Wang Ling’s face became more solemn,He knew that this priest must have something powerful,But I didn’t expect the other party to be so evil,Now,He feels a little bit out of his mind。

Once the warrior has no confidence in winning,The momentum of the body will inevitably decline,Everyone saw Wang Ling hesitate,Knowing that he has lost the most important belief in victory,Play again,Sure to lose。
“Oh,I forgot to tell you one more thing。Within the confines of the temple,This priest will be blessed by God,Full attribute promotion,And it’s tantamount to immortality,you,Will you continue to challenge the majesty of the priest??”
The voice has not fallen,The female priests around the priest Haoxuan cheered.,It’s as if the priest they worship has won the battle。
“Go away!Humble untouchable,My goal was never you!It’s him!”While the priest Haoxuan yelled,,Reach out,Pointing to Wu Hao who is still in a daze。
“Wuhao,When are you going to be a turtle?Are you afraid of me?Hand over the Anger Slasher,Then kneel down and confess,Kneeling for three days and three nights,This priest might consider letting you go!”The majestic priest of Haoxuan,Talking to Wu Hao,Word by word。
Everyone here already understands,This person specially came to trouble Wu Hao,The Haoxuan priest,It’s from the Ning Palace at all,He is by the priesthood,And the special geographical environment of this temple,I want to use the power of God to punish Wu Hao,Vent for Ning Palace。
For a time,Everyone’s eyes focused on Wu Hao,Has been forced to this point,Even if Wu Hao doesn’t want to fight anymore,I should also say something。
And Wu Hao in everyone’s eyes,That only won the championship,The fearless youth who dare to take the initiative to challenge the evil god Liuyun,Where did he go?
now,Lu Menglin is still immersed in the world of science,Can’t extricate themselves。
The magic technique just learned,Keep deducing in his mind,keep changing,Presents unlimited possibilities,At a critical juncture,He doesn’t even care about the outside world。
The knowledge system Lu Menglin learned in the earth world,There is also work experience in scientific analysis with Xiaozhi, a shipboard intelligent system,Make Lu Menglin’s vision and thinking,Completely different from the gods,He used a scientific system to redefine the magic technology,And flow through your own spiritual power,I’m transforming the Anger Slasher。
Although only a small change,But for Lu Menglin,But it’s a big step across the milestone。
“Don’t you plan to hand over the Anger Slasher??My patience is limited!Bring me!”While the priest Haoxuan yelled,Extend your right hand and five fingers,Aimed at Wu Hao,Take advantage。
Suddenly,A giant semi-virtual palm stretched out from mid-air,Full of the size of a carriage,Bling,Act like a god,Volley,Slapped Wu Hao standing on the ground。
This giant palm condensed by light energy,It’s as powerful as a strike from a forty-third level strong,And the momentum is amazing,This is the power of the priest with the help of the temple,Attack techniques evolved from the void。
I believe if it is outside the temple,This Haoxuan priest can’t do this,But at this moment in this temple,He can mobilize the energy of the light pattern in the temple,Make this incredible attack。
This blow,Even if you can’t directly blast Wuhao,Also give him a good start,File his majesty,See how long he can sit still!The priest Haoxuan thought to himself。