On the fifth day,Sanjou Yufeng found 畑 畑 six:“Report!commander!Everything is ready,I expect that the two days of killing the gods will have actions.。”

“The two pilots have not recruited now.,Three tails,Give you a task,No matter what way, they want them to say that plan.。”
“commander,I suspect that they may really know the plan content,They should not be a planned executive,Just send this plan to Chengdu, Sichuan。”
“Chengdu, Sichuan?Why do you want to send there??”
“I asked,They don’t http://www.zzchenyang.cn know why。”Qi Rui knows why,Because of forty four years,The US military will be from the IndiaB-29Bomber performs bombing Japanese local mission,Because the voyage is too far,Bomber will come on the Chengdu airport。
“Three-tailed,You believe they say?”
“commander,I certainly don’t believe what they say.,So I thought of a way。”
“any solution?”
“commander,I will send people to the killing of the gods to save them.,Use this way to see if they can tell the truth。”
“correct,commander,You don’t want to see the killing action group?”
“Do you let me visit the scene??”
“commander,The killing action group has made us a headache for more than seven years.,If you can destroy them at this time,Undoubtedly, you can invigorate our military morale,If the commander can personally,I think this can be a talker of the Emperor.。”
“Three-tailed,Do you determine that the killing action group will come??”
“I am sure that I will not come today.,They will also come tomorrow.,Because we have found their investigators。”
If you can directly command to destroy the killing action group,This is indeed a song that has resolved the rich,畑 畑 六 的 的 三 三 道 道 道:“It seems that the three tails have been arranged.,Is there a place where we are commanded??”
“commander,There is a small building next to the old house.,I have already cleaned up.。”
“Three-tailed!You will work very well,good,it is good!I promise you,I will come to the scene to refuel you.。”
The vast majority of the Japanese is a very good generation,This is also the same,Especially the dream group that dreams wants to remove.,If it is personally commanded,That is indeed glorious than destroying a Huajun army.。
Rui Rui is also a must-have promised,So, I also designed this assassination action at the same time.,Yunjun 6 will definitely not go,I will definitely bring important staff,For example, Hao Palace,Tianzhong new one,Lisheng Laoxiong, etc.,These people can be a war criminal that is less than the focus of this focus.,They are all crimes in China.,They must be executed by the Chinese!
When Jun Six agreed, he was unhappy in the heart.,This time I don’t know how many Japanese war criminals can be performed.,畑 畑!General Commander!His sense of significance。
Around four or four years, it is a very unfavorable year of our anti-Japanese war.,Changsha will fall in June,At this time, if you can do it, you can do it.,Maybe you can make a strong heart for the people of the country。
Yan Jun six and his more than 20 staff members were sent to the small building by Sanjou Yufeng secret.,It’s very clean here.,Even giving them a drink。
After all arrangements,Three ends to say that:“commander,I will act according to the plan now.!”
“Go back!”Because this building is about two or three thousand meters away from the old house,There is no obstacle in the middle,Because there is a street light or it is clear。
Sanxue http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn Youfeng came to the old house,Let the wine well, benefit, stay in the house with people,Take a look:“Once someone is found,You immediately follow the designated route after two minutes.,Mei Huizi!Remember,Two minutes must be evacuated。”
Li Yuxi knows that Junjun Six Commander has a lot of generals,Laugh:“Three tails,You have already said more than a dozen times.。”
“Mei Huizi,At that time the explosives in the old house,If you run slowly, you will be able to spread.,So be sure to calculate the time。”Three ends Yufeng again。
The underground and homes of this old house buried a lot of explosives,This is something that everyone knows every Japanese.,The three ends of the three ends, the evacuation time, it seems to be very concerned about everyone’s safety.,But how can they know how they will know?,This three-tailed http://www.qdtqo.cn will detonate explosives two minutes in advance.,When they arrived, they can’t run.。
Three tails will let them change clothes after bringing two US pilots to the old house.,After that, let them leave the hospital ambulance,According to the usual car, there should be only medical staff,But this time two pilots are also there.。