Report: The Chinese people’s danger market 2050 years of premiums or 45 trillion yuan such insurance companies have been speeding up to speed up the reform

Reading volume: The latest report released by Aowei Consultation believes that after the per capita disposable income of Chinese country exceeds 7,000 to 10,000 US dollars, the annual growth rate of personal insurance premiums is expected to be as high as 13%, and it will surpass the United States in 2030 to become the world’s largest person in the world. Insurance market. It is expected to achieve a premium of 45 trillion yuan in 2050. Xinhua Finance Shanghai, March 11 (Reporter Wang Shujuan) The latest "China People’s Danger Market Future Outlook Report", the latest release of the international consulting company, believes that although the industry is facing weak growth in the short term After the US dollar, the annual growth rate of personal insurance premiums is expected to reach 13%, and it will surpass the United States in 2030 to become the world’s largest personal insurance market. By 2040, China’s personal risk penetration rate is expected to reach a stable level of 11%to 13%, and it is expected to achieve a premium scale of 45 trillion yuan in 2050, which is equivalent to nearly 10 times the expected increase.

Insurance+medical health, the release of long -term potential is currently under pressure, although commercial medical insurance has a high surface inspection amount, the actual compensation is insufficient. According to Aiwei Consultation data, in 2019, the overall medical expenditure structure of China accounted for 58%, and commercial health insurance accounted for 7%. The penetration rate of medical insurance was significantly low, which caused 35%of the medical expenditure gap to be resolved at their own expense.

The huge expense gap drives the head insurance companies to deploy the medical and health field. It is hoped that through leverage, the relationship between payment, user and medical services can be balanced.

If Ping An of China announced the medical ecosystem in 2019, "insurance+medical health" has also risen to the group strategy. The medical sector layout online consultation platform Ping An Good Doctor, smart medical care focusing on AI technology, and Peking University International Hospital, which mergers and acquisitions and acquisitions and acquisitions, forms a complete ecosystem of online+offline+technology. Last year, Ping An also clearly created the HMO+family doctor+O2O model to interpret how insurance+medical care is coordinated.

Aoyi Consulting believes that creating a customer -centric business model to effectively open up customer information and needs, products and services, and it is essential to break the short -term challenge and release long -term potential.

The core of this model is the upgrade of the service purpose of insurance companies, that is, from a single sales product, to the needs of the life cycle of service customers. In the longevity era, pensions have become new service models in insurance companies.

It can be seen in this year’s government work report that the development of the third pillar pension insurance, supporting social forces to provide day care, food assistance, rehabilitation care and other services have been listed as an important direction for the development of aging careers in the next stage. Various insurance companies have also entered the bureau. For example, the community pension model represented by Taikang and Taibao, and the home care service model represented by Ping An are seizing the pension market.

In addition to service upgrades, the gap in commercial pension products is also the new pillar of future life insurance growth.

As a third pillar, commercial pension insurance and long -term care insurance are considered an important measure to alleviate the pressure of aging in Chinese society.

For example, the long -term nursing risks that have been piloted in recent years aim to meet the basic needs of disabled dementia in life care and medical care through the cooperation between government and insurance companies.

In Nantong, the first batch of pilot cities, Ping An Pension Insurance, as the main underwriting unit, led the establishment of the first northern care insurance service center in the country, providing on -site care services for nearly 10,000 households in disabled dementia for 6 years.

Digital tools empower high -quality agents in the Chinese life insurance industry in the past two years and are facing unprecedented development difficulties. In 2021, the number of insurance companies decreased by more than 2 million compared with the end of 2020. The model of selling products is unsustainable.

Aoyi Consultation pointed out that it is difficult for unstable and low -quality agents to match the quality of service quality required by middle -class and wealthy customers.

However, it is difficult for online channels to shake the mainstream status of exclusive agents (60%) and bank security channels (30%), indicating that high -quality agents will still be the cornerstone of life insurance development.

In the process of reform, the launch of high -quality agents and digital tools are only the first step. More importantly, the effectiveness of these tools empowerment and the changes in the behavior mode of the agent. Digital channels and digital tools are just means. The empowerment and reform of the agent are the top priority. From the perspective of the reform practice of insurance companies.

