Lu Menglin nodded,Shen Sheng:“Come all here!Everything goes as planned!”

Everyone promised,Although in danger,But still morale,Because they believe Lord Wuhao,I believe he can lead the human race to the ultimate victory。
30,000 horses,Go together,Although they have the most advanced weapons and equipment,But can only use the most primitive way of marching,Rely on walking to cross this red zone,Straight to the deepest part of the red zone。
Continue to advance for about ten kilometers,The sound of killing finally came from the front,That is the human army fighting the dark race。
Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming said nothing,Lead a team of elites immediately,Fly over,The rescue is second,The key is to find a living mouth,Only then can we know what happened in the red mist,Where did the army of millions go!
The sound of fighting in front suddenly became more intense,Youlong Zhanye and Tu Shanming joined the battle group,Soon the dark race was destroyed,Rescued several clan soldiers。
These human soldiers were brought to Lu Menglin,Under careful identification,Found that they are not ordinary soldiers,But the general of the six nations,It can be seen from the style of the high-level battle armor they wear,All of them wore general-level armor,Although bloody,Still can’t hide the quality。
If it weren’t for their battle armors, they’ve loaded the battle assistant software designed by Lu Menglin,I’m afraid they won’t last so long,Can’t wait for reinforcements to arrive。
“Report your number and official position!”Gao Dajin tilted his head and looked at the scars in front of him,Tired guy,Asked。
One of the tallest officers looked at Gao Dajin,Looked at Lu Menglin again,Obviously recognized the identity of the latter,Hug fists,Tao:“I’m Wei Yue, General of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Met Marshal Wu Hao!”
“I am General Qi Hong of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Met Marshal Wu Hao。”
“Liu Zihun of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Met the marshal。”Several people clasped fists and saluteed,There is obviously panic on the face。
Lu Menglin looked at these people’s expressions wrong,Asked:“Where is the Six Nations Army??”
Wei Yue quickly replied:“Report to the Marshal,The Six Nations Army should be at a position two hundred kilometers north,At war with aliens。”
“200 kilometers north?Then why do you people from the Northern Wei Dynasty appear here?You are deserters?”Lu Menglin called out the identity of a few people。
These Northern Wei generals heard the words,Face changes drastically,Two people shook their calves。
“to be frank!”Lu Menglin stopped drinking,Full of power。
The generals of the Northern Wei Dynasty were frightened,All knelt on the ground。