Shenzhen Individual Bank’s lower housing loan interest rate state has not followed

  Near the end of the year, Shenzhen personal housing mortgage loan interest rate has a loose sign. On December 13, China Securities News reporter learned that some small and medium banks have recently lowered the mortgage rate in Shenzhen, and the first home loan interest rate is up to%, and the two housing loans can be minimum.

However, the country with the vast majority of the mortgage, the mortgage market, has not followed down the house loan interest rate.

  Individual Bank Money Loan Interest Rate Suspend China Securities News reporter investigates the Shenzhen regional bank housing mortgage market found that there is currently a banking interest rate. "At present, we have the first home loan interest rate of Guangfa Bank here, and the second set is%.

"Shenzhen Futian District, a real estate agent Chen Fan (pseudonym) tells Chinese securities reporters.

He said that the last adjustment is May this year, the first set and the secondary room mortgage interest rate raised 45 base points and 95 base points, respectively,% and%.

  In this regard, the Chinese Securities News reporter made a certification to the Guangfa Bank.

The bank of the business department at the Futian District of Shenzhen, said that last week did down the mortgage interest rate in Shenzhen. In the case of personal non-mortgage, the current first and two housing loans are%,%. Subsequently, China Securities News reporters also conducted four state-owned banks and Everbright Banks, Beijing Bank, and Bank of China.

However, the staff of the Bank’s banking departments said that there is currently no notice from the lowest-designed mortgage loan interest rate, still performing the interest rate of the first room% and the second suite. "If other banks are lowered, we will follow up, but there is currently no relevant notice." The relevant person in charge of a shared banking department disclosed. In addition to reducing the mortgage rates, China Securities Journal reporters learned that there are currently more state-owned bank housing mortgages. "After submitting the information to complete the transfer mortgage, it is basically two weeks to complete the loan.

"Bank of China’s business department is said.

  Monetary Policy Stability Standards China Securities News reporter noted that there were some cities that had some cities to release the housing loan interest rate. The mainstream mortgage interest rate data released by the Shell Research Institute showed that the mainstream first-room loan interest rate of more than 100 cities monitored in the shell research institute in November, fell 4 base points in October; the second suite loan interest rate is%, fell from October 3 base points. In November, about 30% of the city in key cities down interest rates, the reduction range was expanded from the previous month, mainly covering the Yangtze River Delta city group, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dashang District.

  However, it is worthy of concern that the experience of interest rate looseness is still not obvious for the purchasers.

In fact, there are many cases that have a loose rate of interest rates appear in some small and medium-sized banks, and there are currently no comprehensive follow-up of state-owned banks and national shares in the housing mortgage market. The monetary policy is still stabilizing. On November 22, the latest issue of LPR quotation was released. The People’s Bank of China authorizes the national bank inter-office disassembly centers announced, 1 year LPR%, and the 5-year LPR is%.

As of this quote, LPR has been unchanged in the 19th month. For the case of the recent mortgage interest rate, the part-time researcher of the Financial Institute, the Fudan University Financial Research Institute, said that in recent months, under the guidance of "Bi City Metri" regulation, the housing loan interest rate increased, this There is a certain relationship with real estate financial policies and marginal changes in macroeconomic regulation.

From the future trend, the personal housing loan will improve in the margin, and the mortgage amount will be sufficient supply. The speed of the lending will be accelerated, the mortgage interest rate will be basically stable and hopefully downtown, but the specific area and different banks Policies may be slightly different. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

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Say goodbye to the aliens, saying that singing is a fresh sound of Z generation expression thinking

  In China, "Singing" This popular music style is showing a new look.

Soon, "Phoenix Chuanshan River Picture Human High Quality Stage" is hot.

Many people feel amazing for this big breath, and the Phoenix Legend is not the "Square Dance" exclusive. " As everyone knows, in the Z generation gathered B station, search for singing songs "Mountain River Map", not fully statistical related videos nearly 800 videos. The most popular one is the version of the original singer, the title has already been broken. "Look at this mountain, thousands of rocks, one Sichuan, also Li, let this river star Benchuan, a bay, one bay, the spectrum, the picture, the phoenix dance, the height is not climb, splashing the ink, pluroped me Jinxiuhe Mountain. "The grand field of vision and the magnificent momentum are boiling, and many young friends have left" listening to a time before going to bed. " Focus on singing, the hip hop ‘s variety level is also improved.

