Co-create a new chapter created in China’s capital market reform and innovation

The Bochuang Board’s opening of the Shanghai Stock Exchange indicated that China’s capital market entered a new stage, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, it reflects the determination and confidence of China’s capital market to firmly promote reform. This can be seen from the speed of Kob & Book, from November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo, the opening ceremony of the National Import Expo, Xi Jinping announced the opening ceremonial board at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and tried the registration system to June. On the 13th, the opening ceremony of the 11th Lujiazui Forum was announced, only 220 days, once again created the new speed of the Chinese capital market, it can be said that the Chinese capital market has deepened the reform of the reform. The second is to drive economic transformation through the establishment of category and puzzle, promote high quality development, with a plate to drive the global significance.

The establishment of Komantang Board has enabled a large number of technological innovations with broad prospects to be listed at home, gaining rapid development opportunities, promoting the combination of finance better and entity, financial and technology innovation enterprises, thus further improvement While multi-level capital market system, it has a very positive significance for cultivating more technological innovation companies, helping economic transformation and upgrading, accelerating the construction of international financial centers and promoting high quality development. The third is that the Banguangban itself is a major system innovation in my country’s capital market. Establishing a cambanoching board and pilot registration of the crew and registration system is my country from a higher station, and more efforts to promote financial reform and innovation, accelerate the capital market exploration. One of the important strategic initiatives, Komantang has broken the restrictions on a series of curing indicators such as profit indicators and equity architecture models in the original capital market financing, and the registration system breaks the original pricing and issuance mechanism. It is issued, sponsoring underwriting First, marketization pricing, transaction, delisting, etc. The courage and determination of the knife is a bold test of the reform of the capital market system. [Case link].