All localities should actively act as the Red Cross, Emergency Center, etc. The school doctor, sports and health class teachers, class teacher, etc. to obtain a rescue careler, and the training qualified teachers are cultivated in the military training, and the students are prepared to prevent students to prevent students, improve students’ risk, and rescue skills. Pilot recommendation requirements, provincial education administrative departments can recommend 3-5 high schools and universities to participate in pilot work.

The choice of pilot school should consider the type, scale, region and other factors, of which no less than 1 in principle of vocational institutions. Preferred to install a first aid facility or a school for emergency rescue training.

The National Campus First Aid Education Pilot Work Office will coordinate resources to support all localities. (Editor: Wen Wei, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see.

The three experience of Liaoning won the national affairs department

  Reporter Sun Dawei Jin Xiaoling Tang Jiali reported recently, the General Office of the State Council issued a notification, praised the typical experience discovered by the Eighth Superord Investigation of the State Council, and the list of three experience in our province is the list of people in Liaoning Province. Satisfactory "Four Good Rural Roads", Shenyang City, Hunan District, China, "three implementation" special actions to promote the growth rate of revitalization, Dandong City to create a tax service platform "a child" on the development of small and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises.

  The typical experience of this bought is that the supervision team is carefully selected on the basis of the 16 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), all of which are good experiences, good practices, innovation, and innovation. The construction of "four good rural roads" has always been the focus of our province’s transportation work, and it is an important part of the construction of strong transportation in our province.

Our province conducts a large investigation of demand, and schedules an annual task as needed. Classification statistics and review results, forming a database of rural road construction, and is guaranteed in three aspects of quality, capital, and security.

Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", the province has implemented a new renovation project of rural roads and 10,000 kilometers, and the maintenance and renovation project has improved the disposal of farmers. Shenyang City, Hunnan District refined the "three implementations" special actions, leaders took the lead in implementing, 25 districts leading each person packaged a key company, docking a community, insisting on at least two companies to investigate each month.

In September this year, in the management of people in the city, the people’s livelihood appeals were effectively resolved, and the average rate was%.

  The Dandong City Taxation Bureau has developed the construction of the national leading platform "cloud tax", comprehensive investigation international and domestic first-class standards, realizing all kinds of tax-related payment business, not leaving home, instant to complete. The platform takes the lead in remote approval, remote consultation, remote consultation, and more than 96% of tax-related matters. At present, the Dandong City Taxation Department has deployed 75 sets of intelligent tax terminals to cover all the taxpayers above Dandong. Editor in charge: Feng Qingyang.

Up to 2020, 135 seawater desalination projects have been completed

Today, the Ministry of Natural Resources issued the "2020 National Sea Water Use Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Report"), as of the end of 2020, my country’s existing seawater dilution project is 135, the project size is 165,1083 tons / day, the new construction of seawater desalination project size 64850 Ton / day; the water consumption of sea water is 169.814 billion tons, an increase of 21.24 billion tons from 2019.

Growth Graph of National Seawater Dilution Engineering. Image Source: Natural Resources Department official website, from the engineering scale, in the existing 135 seafood desalination projects, 10,000 tons of water, 40 Shanghai water, 145,2448 tons / day; thousands of tons and above, 10,000 tons The following seawater dilution project is 50, the project size is 188,894 tons / day; 45 seawater desalination projects under thousands of tons, the construction scale is 9741 tons / day.

2020 newly built sea water desalination project scale distribution and accounting. Image Source: Natural Resources Official Website "Report" shows that in 2020, 14 newly built seawater desalination projects, 64,850 tons / day, distributed in four provinces in Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, mainly used in coastal urban steel Industrial water, such as electricity, metallurgy, and water in island. The Scale Distribution of Existing Seawater Downtown Projects in Coastal City. Image Source: Natural Resources Official Website, seawater desalination for industrial water mainly concentrated on electricity, petrochemical, steel and other high water production industries in northern, east and southern marine economic circles in the coastal areas; seawater desalination is mainly concentrated in the island There are 2 coastal cities in the area and the northern marine economic circle. Growth graph of water storage water in national seawater.

Image Source: Direct Utilization of Natural Resources Official Website, "Report" shows that in 2020, coastal nuclear power, thermal electricity, steel, petrochemical and other industries have grown steadily. According to estimates, 2020 national seawater cooling water consumption of 169.814 billion tons, which increased by 21.24 billion tons from 2019.

Domestic seawater DC cooling technology matures, mainly used in coastal electricity, petrochemical and steel and other industries. Water content distribution of water cooling in seawater in the countryside. Image Source: Natural Resources Official Website View from regional distribution, Liaoning, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan 11 coastal provinces and cities have sea water cooling project distribution.

In 2020, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, sea water, water, water, water, water, cooling water, more than 10 billion tons.

In addition, in the use of seawater chemical resources, "Report" shows that in 2020, except for seawater salts, seawater chemical resource utilization products mainly include bromin, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and potassium sulfate, and production enterprises are mainly distributed. Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Fujian and Hainan and other places. "Report" introduction, as of the end of 2020, the country’s currently effective seawater utilization standards, including 53 national standards, 119 industry standards, and 8 local standards. Among them, in 2020, the new seawater use related national standards, 4 industrial standards, and 1 local standard. It is understood that seawater use mainly includes seawater dilution, seawater direct utilization and seawater chemical resource utilization. The seawater is diminating refers to the salt division in the sea water and produces fresh water. Direct use of seawater is a collective manner as a seawater as a raw water, directly replacing fresh water as a seawater utilization method such as industrial water or living water.

The use of seawater chemical resources is to extract various chemical elements from the seawater and the collective methods of deep processing.

Olympic story face to face Su Bingtian: The relay finals never leave the track and field

At 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingti participated in the men’s 100 meters and men’s 4x100m relay two games.

In the 100-meter semi-final, Su Bingti broke the Asian record with a score of 9 seconds, 83, ranked first into the final, and became the first athlete in China to enter the men’s 100-meter finals, the final ranking final sixth.

Men’s 4 × 100m relay finals, Su Bing Tim and teammates run out of 37 seconds 79, flat national records, ranked fourth.

In the face of the achievements made in the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bing adds yourself satisfied?In the future, who will pick up Su Bingtian’s relay stick, create a new breakthrough in China’s track and field?What kind of friendship between Su Bing Tim and Liu Xiang?Come and see the "Olympic Story Face" and come together to see Su Bing Ti’s Olympic Story.

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