Say goodbye to the "China has a hip-hop", "said the new generation", get more than 9 points in the B-station and Douban.

For the reason, the "proprietary" "Average" "has a wide" in the program "Again" becomes a high frequency word. Say goodbye to "KeepReal" banner, but only contribute to the "number treasure", the new generation of "Money Desire" is rough, and the new generation of China’s singing is trying to invest in this foreign music style. The Cultural Connotation and Social Thinking of Chinese Youth.

  Strive to become a recorder of Jinxiu Mountain River and struggle China is hard to imagine, the song of the "Mountain River Map" is from the "Divine" "Wild Wolf Disco". From "The flowers in my heart, I want to take you", my little love, "to make a strokes, I have a mountain river, Jian Feng thousand paintings, this is the river, the river water walks the dragon snake, my Danqing does not paint my China" The mountain river spirit, such a shock is surprising, and it also reflects the expansion and sublimation of the domestic saying that singing music in expression. And the music that is familiar with Dongbao, knowing that this is not his first time around the public theme and the theme of narrative.

The Dongbao stone wrote two songs in the "Go" and "Rising" for the fight against the epidemic. When the former is written in the epidemic, it is the decision and courage to show the white angel "retrograde" – "Let me turn the head secretly, wipe the tears and easy to open the mother’s hand, the enemy, the homage, the gods, the crowd, the crowd is critical, and The big comrades are all ", becoming BGMs (background music) of" epidemic "video on the Internet, let netizens feel" tear and blood ".

The "liter" is written in the beginning of this year, and China’s anti-attacking situation has been able to win the stage victory. Looking back, the voice of the Chinese people: "There is no more winter, no spring, no, no Off, there is no strong sail, there is no cross, there is no more climb, and the Chinese are bold, this router is a Ma Pingchuan.

"This year, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the gem GEM launched" one hundred ", the countdown of the Red Army, the anti-US aid chart, the atomic bomb satellite successfully launched, reform and opening up, Hong Kong and Macao returns, joined the WTO, fight the epidemic, etc. The vicissitudes of the Chinese people have experienced. Not just gem GEM, constantly speaking, singing singers join in the record of contemporary China. There is another collection of "Tianfu Incident", and the Phoenix Legend and Gem gem More sharp, they are committed to singing in English, showing the world of contemporary China, contemporary Chinese youth.

Over the years, they have repeatedly used singing music for American race discrimination, and Western media distorted China’s image and other incidents have bravely sounded, and more insisted that he said to sing China’s historical culture, showing real contemporary Chinese society. "From our birth in the 1990s to now, it is the 30 years of China’s legend.

The economy has developed rapidly, and the society has undergone earth-shaking changes. We can feel the interaction between China and the world at any time, saying that singing music is just a carrier that you personally feel. "In the face of the prejudice of the outside world, members Wang Yuxin believe that the initial reason why the initial performance is, because the black people are oppressed in the United States. Growing in China, witnessing China’s great process, if only for rebellion," then It is a disease. Another member Luo Jinhui once said that the singing culture has never been inclusive. It is more cool than the theme. The team is more exciting. Reject "Entertainment to death", serious The way to see the world in Z will once, because individuals say that singing singer’s ignorance, arrogant and worship, let the "Keepreal" of the singing list becoming the irony for this sub-culture – the so-called "real" should be promoted to the original The shame of enjoyment and desire. Rendering "Entertainment to death" skin product, destined to "break". In recent years, through the iteration of variety shows, the domestic saying that music is gradually went to the mainstream vision of the mass. Continuous growth and transformation.

Some of these youth singer, try to say that singing and responding to social issues, gives the serious thinking of Z generation, and let the public think about what you think. For example, as an Asian International Student’s Feezy, I wrote my own struggle between foreign countries and unfair struggles into the "Asian Kid".

  Youth said that the new work of singing, and also carries a more great theme. "Say the New Generation" in the song of "WEWE": "I hope that my mother is like a great love to cover this world, although I know that there are many places have not been implemented.

Suffering it still exists, flowers are also blooming at the same time, I am still looking forward to everything around you.