The reporter learned that Ping An, the first to launch life insurance reform in the industry, is using the "product+channel" double -wheel drive to use science and technology to empower to create a new digital life insurance model. Among them, through the "Three Good Five Stars" evaluation system for digitalization, the "three high" agent teams of "high quality, high performance, and high quality" are realized.

The system revolves around the "good performance, good quality, good behavior", and empower the business department and agent’s daily operation through the scores of additional staff, training, production capacity, performance, and management. For agents, digital tools can improve work efficiency, make the salesperson’s work more standard and professional, and at the same time improve management energy.

Ping An said that the digital coverage rate of the current life insurance increase is more than 90%, and the application of digital tools allows enterprises to actively control the process of increasing staff. Qian Xing, a partner of Aiwei Consulting Director, said that insurance companies need to firm confidence and resolutely promote the long -term development of beneficial industries. The market needs to be patient with the transformation period of the industry to respond to short -term challenges and experience growth pain.

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“You are very interesting,Baba ran to find me,Let me test the sample in your hand,In the end, I asked if I had anything to do?”Hua Yun is really upset this time。

“That’s it,I just want to confirm my speculation and doubt,The other thing we can do is to remind Lao Yan and the company people。I’m just a migrant worker,Can do nothing else。”Li Tianchou realized that his attitude was a little careless,This is related to the depression after talking with Yan Defa yesterday,So quickly explained。
Hua Yun nodded,No longer go into it,“Well,Your speculation has been confirmed,Can you tell me who you suspect,Or is there any new discovery。”
The question is straightforward,Without the slightest twist,This makes Li Tianchou a bit difficult,He doesn’t know what Hua Yun is going to do with this?If you go directly to report,That’s really troublesome,I saw the police with a guilty conscience,And if you can’t win Li Desheng,Then the old winter melon is really in trouble,This is not what he hopes for now。
“Uh,It’s not convenient for Fang to ask Mr. Hua what is going on next?”In addition to reporting,Count on the power of the police,Li Tianchou can’t think of any other way Avalon can deal with the opponent’s unscrupulous。So silent for a while,He simply throws the problem back first.。
“can。I want to find my opponent,Or the enemy。”Hua Yun’s answer is very straightforward、simple。
Li Tianchou was taken aback,I admire the other’s frankness,And judging from the tone,Hua Yun doesn’t seem to think about calling the police。This made him feel relaxed,But just relying on her as a weak woman to find out what she can do?But people shouldn’t look good,Maybe there are some awesome forces behind them,It is impossible to win such a big project without background。
“and then?”Li Tianchou wants to test Hua Yun,So the tone is also a bit cynical。
“Are you worried?Stump, do you want to see the same thing happen to everyone again??”Hua Yun finally got angry,She herself couldn’t figure out why she was so unsure in front of Li Tianchou,“We have a cooperative relationship with Lao Yan’s construction team,Everyone in the same boat,You are hurt,We can’t be unscrupulous,Can’t do the project,Everyone has no food,The same hatred,Don’t understand?”
Li Tianchou didn’t expect this woman to start a fire to be so powerful,But her words make sense,Basically speaking of my own heart,It’s not like the boss Kim,Not as timid as Lao Yan,It’s a bit of a scent,It seems that since they can be the boss,That makes sense。
Hua Yun can say that,Represents the attitude of the entire company。So Li Tianchou stopped hiding,“I do have my concerns,I’m afraid that some unrelated workers will be wronged in this matter,So before i tell you,Ask President Hua to treat it with caution。”
joke,Do i need your reminder?Hua Yun sneered in her heart,But he was more polite,“I will be cautious。”
Li Tianchou is no longer vague,He ran the old winter melon,Li Desheng’s abnormal performance and the reason why migrant workers went on strike again briefly。of course,The indecision of Comrade Lao Yan is omitted in the middle,I just said vaguely to discuss this matter with Yan Defa。
Hua Yun is silent,She did not expect what seemed like a simple poisoning incident,It’s so complicated,It seems that the secret opponent is deliberate,You have to destroy the project before you stop。Is it Merrill Lynch or the wild road company?,Proposed or both of them are involved?
Watching Hua Yun concentrating on thinking,Li Tianchou is not in a hurry to bother。It’s just that the temperature in the board room is too high,The hoarse call of a window air conditioner is really annoying,And it won’t do much,He just got up and opened the door。
Someone almost rushed in at the door,Shocked Li Tianchou,Eavesdropping at the door in such a hot sky with the big sun,Really have perseverance,He took a closer look,What kind of manager is this person?。

