The two waves are fighting more vigorously,at this time,sAnd Xiao Fan have arrived at the dock。Watching the fierce battle below。

Overall,You can tell at a glance that Yiming is in an advantageous position,The opponent has already retreated steadily。
Xiao Fan lookedsWalk in your own direction,WaitsStand still,Xiao Fan said:“Brother,You can save your brothers,You say a truce,I immediately let them stop。”
Gu Jin smiled and said:“I have to respect my men,Even if you lose,Have to be upright。”Xiao Fan smiled and nodded。
The outcome on the field is already very obvious,Enemies elsewhere have already taken,Su Ran landed the plane near the pier。
I saw Xiao Fan coming,Somewhat surprised,But still not distracted, continue to plunge into the battle,Shen Lin also saw Xiao Fan coming,He was not surprised,He was surprised that Su Ran also came。
The two have no time to care about the arrival of Xiao Fan and Su Ran,EvensCame,They can only be regarded as not seeing,This competition is coming to an end。
s’S face hasn’t changed much,As if already knowing the result,Xiao Fan just calmly looked at Shen Lin and Yiming’s skill。
Shen Lin has made a lot of progress recently,Yiming is still improving steadily,Temporarily hand over the base company to them,Xiao Fan feels relieved。
sPeople fell to the ground one by one,Both Yiming and Shen Lin remember Xiao Fan’s instructions,Try my best to save them forever,sPeople are hurt,But there is no life worry。
Finally, Shen Lin and Yiming brought down the last two at the same time,Ask the landing,Patted the dust on the body,Coming to Xiao Fan’s side。
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four Singled out
Gu Jin said leisurely:“Thank you for staying with them,Is this Xiao Fan’s form of your apologyI remember you never be kind to the enemy。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Brother,Anyhow we go out of the same school,If it wasn’t for brother, you moved someone who shouldn’t be moved,I won’t do it with you brother。”
Gu Jin smiled mockingly,No more words,Watching Shen Lin and Yiming walk over。Xiao Fan had already seen the wound on Yiming’s arm。
Shen Linhe screamed“boss。”Xiao Fan nodded,Turn to the back and say to Su Ran:“Find someone to bandage Yiming。”
Su Ran said yes,Immediately greet people to bring the medicine box and bandage Yiming,Yiming said with a smile:“This little injury,I can do it myself。”