"The lyrics start from tiny individuals, and the strength conveyed across the regional race, and thus win" more than 100 million "crash. One of the people of the singer explains this work," Xiaoqiang represents the African people to nature and The faith of the land; I represent the war trauma encountered by the Bay War; the shark fin represents the negative impact of the people’s lives under the Japanese financial crisis; the Shengutan represents the determination of the Chinese people in the 1998 floods; Di The wood represents the reflection of the problem of violence against the Latin American people … "People found that the original appearance of the Zeges hidden behind the sharpness and front, is the clear love and hope for this world. Singing forward, but also required" Resentment "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

They are no longer satisfied with the so-called "single" "double" "double" "impromptu" these simple skills. Instead, combined with elements such as Chinese local music, traditional drama and other elements, the retro, jazz hips, traps, sing, hard-saving singing, etc. have a new pattern.

  However, the domestic saying that is gradually growing, and it is necessary to "outline", win the public recognition "maximum number of conventions", should still face insufficient and short board.

Compare other music categories, saying that the sings threshold is relatively low, which causes the singers’ quality and the level of work. One taste emphasizes "quick mouth" and "rhyme", so that some works are hard, there is a dislike, even just staying in the "shouting" level at the live broadcast. Excessively promote these works, causing the deviation of the public aesthetics.

In fact, at the same time, it is possible to showcase the rhythm-like law change in the same rhythm in the same rhythm.

This requires practitioners to think, how to improve professionalism and cultural literacy, will vent, diseaseless "grievances", transform them into words, warm people’s "normal". At the same time, you need to be vigilant to say that this "imbine" style has long been in the underground "fetal disease" – lyrical content vulgar, individual singers mistaken "dark" and music style "cool" "trend" .

The endless variety show will say that the sings of the sings of the random, which makes a lot of young people like this direct expression. However, because the platform does not filter the content of the players and Battle, some private morality has a loss of the winner, and the "derailed" work has a negative impact on the youth. This requires practitioners to think, how to purify the ecology, guide the creation, and transform the "gangster" of the boast, "gang".

  In the "THISOURGENERATION (our generation)" of Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Xinjiang, Guangdong, said that a new generation of musicians gave a proud declaration – "Let me open the top of China’s popular music." If you can go to it, you will not be too long.

Reporter Huang Qizhe.

Tianjin’s 1 million mu of small station rice won the harvest

Original title: 1 million mu of small stations in our city won the harvest golden autumn in October, Tianjin 1 million mu of small station rice won the harvest.

  According to the city agricultural rural community

In order to ensure the harvest of small station rice, Tianjin vigorously promote "Jinyuan 89" "Jin Da 919" "Tianlong You 619" and other excellent varieties, these varieties have high quality, strong anti-disease performance, and have made a solid foundation for harvest. The three-level agricultural skills of the city, the district, and the town have went into the field to help farmers conduct field management to help rice farmers should have unfavorable weather such as low temperature and subsequent continuous rainfall in the long-term growth of rice, ensuring normal growth in rice. In order to help rice farmers reduce the adverse effects due to rising rising prices, Tianjin timely allocate agricultural subsidies, and helps farmland results.

Comprehensive implementation of the small station rice green high-efficiency production standards, vigorously promote the system of deferred defense, intelligent irrigation, fertilizer reduction, water-saving irrigation, soil and formula fertilization technology.

At the same time, actively develop rice fishing, the area reaches 500,000 mu, with a increase of 500 yuan per acre.

  In order to ensure the income of the small station rice, the relevant departments of Tianjin actively help rice farmers to open the supply and marketing channels, cooperate with domestic famous brand rice processing enterprises to let rice farming high quality rice sell excellent price. Actively use the e-commerce platform to carry out online promotion, online marketing "double-tube", encourage and help with conditions of farmers’ professional cooperatives to produce small packaging boutique rice, increase rice farm income. (Reporter Chen Zhongquan) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

September, the whole society has increased by 6.8% year-on-year.

  On October 13, the National Energy Administration released data such as electricity consumption in September.

  In September, my country’s economy continued to be restored, and the whole society had continued to grow, reaching 694.7 billion kWh, year-on-year growth%, two-year average growth%.According to the industry, the first industrial electricity consumption is 9.7 billion kilowatts, the year-on-year increased, the secondary industry is 445.1 billion kW, the year-on-year growth is 129.2 billion kWh, the year-on-year increase%;The residents’ live electricity consumption of 110.7 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase.From January to September, the whole society used electricity consumption of 61651 billion kilowatts, which was brought about by 100.