Chinese ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, published signed articles in the mainstream media in Australia, "Mutual Win -Win: The Main Modern Sino -Australian Relations"

The main content of the article is as follows: I came to Australia to do new and Australia relations in the difficult period, and this year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia. Confucius said "fifty and knowing destiny." Looking back at historical development, it has important inspiration for the future of Sino -Australian relations. Although there are no shortage of twists and turns and storms in the half -century of China -Australia relations, the two sides have always grasped the general trend, seek same differences, and promote the relationship between the two countries along the correct direction. The cooperation achievements of the two countries in a wide range of fields have brought huge well -being to the two countries and the people. The main line that runs through the development of China -Australia is mutual benefit and win -win.

In the past 50 years, the two countries respect each other politically and have achieved mutual benefit and win -win. In 1971, Huitram led the Labor Party delegation to visit China. In 1972, the two countries formally established diplomatic relations, laying an important political basis for China -Australia as a political system and different countries during the development stage.

Since then, Australian leaders such as Fraser, Hawke, Ki Ting, Howard, and other Australian leaders have closely exposed and exchanged with generations of Chinese leaders, continuously enhanced mutual understanding and trust, and expanded and deepened the communication between the two countries in bilateral, regional and international affairs. Coordination and cooperation show the strategic vision and excellence of leaders of the two countries.

In the past 50 years, the two countries have complementary advantages in the field of pragmatic cooperation and have achieved mutual benefit and win -win.

The bilateral trade volume jumped from less than 100 million US dollars to 230 billion US dollars in 2021 at the beginning of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1972. China has maintained first in Australia’s trading partners, export markets, import sources, tourism revenue sources, and international students. While China -Australia’s pragmatic cooperation, while helping China ’s reform and opening up and economic and social development, it also brings Australia to the prosperity of mining, agriculture, education, tourism and other fields. Excessive stability of the global or regional economic and financial crisis, people’s living standards have improved significantly. In the past 50 years, China and Australia have exchanged and mutually learned and mutual benefit in the humanities field.

In the middle of the 19th century, the hard -working Chinese immigrants drifted across the ocean to Australia to participate in the development and construction. Now 1.2 million overseas Chinese live here, making important contributions to Australia’s economic and social development and multiculturalism.

China Australia has established more than 100 pairs of friendly provinces and cities. Before the epidemic occurs, nearly 200 flights travel between China and Australia every week, and nearly 2 million people cross the equatorial north and south each year. Not long ago, in the event held in the Chinese Embassy, ??Police Officer Frester who rescued the unfortunate sacrifice of Chinese citizens, Professor Ouileili, who was committed to China -Australia’s science and technology exchanges and cooperation for 40 years, and the Beijing Winter Paralympics athlete Tadhop The touching deeds of waiting also left an indelible impression on the Chinese people. In the past 50 years, China Australia has communicated and coordinated in regional and international affairs, and has achieved mutual benefit and win -win. China -Australia is closely coordinated under the framework of the ASEAN Forum, the East Asian Summit, the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization, and the 20th Guard of the Guoli Group and the United Nations and other international organizations. And strengthen communication and collaboration on hot issues related to the region, and strongly maintain and promote peace, prosperity and stability of Asia Pacific and the world. China Australia is a great country. The people of the two countries have sincere emotions, eager to communicate and learn from each other, deepen friendship, and seek common development.

History has proven that China Australia can fully achieve different, and seek common ground while depositing differences.

A healthy and stable Sino -Australian relations meet the fundamental interests of the two countries and the people.

Mutual benefit and win -win is the only way for the development of Sino -Australian relations. (Responsible editor: Li Hanyue, Xue Meng).

