Chengdu Wenjiang Public Security held "Love Chengdu · Welcome to the Universiade" safe guards the actual training

Launch ceremony site.

Wenjiang Public Security is awarded the map of the people on August 21 (Li Ping Zusu) "The Universiade is a stage of the world’s young people, as a new era of Chengdu public security youth generation, we must firmly believe in the people’s position, practice Just a hard collar, to join the country’s business, always maintain the gesture of the drape, show the first responsibility of the young police, let the people’s police exudide a new glory in the peacekeeping game! "On the afternoon of August 20th, Wenjiang District, Chengdu Public Security Bureau The "Love Chengdu, Welcome to the Universiade", held the promotion ceremony of the Safety Guardian True Training, and Hu Hailong, the patrol team, the patrol team, issued the strongest sound of Wenjiang Public Security. The 31st anniversary of the 31st World University Summer Sports Mission has opened the curtain, and a wonderful Universiade is only promoted the construction of Chengdu’s beautiful and livable park city demonstration zone, enhancing the "golden key" of international competitiveness. Inspection of high quality development of public security work and boost the "Trip Stone" of the Modernization of Public Security Work.

"We hold this launching ceremony, it is the feast of Wenjiang Public Security to Chengdu ‘Match, Yingcheng, Xingye, Huimin’, and strives to form a total police participation, the upwardness, the overall situation, the overall situation, and resolutely complete the party and people Give us a major political task, give gifts to the 100th Anniversary of the Party! "Tao Xudong, Deputy Director and District Public Security Bureau, deputy director. It is understood that the Universiade volleyball competition will be held in the Sichuan Transportation Vocational and Technical College in Wenjiang District, and the volleyball training venue is also set in the Shengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Jinqiang International Event Center will also serve as basketball competition. In order to do a good job in the security of the Universiade, Wenjiang Public Security adheres to the preparation of the Universiade security planning, held a special work deployment meeting on August 17, officially issued "" Love Chengdu · Welcome to the Universiade "safe guards to build a total Current actions to enjoy the work plan ", the next step will closely combine the actual training activities, promote the combination of war, training, and integrate the power, integrate technology, integration mechanism, integration efficiency, and depth the risk of risks, scanning Special struggle, anti-drug people’s war, social security rectification, traffic comprehensive management and grassroots basic work, effectively improve the work of "urban safety, social stability, people’s peace" work quality, with hard core professional and firm executionary capacity, Work hard to create a safe political environment, a stable social environment, a fair rule of law environment and a high-quality business environment. (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhang Hua Wei).