According to the industry, the electricity consumption of the first industry is 75.7 billion kilowatts, the year-on-year growth is increased by 4098 billion kWh, the year-on-year increase%; the third industry is 1082.6 billion kWh, the year-on-year increase%; urban and ruralThe residents’ live electricity consumption of 9088 billion kWh, the year-on-year increased.


Qinghai Trade Union launches "New Employment Form Workman Warm Action" Service Month

It is reported that the unions at all levels of Qinghai are facing four-type groups such as new employment form workers, focusing on couriers, take-away distributors, webmark drivers, truck drivers, etc. Health, send peace guarantees, send warm care, send jobs, send skills to "six-to-six" activities. Qinghai three level unions carry out free health checkups, psychological counseling, health knowledge, professional disease prevention, chronic disease conditioning, nutritional diet, sports fitness, major illness, major illness, "two cancers" Screening, menstrual care, etc. At the same time, Qinghai Trade Union actively cooperates with the employer to strengthen safety production hidden dangers investigation and governance, organizing safety production knowledge and safety precaution training, and supervising enterprises to participate in work injury insurance and accidental injury insurance for new employment forms, equipped with labor insurance products and epidemic prevention supplies, New employment form workers provide multiple guarantees.

Seriously investigate the living situation of the mortar, promote the difficult groups in the new employment form laborers into the social assistance system, as the focus of the trade union, and give help assistance in time.

With the key points of the relevant industry head enterprises, in-depth laborer groups, sites, and to help new employment form workers to solve the practical problem of new employment forms. Qinghai Province generally requires unions to combine service month activities with party history learning education, combining the practice activities of "I do practical things for the masses", and effectively enhance the power and effectiveness of service new employment form workers. It is necessary to stand in the current, focus on the future, and make the starting point for the new employment form of the trade union service. At the same time, the unions must combine the content, form, method, and further expand the content, form, method, and further expand the trade union helper (service) center, grassroots help service site function, accurate service new employment form, and accurate service new employment. Employment form workers demand, innovation to carry out new employment form workers care services; relying on parks, buildings, business districts, and social institutions, establish new employment form workers service consortships, provide various services; standards for trade unions outdoor labor Service site related work, providing diverse warm heart services for new employment form workers.

Statistics: Intention to the stability policy, increase the increase in November, the PPI is faded

Original title: Statistics: Intention to stabilizing policy implementation, increase in November PPI, year-on-year, faded people network Beijing December 9th (Reporter Yang Yu) National Bureau of Statistics showed data today, November 2021, national industrial production The factory price rose year-on-year, the same is flat, and the purchase price of industrial producers increases year-on-year. From January to November, industrial producers’ ex-factory prices rose in the same period last year, and industrial producers purchased prices rising. Dong Lijuan, a senior statistician, a senior statistician of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that in November, with the implementation of the stable price policy, the rapid increase in coal, metal and other energy and raw material prices were initially curbed, and the PPI rose to fall.

From the perspective of the ring, the PPI turned from the above-month-in-month. Among them, the price of production data is turned to a decreased%; the price of living materials rises, and it will expand a percentage point.

Multi-department linkage curbing coal prices, coal production and market supply continue to increase, coal mining and selection prices have changed from rising% to falling%, and coal processing prices are turned to fall by volume.

The metal industry is preserved, and the price of black metal smelting and calendering and the prices of the black metal smelting and calendering increased by the rising volume to decreased. The price of non-ferrous metal smelting and calendering and calendering industries is turned to a decreased%.

International crude oil, natural gas price high fluctuations, driving domestic related industries.

Petroleum mining prices rose, refined oil products manufacturing price rising

In addition, the cost of electricity and supply of electricity increases, and the price of agricultural and sideline food processing industry rises, the price of textile industry rises. From a year-on-year, PPI rose%, and the increase of a percentage point from last month.

Among them, the price of production data increased, and the increase of a percentage point; the price of life data increased, and it expanded a percentage point. There are 37 in the 40 industrial industries survey, and there are 37 prices, which increased by 1 month.

In the main industries, the price increase is: the coal mining and the selection industry rises, falling off a percentage point; black metal smelting and calendering plus industry rising%, falling down a percentage point; non-ferrous metal smelting and caulk plus industry rising%, dropping a percentage point . The price increase is: oil and natural gas exploitation industry rises, expands a percentage point; the gas production and supply industry rises, expands a percentage point; the textile industry rises up, expands a percentage point; the food manufacturing industry rises, expands a percentage point.