No, no knowledge of the night, no knowledge,For your own curiosity,After Nami, I will go to the night news.。

But this doesn’t know.,A cheering,Although it is expected before,Night brother with Lu Fei,May be a pirate that is not small。
But Namei this understanding,I found that the other party was not small.,It’s just a big figure.!
【Cash red envelope】Read the book, you can receive cash!Pay attention to WeChat the public【】 cash/Call waiting for you to take!
When you are young,Dare to make trouble, Mary, Mary,Not long ago, even the army of the Navy,And with the whole body。
Have more powerful,Namei is not known,But they have been encountered by the general,Lu Fei even almost was called to freeze death by the other party.。
As for the reward of the night,It’s more than one billion!That’s afraid of road flying as a unit of measurement.,I can change ten in foot.!
Put this thigh,Namei didn’t make a reason.,Originally, they went to Judic Island.,Namei said that it is quite awkward.。
But now, add a night.,When Nurton, I felt that this wave was stable.,seeing is believing,Night is just facing the strength of Akuara,But I really scared her.。
Night, but it is possible to fight the existence of the general,Although Justic Island is the gate of the world government,But as the highest power of the part,But where is it possible?。
I am careful about Namei.,Night is naturally known,But he did not refuse。
Since I decided to accept Robin,Then there is no need to be afraid of the happening,Straw hat is ready to go to France,And they are ready to save Robin,Although the goal is different,But the purpose is the same,So a big group of direct groups,Prepare to push the depart of Justice island。
In addition to the night, they are with the straw hat.,The younger brother of France,There is also a shipyard’s Barry is also ready to go together.。
The whole two trains are vastly added,A few hundred people,Sitting a second sea train rocket,Full speed to Juda Island。
Chapter 757 Ask Malin Vanto
(Ha ha ha ha,I didn’t expect it.,I am more than three today.,Let you yell at me short!(°_°)
As for another side,Robin and Franchi first brought to Judi Island。
The highest sanctuary in Justic Island see Robin,Obviously quite happy。
Originally Luqi’s mission,Just find the water seasil design.,But I didn’t expect to actually harvest more unexpectedly.。
Spandarum can become the highest elaborate in Justice,It is unable to,No achievements,Come to this location,Basically all walk the door。
But even if the relationship is hard enough,Location is also ahead of this place.,Unless he can stand a few big work。
There is no doubt,This time, the road is back, whether it is a Pluto design, a demon? Robin,It is enough for him to promote the government again.。
“I didn’t expect Ouhara’s overcomers.,The only demon of the demon in the world Nicocobin,It’s all in my hand now.,It seems that this time does not give me a promotion.。”
The year is only eight years old, it is rewarded in Robin, 79 million Bailei.,It can be seen that there is how much the world government has attached great importance to her existence.。
From eight years old,Robin has been escaping,Then I am afraid that the World Government is looking for each other.,But I want to be in the sea.,Find a child,It is not an easy thing。
What’s more, Robin is not like other pirates.,Great news everywhere,Improve your own reward,Instead, it has been low-key hiding.。
“Caught me that there is nothing benefit to you,My captain will come to save me.。”
Although I said on my mouth,But Robin knows that everything has been depated,Night, I didn’t go to the water seven island.。
What is wrong,Robin is not afraid.,I have been tired for so many years.,The only unfortunate now is,Failure to abide by the stations with night。
“Ha ha ha ha,Your captain?Miss of the devil,Here, the gate of the World Government Justice island!
You think that the pirate,Dare to be bold, come here to save people?Your captain is,Call him soon.,I am very curious, who dares to pay your demon。”
Spandaim pinching Robin’s face,Start madness。
The side of Keli Fa seems to have the habit of vomiting,I don’t forget this time.:“Chief,You are sexual harassment!And if it is a normal one,Maybe I don’t dare to fade in Justice.。

Huashan theory ? unity and one heart to resist the epidemic situation

Early in the morning on March 10, many Xi’an citizens completed a new round of large -scale nucleic acid test on time, and they held the relevant vouchers with nucleic acid testing to work out of the community; from 0:00 on March 11, the public places in many places in Xi’an needed to verify 48 Hours of kernel test results.

As of March 10, the case of this epidemic in Xi’an was basically centralized isolation personnel, and there were no cases of confirmed cases in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.

