Chengdu High-tech Zone Xiaojiahe Street held a Mid-Autumn Theme Tourism

The picture shows the tour scene. Xiaojia River Street for map People’s Network Chengdu September 18th (Wang Bo) is another year, the moon is golden autumn.

On the evening of September 17, Xiaojiahe Street, Chengdu High-tech Zone held the "Temporary Mid-Dynasty" Mid-Autumn Festival Theme Tourism.

At the Xinsheng Community of Xiaojia River, community workers gathered together to meet the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The garden event creates a warm-hearted, civilized and harmonious social atmosphere, reflecting humanistic care in traditional practices, and sends condolences to the anti-prevention volunteers silently paid in the epidemic.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Theme Tourism Activities are in the neighborhood, and the community activities are latitude and latitude, weaving the beautiful picture of "harmonious Xiaojia".

According to the idea of ??"nine songs 18 bends, one step", the garden activities use the courtyard of the Qingsheng Community, will the tour park line according to the six themes of "Wen, Review, Tour,", Exhibition "from the court. The gate extends to the new era civilization practice square, and in accordance with six themes set the activity area, different entertainment experiences, cultural display, let the people in the jurisdiction, the rich and colorful, interpretation of the Mid-Autumn Festival culture, and the home culture Connotation. At the same time, I also specially set up the "Moon Love Market", encourage the seller to donate some income to the community love fund, and realize the "mental wish" of community difficult people.

The event is fully presenting with cultural people, with the almanac, and focus on mining the Mid-Autumn Customs culture.

The event also issued a certificate for the "courtesy civilization" community garden epidemic prevention volunteers, reviewing the work of epidemic prevention volunteers during the anti-v.cubation.

Under the call of Xiaojiahe Street in High-tech Zone, the epidemic prevention volunteers actively respond, take the initiative to take responsibility, to take the mission, charge the forefront of the war against smoke, participate in publicity and epidemic prevention, security patrol, troubleshooting and other work middle.

The epidemic prevention volunteers face the danger, silently dedication, there is no righteous language, only quietly pay, this group of ordinary people, welcoming the risk of the risk to guard the residents of the residents, to win the epidemic prevention and control and preventive and preventing the fight against a strong "Prevention and Control Wall". At the award ceremony, Zhao Yan, director of the Party Committee and Neighborhood Committee of Xiaoji River Street, and Wang Jia, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, said the most sincere gratitude and lofty respect, thank you for the concert of love and responsibility. " The strong defense line of the epidemic, protecting the health and safety of the people, and also hopes that the volunteers who are commended will reconnect, continue to deliver positive energy, and hope that more community residents will join the volunteers, and promote the new era civilization. Practice volunteer service in the Xiaojia River street, flowering, result. In the subsequent Mid-Autumn Festival garden activities, community residents of Xiaojia River street rushed to participate in the "guess riddle" link in the most Mid-Autumn Festival.

I only see some people think about it, and some are brewing before the mystery.

In a short while, I saw a smile on the face of the residents, and I would like to exchange small prizes in the redemption area. The residents are not happy in traditional customs such as lanterns, making sugar painters, and pug. Everyone said, I hope to hold such activities in the future. Party Construction leads to collective resources and builds together to promote harmony. Chengdu High-tech Zone Xiaojia River Street "Tour Day, Shaw + Family celebrates the autumn" Mid-Autumn Festival theme " Beautiful life year. It has promoted the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and has increased communication and communication between communities and residents, further enhanced community cohesiveness and belonging.

The event not only enhanced the participation of Xiaojia River street residents, but also inspired the masses’ consciousness of the masses of the grassroots governance, helping the new structure of community governance of the sharing, forming a "community set, social assistance, residential singing" situation.

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