Dong Lijuan pointed out that according to the calculation, in November% of PPI borne, the warp of price changes last year is about a percentage point, reducing a percentage point than last month; the new price increase is about a percentage point, same. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi Province key projects scheduled will be held

  Original title: innovative ideas to promote the initiative to solve problems accurately project the construction of key projects to achieve greater effectiveness Ann Blue Buddha emphasized November 1, the province’s key projects and scheduling will be held in the province’s key projects in scheduling the meeting, the focus of analysis judged project construction situation, arrangements for the work on the next step.

Provincial Governor Ann Blue Buddha presided over and addressed the meeting. Lu Dongliang provincial leadership, Wang, Zhang Fuming, gifted, in Aviva make specific arrangements.

  Ann Blue Buddha pointed out that this year, the whole province to adhere to the project as the first support, focus on key areas, to promote the continued high strengthen elements of security, a number of benchmarking project to speed up the floor, put into operation and deliver results. At the same time it should be noted that the current project construction of key projects are still under-investment potential, uneven progress and other issues. At all levels and relevant departments to thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shanxi important speech important instructions, conscientiously implement the Twelfth Party Congress provincial and provincial-second session of plenary decisions and arrangements, adhere to problem-oriented, goal-oriented, results-oriented, innovation thinking initiatives, precise solve problems, ride on the momentum to promote the project construction of key projects to achieve greater effectiveness, into a strong momentum to promote high-quality all-round development. First, we must fully grasp the disaster recovery and reconstruction projects.

Accelerating the reconstruction of rural housing tolls collapse damage repair, to repair the damaged infrastructure, the implementation of a number of river dredging, reinforce dangerous reservoirs, geological disaster control and other key projects, the elimination of all kinds of security risks.

  Second, we must grasp the cohesion of government investment projects.

Focus areas of social and public services, public infrastructure, rural revitalization, environmental protection, major scientific and technological progress, people’s livelihood and social programs, the implementation of project planning, development padded short board.

Development of urban and rural areas around the new layout, speed up the real Shi Xiongxin high-speed rail, high-speed rail set Ohara, Wusu International Airport three, Shi Fen high-speed, three number one tourist highways and other key projects, "a group three times two areas." Accelerate the construction of new infrastructure projects 5G base stations, expanding 5G scenarios. Innovative financing models to ensure project funding requirements. Third, we must push forward industrial investment projects.

Promote traditional industries and basic recycling industry chain to enhance and accelerate the construction of key projects of strategic emerging industries, the implementation of training projects billion industry, the whole industry chain training projects, service quality and efficiency to carry out the top ten actions to accelerate rural express logistics, characteristic commercial streets, town electricity supplier, text brigade Kang raising small town projects, increase organic dry farming, agricultural products deep processing projects to build strength, increase investment to build a new engine.

  Fourth, we must focus their efforts on technological transformation projects investments.

TUFS play "leverage effect", to support enterprises to carry out technological transformation. According to "double carbon" energy and "dual control" requirement, carry out mine intelligent transformation, the transformation of coal units flexibility, economizer saving technological transformation. Fifth, we must effectively stimulate private investment in energy. Private entrepreneurs implement the spirit of the forum, speed up the introduction of market players doubled policy system, boost private investment confidence.

  Ann Blue Buddha emphasized the project reserves and investment is the prerequisite and basis for project construction. To strengthen the system of thinking, around the major national strategy, "a new two heavy" industrial restructuring, improve people’s livelihood and other key areas, high-quality project planning reserve large number of good projects.

To innovative investment approach, do a good job longboard investment, industrial chain investment, promotion of cloud investment, business investment, only to investment, etc., to improve investment effectiveness. To grasp Zone "upgrade" the "new battlefield" of the new requirements of the new location, in order to improve efficiency, increase output, the incremental contribution to an important goal, a clear energy, environmental protection, yield and other standards, and promote the development zone Fu right, deepen expand "commitment system + + standard to the whole agency" reform, to create "three noes" "three" business environment for the construction project ground to provide high-quality platform.