This round of epidemic is caused by the infection of relatively closed occasions, showing a high degree of venue aggregation and family aggregation.

This makes us more deeply aware that the implementation of the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures is not to be in place. It is by no means a empty slogan, let alone a lucky psychology.

Whether the epidemic can be strict and controlled, not only related to the normal operation of the economy and society, but also about the vital interests of everyone; not only requires the government’s organizational mobilization and coordination capabilities, but also requires everyone in daily epidemic prevention attitude, protective measures, etc. At the beginning of the end.

This requires us to take the initiative to take the initiative to take on our own epidemic prevention responsibilities and unite to resist the epidemic. After several rounds of epidemic tests, the prevention and control measures in Shaanxi Province are more scientific and accurate, not only strength but also speed. We are full of confidence in controlling the epidemic in the shortest time. Unity to resist the epidemic is to protect our own health and safety; unity and resistance to the epidemic is to defend our quiet days. Let us unite the epidemic in unity, fight a fast -moving epidemic to prevent and control the annihilation, and welcomes the joy of enjoying cherry blossoms in the season of peach red willow and green. (Nan Nan).

The moisture and the moisture added to the three spirits,I actually reached 83 billion。

Calculate six billion previously seized,Nowadays, the total of more than $ 4 billion。
Transfer fees to the martial arts,enough!
this moment,Summer heart is not jumped up from acceleration。
Perhaps it is a mentality,He became a heart.,I can’t get started immediately.。
Martial arts,It is the center of this world.。
to be honest,Shenpu mainland、Sacraid continent、And many of the endless blood sea can practice,In fact, it is a island that is distributed in the endless blood sea.。
In the eyes of Wu Daojiwu,This place is just a ridiculous place.,Worthless。
According to the heaven and earth in the military,More than ten times more than the mainland,And more pure。
And live there,Even if you don’t practice,Under the containement of the vitality all year round,Can also achieve the level of Ling Haijing。
the most important is,The world’s realm,Already went to the end of the martial art。
which is,Asked!
In other words,The vitality contained in the martial arts,Is it able to support the war。
To know,When the warrior reaches the Ling Haijing,I will feel,Want to let the realm further,Need more pure and pound of vitality。
also,There is also a specific environment。
Just like a sacramentary continent,In fact, the highest can only practice the Lingchao!
Countless years,Only a few people can reach the spiritual platform。
Not their talent is not good,But the aura is too cold and sparse,Not enough to support them breakthrough。
But the power of breakthrough to the platform,Just like nine old ancestors,Which one is not using time to grind。
Hundreds of thousands of years!
So there are many people,I would rather give up the comfort of the environment,High-top right,It is also to go out。
The degree of strongness of the Yuan Pu mainland,Cultivate a month,Can withstand the mainland。
This is the gap。
Shenpu mainland is also the same,Prestige is life and death!
I want to go further further,Extremely difficult。
In addition to the need for massive vitality,A atmosphere is still missing。
Can’t get in contact with higher levels、Asked,Unable to get pointers,I can’t find an object that can communicate.,It is difficult to break through。
Just like the city owner of the five hundred cities,Which one is not a lot of life and death。
Do they don’t want to break through??
the answer is negative。
They don’t dare to break through。
very dangerous,One is not good, it is the next episode.。
Life and death,Named Shentai。

People come to discuss: "See landscapes in your pockets", making your home greener and more beautiful

The water flowing through the stream of water, the trees and flowers are staggered, and the mountains and stones are embellished with the gazebo … This is not "poetry and the distance", but in recent years, many places have used the cities of the cities to "see the green". garden.

The pocket park is also known as Po Zhen Park. The biggest feature is small, fine, small and beautiful. They follow the layout and free sharing policy around the residents, so that the masses can encounter beauty at the corner and can relax at the door of the house.

It seems to be scattered, but in fact, the planning is orderly. The pocket park also has the effect of "urban green lungs", and can also be used for emergency evacuation. Statistics show that there are currently more than 20,000 pocket parks in the country, and the urban per capita park has a green area of ??about 15 square meters.

Push the window to see the green, go out to see the scenery, the pocket park is becoming welcomed by the masses. Pocket parks are sprung up like rain, which is the epitome of building a harmonious and livable city.

