Of course in these“Mobile quota”Of the parents,Mirren meant very clearly:I can give you benefits,OK,no problem,But i gave you benefits,You must let the person who has benefited know who gave them the benefit,Instead of placing favor on your own head,They will return in the future,Also give me back。

of course,Do not misunderstand,Not asking for these“Mobile quota”What parents do illegal and disciplined or even betray the country,But sometimes,In business,“Special affairs”with“Follow the procedures”,Time saved、energy、Money and opportunity cost can scare people to death!
Since Chen Geng can understand what Mirren said,,Deputy Director Wang can naturally understand,He not only understands,I can think deeper,I was very upset for a while:How can I think of things so simple?,Why don’t you think about it,Which one of these damn foreign devils looks good??These damn foreign devils,Definitely give you a dime,You have to pay a dollar……Do not,In return for ten dollars。
But Deputy Director Wang understands better,It’s too late for this reason,If there is no reminder from that damn secretary Chen Geng,This matter may be just like it was just now,But after this damn woman said this,It’s a hell if Chen Geng doesn’t hold this tightly。
“Indeed it is,Ok,I didn’t think about it well,”Chen Geng patted his head,A little embarrassed to ask Deputy Director Wang:“Director Wang,Is that okay??”
“of course……no problem。”Deputy Director Wang gritted his teeth and squeezed out a smile:The benefits were originally from the Ministry of Education,Rely on this20Mobile slots,The benefits that the Ministry of Education can exchange for are unknown,but now,Chen Geng cut off a large piece of life,Thought of this,Deputy Director Wang is heartbroken,But what makes his heartache more,He still can’t say no——This is so painful。
Finish talking with Chen Geng,Deputy Director Wang hurried away……Not so much rushing away,It’s better to run away,He thought that Chen Geng might be the same as those foreigners who travel to China,Stupid、More money、So foolish,I also took over this errand with the idea of getting a good impression from the leader,But look now,Damn Chen Geng is a fool、More money、So foolish,Glued hair is basically a monkey!
Compared with Deputy Director Wang who fled,Chen Geng’s mood is much happier,He gave Mirren a thumbs up happily:“well done。”
“of course,I want to get the salary you gave me。”
The treatment of the alma mater is different!
After Liu Da made it clear that he accepted the student Chen Geng,,Chen Geng not only took the opportunity to spend a day in Huaqing in the name of a student,A handful of blood:Donated three to HuaqingDECMinicomputer and three applesapple IIMinicomputer,And made a clear request,The automotive engineering department that has a cooperative relationship with Fernandez must be assigned to oneDECMinicomputer and tenapple II,At least one computer departmentDECMinicomputer and tenapple II,As for the remaining oneDECMinicomputer and tenapple II,That’s what Huaqing can assign。
But even so,Huaqing’s leaders are also happy、No complaints:No matter which department it is assigned to,Isn’t it all in our Huaqing??Even if the meat is rotten, it is rotten in our Huaqing pot,Not get in the way。
So that for some time in the future,The students of Huaqing had nostrils in front of the students of Peking University next door:You haveDECwithapple IIIs it?I know I want to buy these threeDECMinicomputers and thirtyapple IIHow much does the microcomputer cost??