Blue Buddha safety requirements, mechanisms to strengthen the work of organizational leadership, improve the leadership package together, special classes and other services, to strengthen the whole process of project management, to get through the pain points plugging point, strengthen supervision assessment, a joint effort to promote the construction of key projects. At the meeting, the provincial key projects Project Headquarters Office reported the provincial key projects to promote the overall situation, 11 city and transformation comprehensive reform demonstration area around the key projects progress, problems and future work initiatives made a statement. Municipalities and transformation comprehensive reform demonstration area located at the venue. (Reporter Zhang Jufeng).

Qiqihar keeps the epidemic prevention and control "first level"

At 9:46 am on the 22nd, the T129 train stopped in the trip station on time, and the passengers were all under the guidance of the staff, and the mask was worn, and after the intelligent temperature test, the communication big data trip is present, and it is ordinary stand.

"The prevention and control measures here are very good, let us travel more, I feel very good."

"The passenger said in Guili, as a citizen must cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures, this is the protection of individuals, and it is a protection against others. Everyone should respond to the call, responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic Obligations and responsibilities.

In the face of the current epidemic prevention and control situation, Qiqihar City transportation latter is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, conscientiously enter the verification and diversion of the Qiqi Har City personnel, fully implement the environmental murder, etc., resolutely hold the epidemic input close.

The reporter saw in the exit of the train station. The eye-catching position hangs the prevention and control propaganda slogan and the foil, reminding everyone to do self-protection, outbound passengers wear mask, consciously keep the safety interval, guided by many staff Walking in order to measure the temperature, scan code.

"The Mid-Autumn Festival will be stopped from the train to the city, the train has increased to 25 shifts. After the transportation system received the Directive of the City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, we have increased prevention and control power from the early morning." Traffic integrated law enforcement on site Cui Xi Gang, the head of the brigade, told reporters that 8 staff members have guided the passengers, ensuring that they do not leak, do not miss, and resolutely prevent the epidemic prevention and control. The reporter then came to the Power of Bukui toll station to see the duty point, and saw that the duty personnel were in the cold wind to enter the Qiqihar city vehicle for one by one.

It is understood that the Caspart staff includes 4 police officers, 2 traffic police, 2 staff staff, worth 8 hours, 3 shifts to ensure that 24 hours is not intermittent. There is a vehicle, and the Donghua police station police officers lifted a brand with a communication big data trip card QR code, guiding the driver parking scan code, asked the vehicle itinerary, the cold wind wrapped in the rain, frozen, red, but Yang Still doing meticulous. He said: "The guardian card is the top priority of the epidemic prevention and control, although the weather is cold, but we still insist on a car, do not leak one, do not leak one person, and go all out to do the ‘external defense input’ work." Prevention and control The measures have gotten the cooperation and support of the personnel. Wang Zhiqiang, who is accepting the inspection, said that all the way, all the way to measure the temperature, scan code, this security awareness we have, with an epidemic prevention measures, not only to yourself, It is also responsible for others.

(Reporter Wang Qingguo) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The development of the long triangulation, Anhui is working hard to become "excellent students"

Multi-point gathering coordination linkage – Zeng Fan, Dean of Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, talks about the development of the Yangtze River Triangulation, the three-year development of the national strategy, the development of the universities in Anhui, the universal, regional innovation capacity for 9 consecutive years In the first part of the country, the innovation ability of the company is further enhanced. Anhui high-tech enterprises have risen three years ago to 8,559 last year, by the end of 2021, it is expected to exceed 10,000 houses.

From the former "plug production" to "official birth", Anhui is working hard to become "excellent students." Soon, the 11th Party Congress of Anhui Province will be put forward that all areas of the provinces must establish a close-time, complementary cooperative relationship with Shanghai Zhejiang, and build a long triangulation technology innovation community, and actively explore the long triangulation integration. Develop scientific and technological cooperation paths, fully build a source of technology innovation.

In this regard, Zeng Fan Bank, Dean of the Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, believes that in 2018, the first-year "one-way six county" cooperation area strategic conception in the first place in Anhui is incorporated into the state "General Secretary General Secretary General Secretary for Triangulation. Development Symposium Opinions of Important Speech, Anhui Province should drive the "five block chains" to fully cooperate with the "five block chains", to find the path, actively promote the industrial collaboration, build an industrial chain, establish an innovative chain, form an overall innovation Advantages, industrial core competitiveness.