Urban space is gold, but many places have corner wasteland.

With the continuous update of humanistic concepts and greening ideas, more and more cities have begun to attach importance to and revitalize these land resources, implement "beauty techniques" for them, eliminate "sanitary dead corners", plant flowers and plants, increase national fitness facilities, etc. In short, the ecological environment has improved, the birds are full of vitality, and the surrounding residents come. Pocket park "turns waste into treasure", providing citizens with leisure exercises. As the "capillaries" of urban ecosystems, pocket parks also witnessed the harmonious symbiosis of people and nature.

One grass and trees are affectionate, and one brick and a tile are interested. Many places have incorporated historical and cultural elements in the process of building pocket parks. Some are centered on the ancient trees and shade through the "living cultural relics"; some collect the old bricks and restore the antique scenery; others combine the local cultural heritage From the context of history and culture, it is more than just a place for leisure, but to give the old neighborhoods that can "touch" the nostalgia, so that young people know where they come from, but also enable tourists to understand regional characteristics. He style.

Taking the Pocket Park as the window, the history and cultural moisturizing are inherited silently, glowing with new vitality and vitality.

Pocket park also makes life more fireworks.

As the saying goes, "Far relatives are not as good as neighbors." There are more and more pocket parks. In the open and shared areas, adults meet and chat, children play and play with each other, and people have more choices and communication space.

One pocket park constitutes the greening and landscape belt of the city, and it is also a good bond to promote the communication of neighborhood. This year’s "Government Work Report" proposed that "the homeland of our lives is greener and beautiful."

Managers at all levels must not only make the background color of the green mountains brighter and more ecological and environmentally friendly, but also through the real public facilities construction to make the masses feel the environment around them and their own homes more harmonious and livable.

From this perspective, pocket parks, wetland parks, and country parks should be built according to local conditions, and they will gradually connect them into lines to form a more balanced and facilities with a more balanced facilities and leisure service system to further enhance the people’s sense of gain and the sense of gain and the people’s sense of gain and the people. Happiness.

(Responsible editor: Jiang Meng, Fu Long) Share let more people see it.

“there……what is it then?”Lita is looking to the entrance to the basement。 Among them, he is responsible for the leadership of the test park.:“Below is the sample of the collapse and the mash of the Shenzhou officially obtained,The following environment is not very good,Nothing is good……”
“Miss La Tower,Our core technologies are here,It’s equivalent to seeing the entire Shencheng Medicine.。”
“The most important thing in Shencheng Medicine is the sales position,There are also test parks,Now you have already visited,Next, Miss La La went to see our manufacturer and……”
“no need,I am here today.。”Litta looked at the four squares.。
“Miss La Tower is not busy,We can go……”
“no need,I have other things.。”
Rita’s inspect is barely considered a paragraph,After you come out from Shencheng Medicine, go straight to the airport.,A pair of ways。
Since Lita appears in Shencheng Medicine,Hanjiang, a group of people, always pay attention to the tracking of each other。
But after the Rita came out,In the car on the road to Shencheng Medical Road,Lita disappeared。
Target tracking loss,Hanjiang took the initiative to put forward in Shencheng Medicine to stay in the rabbit。
“Why is Shencheng Medicine?,Not other places.?”De Lisa first proposed questions,“Her last is not going?,We are near the airport,Waiting for the exclusive space of the parking Tower waiting??”
Han Rong said:“Our destination is not to kneelite,The problem of Shencheng Medicine should be solved.。”
Since two years ago,Cheng Lixue has always observed the movement of Shencheng Medicine.。
The leadership of Shencheng Medicine has experienced a leadership of the leadership.,At that time, China identified the trace of the world snake.。
Previously in the city near Taiguishan,It is found that the branch of Shencheng Medicine is doing human medicine under the benefit of the world snake.。
Therefore, Han Jiang tells Cheng Xuexue Shencheng Medicine must be related to the World Snake.,I have been changing blood in the last time Shencheng Medical leader.,Only have clear evidence。
Some people have found those who have found near Taifu Mountain.,Therefore, the attention of Shenzhou medicine is getting higher and higher.,More than once sent people to sneak into the Shencheng Medicine。
Anything else,The anti-collapse of Shencheng Medicine sales occupied half of the market in Shenzhou,Wait until the right time to expel the people of the world snake,Shencheng Medicine will completely become a company in Shenzhou Wushu Management。
“Next action we start together,Object to Shencheng Medicine this evening,Cry the world’s snake,Then there is no extra thing.?”
Qi Yana came over,Raise your fist shouting。
Han Jiang nodded silently,It’s so saying.,But he always feels not very strong.。
“wrong,wrong,There is also the exclusive empty ship of Lita。”Han Jiang Raise shakes his head:“Now we must divide the two ways。”
“I want to grab her empty ship.!”Qi Ya Lima said。
“Grab a floating ship ship……this……”
Bud japs say this is not very good,Floating warship is the necessary strategic weapon,Rank, let’s go to grab……
I,Cheng Lixue,Han Jiang,There is also Ji to go to Shencheng Medicine,Qi Yana,Bronia also has buds to Tian Daowei Airport。”
De Lisa speaking,Senior student as Santa Feria,She seems that there is no sense of feelings.。
“no,Han Jiang first refused the proposal of De Lisa。”
“you……”De Lisa is a bit angry,Fork fork:“why?”
Han Jiang is lifted by Qi Yana and buds.,“You see that they can do things that robs people’s floating warships.?”
Qi Yana,Soft buds,Blonia can crack the various defense systems of the other battleship,But not suitable for taking the head。
“How about this,Do you want us to go four?,You are holding Shencheng Medicine?”Han Jiang asked。
Cheng Lixue,Ji,De Lisa,Three people destroy the world snake experimental plan is properly problematic。
“no problem。”
“Have you,I think I can。”
They have made three people,Look together to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang pointed to himself,“so,I am suitable for doing this kind of thing?”

