Legend of the blood,Can quickly swept the country,It has a lot to do with the point card sales channel it uses。

2000The concept of downloading the client from the Internet,Computer games rely on selling game CDs,There is no online financial payment system,Rely on physical channels,Such as bookseller,Bookstore。
and so,Lu Menglin’s game promotion power,Is unique in this age,And super powerful。
first of all《Game time》The market channel laid before the weekly,Coordinated and arranged by Uncle Jihu,All sold《Game time》Newsstand,bookstall,bookstore,Even high-end restaurants、Tea houses and cafes,All covered《heat
Blood Legend》advertisment,With CD selling point card。
Then the dark blue game,All Internet cafes under the Jiehuang brand,All have been developed into the offline sales of legendary games,And pre-installed games in Internet cafes,Internet cafe owners and administrators can get commissions for selling point cards。
Do it like this,Not just Lu Menglin’s own Internet cafe resources,But most Internet cafes have accepted this gameplay,This trend intensifies,Who doesn’t want to earn money?
Plus the promotion of this game is overwhelming,Comprehensive coverage。quickly,The point card sales model of the legendary game is like a virus spread in Internet cafes across the country,Spread with lightning speed。
Lu Menglin stayed in Liufang these days,The threshold of the family is almost broken。
Seven aunts and eight aunts are all here,Anyone who has a relationship with the Lu family,Neighbourhood,All come and drop in,So Lu’s mother hasn’t done it these days,Dedicated to reception。
These relatives and friends come home,Trustworthy,Borrowed money,Want to find a job,Joined the legendary new company,But the most,Still come to match。
The aunts and aunts of Liufang are calculating in their hearts,Lu Jia can have today’s situation,Mainly because Lu Menglin can toss,You know that is 40 million!Smashed into Liufang,There was an uproar。
Lu Menglin is only sophomore this year,What about making money again?Not a hairy boy yet,He has to be tied up by a good lady。
For a while,Almost all girls of school age on Liufang Street turned their eyes to Lu Menglin,The woman who came to be a matchmaker almost flattened the Lu family。
Mother Lu likes it again,Sad again,I knew my son was so popular,Should let him pick more。
Lu Menglin has been so busy these days,While arranging the promotion of the game market,While also dealing with those seven aunts and eight aunts who come here,Simply troublesome。
“Zhu Xiaoguang,Correct!You can also kill the market in the Three Kingdoms,Can be jointly promoted,no problem。Agree to add the game characters to the Three Kingdoms Killing characters,Coupled with the game background introduction,There are also skills to be equipped,Same attributes as in the game。Ok,This will be more interesting,Not too hard。”
“it is good,it is good!Then first,Don’t worry,Keep up the rhythm。I’ll be back in a few days。”