Shen Lin looked at Xiao Fan,Suddenly a little restless,Xiao Fan’s eyes made him feel,Nothing good happened,But this kind of thing,It’s a good thing in the eyes of others,Maybe it’s not a good thing for Shen Lin himself。

Xiao Fan looked funny at Shen Lin,Finally he spoke slowly:“Where’s the ring I gave you?”Shen Lin raised his hand and said:“This is not here, Brother Fan。”
Xiao Fan looked at the ring,It was given to Shen Lin by Xiao Fan three years ago,It can save lives when necessary。It’s been so long in a flash,I feel like I gave him the ring yesterday。
“I said when I gave you the ring,This ring can save lives,But you also have to know,Only you have this ring,That means I only gave away one person。”Xiao Fan looked at Shen Lin and said seriously。
Shen Lin looked at the ring,Raised his head and said to Xiao Fan:“Brother Fan, I know,I was also very grateful for you to see me so much,If not you,I might still be wandering on the rivers and lakes now。”
“Yes,I really like you,You are a plastic talent,Facts proved,You didn’t let me down,You have also gained a lot of experience in the past three years,Stronger than before。”Xiao Fan said with approval,Shen Lin grinned。
“right nowcThe base is very well managed by you and Yiming,Company too,But you two are excellent,It’s a waste of resources all in one place。So I plan to let you come out and accept another job。”Xiao Fan said。
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Three Big party
Shen Lin understands Xiao Fan’s meaning,He has no opinion,As long as it is Xiao Fan’s arrangement,He would gladly accept,After all, Xiao Fan was the first person to recognize him,Give him hope,Let him have a home,Knowing grace,He won’t forget。
Shen Lin said to Xiao Fan:“Fan,As long as you think I can,I just accept,I will do whatever you arrange,Really no complaints。”Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction。
“I won’t arrange any drudgery for you,Just let you manage a new base,You have the final say on who to hire,Maybe you can beat Yiming in three yearscbase。”Xiao Fan arrives truthfully。
Shen Lin nodded vigorously,He thinks Brother Fan will not harm him,As long as Brother Fan gave it to him,He will do it seriously,And Xiao Fan has high hopes for him,He can’t let Xiao Fan down。
After talking to Shen Lin,Yiming just came back,Saw Xiao Fan coming,Talk to Xiao Fan:“boss,What are you doing here。”Xiao Fan smiled,Let him sit down,Yiming sat down,Looking at Xiao Fan。Puzzled。
“From today,Shen Lin won’t partner with you anymore,He is going to the new base to manage,you arecLong stay at the base,Just keep going,Now there is no right-hand man,You have to work hard。”Xiao Fan jokingly said。