Six "big moves" in fiscal policy, stabilize the macroeconomic market

  Strengthen support for market players, focus on stabilizing enterprise employment to implement new combined tax support policies, vigorously improve the value -added tax retention tax refund system, and implement large -scale tax refund for reserved tax deduction. Priority arrangement of small and micro enterprises, the amount of tax retention of small and micro enterprises will be refunded at one time before the end of June, and the incremental retention tax amount will be refunded in full.

The proportion of deductions for the research and development expenses of technology -based SMEs was increased to 100%.

Subscribe to small -scale taxpayers for a periodic exemption of VAT.

Continuing the implementation of tax reduction and fees and fees for manufacturing, small and micro enterprises, and individual industrial and commercial households, and increase the scope of reducing and exemption and expanding the scope of application.

  Strengthen support for small and medium -sized enterprises, comprehensively use financing guarantees, loan discounts, and reward subsidies to guide leveraging financial resources to small and medium -sized enterprises.

Implement the award -to -supplement policy of the Inclusive Financial Development Demonstration Zone, study the establishment of a national financing guarantee fund risk compensation mechanism, and continue to implement the financing guarantee and fee reduction award. Promote the employment priority policy to improve quality, implement a phased pension insurance policy policy for the integrated industries, continue to implement the policy of stabilizing the job of unemployment insurance, and optimize the entrepreneurial guarantee loan discounts and rewards.

I regret not taking the powerful soul of that soldier king just now,Zhang Zhiqiang’s magic power has dropped to the point where he can barely even use Escape once.,He is finally terrified,Know how to fight,He will have no bones,The blood body is likely to escape,But he never wanted to leave this body。