Let the "One Six County" group development May 31, the Guangde City Market Supervision Bureau of Anhui Province issued a "cross-provincial unite" off-site business license through email, before, Tianmu Yunnun Tea Industry (Anhui) The person in charge of the company has submitted the operating address in Guangde’s mobile phone, Guangde. This is the first "cross-provincial unite" business license for the "one land six counties" in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Zeng Fankin introduced that "One Six County" cooperation area includes the Green Development Base of Shanghai Guangming Group, Jiangsu City, Jiangsu Province, Yixing City, Zhejiang Governor Xingxian and Anji County, Anhui Langxi County and Guangde City. As a comprehensive factor in the long run, the integrated factor such as gentle, economic and industrialization, "One Six County" implementation market supervision system integrated construction, business environmental joint construction, key field intercourse, supervision law enforcement linkage. "The" Yangtze Delta Regional Development Plan "was introduced, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang Province, the three provinces in Zhejiang included the ‘Implementation Plan of the Six County’ Industrial Cooperation in the province." Zeng Fankin said, June 2020, Zhejiang Huzhou City, Jiangsu Wuxi City and Changzhou City, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, signed the "Building Chang Di-Industrial Cooperation Agreement", which is clearly established in "One Six County" provincial adjacent regions Strengthening innovative drive transformation, infrastructure interconnection, all domain tourism integration upgrades, etc. Test area and cultural tourism leisure and recreation base.

"Cross province" to open the "one-earth six county" administrative border, the masses and enterprises in the long run, and no need to come back and run, which promotes high quality development. It is of great significance to enhance the masses’ feelings and satisfaction. "’One land six counties’ branch of the three provinces and industrial collaboration development of Shanghai, Su Zhe, Zhejiang Province, need to coordinate coordination and information, use corresponding mechanism-based methods to solve major problems in the construction of industrial cooperation areas, assist in the development, advancement ‘Unified standards and action plans in one land six counties. It is necessary to establish and improve the normal communication, conhanging and coordination mechanisms.

"Zeng Fan Yin said," This requires the function of the long triangle coordinated office to extend down, and regularly organize major matters to coordinate and trade. "G60 Science and Technology Corridor can have a series of new technologies, new technologies, new technologies, new technologies and new technologies, including G60 Kuchuang Corridor, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei and other G60 Kuography, which are located in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei.

From Shanghai Songjiang University, the new energy automobile intelligent power transmission station, which has been reached with Hefei Wei to have cooperated and completed delivery, helping to build a powerful motor power saving station.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in 2020, in Hefei, Anhui Province, in the Supreme Treatment of the Yangtze River Triangulation, to increase the strength of scientific and technological research, and three provinces to collect key areas and key links such as scientific and technological power, focus bio-medicinal, artificial intelligence, Get breakthrough as soon as possible.

"In order to promote technology and industries, there are currently 14 industrial alliances and 11 industrial cooperative demonstration parks in the three provinces, in 9 cities, including 1470 head enterprises, including Anhui The establishment of the artificial intelligence industry alliance, the new energy and intelligent network automotive industry alliance, the robot industry alliance, etc.

"Zeng Fan Yin said. After five years of development, the long-term G60 Kuchong Corridor accounted for the proportion of GDP from 1/16 to 1/15, and the proportion of high-tech rose from 1/12 to 1/10.

"Anhui also took the lead in building the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Technology Innovation Community, promoted the Hefei, Anhui, Shanghai Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center ‘two hearts and stronger’, the major scientific infrastructure, such as the quantum, etc. Intelligent key technical research has formed a group of forward-looking basic research and leading original results. "Zeng Fanbin said that from last year, Anhui implemented 38 Yangtze River Delta joint research scientific and technological cooperation projects, and the provincial financial support funds reached 25.02 million yuan. Union with the Shanghai Zhejiang Research Institute and related enterprises overcome a number of key core technologies.

In the past three years, more and more Shanghai Zhejiang scientific research institutions have exchanged interaction with Enterprises with Anhui, and the level of cooperation is getting wider and wider.

Not long ago, more than 200 female entrepreneurs from the Yangtze River Entrepreneurship, with key industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, have signed 15 projects, with total investment of 3.6 billion yuan.

In the past three years, the Yangtze River Delta region has been returned to the 73 institutional innovation results, ID card, driver’s license, and driving license, 9 types of electronic certificates, and 85 medical insurance medical institutions realize the emergency network, more than 2.3 million Personnel can freely credit the card directly.

