How much do you know about the works of Film Actor Fan Xiaoxuan who has debuted for 25 years?丨 Night ask

How much do you know about the works of “Film Actor” Fan Xiaoxuan who has debuted for 25 years?丨 Night ask
The broadcast of Netflix’s first Chinese-language original drama “Sin Dreamer”, let people seem to see the beauty of Fan Xiaoxuan for the first time, including the previous performance in the variety show “We Are True Friends”Thirty years later, it was finally discovered by the audience that she was able to transcend age and solidify the beauty of youth.The late praise and sigh of “Sin Dreamer” may be because the network attributes of dramas and variety shows can now be accepted by more audiences, but fans familiar with Fan Xiaoxuan and even some senior fans are not surprised.In addition to being the most important singer, Fan Xiaoxuan, as an “actor”, has long been a touch of white moonlight in the hearts of many fans.”Extraordinary Detective” In 1994, she starred in the first film “Extraordinary Detective”, directed by Hong Kong director Fang Lingzheng (“Tang Chaohao releases females”, “Kawashima Yoshiko”, etc.). The cooperation targets were Zhang Xueyou and Zhou Haimei.At that time, she hadn’t even released her first music album, and only appeared in the actress of a few MVs. It can be said that “singer” Fan Xiaoxuan was actually an “actor”.In the following 20 years, Fan Xiaoxuan sang on the music road, and often took the time to play a few movies to play, and before the “Sinner”, only participated in a few platters, basically a moviecoffee.There are several well-known movie works by Fan Xiaoxuan. Although most of them are not the protagonists, they all cooperate with big names.”Lover Whispering” such as the 2010 Hong Kong love film “Lover Whispering”, the director is not someone else, it is the young director who just broke the box office with “Youn You”, Zeng Zhiwei’s son Zeng Guoxiang, “Lover Whispering” is hisDirector’s debut.”Longmen Flying Armor” starred in the 2011 Xu Ke martial arts film “Longmen Flying Armor”, starring Li Lianjie, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and so on.This is also the first time that Fan Xiaoxuan has tried a long-haired costume, which is still amazing.Next is the spy battle film “The Wind Listener”, which is joined by the two directors of Mai Zhuang, starring Liang Chaowei and Zhou Xun.Coincidentally, Fan Xiaoxuan co-starred in two movies with Zhou Xun.Fan Xiaoxuan’s last film was 2016 “Shocking Break”, a word-of-mouth defeat, and co-starred with Nicholas Tse, Liu Qingyun, and Tong Liya.