After the escape technique is activated,Zhang Zhiqiang is temporarily missing,Guo Yuxi and Sheng Guangda, who hurriedly arrived soon after, looked at the very tragic scene,One squatted on the ground sobbed softly,A long sigh,I never thought I would lose so many young lives at once,Such arrest,If you still can’t see results,It’s malfeasance,Is committing a crime,The opponent is not a mutant creature,Just a devil,Devil more crazy than devil。
Guo Yuxi finally admitted what Li Tianzhen said about the devil,But this seems to be too late,Sheng Guangda jumped up from the ground,He took the gun from the soldier beside him and rushed towards the hill,He is a little crazy,Although I don’t know where Zhang Zhiqiang is hiding,But stand tall,See far,Once you find this devil,He wanted to burn the scorpion with blood。
Zhang Zhiqiang can’t escape completely,To prevent the bloody smell from attracting police dogs,He used his remaining magic to create a phantom funnel,Guide the mountain wind to blow into the cave entrance,The smell slowly seeps into the crevices of the rocks behind the cave,Do your best to deal with the wound,He fell asleep,Slept for two whole days。
When I wake up again,Zhang Zhiqiang is very weak from hunger and cold,Empty belly,The mountain wind keeps blowing in,The temperature in the cave is not as good as outside,Shivering cold,Practicing magic skills can be so miserable,The old blood demon couldn’t help but laugh at him。
Can change,The old demon was also quite impressed by this mortal method,Some changes,Some are extremely sharp,The iron rod in my hand spewed out of thunder and fire, but I wanted to be fast,Slow if you want,The tongue of fire seems endless,This thing alone cannot be contended by ordinary demons,There are also gadgets called electronic flying bugs by Zhang Zhiqiang,It’s actually smaller than the wild bee it has seen before,Pervasive,It was this little thing that found their hiding place,I heard the smell of the wave vibration,Connecting the collar around the hound’s neck,Insidious。
The greatest threat to magical powers is this kind of lifeless and soulless killer,Can’t be sensed in advance with divine sense,Unless you know it very well,Otherwise wait for the danger to approach,Often too late。
“Make up your mind early,Staying trapped often won’t produce good results,There is only hope of getting out of trouble if you try hard。”The old demon has suggested to smoke the soul several times,Quickly restore magic,After all, life matters,No time to look forward and backward,It knows that Zhang Zhiqiang is stubborn,Well-designed good game,Want to make the dead enemy’s notoriety to slaughter creatures,But it definitely won’t work right now,I don’t know how the opponent,But he is not far from death。
Zhang Zhiqiang does not answer,But after checking the magic,More manic,Only recovered less than 20%,No supplement,This speed is too slow,It is estimated that even if the corpse is held for two days, half of the magic power will not be restored。
As the old devil said,If you don’t leave,Staying on is a dead end,But the old demon was only half right,Putting blame on Li Tianzhi is only one aspect,He thinks longer,Is to never vacillate before reaching the destination,In other words, it is no longer possible to create an event of consuming the soul,Otherwise, even if Li Tianzhen is dead,He can’t move,He believes that the state apparatus will destroy him at all costs。
Who thought there would be this situation,Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly burst into depression in his chest,The level of the on-site commander is absolutely extraordinary,And it also reflects the above attitude,Long before entering the mountain,Someone ordered him to kill,There is no doubt about this,Who would this person be?Xiao Yanda?Or his third uncle who has never met?
I heard the urging of the old demon again,Zhang Zhiqiang is not silent this time,And didn’t confront each other,Force yourself to calm down and face reality,But the stupid desire in my heart can no longer be suppressed,20% magic,Only enough to activate two escapes,Although it can barely leave the encirclement,,But if you don’t run far, you will still get caught,At that time, when the magic is exhausted, it will be a dead end,The only way to survive is to kill,Suck the soul,Just tonight,Zhang Zhiqiang finally became a demon。
Li Tianzhen, who was sixty miles away, suddenly shuddered,Followed by a big sneeze,For unknown reasons,Anyway, it made him strange for a long time,Since I came to Liuyun Guan and enlightened Dao,The body has never been sick,Except for injuries,Like a cold、sneeze、Xiao Chao like shivering hasn’t happened in many years,Things are a bit weird,Could it be that there were too many fights in the past two days,Hurt to the root?
Li Tianzhen released his spiritual consciousness and walked his whole body for inspection,No problem,Only the pubic area is bulging and uncomfortable,The dark golden light ball has turned into purple gold,The volume is also reduced by a full circle than before,It becomes smaller and bloats,What a weird thing,He used the tentacles of the divine sense to probe the ball of light several times,I found it difficult to approach,Across the surface of the light,He seems to be able to see that the vitality inside has partially condensed into substance,That substance can flow,Like water,But much thicker than water,And released a violent breath,Is this for pill formation??