Not long ago, the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Anhui Medical University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shanghai Jiuyuan, and the two sides will launch a deep cooperation in the people’s medical treatment, talent training.

"Plan a picture, a network, a chapter Implementation of medical insurance cards, 12 rail transit are realized "a code pass", the Yangtze River Triangle integration results are increasingly benefiting from the people of the three provinces. Unicom sharing to achieve integrated development "Inter-provincial information system interconnection needs further smooth.

"In the view of Zeng Fan, it is necessary to apply for basic information and interconnection of data resources in the industrial and other aspects.

Although there is currently a framework agreement with interconnection in some fields, China Unicom is shared, but due to the different administrative affiliations, information Unicom, data sharing, etc. due to the "One Six County", and the information Unicom, data sharing is also needed to open interaction.

Correspondingly, in the past three years, Hanghuang high-speed rail, Shang Hanhang high-speed rail successfully built a train, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and other cities have realized the speed of intercity passenger transport 1 to hours, the Yangtze River Delta world-class port group, airport group Gradually formed.

Shengning Intercity Railway is carrying out orbits, this railway has connected Zhangzhou City, Su Zi Industrial Park and Nanjing City. After opening, it takes only 40 minutes from Nanjing City to Zhangzhou.

"Based on the fast and convenient transportation, you can carry out industry division of labor and specialization, establish an integrated cooperation platform for industrial research + national exchange (association), and cooperate in strong links, complement chains, solid chains, and extension. Promote the industrial chain, supply chain intelligent modernization, promote scale economy + range economy + share the economy. "Zeng Fankin said," This, relying on market mechanism, capital’s power and platform role, you can effectively across administrative area boundaries, order Effective integration, aggregate innovation elements resources, realize integrated high quality development. "(Reporter Changhe Ding Yiming)" Guangming Daily "(November 15th, 2021) (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Jin Lexin) Share more people See.

The National Office issued "" 14th Five-Year "National Medical Security Plan"

  Xinhua News Agency Beijing, September 29, the Office of the State Council, was issued recently "14th Five-Year Medical Saving Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning").

  "Planning" pointed out that with the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, we will deeply implement the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Five-Plenary Session, in accordance with the Party Central Committee, State Council on Medical Security Decision deployment, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, fully implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, and implement the health and Chinese strategy, deepen the reform of medical and health system to promote Chinese characteristics The guarantee system is more mature and fixed as the main line, and the institutional mechanism is innovated as the power, and the medical insurance fund’s strategic purchase, adhere to the reform of the medical security demand side management and the reform of the medical service supply side, accelerate the construction of the whole people, coordinate urban and rural, fair unity, sustainable Multi-level health care system, strive to provide the people with a full range of medical security, continuously enhance the people’s sense, happiness, and safe sense. "Plan" clear the basic principles of medical security during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, that is, adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, adhere to the people’s health as the center, adhere to the basic, more sustainable, adhere to system integration, synergy, and adhere to fine management, quality Service, adhere to sharing, multi-party participation. "Plan" proposed, building a fair medical insurance, the rule of law medical insurance, safety medical insurance, smart medical insurance, collaborative medical insurance, by 2025, the medical security system is more mature, the medical security policy is standardized, the management is refined, the service is convenient, the degree of reform promote.

Looking forward to in 2035, the basic medical security system is more standardized, and the multi-level medical security system is more perfect, and the Chinese characteristic medical security system is superior to sufficient performance. "Planning" proposes the following key tasks, one is to improve multi-level medical security system system, improve the quality of basic medical insurance, optimize basic medical insurance policy protection and financing mechanisms, encourage commercial health insurance and medical mutual help development, and establish long-term nursing insurance system. The second is to optimize the medical security collaborative governance system, improve the medical security payment mechanism and medical price formation mechanism, accelerate the improvement of the fund supervision system mechanism, and cooperate with an efficient medical service supply system. The third is to build a solid health care service support system, improve the medical security public service system, strengthen the legal support, promote safety development, and accelerate medical insurance information construction, and improve the standardization system.

  "Planning" is implemented from three aspects, one is to improve the implementation mechanism, do key task decomposition, and improve implementation efficiency. The second is to strengthen capacity building and strengthen the construction of medical security talents.

The third is to create a good atmosphere, enhance the consensus of all parties, and create a good public opinion environment in order to deepen the reform of the medical security system.