Just when I’m leaving the old,Body becomes stiff,There was a chill from the wounded back。
Killing intent!
The killing intent is too strong to resist,As if shrouded in a deep abyss,No room for resistance。
If the fight with the green pheasant just now was just fear,The feeling at that moment is that you can’t live but you can’t die。
Half way from the old mad and go to one side,This is the instinctive reaction of people under extreme conditions,Break through the limits of your mind in the face of danger。
Then the young man caught the eye,That strange but unquestionable face,He felt the danger of death in this young man。
“You want my sword?”
Xia Chenglong and the others were inside,But the situation outside also knows,Just because there is no time,That’s why I ignored it。
Xia Chenglong finished speaking and lifted the Xuantian Sword,Motion to the other party to get it。
joke,He has to have the courage。
Li Lao’s heart has already scolded myself how many times,Why are you so curious,Come to this place。
From the face,The 28-year-old upper class asked the gods,Even in the scabbard,A peerless sword that can make people tremble,A half-step concentrating guard that is too powerful to describe,Who is this guy?
When did the sword city have such a background?。
That is……
Li Lao noticed the pull finger on the middle finger holding the sword,That’s the mark owned by the lord of the sword city。
“you,You are the lord of the sword city?”Li Lao asked in horror,Then he shook his head vigorously,“Do not,impossible,The lord of the sword city is the old man Zhu Ji,who are you?”
I want to die and understand,So I can’t wait to ask the doubts in my heart。